Monday, 2013-05-27

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faenilwhat a day12:25
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w00taard_: ssu is failing in nemo:devel:mw due to broken changelog16:39
faenilw00t, would you mind pointing me in the right direction so I can modify the code and try to fix the mirroring bug?16:41
faenilpointing me: tell what to install so that I can see the current situation16:43
aard_should be fixed now16:44
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aard_w00t: there you go, all green16:55
w00tfaenil: i hope to have something sort-of easy to install tonight, i'll let you know16:57
w00taard_: thanks16:57
aard_it's now qt5 as well16:58
faenilw00t, okay, if it's too difficult now :P I just had time now, I'll wait for tomorrow evening then ;)16:58
w00taard_: i saw, i have an untested patch coming for you too :)16:58
aard_yay, I like untested patches. I started collecting them lately16:59
w00tfaenil: it's a little involved unfortunately, i hope to be able to make it "add repository and upgrade" type installable (+ editing the pvr ini file to take it into use)16:59
faenilyeah I know about the pvr ini editing, Stskeeps made me edit that too16:59
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* Stskeeps makes people on the internet do stuff17:00
faenilI thought it was more or less about cloning git, building and copying new libs17:00
faenilStskeeps: connecting people17:00
aard_faenil: actually, you should not be editing the ini file, but dropping a new one inte /etc/powervr.d17:01
faenilStskeeps, you see? I told ya! lol17:01
Stskeepsaard_: when you want to switch the default one for all apps, then you kinda need something like that :P17:01
aard_Stskeeps: ah, yes, special use-case :p17:02
Stskeeps(for wayland it's always the same wsegl)17:02
* faenil watches pew-pew between Stskeeps and aard_ 17:02
Stskeepsfaenil: the scary part is how often me and aard_ agrees on things.. and he's the evil version of me17:03
aard_faenil: it's just for your entertainment. we share the same brain, we can do that without irc :p17:03
faenilaard_, thanks then :D17:03
faenilwhat happened to qmakes? what's the new name for qmake4 and 5?17:05
Stskeeps%qmake for qt4, %qmake5 for qt517:06
w00taard_: just happened across it in the commit log and wrote, i haven't thought it out at all to make sure it's correct or tested it beyond a build, so use with a little care17:09
w00taard_: QTemporaryDir is new to Qt 517:09
faenilStskeeps, thanks17:09
aard_oh ffs17:09
aard_I clicked on the link in my terminal, which prompted opera to download the patch, and start firefox to display it17:10
w00tcomputers, ladies and gentlemen17:10
aard_I'm so close to deleting everything related to mime-type magic17:11
Stskeepsaard_: just like wine notepad opening .txt files17:11
w00tStskeeps: relatedly, my windows VM tries to open up internet explorer whenever i make the mistake of double clicking an SVG in finder.17:11
faenilcan't qt4 and qt5 devel packages coexist?17:12
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Stskeepsthey can17:12
w00tfaenil: but how do you tell /usr/bin/qmake which of qt 4 and qt 5 it should use?17:12
w00tthat's what the macros take care of17:12
faenilqt5-default tells to uninstall qt4-default :/17:12
faenilis that normal?17:14
Stskeepsthere can only be one default, else export QT_SELECT=5 or =417:15
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faenilok so where are the macros to switch?17:15
faenilthe macros w00t is talking about17:15
* w00t looks mildly confused17:16
w00tthey're for rpm packaging17:16
phaeronqtchooser you mean ?17:16
w00tyou seemed to be talking about packaging, are you not?17:16
faenilw00t, ehm nope, original question was just "how do I use qmake4 or qmake5, now that we have 2" :D17:17
Stskeepsin which circumstance17:17
faenilqmake4 and qmake5 being dummy names :P17:17
faenilStskeeps, well when deciding to build stuff with qt4 or qt517:17
w00tif you're building from a terminal (as in running qmake by hand), export QT_SELECT<version>17:18
w00tif you're building from packaging, use %qmake or %qmake517:18
w00texport QT_SELECT=<version> rather17:18
faenilok cool, so QT_SELECT is the official way, that's what I was looking for thanks :)17:18
faenilmisunderstood Stskeeps', didn't note he was talking about packaging macros17:19
faenilthere's no qt5-devel though it seems17:22
faenilonly qt5-default17:23
w00tpackaging changed a lot, there's no monolithic devel package17:26
faenilI see...17:26
faenilso where is qmake for qt5 now XD17:27
faenilStskeeps, :P17:28
faenilnow I need the rest17:31
faenilyou know what, zypper install qt5-*17:31
w00tfaenil: are you trying to build something for nemo?17:31
faenilnot right now, just setting things up17:31
faenilbut yeah that's the idea17:31
w00tyou're in the platform SDK?17:31
w00tif you use mb, it'll install the build requirements for you17:32
w00thave you not heard of it before? i'd thought i'd preached it to everyone already :)17:32
faenilI heard it's a new thing in latest sdk update17:33
w00tno, it's been around since sometime mid last year17:33
w00tthere's new work going on on it though17:33
faenilwhatever :D heard someone like lbt talking about it, iirc17:34
faeniloh great :)17:34
w00t-rw-r--r-- 1 burchr burchr 41525 2013-05-27 17:33 /home/burchr/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/wayland-wsegl-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm17:34
lbtnew sdk will be using mb217:34
faenillbt, oh ok mb2 was it then :P17:35
faenilw00t, is the target the same as sb2?17:35
w00tfaenil: yes17:35
faenilretrieving stuff :D thanks17:36
faenilmm failed build dependencies, because they're not in mer's repo?17:37
ajalkaneIs Nemo SDK the same as Mer SDK?17:38
w00tit uses whatever repos your sb2 target has17:38
w00tajalkane: pretty much, yes17:38
w00twith a different rootfs17:38
w00tfaenil: what messages is it giving17:38
ajalkanew00t: with pretty much I gather there is still a separate SDK for Nemo?17:39
w00tajalkane: well, if you're me, you install the mer platform SDK, and you drop a nemo rootfs in it17:39
ajalkaneI looked at Nemo SDK sometime ago and didn't find it, but perhaps it was my wooden eye. That's why I'm asking17:39
w00t(i don't know what everyone else is doing)17:39
w00ti should probably write up how i set my stuff up sometime, though i'm not sure how useful anyone else would find that17:40
ajalkanew00t: Ok thanks, I'm not you, but I might become you soon if that's the sane way to do it17:40
w00tajalkane: feel free to ask questions17:40
ajalkaneI think it would be useful17:40
w00tit might be even better if you do the writeup after I walk you through it, actually, then it's written by someone who doesn't cut corners17:40
ajalkaneEspecially now that MeeGo OBS is gone there seems to be a gap in instructions on how to build for Nemo17:40
w00t(know too much about it etc)17:41
faenilajalkane, I have Mer with Nemo target too17:41
w00tit's a lot easier than obs nowdays :)17:41
w00tobs as we use it now is mostly a tool used for building packages once developers are done writing stuff17:41
ajalkanew00t: THANK GOD. I looked at the OBS stuff two nights ago, and was shaking me head in disbelief17:41
faenilahaha :)17:42
w00tajalkane: take a look at
faenilw00t, ti-omap devel packages17:43
w00tfaenil: ?17:43
faenilerrors are about 2 packages17:43
faenillike that17:43
faenilI have to get them from other repos probably17:44
w00tif you have an n950 rootfs, you already have them17:44
faenilI have n950 rootfs17:44
w00tthen just ignore the errors :)17:44
ajalkanew00t: Aye, thanks. Do these instructions apply also to "third-party software" and not only to Nemo's core software?17:44
w00tajalkane: we don't really have much of an SDK story for third party applications right now, so i'd say so17:45
faenilw00t, I think I can't ignore them, rpm won't build :D17:45
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faenilonly repositories I have on n950 rootfs are mer-core and nemo-platform17:50
faenilI used the sb2-target tar package as rootfs17:50
faenilw00t, ^17:51
faenil5 secs left for me17:51
w00tfaenil: i don't know what to suggest17:52
faenilw00t, ok :( thanks anyway :) bbl17:53
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faenilw00t, what repos do you have on nemo target?19:04
faenilthis is where the package is, should that repo be included in the sb2 target by default?
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faenilvgrade, o/19:26
vgradefaenil: hi19:26
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