Sunday, 2013-09-29

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faenilStskeeps, I bet it's only you and me on sunday morning08:02
faenilevery few months I go check this
faenilhoping it would get fixed...08:06
faenilif anybody has a workaround for that, I can trade my soul :)08:08
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faenillocusf, o/08:21
faenillocusf, we've got a problem, QQC Button doesn't expose x and y when pressed08:21
faenil(which was expected)08:21
faenilso we either copypaste code from official components and modify it (but then we have to remember to update the code when QQC are updated)08:21
faenilor we find a hack which makes it possible to get mouse.x and mouse.y08:22
faenilwhich I found, if it wasn't for
locusffaenil: oh, do we need em?08:22
faenillocusf, yes, for the pressed effect "halo"08:22
locusfah ok08:23
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faenilI'm thinking about going c++ to fix that08:24
faenilit's ridicolous that QML can't simulate a mouse press08:24
faenilbecause of property overriding08:25
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faenilthe day will come when we'll be able to do mousearea.forwardTo : anotherMouseArea08:47
faeniljust as you can do with key presses08:47
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faenilzbenjamin, o/09:02
zbenjaminno you are not the only ones ;)09:03
zbenjaminfaenil: what are you guys currently working on? anything i can help with? Something in c/c++/qt code?09:05
* zbenjamin is not the guy type of programmer09:05
faenilzbenjamin, say what you'd like to do, and I'll try to find something related :)09:05
zbenjaminsomething in the middleware i'd say ...09:06
faenilzbenjamin, let's see, what about compositor?09:07
zbenjaminhm as is said , no guy type... depends what problems are there?09:07
faenilswiping out of apps doesn't work correctly, should not be hard to fix, but it could be on QML side09:08
zbenjamini'll try to take a look ;) no promises09:09
locusfcorrection: it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't :)09:09
zbenjaminthat are the best ones ;)09:09
locusfand also sometimes the compositor draws the window in the bottom and you need to massage it to get it back to the middle09:09
faenilalso, maliit is not working correctly09:10
faenilthat again could be on QML side09:10
locusffaenil: what about maliit?09:10
faenillocusf, well, it only shows in portrait in n950, and it doesn't hide when you pop pages09:10
faeniland if you send app to bg and send another to fg you see the keyboard still animating away09:11
faeniland so on :)09:11
locusfah ok09:11
locusfthe portrait issue is probably related to the all around landscape issue09:11
faenilzbenjamin, on c++ side, we need to hookup QOrientationSensor with the compositor, i.e. create a small class which using QOrientSensor calls compositor::setOrientation when the orientation changes09:11
locusfeg. lipstick is in landscape but apps in portrait09:12
faenillocusf, yes, it is that09:12
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zbenjaminfaenil: how does rotation work currently if the sensor is not hooked up09:16
locusfbut zbenjamin fixes it then no problem09:16
faenilzbenjamin, it doesn't :D09:16
faenilzbenjamin, it worked in X11 of course09:17
zbenjaminah right we are on wayland ;)09:17
faenilzbenjamin, also as you can see there are performance issues, so if you want to investigate at lower level, that is a big point :)09:17
zbenjaminin fact i can't yet ;)09:18
zbenjaminbut i will soon i hope09:18
faenilah, you don't have it running yet?09:19
zbenjaminno currently working on it09:20
faenilok ;) then don't worry you'll be able to see the issues yourself ;)09:20
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zbenjamincan someone tell me what the fiasco image is? wiki says its mentioned in the n9 firmware restore09:28
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zbenjaminbut its not ;)09:28
dm8tbrFIASCO is the file format for N9 / N900 firmware images09:29
zbenjaminah! so i need the firmware image for my phone?09:29
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zbenjamingreat 2.3G this will take some time09:35
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locusfi remember that i saw someting regarding orientation signals in journalctl09:43
locusffor llipstick09:43
locusfbut that was some time ago09:44
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zbenjamincan someone plz upgrade my internet connection?10:07
zbenjamin3Mbit is just not enough10:07
zbenjaminthats what you get for living on the country side10:08
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locusfI know the pain, I had 8MBit for a while and it was quite painful, 24MBit is now pure enjoyment <310:21
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zbenjaminlocusf: 8Mbit sounds like enjoyment to me already ;)10:27
locusfzbenjamin: hehe :)10:27
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locusfbtw orientation doesn't change even if m_screenOrientation is set to Qt::PortraitOrientation in lipstickcompositor.cpp10:39
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Morpog_PCfaenil, when the button overlay effect doesn't work right now we could just use normal highlighting as workarund10:51
Morpog_PClike on VKB10:51
faenilMorpog_PC, I'm working on it, a dirty hack will do, maybe10:51
faenillunch, bbl10:51
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zbenjaminlocusf: is it normal to get a warning about a bad kernel format for moslo?11:33
zbenjaminWARNING: bad kernel format in ./usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo11:42
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zbenjaminfaenil:  is it normal to get a warning about a bad kernel format for moslo?12:47
zbenjaminWARNING: bad kernel format in ./usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo12:47
faenilzbenjamin, I heard that already, but don't know remember if it can be ignored12:47
zbenjaminwho could know?12:49
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zbenjaminlocusf: ping12:55
faenilzbenjamin, if it's just a warning I'd just ignore it12:57
faenilit's probably not important12:57
zbenjaminlets hope so .. i just have one device ...12:57
zbenjamin^Czbenjamin@gamepc:~/nemo/flash$ file usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo12:58
zbenjaminusr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo: HTML document, ASCII text, with no line terminators12:58
zbenjaminok the wiki needs updating12:59
zbenjamin   adress downloading the image13:00
zbenjamin <<<< address currently in the wiki, containing a http redir13:00
faenilah ok, I don't know about n913:00
zbenjaminits downloading the html file instead the correct one13:00
zbenjamini guess new adressing structure on githib13:01
zbenjaminman i almost flashed html file as kernel .....13:01
* zbenjamin shakes13:02
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faenilzbenjamin, I'm pretty sure it does the same warning with the correct file13:03
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zbenjaminfaenil: nope13:03
faenilat least, I heard that warning many times already13:03
faenilmany, many :D13:03
faenilso it's something common in one situation at least13:03
faenilbut you've been lucky this time :D13:03
faenilit's not like you were killing the device anyway13:04
faeniljust flash again :)13:04
zbenjaminfaenil: how much am i in trouble if repartitioning failed?13:05
faenilzbenjamin, not much, it failed first time for me13:06
faenilthere is a troubleshooting section for that iirc13:06
zbenjaminhmpf i cannot telnet into the device :/13:09
zbenjaminfaenil: if i would disable the device now would it be gone?13:11
faenilI'd say no, but don't take my words too seriously, I'm just guessing13:12
zbenjaminhmm, the device is taking exactly my ip subnet 192.168.2.*13:14
zbenjaminok i'm on13:15
giucami have the mer sdk and a working wl image. how do i now develop on nemo? i have cloned the lipstick repo, once i modify something how do i build and deploy it?13:20
faenilgiucam, I wrote armv7 development image, there's everything you need there13:22
giucamwhere? on the wiki?13:23
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faenilAOE2 lan part about to begin :P cya later people :)13:25
zbenjaminfaenil: how do i get the device to reboot after repartitioning? since the reboot command is not working?13:25
zbenjaminany secret command?13:25
faenilzbenjamin, I don't remember needing a command to erboot13:26
faenilmaybe I always did it with power button :)13:26
faenilzbenjamin, did partitioning end successfully?13:27
zbenjaminyay worked, now i just need to copy over the rootfs right?13:27
giucammmh... can't find it...13:28
zbenjaminof course n9 networking broke my real network... now working on 2 computers ;)13:28
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faenilgiucam, :)13:30
giucamwell, seems that the hl in armv7hl did the trick13:30
faenilyep :)13:30
faenilhave fun peeps13:31
zbenjamingreat i maybe bricked it13:32
faenilzbenjamin, ?13:32
zbenjaminpower on button does not work anymore13:32
faenilnot possible13:33
faenilespecially if you only extracted the rootfs13:33
zbenjaminnow ... weird13:33
faenilzbenjamin, ?13:33
zbenjamini pressed the button just a few seconds ago and nothing happend13:34
zbenjaminnow it worked again13:34
zbenjamin... why do these things always happen to me? ;) embarrasing ;)13:34
faenilI'll be back this evening13:35
faenilgiucam, let me have feedback on the guide ;)13:35
zbenjaminfaenil: last question13:35
zbenjamini'm about to copy the stuff over, the image is bz2 compressed but the -j switch is not given when decompressing13:36
zbenjaminis that stuff bz2 compressed on the phone?13:36
faenilthere's a command on the wiki to extract the image13:36
faenilzbenjamin, I'm not getting your point13:37
zbenjaminanyway it seems to work, after copying rebooting is enough?13:37
faenilyou have .tar.bz2 image, you do "tar blablabla" to extract it on Alt_OS ---> done13:37
zbenjaminextracting to Alt_OS worked13:38
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faenilok, after that umount the device13:38
faeniland reboot13:38
faenilif it doesn't boot at first attempt, reboot :)13:39
faenilshould boot at first try13:39
zbenjaminhow do i remove that ugly warranty warning13:39
zbenjaminhm it just seems to power off when i chose alternate kernel13:41
zbenjaminah now13:41
zbenjaminnemo is booting ;)13:41
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giucammb keeps trying to download a dependecy pkg that is outdated. i tried runnig zypper refresh but it didn't help13:41
faenilgiucam, sb2 -t targetName -R zypper ref13:43
faenilif you only do zypper ref you update package of sdk13:43
*** Hurrian has quit IRC13:43
faenilwhile you need to update packages of the target, which is in another fs13:43
giucamah, ok thanks13:43
faenilbye bye guys13:43
faenilhave fun13:43
giucamyeah, it's working now13:43
faenilgood ;)13:44
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zbenjaminwhy is everything in landscape?13:44
zbenjaminok i need to fix that sensors stuff firdst13:46
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locusfzbenjamin: pong14:19
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zbenjaminlocusf: already solved, there is a wrong link in the wiki that downloads a html page instead of the moslo image, and flasher luckily realized that14:20
zbenjamincurl -o usr/share/moslo/zImage-moslo   <-- will download a html file containig a redirect to the real file14:22
zbenjaminlocusf: can you point to me to a start when i want to hack on the orientation stuff?14:25
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locusfsee lipstick14:40
zbenjaminlocusf: just found it ;)14:43
zbenjaminlocusf: if i get the current qtcreator from qt-project is the mer plugin already included?14:43
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locusfzbenjamin: no it is not14:49
zbenjaminso i still need to build it myself14:49
locusfzbenjamin: use sailfish sdk14:49
locusfzbenjamin: lemme get home first and then ill help ya14:49
zbenjaminlocusf: great thx14:50
locusfabout 50mins - 1 hour14:50
*** ericcc has joined #nemomobile14:50
zbenjaminlocusf: i'll install the sdk in that time14:50
locusfyeah :)14:50
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locusfthen follow
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zbenjaminlocusf: no way to use my locally installed sdk?15:17
zbenjamini need to use the VM?15:17
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giucamaha, it seems i managed to build and install lipstick from source on the wayland image vm :)15:27
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Stskeepsgiucam: \o/15:44
*** diaz has joined #nemomobile15:53
giucammmh... breakage in the code didn't result in breakage in the ui...15:55
giucamdoesn't the default ugly wayland ui build on lipstick?15:55
locusfzbenjamin: oh you've got it installed, sure use that then :)15:56
giucamwell, yes it does. i'll try to break lipstick more :)15:58
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile15:59
locusfzbenjamin: then just for lipstick and start hacking on your fork16:02
locusf*fork lipstick16:02
zbenjaminlocusf: i just wonder how i install qt inside my sdk16:06
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locusfzbenjamin: do you have scratchbox2 target setup?16:06
zbenjaminyes sb216:06
locusfzbenjamin: ok did for lipstick already?16:07
locusfdid you fork16:07
locusfthen after cloning you gotta enter the sdk with /srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot16:10
locusfthen: mb clean -t <yourarmtarget> rpm/lipstick-qt5.spec && mb build -t <yourarmtarget> rpm/lipstick-qt5.spec16:11
zbenjaminrm: cannot remove `/home/zbenjamin/rpmbuild/BUILD/': No such file or directory16:14
zbenjaminah ok just  removed the clean command16:14
locusfok skip the clean then16:14
zbenjaminnice it automagically installs the missing deps16:14
zbenjaminnow how can i make creator use the sdk?16:15
zbenjaminerror: Failed build dependencies:16:15
zbenjaminpkgconfig(Qt5SystemInfo) is needed by lipstick-qt5-0.16.18-1.armv7hl16:15
zbenjaminpkgconfig(qmsystem2-qt5) >= 1.4.11 is needed by lipstick-qt5-0.16.18-1.armv7hl16:15
zbenjaminqt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl-devel >= 5.1.0+git7 is needed by lipstick-qt5-0.16.18-1.armv7hl16:15
locusfyou can't, at least not right now with any success :/16:15
locusfzbenjamin: hmm wait a second, you need more repos16:16
locusfzbenjamin: sb2 -t <yourtarget> -m sdk-install -R zypper ar
locusfzbenjamin: sb2 -t <yourtarget> -m sdk-install -R zypper ref16:18
zbenjaminwhere did you get that from? ;)16:19
locusfzbenjamin: my history :p16:19
Morpog_PCgnah, those listviews drove me crazy.......16:19
zbenjaminlocusf: still error16:20
zbenjaminerror: Failed build dependencies:16:20
zbenjaminpkgconfig(Qt5SystemInfo) is needed by lipstick-qt5-0.16.18-1.armv7hl16:20
zbenjaminqt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl-devel >= 5.1.0+git7 is needed by lipstick-qt5-0.16.18-1.armv7hl16:20
locusfzbenjamin: sb2 -t <yourtarget> -m sdk-install -R zypper ar
locusfthen zypper ref again16:20
zbenjaminlocusf: yay it starts to build16:22
locusfzbenjamin: ok shouldn't take more than 5 minutes16:23
locusfzbenjamin: you can use qtcreator to edit and then mersdk to build16:24
zbenjaminRPM build errors:16:24
zbenjamin    Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.e56E26 (%build)16:24
*** asterismo has quit IRC16:24
zbenjaminman ;) not even one minute16:24
locusfzbenjamin: try again but first mb clean and then mb build16:25
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC16:25
locusfzbenjamin: eg. the first command16:25
zbenjaminerror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.fAIXVe (%build)16:26
locusfzbenjamin: can you pastebin the whole output?16:26
*** asterismo has joined #nemomobile16:26
zbenjamincan i somehow supress the -j switch?16:27
zbenjaminits sometimes easier to spot errors when not using multiple cores16:27
Morpog_PClistview for glacier UI - specced:
locusfzbenjamin: you need to edit the .spec file16:27
locusfzbenjamin: find make %{?jobs:-j%jobs} line and remove the "%{?jobs:-j%jobs}" stanza16:28
zbenjaminin rpm/libstick*.spec?16:28
locusfzbenjamin: yes16:29
zbenjaminno jobs :/16:29
zbenjaminthis line is not there16:29
locusfhmm interesting16:29
zbenjamin/usr/lib// undefined reference to `operator<<(QDBusArgument&, Maemo::Timed::Event::Triggers const&)'16:29
zbenjamin/usr/lib// undefined reference to `operator>>(QDBusArgument const&, Maemo::Timed::Event::Triggers&)'16:29
zbenjaminlooks like the bad guy16:30
locusfzbenjamin: <- did you fork and clone this?16:30
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile16:30
qwazixMorpog_PC, nice work!16:30
locusfzbenjamin: ah16:30
Morpog_PCthanks, just pushed to my repo16:30
locusfzbenjamin: sb2 -t <yourtarget> -m sdk-install -R zypper dup16:30
zbenjaminlocusf:  i hope so
locusfzbenjamin: yeah good16:32
locusfzbenjamin: did zypper dup help?16:36
locusfah its probably still downloading :)16:36
zbenjaminExit reason and status: signal 11 (core dumped)16:36
zbenjaminyeah this error is gone16:37
locusfcore dumped and now lipstick compiles?16:37
locusfok good enough :D16:37
zbenjaminwhere is the rpm now?16:38
locusfzbenjamin: ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv7hl/16:38
zbenjaminnope ;=)16:39
locusfits not16:39
locusfso it didn't get there16:40
locusfthis is new16:40
*** diaz has left #nemomobile16:40
zbenjaminof course :/16:40
locusfzbenjamin: try the last one, the magic file issues16:40
zbenjaminlocusf: i'll try it but i need to go for a walk with the dog first16:42
zbenjaminwill you be here later ?16:42
locusfzbenjamin: sure16:43
zbenjaminworked ;)16:43
zbenjamininstalling later ;)16:43
locusfzbenjamin: ok16:43
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile16:45
locusffaenil: hey16:45
Stskeepso/ faenil16:46
locusffaenil: just instructed zbenjamin with his first built rpms16:46
* faenil highlights, highlights everywhere *_*16:46
faenillocusf, ah great thank you :)16:46
faenilStskeeps, o/16:46
faenillocusf, do you happen to know a way to pass QQuickMouseEvent to cpp and handle it there?16:49
faenilQQuickMouseEvent is a private class of Qt, unfortunately16:50
locusffaenil: unfortunately no :/16:52
faenillocusf, I won't let Qt win :)16:55
faenilMorpog_PC, qwazix ehmm..why multiple specs for different sizes?16:56
qwazixfaenil, at least two different lists are needed, one with sub-text (like settings) and one simpler for e.g. music player songs16:58
faenilwe want to provide 3 different list items? (i.e. same list item but a Size constant that dev can change to small/middle/big?)16:58
faenilqwazix, you're talking about listitems maybe?16:58
qwazixsize constant16:58
qwazixyeah, yeah, list items16:58
faenilok good16:58
faenilqwazix, I'm fighting with Qt not to duplicate QQC code16:59
faenilI want to reuse QQC's button and extend that one, so that updates come for free16:59
faenilbut since it doesn't expose x/y during press event16:59
faenilI need a hack16:59
qwazix:nod: noticed.16:59
faeniland I've been spending some time on it16:59
qwazixthough, especially for button we might consider making our own17:00
faenilended up trying some stuff on cpp side17:00
faenilqwazix, not worth it imho17:00
faenilnot worth at all :D17:00
faenilwell of course if I don't find any workaround for this thing we will have to17:00
qwazixfor complex things like lists, or text inputs we should in no way do our own, because we get many things for free (text selection, scrolling, active items, snapping etc etc)17:01
faenilqwazix, well but generally speaking we should reuse as many thigns as possible17:01
faeniland in button we only need that damn x/y while pressed17:01
faenilthe rest is ok and is for free17:01
qwazixbut our button is as simple as a mousarea in a rectangle. No fancy states, no focusing possible, no menus.17:02
faenilqwazix, can't deny that17:02
faenilthough it could get more mobile oriented as they update it for Android/iOS17:02
qwazixthe same happens in html, i rarely like those javascript controls that replace html components, because you lose way to much hidden functionality (type-ahead, positioning, focusing, keyboard use etc)17:03
qwazixbut some times, if something is really simple you can do it from scratch and work ok17:03
qwazixthe only dirty hack I can think of in this case is to put a mousearea on top of the button and use that to manipulate it. If they fix that bug all we have to do is remove our extra MouseArea17:05
faenilqwazix, I already have a mousearea on top of it ;) but it's not enough17:08
faenil(which bug anyway?)17:08
Morpog_PCI guess the one you posted here17:08
faenilthat was my idea, use a mousearea on top and reuse QQC Button, but I'll lead you trought the issues this causes17:08
qwazixThe bug that you can't capture x,y from one area to the other below it and still capture release events17:09
faenilMorpog_PC, they haven't fixed that in 2 years, do you think they'll fix it now?17:09
faenilqwazix, you can never capture x,y from outside mouseareas, it's not a bug17:09
qwazixThe bug that you can't capture x,y from one area *and forward the event* to the other below it and still capture release events17:09
Morpog_PChope never dies! :)17:09
faenilqwazix, ah ok17:09
Morpog_PCmaybe you fix it and send it upstream? ;)17:09
faenilqwazix, no, they'll never fix it17:09
qwazixi.e. if you set mouse.accepted = false, you don't have onReleased on this mouseArea17:10
faenilMorpog_PC, nope, because the fix is very easy, so if they haven't done it there is another reason17:10
Morpog_PCor they just forgot about it17:10
faenilqwazix, yes exactly17:10
faenilqwazix, so mouse.accepted= false isn't a solution17:10
faenilgo on saying your ideas ;)17:10
qwazixI know, sadly17:10
faenilMorpog_PC, if that's the case, I commented today on the bug ;)17:10
faenilqwazix, propose other solutions ;) I've tried quite a few, maybe you have more17:11
qwazixbut I was thinking to completely forget about the mouseArea in the button, reimplement the whole MouseArea again, instead of reimplementing the whole button17:11
faenilqwazix, reimplementing QQuickMouseArea instead of a button? what's wrong with you? :D :D17:12
qwazixno, no17:12
qwazixButton { MouseArea {anchors.fill: parent; onClicked: do_stuff()} }17:12
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #nemomobile17:13
qwazixwhere do_stuff() does exactly what the MouseArea in the Button does, again.17:13
faenilqwazix, it can't, because you don't have access to the things it needs17:13
qwazixokay, I thought all the relevant properties were exposed.17:14
faenilqwazix, most of them are, but __action is not exposed17:15
*** ericcc has quit IRC17:17
qwazixI don't think I have another idea, unfortunately17:17
*** fk_lx has joined #nemomobile17:17
qwazixmodifying QQC to expose x,y and sending upstream probably won't work, eh?17:18
faenilprobably won't, right17:18
faenilas nobody needs x/y17:18
faenilStskeeps, ping17:19
faenilqwazix, there must be a way to get only methods of a js object, and not method and properties together17:19
faenilso that we workaround the name conflict of pressed17:20
faeniland we're all happy17:20
Stskeepsfaenil: plong17:20
faenilStskeeps, vague idea of 5.1.1 release? :)17:20
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has joined #nemomobile17:21
qwazixfaenil, IMO the least bad solution is to theme the QQC Button with just a different pressed color for compatibility, and create a GlacierButton for those who want a more Glacier'y look17:21
Stskeepsfaenil: i'm sure i'll get drunk and then sit and hack it at a tampere hotel room.17:21
faenilStskeeps, no pressure, just to know when it's coming ;)17:22
* faenil hands Stskeeps a martini17:22
*** n9mx has joined #nemomobile17:22
fk_lxStskeeps: you are in Tampere?17:23
faenilqwazix, mmm let me try something17:23
Stskeepsfk_lx: i will be next week17:24
fk_lxah, ok17:24
*** KaIRC has quit IRC17:24
*** KaiRo_new has joined #nemomobile17:24
*** rcg has quit IRC17:26
*** KaiRo_Mozilla has quit IRC17:27
*** ZogG_laptop has joined #nemomobile17:29
zbenjamincan i change the ip the device is using?17:43
zbenjaminits using my network subnet and this breaks my internet connection17:43
Anssi|Stskeeps, Tampere bars have better beer selection than mini-fridge.17:45
qwazixzbenjamin, I think you can just as you would on your pc17:48
locusfnot really, there is no /etc/network/interfaces and connman doesn't configure it17:48
Stskeepsthere's a tutorial on wiki17:48
qwazixI remember I had the same issue and solved it somehow, but I don't recall how17:48
*** eebrah has quit IRC17:53
locusfhmm not that17:53
locusfand /etc/usb-moded/usb-moded.ini only shows mode=developer_mode17:54
Stskeepsyou add to it with [network] ip=foo17:55
*** faenil has quit IRC17:57
*** KaiRo_new has quit IRC18:00
*** eebrah has joined #nemomobile18:02
*** eebrah is now known as Guest8043418:02
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile18:03
zbenjaminworks ;)18:05
zbenjaminlocusf: ok network is set up, now i only need to install my package18:05
locusfzbenjamin: easy, just scp rpm into18:06
locusfand the run zypper in --force <lipstick-rpm>18:06
zbenjaminah ok18:07
locusfin the device18:07
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile18:09
*** rcg has joined #nemomobile18:11
locusfzbenjamin: did it work?18:19
ZogG_laptophe said it worked before18:20
zbenjaminlocusf: seems to work, but it complains about being a older version18:27
zbenjaminok now i just need to restart lipstick18:27
locusfzbenjamin: DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=/run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket systemctl --user restart lipstick.service18:28
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#429 waiting for review at
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#429 Rejected promotion request18:31
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:32
Merbotphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#430 Rejected promotion request18:32
faenilback o18:32
zbenjaminlocusf: yay runs !18:37
locusfzbenjamin: good :)18:37
*** arcean_ has quit IRC18:40
locusfzbenjamin: do you need a tour on our release process?18:40
zbenjaminsounds good, but i guess that can wait until i have my first merge request?18:41
locusfzbenjamin: sure18:41
zbenjaminwiki says there is a mer plugin for creator, is this thing dead or can i somewhere download and compile it?18:42
locusfzbenjamin: it lives in its latest iteration in Sailfish SDK18:43
locusfor does lbt disagree?18:43
lbtthe source for the plugin isn't out yet18:44
faenilzbenjamin, great \o/18:44
lbtwhich is a bit of a poor show :/18:44
zbenjaminfaenil: great what? ;)18:44
locusflbt :/18:45
faenilzbenjamin, that it runs :)18:45
faenillbt, :/18:45
zbenjaminfaenil: ah ;)18:46
* zbenjamin needs to make dinner18:46
*** furikku has quit IRC18:52
faenilsuccess! \o/19:18
giucammmh... what was the new ui called? ge..., gi... what was it?19:21
faenilgiucam, Glacier19:21
giucamah, thanks19:22
faenilnp ;)19:22
giucami got the g right :)19:22
faenilgiucam, how is it going on your side?19:22
giucami managed to build and deploy lipstick, now i'm looking for something to fix/improve19:23
giucamnot necessarily on that19:23
faenilgiucam, great :) I talked to zbenjamin about few issues, you can find them in the weblog of this channel, it should be yesterday evening19:25
faenillet me know if you don't find them19:29
*** Guest80434 is now known as eebrah_19:34
*** eebrah_ is now known as eebrah19:34
qwazixfaenil, how did you do it?19:35
giucamfaenil: can't find them indeed. i looked at the last 3 days but didn't notice anything, at least not with you talking with zbenjamin19:36
faenilgiucam, my memory is very bad, I could have been talking to someone else, lol19:36
faenilqwazix, you'll never imagine, slick, easy, and clean solution :D19:36
faenilqwazix, you'll say "how could I not think about it" :D19:36
faenilqwazix, have a look
faenilgiucam, let me see19:38
* qwazix clicks19:38
faenilgiucam, it was this morning, sorry xD19:38
giucamfaenil: doh, the only day i didn't look :)19:39
faenilgiucam, until 09:12, 10mins19:39
*** mric_ has joined #nemomobile19:39
mric_sledges, hey :)19:39
faenil09:18 actually, giucam19:39
qwazixfaenil, no, I would never think of doing that, ever... kudos!19:39
mric_I have seen the log ... nemo has been very busy lately19:40
giucamaha, i see...19:40
faenilqwazix, ah, ok :D thanks! I was talking with guys on #qt-quick, while talking aalpert took out Connections to do something else, and I saw the light :D19:40
giucamoh wow, that's a real big hack ;)19:43
giucambut, is there code for glacier or it's only mockups for now?19:45
faenilgiucam, I have what's out there of Glacier19:46
faeniland I am about to publish it, now that Button stuff should be fixed19:46
faenilso that everyone can contribute19:46
faenilI've been taking qtquickcontrols-tizen repo and readapting it to start working on Glacier19:47
giucamah, cool19:47
faenilso that you guys have everything set up already, and writing the styling .qml file should be enough for most of the components19:47
faenilqwazix, anyway, button looks washed out on N95019:50
qwazixfaenil, not really surprised19:51
qwazixwe should evaluate this on more screens and tweak accentColor19:52
qwazixI assume N9 will be far more saturated19:52
faenilqwazix, I'm talking about the grey color, not accent19:52
*** n9mx has quit IRC19:52
qwazixok, I'll test it on a few screens and report back19:53
faenilqwazix, worth storing that color in a special var like accent?19:54
qwazixnot sure if it is used anywhere else... let me see19:54
faenilas in, is that often used in the other components?19:54
faenilqwazix, also, are you okay with having ImportantButton or something like that for the special one?19:55
faenilor you think a property important in Button should do that?19:55
qwazixyeah, it is used, so go ahead19:55
qwazixI'd go for a property important in Button19:55
faenilmmm, I'd go the other way :D but np ;)19:56
qwazixnot a big deal, the other way is okay too19:56
faenilI'll go for property and see what happens ;)19:56
faenilqwazix, also, any advice about naming?19:57
faenilis important the right semantic for that button? don't know if you had something slightly different in mind19:57
faenilmaybe a better word :D19:58
qwazixNot absolutely sure, it is the button that does the intended action in a page.19:58
qwazixI mean if there is ok and cancel, ok will be "important"19:58
faenillet's think about a decent name for some moments19:58
qwazixI used "positive" in a recent app19:59
qwazixbut that was green so it looked like it was more fitting19:59
qwazix(I'm also thinking about the 474747 variable name)19:59
faenilgiucam, found anything that you like in those tasks? :)20:00
qwazixActionButton is another idea but it might be confusing (like people wondering what is the differenc)20:01
*** mric_ has quit IRC20:01
faenilgiucam, there are lots of things which used to work in X11 and now just need some link with UI, like battery indicator, volume indicator, signal indicator20:02
faenilqwazix, also, Action is a QtQuickControl element20:02
faenilso yet more confusing20:02
faeniland a Button can have an Action assigned :D20:02
faenil(like "edit" "cut" "paste" "undo")20:02
qwazixI'm seeing the words "primary" and "secondary" being used for this kind of thing20:04
qwazixI think "primary" is okay20:07
faenilyea, probably better20:07
qwazixand fillColor for 4720:07
faenilgood, good yeah20:07
*** rcg has quit IRC20:09
giucamfaenil: sorry, was on another tty. i'm not sure... i'd like to find something on the compositor20:12
faenilgiucam, the orientation thing?20:12
faenilor the swipe out of app bug?20:12
faenilboth compositor20:13
giucami was thinking the swipe, rather20:13
giucamthat is, swiping on an app should close it?20:13
giucamin what direction?20:14
faenilgiucam, if you try to swipe out of app20:14
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC20:14
faenilit only works if you swipe from one side and then from the opposite20:14
faenil(swipe out = swipe for a side of the screen to send it to bg)20:15
faenilit currently only works if you swipe from left and then from right20:15
faenilas the first time you swipe it gets stuck halfway20:15
faeniltry it ;)20:15
giucamok, i'm in the calculator now. i can swipe all i want but it doesn't go away20:16
faenilunless you swipe from left and then from right20:17
faenilor from bottom and then from top20:17
giucamaah, now i see20:20
giucami need to keep the mouse button down, it needs to be an unique swipe20:20
*** martyone has quit IRC20:21
giucammmh... clicking on the icon again doesn't bring it up20:21
giucamanother bug :)20:21
faenilgiucam, yes ;)20:21
faenilgiucam, but you can open it from app switcher20:21
faenilgiucam, unique swipe?20:22
giucamwhere's the app switcher?20:23
faenilswipe on the sides when you're in the homescreen20:23
giucamyes, i mean from left to right to left without leaving the mouse button on the vm or the finger in a real device20:23
faenilgiucam, actually on the VM the swipe should work correctly20:23
faenilgiucam, the issue is only on device, afaik20:24
giucamno, it doesn't20:24
faenil:/ it worked when I worked on Wayland VM20:24
giucamalso, i can't swipe on the sides in the homescreen20:24
giucami can only up and down20:24
faenilup and down? wtf? XD20:24
faenilare you in sailfish? XD20:24
giucamoh, now it worked20:25
giucamno, nemo20:25
faenilI should build a new VM, I'm sure the issue wasn't there when I published Wayland VM20:25
giucamit's really picky. sometimes swipes work some other times they dno't20:25
faenilmaybe just make sure you start swiping from the very edge of the screen20:26
*** Vlad_on_the_road has joined #nemomobile20:29
giucameh, it may be that. it's a bit hard with the huge pointer cursor there is20:30
*** amizraa has quit IRC20:31
faenilwell, the center of the ball is the hotspot ;)20:31
*** kostaja has quit IRC20:32
giucambut it's inconsistent. in an app if i start a swipe with the center just 1-2 pixels from the side of the window it works, but in the homescreen i must start it with the cursor more into the window20:33
faenilgiucam, because in the homescreen it's not swipe, it's just a gesture20:36
faenilit's like a horizontal list of views20:36
giucamok, but a swipe should still work imho20:36
faenilgiucam, yes of course, I don't see why it wouldn't work :) but it's completely different things20:37
faenilgiucam, just don't focus on the homescreen, but the current one is just a basic placeholder20:37
faenilonce UI components will be in place, we'll code THE homescreen ;)20:37
faenilbecause* not bug20:38
faenilnot but20:38
faeniljust think about compositor bugs ;)20:40
faenil(swipe is, scrolling is not)20:40
*** Martix_ has quit IRC20:41
*** Martix has joined #nemomobile20:42
giucamwell, i'll look at it tomorrow20:43
faenilgiucam, no problem ;) thanks for trying! :)20:46
*** NIN101 has quit IRC20:50
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:20
*** faenil has quit IRC21:35
*** Vlad_on_the_road has quit IRC21:36
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*** lbt is now known as lbt_away22:50
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