Sunday, 2013-09-15

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locusfMorpog_Mobile: hey, I was doing the vkb-body.png but the borderimage item gets drawn on top of keys :p07:08
locusfchanging Z-values don't help07:08
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Morpog_PClocusf, ping09:02
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locusfMorpog_PC: pong09:32
Morpog_PCI just read a blog entry about maliit plugin with a lot commits upstreamed from ubuntu touch.09:33
Morpog_PCDo we have that features too?09:33
Morpog_PCbut I pinged you for the vkb body issues :)09:35
Morpog_PCIf it's not soveable, we could set the background color and just add a borderimage on top09:35
locusfhmm ok09:38
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Morpog_PCI could provide a new vkb-body.png then09:40
Morpog_PCor better call it, maybe we can fix it later09:40
Morpog_PCor do you want to try to fix it first?09:43
Morpog_PCbtw, that blog is interesting to read09:44
Morpog_PCI wonder if Jolla contributed upstream too09:44
Morpog_PCor if the payed them to do some work like canonical did09:44
locusfI don't know how can I fix it09:45
Morpog_PCso can you set a background color?09:45
locusfneed some qml assistance09:46
Morpog_PCok, so the dirty way will work09:48
specialMorpog_PC: sounds like most of those features were for maliit-keyboard; we use the nemo-keyboard and the QML keyboard plugin.09:49
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Venemo_Morpog_PC: yep?09:53
Morpog_PClocusf, can you explain the problem to Venemo_ ?09:54
locusfnot now bbl09:55
Morpog_PCspecial, will the Jolla plugin be upstreamed in future?09:55
Morpog_PCargh, damn, lol09:55
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Morpog_PCsorry Venemo_ :D09:56
specialMorpog_PC: I was referring to nemo there10:02
Morpog_PCI know :)10:02
specialjolla's keyboard is specific to that style10:02
Morpog_PCbut it looks like sailfish is also using QML keyboard10:02
Morpog_PCah ok10:03
Venemo_so what's up?10:03
Morpog_PCVenemo_, I'm sorry, but locusf had to go.10:04
Morpog_PCI don't have the code to show you.10:04
Morpog_PCHe couldn't get it to show under the keys and said even Z-values didn't help10:05
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locusfthere ia the code10:28
Morpog_PCand you tried giving each row a z-value and vkb body?10:30
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Venemo_Morpog_PC: z values are tricky yes10:37
Morpog_PClocusf, how about an own column for body?10:47
Morpog_PCok, you tried already as I can see in your commits :)10:55
* Stskeeps is in train10:59
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locusfMorpog_PC: hmm why an own column?11:19
Morpog_PCfor setting different z values11:20
Morpog_PCbut I think the problem is that our keys are in own qml files11:20
Morpog_PCItems in QML form a hierarchical tree, and each level of a subtree has a common z-axis, which sets the stacking order of siblings. So in this case black has a z-axis, green and red have a common z-axis, blue has a z-axis and yellow has a z-axis.11:21
Morpog_PCYou cannot paint across subtrees. If you want to set the z-order of different items you will have to make sure they are siblings of the same subtree (ie. they have the same parent).11:21
Morpog_PCI hope that tells you more than it does to me :) I'm so bad at code.11:23
locusfthe problem is that rows are on the same level in hierarchy in code than the borderimage11:25
Morpog_PCso it should work with z-value11:27
Morpog_PCmaybe there is some z-value defined in a parent?11:27
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* Sage is running zypper dup for his n950 that was last booted couple of months ago :)11:44
Sagesupricingly no conflicts11:45
Sage493 packages to upgrade, 4 to downgrade, 48 new, 1 to reinstall, 1 to remove.11:46
SageOverall download size: 153.7 MiB. After the operation, additional 54.1 MiB will be used.11:46
SageContinue? [y/n/?] (y): y11:46
Sagelet see how it goes after update is done. :)11:46
locusfMorpog_PC: yes in theory but practically apparently not11:50
Morpog_PClocusf, can you try to add another borderimage and see if those two borderimages work well with z values?11:56
Morpog_PCSage, I'm almost sure you will end up with a black screen after boot :)11:56
locusfcan't try now, not on computer11:57
SageMorpog_PC: known issue on updates or in general in devel atm?11:57
Morpog_PCseen a few guys trying to zypper dup from x11/qt4 to wayland/qt5 in here :)11:58
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anYcHi, I just wrote the latest image to the SD card in my N900. Nemo started fine and I updated the packages according to the wiki. After reboot I only get the kernel console but no GUI. I noticed that wayland was installed, is this a known issue?12:01
Morpog_PCI don't think there is a ltest released image with wayland included12:02
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Morpog_PCmaybe some snapshots12:02
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SageMorpog_PC: ok lets see how it goes.12:03
SageMorpog_PC: thanks for the warning12:03
Morpog_PCu are brave :)12:03
SageMorpog_PC: well at least for the old image it seems that the session installed is Xorg session when running zypper dup12:04
anYcgood thing is, I can still login via SSH. Anything I could try?12:06
SageanYc: I can probably ask some questions later today when I get my own device updated so I can see what is the status in devel :)12:08
Sagethough that can take a while as I need to go away for 3 hours soon and update is still ongoing12:08
anYcnp, I should also do other stuff instead of playing with my mobile :) thank you12:10
anYcI just tried a "zypper install -f -t pattern nemo-n90012:11
anYcand it says: roblem: pattern:nemo-n900-.noarch requires pattern:nokia-n900-support, but this requirement cannot be provided uninstallable providers: pattern:nokia-n900-support-.noarch[adaptation1]12:11
anYcone solution would be deinstallation of 4 mesa-llvmpipe packages12:12
Sage.... well if you got mesa-llvmpipe stuf fin then your image is screwed anyway :D12:14
anYchm, okay, I think I just followed the wiki update page12:15
SageanYc: pastebin: rpm -qa | grep mesa; ssu s; uname -a; rpm -qa | grep omap3;12:15
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SageanYc: <- this?12:16
anYcunfortunately the SSH connection just died, I retry. No, I just followed the update by CLI block12:17
anYcwhat I ask myself everytime when I have problems with nemo: why is there no getty/login on the console? it would help very much while debugging :)12:19
anYcSage: after it didn't boot I also tried the SSU steps. I just rebooted and it's still the same problem12:22
anYcafair it removed also those xorg sgx packages while installing wayland12:23
anYcI'll retry the zypper install -f -t pattern nemo-n900 and choose the option that removes the llvmpipe stuff12:25
anYcokay now he reinstalls the omap3-sgx stuff12:26
SageanYc: yup that is screwed :/12:33
SageanYc: zypper remove mesa-llvmpipe and that should propose installing the ti-omap3-sgx packages instead12:34
anYcokay, now X starts but I only get a black screen. I see if I find something in the logs12:39
anYcah... now the GUI is back, excellent12:40
anYcthank you!12:40
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anYcthe next challenge is to find out how to close applications without opening them again12:45
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locusfMorpog_PC: couldn't get background color to Column and borderimage on upper level component doesn't work either14:25
locusfgot it now14:28
locusfnice background14:28
Morpog_PClocusf, got it all now?14:32
Morpog_PCI tried to replicate it with components and stuff, but always worked for me14:33
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locusfMorpog_PC: yeah, just the shift is wrong14:38
rcgw00t, Sage ping14:39
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rcggot some questions with respect to adding a new package to nemo:mw14:40
rcgin particular: as far as i see there is just the qt4 version of qca, right now14:40
rcgthe kde guys seem to have picked up development of qca again14:41
rcgi built the current master of qca from the kde repos for qt514:41
rcgthis however, is the "old way" of adding things to obs14:42
Morpog_PClocusf, yep, I have seen you have used white background for locked shift, but it should use the pressed function image14:42
Morpog_PCIt's white in spec file for  better viewability14:43
locusfMorpog_PC: oh ok14:43
locusfMorpog_PC: do you want a rpm so you can test?14:43
Morpog_PCdon't have a nemo vm here :(14:44
rcgso, i also added an according repository to github:
locusfMorpog_PC: or n9/50 ?14:44
rcgmy question is now: what's the preferred way to add qca-qt5 to nemo:devel:mw?14:44
Morpog_PConly harmattan on there, won't put anything else on it, as it's my only device atm. Once I have my Jolla, I will put nemo on it.14:45
rcgi think that the qca-qt5 repo at github should be added to nemomobile and then this should be imported via a webhook into obs, right?14:45
Morpog_PClocusf, is there a download for a VM image anywhere?14:45
locusfno, build only14:46
Morpog_PCdamn :)14:46
locusfI can build one and upload, just a moment14:46
locusffirst some pictures :)14:46
Morpog_PCwell, upload would take ages, or?14:47
locusfhmm I guess yeah :/14:47
Morpog_PCpics are always nice :)14:47
locusfthe function keys _are_ blue14:48
locusfbut my camera can't pick it up on this lighting14:48
locusfnot entirely blue of course14:48
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Morpog_PCyeah, it's hard to notice on screenshots too.14:49
locusfI wish there was a screenshot tool for nemo14:49
Morpog_PCBut thats the color Hurrian used in Glacier mockup14:49
Morpog_PClooking very nice :)14:49
Morpog_PCfantastic job14:50
locusfthanks :)14:50
Morpog_PCbtw locusf are you using the SVG images?14:53
Morpog_PCah no you are not14:54
locusfshould be yes14:54
locusfI'm not?14:54
Morpog_PCoh you are?14:54
Morpog_PCwell, the PNG should be less ressource hogging14:54
Morpog_PCwell characterkey.qml says you are using .png14:56
locusfyeah there14:56
Morpog_PCbetter use PNG everywhere14:57
Morpog_PCthe SVG's are just there to be able to recreate them for other resolutions14:57
locusfoh ok14:57
locusfsure, will switch in a moment14:57
Morpog_PCno hurry :)14:58
Morpog_PClocusf, maybe you can have a look/port at It's a very nice screenshot app for N9.15:25
Morpog_PCinstead of proximity sensor, it could be doing a screenshot by button press with a timer15:26
Morpog_PCjust in case you start to hate doing camera shots from your mobile ,)15:29
locusfwell its just a pic snap and it uploads them automatically to dropbox15:30
locusfwhich is nice15:30
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locusfbut still raw screencap is nicer and isn't prone to smudgy fingerprints :)15:31
Morpog_PCHurrian, ZogG_laptop reminds us second time now, that space should be in middle. Any suggestion about it, since you made the VKB mockup?15:32
Morpog_PCqwazix, too15:32
Morpog_PClocusf, maybe you can rip out the screenshot function and do a simple app with it.15:33
locusfMorpog_PC: hmm might check it out15:33
Morpog_PCif that function works anymore, now with wayland15:34
locusfwell its deprecated in Qt515:36
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locusfthe function it uses I mean15:41
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locusfits simple to port though15:48
locusfand there is a new function :)15:51
locusfporting as we speak btw15:51
locusfusing my sailfish sdk Qt Creator15:51
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Morpog_PCyeah :)15:57
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mric_sledges, hey16:04
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locusfhmm the sensor doesn't work16:08
Sage\o/ booted up from devel after zypper dup old image :)16:11
Morpog_PCSage, wtf nice16:11
rcgSage, cool :)16:12
rcgwayland or x11?16:12
Sagegood good good.. now I can start checking all the non qt5 stuff out from the repos that are broken and not maintained anymore :)16:12
Morpog_PClocusf, well, that was almost predictable :)16:12
Sagercg: x1116:12
Sagercg: one step at the time ;)16:12
rcghehe, aye :)16:13
Morpog_PCSage, ah ok, thought wayland16:13
rcgsage, seen my question above?16:14
rcgSage, ^16:14
Sagercg: we need to webhook it to the mw repo but it can be done yes16:16
Sagercg: should be pushed to nemomobile-packages github with tar_git style of packaging and we can hook it from there16:16
mric_rcg, do you know where I could find the last wayland image for N9 ?16:16
mric_rcg, it is not yet in the release or snapshot in wiki16:17
locusfMorpog_PC: yep, tried button too but even that doesn't work, something wrong with the code16:17
Morpog_PCmric_, on mer wiki16:17
rcgSage, I already have an according repo on github. Essentially, I mimicked the existing qca version for qt416:18
mric_Morpog_PC, hum ,,, I can only find qt4 but no wayland16:19
Morpog_PChmm, it was there16:19
Sagercg: where is the qca qt5 upstream?16:19
rcgmric_, I downloaded an image from dropbox
Morpog_PCmric_, there it is:
Morpog_PCnot sure if the dropboy link is older or newer :)16:21
rcgSage, <- this is my first attempt on it16:21
mric_rcg, ok thanks. By the way are you able to open a keyboard on the dropbox version ?16:21
rcgmric_, afaik, the fix is not in there yet16:21
mric_rcg, ok thank you16:22
rcgmric_, i think those two packages should fix that16:22
rcgmric_, well, I just posted the links, faenil etc. did the hard work :)16:23
Morpog_PCand locusf is working hard on glacier ui nemomobile VKB :)16:23
mric_rcg,  ok cool. I'm just a end user so I will be waiting for a image :)16:24
mric_rcg, looks soooo good :)16:24
rcgeven only re-posted the links, I got them initially from faenil who posted them in here as well :)16:24
Sagercg: instead of pushing cloning the rcg dir use submodule as there is good git tree in upstream: example
locusfdo you guys want the new glacier keyboard rpm?16:25
rcgmric_ well, I am also just sitting here and waiting for news on the qt5+wayland status ;)16:25
rcgSage, ah, alright, so submodules work as well, great :)16:26
rcgwill give it a shot16:26
rcgand thx for the links :)16:26
mric_locusf, well I can wait but if you have an image withit that would be awesome :)16:26
locusfmric_: no image, sorry :/16:27
locusfI'll wait for the maliit fixes to build an image first16:27
Sagercg: yes submodules work and are in my opinion the cleanest solution with tar_git ever :)16:28
mric_locusf, no problem, Yeah I understand it makes more sens. It is just that my N9 is now unsuable with wayland installed on it16:28
Morpog_PCmric_, why?16:29
locusfhmm I could probably cook an image with all of the fixes above16:29
locusfif obs is fixed16:29
Morpog_PCmric_, install the fixes rcg posted16:29
rcgSage, indeed, I was wondering how to add a git repo as subdirectory but entirely forgot about submodules :)16:29
mric_locufs, That would be so awesome :)16:30
Sagercg: if there is something mising from that Develoment page feel free to correct. I tried to document it clearly long time ago :)16:30
mric_locusf, yeah that would be awesome :)16:31
rcgSage, will do :)16:31
mric_Morpog_PC, I have the proof of concept wayland image16:31
mric_Morpog_PC, I have fingerterm working fine though. Do you think copying the rpm fixes and then executing them on the device would work ?16:36
rcgSage, well, that seemed to be straight forward:
locusfmric_: it will work16:38
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rcgbtw. mric_ you can use usb networking to log in via ssh16:38
rcgthat should make it easier to hack on the device16:39
rcgpersonally, i couldn't connect to wlan with that experimental image16:39
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mric__rcg, yes exactly. I'm going to wait for a version with the wlan connection working fine so I could than update easily16:41
*** dazo_afk has joined #nemomobile16:41
*** dazo_afk is now known as dazo16:42
rcgmric__, ah, in the current experimental state, doing a "zypper dup" will likely kill the setup anyhow16:42
mric__rcg, Alright so that is defenitively not for me yet. Thanks for the info. I will pop from time to time and see the current status of wayland.16:44
locusfclose to building the image16:47
locusfimage built, testing16:53
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile16:53
locusfall ok, will uplaod16:56
locusfthis image will have the glacier keyboard and maliit fixes16:56
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:57
rcglocusf, cool :)16:57
*** TuxNix has joined #nemomobile16:59
locusfok uploading now, will take ~30 minutes17:02
mric__locusf, awesome :)17:02
*** mric__ has quit IRC17:03
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locusfok get it while its hot17:47
rcggreat, thx :)17:48
Morpog_PCand now the same for VM :)17:48
locusfoh yeah :D17:48
rcgSage, do you think this looks ok?
Morpog_PChmmm, tizen in 2014 on samsung TV's17:49
Morpog_PCwe should put nemo on it :)17:49
mric_locusf, great I'm going to try rigth now :)17:54
*** mric_ has quit IRC17:54
locusfMorpog_PC: cooking now, do you want the raw or the vdi?17:55
locusfMorpog_PC: this won't have the maliit fixes unless you want em?17:56
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locusfMorpog_PC: it will take a long while, 900MB :/18:04
*** nsuffys has joined #nemomobile18:07
*** drachensun has quit IRC18:19
Morpog_PCno problem :)18:22
Morpog_PCvdi sounds good18:22
Morpog_PCmaliit fixes sounds nice18:22
locusfyou got it18:27
*** furikku has quit IRC18:31
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locusfMorpog_PC: still 28 minutes :p18:58
locusfMorpog_PC: here you go
locusfit wasn't 28 minutes, dropbox lied :p19:05
Sagercg: looks good to me at least19:06
Sagercg: actlly Source0: line and url are wrong19:06
rcgSage, ok, url should point to original git repo @kde?19:11
*** ajalkane has joined #nemomobile19:12
rcgbut what about the Source0: line?19:12
Morpog_PClocusf, now that was more like 5 min instead of 28 :D19:13
Morpog_PCthx, downloading now19:13
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC19:15
Morpog_PCwow, dropbux seems to be busy.... 8h download time19:15
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile19:16
Morpog_PCnow down to 3h19:17
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Sagercg: Source0: should be %{name}-%{version}.tar.xz or simlar19:43
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rcgSage, alright, will change that19:49
rcgchanged it19:57
rcgSage, thx for the help :)20:03
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Morpog_PClocusf, no DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!21:15
Morpog_PCand ERROR: No configuration file found21:20
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