Sunday, 2013-06-30

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rikanee_qwazix: finished up my post at (, still busy figuring out how to use a mailing list ;)03:23
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stephgw00t, Sage  if you're both online11:21
stephgw00t, Sage I'm about to run but have a look at
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neochapaydoh....i can start ux automaty12:02
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Sagestephg: hmmp... that is a problematic thing. You have something that depends on wayland quite heavily I guess?14:58
qwazixrikanee, nice work! I like the icons. Funny thing is that I was working on icons myself yesterday, I will showcase them hopefully soon, and we might have to choose the best set and make them official15:14
qwazixbtw what's that font?15:15
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Stskeepsremember to use open fonts btw, such a mess not to15:18
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qwazixthough I wonder, why you are saying "mess not to" and not "impossible not to"15:31
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MSameerSage: I am interested in switching libquill to git instead of the old tarball method we are using18:11
MSameerSage: could you please create a git repos underneath nemomobile?18:11
w00tSage: the problem to me looks like that he's missing adaptation repos (see his first zypper ref output)18:12
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qwazixnew icons:
MSameeri love them :)19:02
MSameerbut i cannot tell what are some of them for19:02
MSameersmiley face?19:02
MSameerand some others19:02
MSameerbut they look good in general19:02
qwazixsmiley face is contacts19:03
qwazixwhat else?19:03
MSameer#$% = terminal?19:15
MSameerbrowser, search, email, calendar, <something>, camera, gallery?19:16
MSameermusic, videos, something, something, something, IRC, twitter, notes, something, RSS feed,19:17
MSameerfacebook, calculator, compass and weather19:17
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stephgSage: back now, no no wayland deps, that's the vanilla nemo build from last week (or the week before)19:32
stephgthat's why I thought it was odd19:32
qwazixMSameer, icons are as follows:19:32
stephgeither that or I'm an idiot and downloaded the wrong tarball19:33
qwazixphone contacts messaging web19:33
qwazixsearch mail calendar clock19:33
qwazixcamera photos music video19:33
qwazixmaps settings packages irc19:33
qwazixtwitter documents notes (color needs tuning) rss19:33
MSameermessaging? that's hard to guess (at least for me)19:33
qwazixfb calc passwords weather19:34
MSameeraha that's a clock (not a circle with a check)19:34
MSameermaybe a 12 number or something to make it a bit more obvious?19:34
qwazixmaybe the color's too bright, but #$% are in a bubble19:34
qwazixanyway, everything will have labels, so I didn't try to make them too much obvious19:34
MSameerhaven't noticed it's a bubble. sorry :|19:34
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qwazixI mean, if it says clock below that icon it will be clear IMO19:35
MSameerbut good work overall :)19:36
stephgqwazix: very strong start19:40
qwazixstephg, thanks19:40
qwazixMSameer, refresh your browser, colors should be improved19:40
MSameeryeah now the bubble is visible :)19:41
MSameeri still think that the clock needs some improvements19:43
MSameerit looks like a check instead of 2 clock hands19:43
MSameernotes, documents and passwords are really hard to guess19:43
MSameerbut then i am extremely bad @ fgx so i unfortunately cannot improve them :(19:44
qwazixThe point is that there's no need to guess. There will be labels below them19:46
qwazixIf you look the N9 icons without labels are as hard to guess as these19:46
MSameermaybe an icon or 2 are hard on n919:47
MSameerbut people get used to it19:47
MSameerbut i usually don't read due to the small label so I mainly depend on the icon19:48
MSameerbut as said, one will get used to it19:48
MSameeroverall they are pretty icons and I like them19:48
MSameerso great job qwazix :)19:48
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rikaneeqwazix: Nokia Pure, although metrics aren't a problem, and we can use any nice sans21:35
qwazixrikanee, yeah, we should use something free. We have the permission to use Nokia Pure for community purposes but nemo will not always primarily run on Nxxx devices21:36
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rikaneeqwazix: we could use Source Sans for English locale and input users, and the other font for users that need the full Unicode set21:38
qwazixwe would need to change system font when user changes input languages which is sub-optimal21:39
qwazixadobe has promised more language support, so we can just use open sans for now and switch later21:39
rikaneehow about making it a user option?21:39
rikaneeah, alright.21:40
rikaneeg2g, gotta go to uni. I'll sign on again later if IRC's not blocked.21:40
qwazixThat can be an option though I would prefer to leave it to the theme designer21:40
qwazixI'm gonna go to bed, talk tomorrow21:40
qwazixopen sans is not that bad, that's why. If we were, say, forced to use Arial I would definitely go far to avoid it21:42
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