Friday, 2013-11-01

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Netweaverall: Any people having issues with screen backlight on N900 over the last weeks? it boots with backlight on but when going into a low power mode (clock standby screen) and then going back to the normal homescreen, it never swtches the backlight on again. power switch still works, side slider too, all correct actions, but no light. Kind of difficult to use :) I'm on DEV/RND, updated just now again.10:30
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locusfphew, done with lectures and exams for a couple of months now, more time for nemo and thesis :)14:03
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Morpog_PCyay locusf!14:13
Morpog_PCsledges, qwazix, sorry for not replying yesterday, was busy :)14:15
Morpog_PCsledges, I don't really understand your idea...14:16
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Morpog_PCqwazix, I'm OK with removing the roundings and bigger size for circle, but that 1px outline should stay IMO. It will help in situations where background color is almost same as scroll-indicator color14:17
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masaqhow can i create new partition n9,in this case mmcblk0p5?:) thanks for help..14:51
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masaqi want to install nemo there15:07
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Morpog_PCqwazix, updated PR and GROG15:09
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Morpog_PCwhat are you refering to with existing themes?16:10
Morpog_PCthere is no icon-launcher-settings in any of the existing icons16:10
Morpog_PCer themes16:10
Morpog_PCsledges, does that make sense to you?16:13
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sledgesMorpog_PC: im sure there is some settings icon16:56
sledgeslocusf: \yay/16:57
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sledgesMorpog_PC: youvare right, Jolla introduced their own naming scheme :/17:41
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Morpog_PCsledges, so w00t's comment doesn't make any sense, as there is no icon in old themes and the screenshottool is only in qtquick2 branch of lipstick-colorful-home17:58
Morpog_PCerrrr lipstick17:59
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Morpog_PCso what to do now?18:05
faenilbbl :D18:18
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sledgesso jolla broke theme compat by putting their named icon out in the open (lipstick/screenshottool)18:23
sledgesno big deal because screenshot app is less significant18:24
sledgeswe can poke Vesuri to fix it (at least rename it to icon-launcher-screenshot)18:25
sledgesbut they are busy18:25
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Morpog_PCthats the problem :)18:25
sledgesand it also similar to case where we will want sailfish apps compat in nemo18:26
sledgesso we just might substitute screenshottool.desktop with our own (from e.g. lipstick colorful home) via some rpm magic18:27
Morpog_PCsound like a job for you :)18:27
sledges:D im pondering about that, a challenge, accepted :D18:28
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vgrade\o, weekend at last18:33
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mike7b4_on_x230trying boot sailfishsdk image on n9 only get black screen of deaf?20:00
Morpog_MobileMaybe locusf can help you20:03
mike7b4_on_x230Morpog_Mobile: so what the state of Nemo btw? is the "border" issue still there20:04
mike7b4_on_x230whao sail booted now but border issue on my N9 in sailfish to? hmmm20:06
Morpog_MobileWhat border?20:23
Morpog_MobileI only use vm20:23
Morpog_MobileNeed my n9 as primary device20:23
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qwazixMorpog_Mobile, okay let's keep the border for now and we can rethink once we use it in realworld environment20:28
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mike7b4_on_x230Morpog_Mobile: I have two N9's one for work, one private. When I got mine from work the operator tried to convince me to go for a Lumia 800 "because its better" but ofcourse they could not convince me :D  Thats why I have two :D But anyway seems latest ubiboot fixed the screenissue don't know why hmm20:45
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faenilmike7b4_on_x230, border issue?21:05
mike7b4_on_x230faenil: yeah 20% of the screen showed MeR backround image means the icons was left aligned around 100 pixels or so21:07
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, you're using ubiboot I guess21:08
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, and you didn't edit the .conf file, did you :)21:08
mike7b4_on_x230Yes, But I dont  remember what I changed but def not screen settings, but now I upgraded ubi and did not change any settings and itr works. So yes I may have done something wrong don't know what. Just fol,lowed the wiki guide at  Maemo :)21:11
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faenilwiki guide at maemo?21:21
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, ^21:21
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, so now that you updated ubi it works? the issue is gone?21:21
mike7b4_on_x230yes issue is gone21:22
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, mmm do you remember if you set G_NEMO_INITSCRIPT="\/sbin\/init\ vram\=6m\ omapfb.vram\=0\:6M" ?21:22
faenilin ubiboot's conf21:22
mike7b4_on_x230faenil: nope did not set that.21:23
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, can you check if it's set already?21:24
mike7b4_on_x230yes in latest ubi it says: G_OS3_INIT_CMDLINE_APPENDS="vram=6m omapfb.vram=0:6M"21:26
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, ok, juiceme ?21:27
faenilI think he added that :)21:27
mike7b4_on_x230great, nemo works nice again :)21:29
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, :)21:29
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, well, clients are veeeeery slow, but...yeah21:29
mike7b4_on_x230I should have not said that now I got a small border gaian. (around 20 pixels or so)21:30
faenilscreenshot please?21:31
mike7b4_on_x230also its locked in landscape21:31
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, yes21:32
faenilzbenjamin, ^21:32
Morpog_MobileWell wayland nemo is a minefield :D21:33
faeniltrue that :D21:34
faenilwe have to let n9/n950 go...there are very low chances it will ever get better21:34
faenil(on those devices)21:34
mike7b4_on_x230because of the damn old SGX driver?21:35
Morpog_Mobileand all of the other closed drivers21:36
qwazixbtw Morpog_Mobile, faenil, btw I'll be on vacation next week so probably little or no offline time21:36
faenilqwazix, ouch :)21:36
faenilqwazix, but have fun! o/21:36
Morpog_MobileYay have fun21:37
faenilmike7b4_on_x230, yup...21:37
qwazixhopefully I'll come back with a bit more energy21:37
faenilqwazix, o/21:37
qwazixanyone from spain?21:37
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juicememike7b4_on_x230, it's possible that the ubiboot wiki is a bit out of date, regarding the latest ubiboot (0.3.5)21:57
faeniljuiceme, so did you add the vram thing in the new version? :)21:57
juicemefaenil, it's on by default :)21:58
faeniljuiceme, yes but only in the latest version ,right?21:59
juicememmm yes, I think that's only on 0.3.521:59
juicemebut the key itself was introduced on 0.3.4 so it's there, you just need to se it.22:00
faeniljuiceme, yeah I know22:00
juicemeon older than that, it's not present and can be hacked to the preinit if needed :)22:01
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juicemefaenil, yes, that needs to be changed to smt like "on older than 0.3.4 ubiboot versions"22:02
faeniljuiceme, yep22:02
faenilthat's what I wanted to make sure of, thanks ;)22:02
juicemeI propably don't have powers to edit that wiki?22:02
faeniljuiceme, don't know, I think everyone can do it if you registered22:05
faenilbut I'll do that ;)22:05
juicemethat's okay, thanks :)22:06
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mike7b4_on_x230actually nemo is smooth on n9 now seems its "only" an orientation issue that makes it go nuts with content gets placed wrong etc...22:11
EztranWhat about apps, though? Previously they were the problem.22:15
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