Sunday, 2013-08-25

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grythe system tries to boot, but screen is black and ssh is unreachable04:44
gryI think I will flash now, as I will have to have the phone working by Monday morning; however this is a second time this happens, and I don't have a clear idea why.05:42
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gryI think I would want to retrieve the address book (Contacts/People), but I mounted the fs via USB and don't have an idea where such file could be located...07:32
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stephggry: looks to be here: /home/nemo/.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite07:44
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gryThank you, this is a useful name :-) Again I realise I was using 'find /home/nemo/ -name contacts' without the asterics... home/nemo/.local/share/data/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db on this version.08:08
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gryi followed instructions at, after saying 'booting meego kernel' and hiding text the screen stays black10:09
dm8tbrhow many times did you reboot?10:15
dm8tbrtry more10:16
gryon it10:16
dm8tbralso are you 100% sure you did "tar --numeric-owner -xf"?10:16
gryI see "sudo tar --numeric-owner -xf nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-0.20130218.0.1.NEMO.2013-02-15.1.tar.bz2  -C /media/Alt_OS/" in my terminal, so yes10:16
gry4 of those did not help10:23
gryi will try a fifth one, and check whether ssh works (maybe not), then try one more flash, then let you know whether it helped10:23
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gry*sigh* I made a typo and unmounted /dev/sd* on the host machine, so I don't know whether it is alright (it looks so)11:16
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gryI finished a flash, phone is reachable via ssh, still shows a black screen; I'll reboot few times and update if this does not help11:30
grythanks, booted on second try after second flash, I assume user error when doing flash the first time11:33
gryoops, an ancient version, it thinks repos are at meego.org11:36
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grynemo-armv7hl-n950-0.20130620.0.1.tar.bz2 why do its repos still reference
grywhat image can I download to be able to actually update it?12:36
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dm8tbrgry: due to the move towards wayland I don't think there is anything newer. you should be able to correct the repos manually12:40
gryI think I used a 201304* image before, and it has nemomobile repos; I have no idea how to correct them manually.. I'm now just redoing it again, to be sure I did try the correct image12:42
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gryin which config can I disable flight mode?13:22
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Morpog_is text antialiased on nemo?13:36
gryI suspect you can customise that with a fonts.conf but I don't have any idea about the default13:37
Morpog_would be interesting for font color definition13:37
Morpog_without it, we shouldn't use plain white as text color13:38
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locusfis there a way to make voice calls in nemo, the pinquery program segfaults atm15:40
dm8tbrdisable the pin?15:44
locusfah yes15:46
locusfwhich provider should I use?15:56
locusfI have telepathy-ring and ofono-/n900_015:56
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Morpog_The road to Glacier UI - some thoughts of me about component defaults:
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w00tlocusf: segfaults how?16:53
w00thint: export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket, and you'll no longer need to specify it every time you run applications17:00
w00tsame for QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WINDOWDECORATION=1, though that one should already be defined with faenil's configs17:01
w00tcan you run it under gdb and try get a backtrace? first export those vars, then gdb qmlpinquery, and at the gdb prompt, do: r -platform wayland17:01
qwazixMorpog_, nice one! I like the size of harmattan controls. While it is a bit small for the first time user, once you get used to it it is the right balance between accuracy and loosing too much space. (After using N9, blackberry and android feel like a pile of wasted space)17:06
locusfw00t: one moment17:07
qwazixMorpog_, did you see by the way that firefox for android merged the new-tab and home pages?17:08
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Morpog_qwazix, yep I have seen, exactly like on Icefox :)17:19
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w00tlocusf: umm.. ldd qmlpinquery18:13
w00tsomething is pulling in qt4 (== bad, given it got ported)18:13
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grydm8tbr (or anyone else awake): sorry, I spoke too soon; updating and rebooting brings up black screen again, ssh times out21:12
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Morpog_MobileWhy do you update? You got latest image.21:16
Morpog_MobileEverything after is in transition to qt5 and wayland21:16
cxl000who can accept pull requests to cor, fuse, statefs*21:16
specialcxl000: deztructor, probably21:19
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cxl000deztructor, Are the x86_64 patches for cor, fuse, statefs*  now at an acceptable state?21:30
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grythanks, I just installed version from April and it booted from second try, will not update until next weekend21:35
gry(201306* version said something invalid archive, likely my bad download but that's not a thing to quickly check)21:36
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cxl000w00t, Stskeeps There is some interest to get  qtquickcontrols into mer:qt:devel. Should I create a github repository and repackage using tar_git?21:46
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deztructorcxl000: merging, sorry, for some reason i skipped this github notifications in a big flow of 'em, need to add sorting21:52
cxl000deztructor, no problem. As these are my first github request I was not sure what to expect.21:57
deztructorcxl000: it looks like you wanted to update you pull request with commit 6271a19f2188a81310faa55c2d1e7324ee94078f22:02
deztructorbut commit in request is still old if i not missed anything22:02
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cxl000Yes it should be 6271a19f2188a81310faa55c2d1e7324ee94078f22:08
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cxl000deztructor,  Can you close that request and I'll resubmit as I think I must have done that update incorrectly22:15
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