Wednesday, 2013-09-11

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sledgesmorning :)06:59
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faenilIrcing from devalpha c :D07:31
fk_lxsee the market square in Kraków :-P07:31
fk_lxok gotta end packing07:31
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faenilPlease write 5-6 msgs07:36
faenilWant to check if the app works when minimized07:37
faenilWrite some random stuff pls07:37
* rcg is terribly unimaginative right now :D07:37
faenilMmm again please07:37
faenilMmm I think it download the msgs when I maximize it...07:38
faenilThanks ;)07:38
rcgyw :)07:38
faenilAanyway it's a Nice client, pity it doesn't have notifications07:38
faeniltry highlighting me?07:38
rcgbtw. "downloading" when maximizing shouldn't be possible?07:39
rcgafaik there is no mean for this in the irc protocol07:39
rcgi.e. your client should stay connected all the time07:39
rcgmaybe the refresh is just happening again when maximized07:40
faenilYeah but you know, as Long as connections doesn't timeout07:40
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faenilcould be, I should try leasing it there for few mins and See if the conn times out07:40
rcgmy guess would be that the refresh is just implemented in an awkward way07:41
rcgthe refresh of the ui, i.e.07:41
faenilAlright, leaving the hostel, See you at the Next wifi spot poeople :D07:42
rcgsee ya :)07:42
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hazonehey it possible to use 3G internet on n900 with nemo? there use to be an option like this but after changing to qmlsettings its gone10:42
hazonedoes it mean it was never possible?10:42
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sledgesif there was one, and it used to work, means it was possible10:50
sledgesare you talking about mobile data internet? or 3G especially?10:50
sledgeshazone, ^10:50
hazoneanything would do. but 3g would be far better :p10:51
hazonei want to use nemo for some time to test it out but if i cant use mobile internet then i cant test it really since i'm often outside of any wifi range10:52
sledgeshere it says it used to work:
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sledgesI have never tried setting GPRS on nemo myself; you could dig old settings app and/or find way to enable gprs manually10:55
sledgeshazone_, see here maybe you could play with connman-test package:
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hazone_i will try it out later. btw are there meego repos available somewhere.the default meegoapp thingy seems to not work.11:06
sledgesmeego is dead11:09
jussilong live meego11:09
jussisomething interesting...
jussiI wonder if we can get nemo/mer on it (if they actually make it)11:10
hazone_so iunderstand there is no way to install meego apps atm?11:11
sledgeshazone_, nemo runs nemo apps11:13
sledgesyou can port a meego app to nemo otoh11:14
hazone_sledges: but there is no repository running atm?11:14
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sledgeshazone_, meego apps:
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sledgeshow nice, the latest nemo wayland VM has app launching and minimising gestures perfected!12:18
rcgsweet :)12:19
rcgis there a rootfs tarball for wayland on n950/n9?12:20
sledgesman it looks like day and night!12:20
rcgcool, thx for the link :)12:21
sledgesyw rcg :)12:21
rcgso, this is qt5 only then?12:23
sledgessorry for not naming the tarball properly, it just took of from .ks name via mic12:24
rcgsledges, np, i am happy that there is a tarball :D12:24
sledgesthe whole two :D12:24
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rcgwell, for me it is sufficient to just "look for the strangely named nemo tarball" :)12:32
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sledgeslatest vm image spits Sep 11 15:58:08 localhost lipstick[380]: Cannot send key event, no keyboard focus, fix the compositor     after random amount of time, and lipstick is unresponsive (needs kill)13:02
sledgess/spits/constantly spitting/13:02
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sledgesfalse alarm13:06
sledgesit was just a(n invisible) lockscreen ;)13:06
sledgeswhich can be dismissed only after Host+H13:06
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faenilsledges, mind describing the new cool stuff better?13:59
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sledges\o faenil14:13
sledgeswhen launching app, icons do not zoom in and out like before14:13
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile14:14
sledgesjust a nice circling progress bar around app14:14
sledgesbefore my VM was weird, i could never do gestures before, nor it would swipe lockscreen with the primary mouse button :D14:14
sledgesbut now all gestures are very elegant from each of 4 edges14:14
sledgesswipes the app away also nicely14:14
sledgesunlike before14:14
sledgeslockscreen listens to main mouse button14:15
sledgesand when closing an app on-by-on (clicking X), they nicely animate (zoom-out) (iirc this wasn't before14:15
sledgesand clicking everywhere like mad does not freeze lipstick anymore :):)14:15
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sledgesand oh, last but not least:14:27
sledges-one- tap is enough to launch an app ;D14:27
sledgestime for Stskeeps to re-shoot the Alcatel phone video ;)14:27
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faenilI think I've always had all that stuff on VM working...apart from the crash when clicking many times14:30
sledgesmaybe you kept forgetting to push stuff into .ks ;P14:30
sledgesbut anyway, all smoooth now14:30
faenilahaha xD but I've never had those issues14:33
faenilI remember we talked about this already :)14:34
faenilanyway cool that it works now ;)14:34
sledgescan show you a screen cast, but now it's history :D14:34
faenilis w00t around?14:34
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faenilw00t :P14:36
faenilwant to talk about Maliit and window states theory of yours?14:37
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sledgesfaenil, you never had this quirck: ?14:38
w00tyou can always try :)14:38
faenilsledges, I've seen the video, and nope I didn't have that, plus carsten said it was a driver issue iirc, or something like that14:39
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* sledges throws his VirtualBox out through the window :P14:40
faenilw00t, first: if I don't show Maliit in app switcher (see lipstick PR) when an app with open keyboard is sent to background, Maliit doesn't animate out of screen14:41
faenilso when I raise app B, Maliit is still there, and then animates out14:41
faenil(which I think was the animation it was doing when app A was sent to background)14:41
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faenilwhile if I don't hide Maliit from WindowModel, I can see it animating out of screen after I send app A to bg14:42
faenilbut if I'm fast enough I can still see it on app B as well (which is expected, with the current code)14:43
w00tin compositor.qml, does your setCurrentWindow call clearKeyboardFocus / w.window.takeFocus()?14:43
faenilnow: 1) why doesn't it finish it's animation when it's hidden from windowmodel?14:43
faenil2) how can I make so that an app sees Maliit only if it has an active input field?14:44
faenilthere doesn't seem to be any kbd property exposed by lipstick, only "activeItemFocus" or something like that14:44
faenilwhich is also for touch I guess14:44
w00tI don't think this works the way you think it does14:45
faenilgreat, first step is understanding14:45
w00tapplication gets focus, maliit shows its window (and it shouldn't appear in windowmodel, it's an overlay, which you've added support for) - when it loses focus, maliit should animate itself out and then hide the window14:45
faenilwell yeah I know this is what it should do xD14:46
w00tso why do you expect a keyboard property?14:46
faenilbecause I need something to tell me I can hide the overlay layer because it's not needed14:47
faenilotherwise it has visible: appActive14:47
faeniland it shows on all apps14:47
w00tre-read what I just said14:47
w00tmaliit is supposed to animate the keyboard away (to the bottom of the screen) and when it's done that, hide the window14:48
faenilyou didn't say who hides the window14:48
faenilwell, then it doesn't?14:48
w00tbut by the time it is finished animating, you shouldn't have anything visible anyway14:48
w00tthat could be the case14:48
w00tI haven't looked at the nemo keyboard14:48
w00tin nemo keyboard, do you have anything connection to MInputMethodQuick?14:49
faenilif I wait for it to finish animating, I see nothing (if Maliit is shown in windowmodel) while if it's hidden from windowmodel it seems it pauses the animation when I send app A to bfg14:50
w00t(I'd expect an onActiveChanged binding that triggers show/hide animations)14:50
faenilsorry I am on phone14:50
faenilwriting at the speed of light14:50
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w00tfaenil: talk to me when you're at a laptop and I'll point you at some bits you can check14:50
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faenilwhat In the case we don't wait for the animation to finish?14:51
faenilkbd is open, send app to bg, I don't think it should animate, it should immediately hide itself14:52
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faenil(anyway this Irc client is quite nice)14:53
faenilw00t: ^14:54
w00tit probably depends on your gesture in that case, I'd need to do some checking but I think that on peek we also change the overlay layer14:54
w00tah, not quite14:55
faenilwell only send to bg gesture in nemo14:55
w00tit searches for focus and reparents the overlayLayer to the layer with focus14:55
faenilI'm using that already14:55
w00tat a quick look, anyway14:55
w00tbut that explains how it works for us at least -- we set the opacity on the active layer (and with the overlay layer parented inside it, the keyboard too)14:56
w00tyou will likely want to do it differently14:56
faenilok, that's why you need reparenting14:56
faenilprobably just need to hide the overlay layer when an app is sent to bg14:58
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faenilhoping Maliit will reset that to be visible when it needs it14:58
faenilok I have think about it ;)14:59
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faenilI hope we'll be able to boost nemo at smartdevcon, me Venemo and qwazix reuniting :)15:00
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locusfwish I was there :)15:03
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faenilyeah we would have had lots of fun :)15:04
faenilBbl, leaving hostel :)15:05
sledgesa dopo15:05
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w00tI wish I'd heard about SDC before a few weeks before it :-)15:07
sledgeshow do you make wayland/qt5 use another default font?15:08
w00tQt isn't loading the specified font correctly for Nemo15:08
w00tI don't know why15:08
sledgesspecified where?15:08
w00tLabel / LabelStyle in qt-components15:08
sledgesi just installed opensans from faenil's repo15:08
faenilI'm out of hostel and wifi still works \o/15:09
sledgesfaenil, keep reading :D15:09
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faenilI need the font stuff as well to start working on components :)15:09
sledgesfaenil, nice job in packaging it up!15:09
sledgeslol it worked15:12
sledgesremove all the fonts except opensans from usr/share/fonts folder, and you will have whole nemo in opensans :D15:12
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sledgesgood enough for now, until qwazix wants to put some serif fonts for a rich text editor :D15:17
locusfgotta try that on n9, its bound to look sweet15:20
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sledgesalthough you could have snapped launcher instead ;) the notable difference is only in the input textbox:
locusfthe keyboard is also open sans15:34
locusfhough it doesn't look like it15:34
sledgesthe kbd sniffs itself somehow15:34
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locusfmy launcher is f'd, column only15:35
sledgesaha ;)15:35
sledgesonly yours?15:35
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locusf how bout now15:51
Morpog_PCok, so Jolla won't use an Intel SOC for sure, Merrifield gets delayed to Q1 201415:52
Morpog_PCor we are doomed and Jolla is delayed to Q1 2014 too :D15:53
Morpog_PClocusf, great! :)15:54
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sledgesrock'n'roll locusf15:58
locusf <- the lockscreen aint as bad as before either16:03
sledgesI think we're finally back to proper good old nemo looks16:04
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mric_sledges, hey16:44
sledgesmric_, hya!16:44
mric_sledges, how are you doing ?16:44
sledgesdoing well, how have you been mate?16:44
mric_sledges, back to uni already ...16:45
sledgeseh true, back to school :D16:45
mric_sleges, haha :) I was just wondering what is the easiest  way to partiotion Alt_OS ?16:46
sledges? moslo does it for you16:46
sledgesand alt_os is a partition itself :)16:46
mric_sledges, sorry I meant format ?16:46
sledgesformat? is ext linux16:47
sledgesext4 can go16:47
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mric_I woud like to test another image but to do so I need a 'clean' Alt_OS partition but I can't format it16:48
mric_basically, if I was under harmattan I would use: flasher -f -F blabla.bin --erase-data ?16:49
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*** piggz has quit IRC16:54
mric_sledges, ?16:55
sledgesmric_, rm -rf /media/Alt_OS/*16:56
mric_sledges, in ssh rigth ?16:57
sledgesno, when it's exported16:57
sledgesfrom moslo16:57
sledgesto your PC16:57
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile17:00
mric_sledges, yeah okay cool :017:00
sledgesgood stuff :)17:02
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*** Martix has joined #nemomobile18:39
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Sagelbt: Stskeeps: it seems mer obs is not functioning really atm.
SageI was planning to check what is the current status in devel but can't get much anything out :/18:45
Sage <- no build results available :/18:45
Sagesledges: w00t: still using mer obs I hope or has people moved to new things. Sry for not being here :/18:46
StskeepsSage: lbt is in a polish train with me18:48
SageStskeeps: hehe ok :)18:48
StskeepsSage: will hopefully be sorted when he is at hotel18:48
Sageok lets hope I have some time tomorrow to check the devel status in general18:48
sledgesSage, wb mate!18:52
sledgesall details on mer obs on #mer, hope for swift recovery :)18:53
sledgeshow have you been Sage ?18:53
Sagesledges: busy and haven't really had much free time that I could spend in here.18:53
sledgesit shows :)18:54
SageBusy at work and also in the spare time in general.18:54
sledgestell me about it ;) my life also went in tilt couple of times :)18:54
sledgeswell we managed somehow here, but miss your presence a lot lol18:55
Sagesry. Will try to improve a bit. I should get dedicated display for this irc channel probably ;)18:56
sledgesnemo has taken a leap as you know18:56
sledgesto qt5 apps18:56
sledgesnoone complained so far18:56
sledgesand i always avoided to do zypper dup on x11/qt4 snapshots or releases18:57
sledgesbut that in theory not necessarily should be broken18:58
locusfit is now :p18:58
locusf(flashed two times already)18:58
sledgesanyway, now focus is on wayland/qt518:58
locusfdoesn't always happen though18:58
sledgeswe got patternless kickstart files on faenil's repo18:59
sledgesfor i486 vm and for arm n9-95018:59
sledgeseach has a supplementary sb2 ks for sdk19:00
sledgesthats all in short :)19:00
rcgam updating my first nemo wayland install on n950 at the very moment :)19:00
rcgvia usb networking because on screen and hw keyboard for entering wlan password were not working ;)19:01
rcgbut i assume that had been fixed in latest updates19:01
locusfits not yet :/19:01
locusfPR's still pending19:02
rcgoh, ic, well, it's nice to see it running anyway :)19:02
rcgand being able to ssh in via usb is also sufficient for me right now19:03
*** Anssi| has quit IRC19:03
sledgesspecial OKed the PR, whos to merge?19:03
locusfthat also applies19:03
sledgesitb was maliit-framework iirc19:04
locusfwell faenil told me not to merge19:04
Sagesledges: nice, will check it soon myself as well19:04
sledgesSage, \o/19:04
locusfhmm I could of course push them to my repo19:06
locusfon OBs19:06
sledgesobs dead :D19:06
sledgeshope comebacknsoon19:06
locusfah yeah19:07
locusfwell it was a nice idea19:07
sledgesmb could go..19:07
sledgesbut thats per persom19:08
locusfwell I've got them as rpm's too if you don't mind dropbox links19:08
locusfand 0.0.0 versioned packages :D19:08
sledgesrcg ^ :)19:10
rcgah cool19:11
* sledges bookmarks (thanks!)19:11
locusfnp :)19:11
rcgseems like zypper dup killed my installation19:11
rcgjust see the fancy pattern after start19:12
sledges:) here be dragons19:12
*** asterismo has quit IRC19:13
rcgindeed :D19:13
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile19:13
locusfyeah don't do zypper dup19:14
locusfcan of worms etc19:14
locusfinstalls llvmpipe and suchj19:14
locusfand I guess something else is broken too19:15
locusfsince even if I uninstall llvmpipe stuff and reinstall sgx drivers lipstick still won't come up19:15
rcghehe, alright, good to know19:17
rcgbut it was worth the try19:18
*** kostaja has quit IRC19:30
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sledgesso image regen is only way to dup now19:48
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC19:52
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile19:53
locusfhaven't tested that19:53
locusfcould probably work19:53
*** arcean has quit IRC19:56
sledgeslocusf, if not, we have a breakage20:04
*** ericcc_ has joined #nemomobile20:13
*** ericcc has quit IRC20:16
locusfbuilding to test20:20
locusfall good20:24
locusfso no breakage in image itself, just don't dup20:27
sledgessage, the rest of news about glacier ui etc are on nemo twitter20:27
locusfglacier is coming together slow and steady20:34
locusfhmm time to sleep, see ya tomorrow20:35
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