Saturday, 2013-08-10

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grygps doesn't appear to detect current location, using nemo on n950, and apparently says it shouldn't work at all?06:35
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faenilgry, correct, someone has to reverseengineer it to make it work08:06
faenilmorning people o/08:06
gryhm. did someone try to do that?08:09
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faenilgry, not sure08:53
Stskeepsgps hsan't been reverse engineered yet08:54
faenilgry, ^08:56
gryis there a folk or a few folks who have experience reverse engineering things? it's not like I have a clue where to start (and just asking them nicely might work, or something)08:57
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sledgeSimgry, all in opensource depends on interest gain10:08
sledgeSimif there's a hacker with n950 who loves nemo and wants gps, we'd see it in no time10:09
sledgeSimmaybe there would have been such a person, but probably he/she is now waiting for jolla phone instead and concentrating on other things ;)10:09
sledgeSimsurely is sad that our community is low in numbers, so that we can't add address everything10:10
sledgeSimbut chin up i always think it's the quality, not quantity ;)10:10
sledgeSim(otoh, by bare probability, quality comes out of quantity :D )10:10
Morpog_PCWouldn't it be easier to port to Android devices with libhybris?10:11
sledgeSimsuch as Stskeeps' recent <100€ phone test pad ;)10:11
Morpog_PCso no reverse engineering is needed?10:11
Morpog_PCmaybe something more suitable, like a Nexus410:12
sledgeSimtalking of n4, zmc how are you? :)10:13
Morpog_PCan working image for that would surely attract other developers, like those guys hanging around on XDA Developers10:13
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faenilpeople keep interrupting me, and I keep forgetting about what I was trying to fix, lol10:38
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sledgeSimfaenil, what?10:59
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sledgeSimhummm ofono segfaults on vm, because...there\s no sim card ;) lol11:32
sledgeSimbut despite that, pinquery UI is now ported to qt5+qq211:33
sledgeSimthere should be a way to prevent ofono to segfault..11:33
sledgeSimbecause now to see UI i had to gut all ofono references out11:34
sledgeSimvgrade, theres an interest of nemo on rpi11:42
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sledgeSimwhat's the x11 or wayland port status? (is nemo not too heavy on there?)11:44
sledgeSimcristi, kulve, zuh ^ :)11:45
kulveI guess vgrade is the only one who has worked on RPi lately11:46
sledgeSimreading ...11:46
aknightlooks a bit out of date. 3.2 kernel and links to meego obs...11:50
LjL-Alpsgry has an N950 :o11:51
kulvethere seems to be 3.6.x11:52
aknightkulve: ah indeed. cool11:52
aknightmight have to try it out11:52
gryLjL-Alps: and a tiny bit of knowledge as to what to do with it (absolutely clueless how to reverse engineer things, for example) :)11:53
gryprobably i could look it up at a point, I guess, but it sounds fairly complicated11:53
LjL-Alpsgry: i've recently bought an N900, and realized i've been a fool for not applying for a "free" developer N950 when i could :P11:54
LjL-Alpsstill, N900 is nice to tinker with. Nemo is kind of slow on it though.11:54
SuperpelicanLjL-Alps:Lol, I really thought I'd be the last one to buy a N900 when I bought mine last December ;)11:55
gryLjL-Alps: n900 is the older model I think (I also have it; me and my sister got them from competitions... n900... I think that was 2009 or 2010)11:55
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: hehe11:55
Superpelican#IAmtheLastOne :D11:55
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: you aren't by any chance the one who wrote about it on TMO?11:55
LjL-Alpsgry, yes sure the N900 is old, but i'm not new to buying old technology :P11:55
SuperpelicanI can't remember I've ever wrote on TMO11:55
SuperpelicanLjL-Alps: same here :D11:56
SuperpelicanI do have an account11:56
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: ah, ok. 'cause i was reading yesterday a thread by someone who was asking whether getting an N900 in 2013 was a good idea11:56
SuperpelicanI'll check it now ;)11:56
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SuperpelicanLjL-Alps:Well I got mine back in 2012 :)11:56
SuperpelicanLjL-Alps:But it was 80 euro :)11:57
Superpelicansecond hand11:57
Superpelicanbut as new11:57
Superpelicans/as new/like new11:57
Superpelicanunfortunately it isn't anymore now11:57
Superpelicandropped it a few times :(11:57
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: similar here, i spent 85 plus shipping (so 100 in total), claimed "as new", in reality it has some little marks, but very minor11:58
Superpelicanand now I can't run Nemo on it anymore11:58
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: why not? microSD dead?11:58
Superpelicansome sensor is broken11:58
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican, gry: here's my old technology
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: ah11:58
Superpelicanand now it thinks the back cover is always open11:58
Superpelicanand it unmounts the microSD when the back cover is open11:58
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: are you sure it's the sensor, and not maybe some part of the back cover that got dislodged? i think that's a magnetic sensor11:58
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: so, if you aren't sure, it's probably worth putting a magnet near it and seeing11:59
SuperpelicanI've tried a lot of magnets11:59
Superpelicannothing worked ;(11:59
Superpelicanit's hopeless11:59
Superpelicanso now waiting for Jolla11:59
Superpelicanand porting Nemo to a cheap Android tablet :)11:59
SuperpelicanSo I'll still have a Nemo device in the future11:59
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: well, but, it *unmounts* it when the back cover is open - unmounting is done by software. so i guess in theory, you could always tell the software to not unmount it (might require kernel hacking though, no idea)12:00
SuperpelicanBut I'm not a kernel hacker :(12:00
Superpelicanstill learning C++/Qt/QML12:00
LjL-Alpswell if you're porting Nemo to an Android tablet, i guess you aren't that bad12:00
Superpelicanit's based on work done by others ;)12:00
Superpelicanit's not really as difficult as people think12:01
Superpelicanthere's a kernel branch on GitHub12:01
Superpelicanwith Allwinner specific patches12:01
Superpelicanmy tablet has an Allwinner A10 SoC12:01
Superpelicanso I needed to edit the kernel .config a bit12:01
Superpelicanto make it Mer compatible12:02
SuperpelicanI'm currently working on my Sailfish app though12:02
SuperpelicanI've now got a working kernel-adaptation12:02
Superpelicanwhich is needed to build a Mer image12:04
SuperpelicanI'll probably finish my Sailfish app in a few days12:04
sledgeSimLjL-Alps, that photo collection IS an inspector gadget paradise :D12:09
sledgeSimhow come you went through so many in your life?12:10
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: Allwinner, eh? i had half a mind of getting a cheap Allwinner board12:13
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LjL-AlpssledgeSim, actually those are mostly recently bought from eBay as collectibles. the one i already had was the Ericsson MC218 (Psion 5mx) and iPaq 3130. the rest, unless i forget some, are recent purchases12:14
LjL-AlpssledgeSim: some, like the Epson HX-20, are just lovely in my opinion, even more so when you consider i paid it €1012:14
LjL-AlpsSuperpelican: see last post on (which tells you kernel hacking *is* needed, but at least now we know. the magnet that checks whether the keyboard has been slided out, funnily enough, can be disabled)12:20
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sledgeSimLjL-Alps, ever considered about opening a museum? ;)12:23
LjL-AlpssledgeSim: well that's why i took (decent?) photos of all them :P i could make an "online museum" with detailed info but... there are so many already. at least i have contributed
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sledgeSimheh :))it's full of online museums, but never seen physical ones ( nudge nudge ;) )12:49
sledgeSimin proper museums the gadets are waay older, but even these are becoming precious :)12:50
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NeeDforKillhey all18:14
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NeeDforKillnew image will be release when u finish porting to qt5?18:16
faenilof course, if enough people contribute :) or it will take long time :P18:17
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Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#395 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage SR#396 waiting for review at
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