Saturday, 2013-12-28

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macmaNhmpf, only the dual boot method somehow ended up working00:33
macmaNsudo flasher -a moslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin -L usr/share/moslo/moslo.img -f -R00:33
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qwazixmacmaN, are you trying the N950 method on N900?00:38
macmaNalready unpacking the rootfs onto the n95000:39
qwazixbecause moslo on N950 worked right away for me00:39
macmaNright. i'm not sure why it has been barfing for me00:39
macmaNok. got roofs on Alt_OS00:40
macmaNunplugging now00:40
qwazixdon't forget sync00:40
macmaNhmmm. proper unmount should take care of it no?00:41
qwazixah yeah, missed the line "oh yeah, just in case, i *am* doing this on n950. the n900 is sitting on the charger still :>" before. Sorry00:41
macmaNNemo splash screen!!!00:41
qwazixmacmaN, proper unmount should take care of it yeah, I think00:42
qwazixalso first boot might fail00:42
macmaNit didnt00:42
macmaNim in00:42
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macmaNall right.00:44
macmaNnow on to sailfish00:44
qwazixhave fun! I'm off to bed. gn!00:46
macmaNhmm, wondering how to get back to Alt_OS now00:47
macmaNaha, just rebooting with cable is good enough00:50
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krnlynghas anyone ever managed to boot the 3.5.3 adaptation kernel on n9?07:28
krnlyngvgrade: maybe you?07:30
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coderushey nemomobilers!08:46
coderusin which repo libpulsecommon placed?08:46
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sledgescoderus: rpm -qf FILE09:29
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coderusno results :D09:31
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sledgeswhich step?09:31
Yanielis mosh in any of the official repos yet?09:32
coderussledges: search on merproject09:32
sledgesYaniel: -> search09:32
coderussledges: i have no it on device, wanna to have09:32
sledgescoderus: ah, so if first step fails, 2nd wont help ;)09:32
sledgesid search for pulse in BMO coderus09:33
Yanielthere is in nemo:devel:apps but does not seem to be updated so I guess it is tha broken one martink fixed in his project09:37
sledgesYaniel: nod, check with the timestamps/versions09:38
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sledgesif there is no PR open in github/nemomobile*/mosh, one is needed ;)09:40
Yanielyep, a bunch of new revisions on martink's project09:40
sledgespester m4rtink to PR them then09:41
sledgesgood find!09:41
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locusftbr has mosh in his home epo09:54
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sledgesjuiceme: ping09:57
Yanielnot visible on OBS09:57
Yanielooh M4rtinK also has tmux there09:59
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Yanieltbr: what is the state of your mosh repo?10:23
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tbrYaniel: the private repo is just a rebuild of nemo repos as the builds were broken at that time10:44
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tbrYaniel: but I need to start moving things to the chum repo10:48
Yanielhave you looked at m4rtink's repo?10:48
Yanielhe apparently fixed the build too10:49
Yaniel(mmight just be duplicated work)10:49
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krnlyngjuiceme: are you there?10:57
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krnlyngjuiceme: i wanted to ask if you can help me setting up the serial console11:10
coderussledges: i have not all repos enabled, so11:11
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juicemekrnlyng, hiya :)11:54
juicemeBy chance just happened to be in, during holidays I am here _really_ rarely...11:55
juicemeso, serial console with N9, right?11:55
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juicemethere's a double row of gold-plated contacts on the N9 PBB, visible when you take the simtray off11:56
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juicemethe serial console contacts are on the rightmost pins, when you look into the simcard hole so that the N9 faces screen upwards.11:58
sledgescoderus: search for pulse on i meant, doesnt matter how many repos you've got enabled11:59
juicemethe one on the very edge is the TxD and the one behind is the RxD, when namoing these in the device context.11:59
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juicemethe next-to-rightmost pins are GND11:59
juicemeyou need an USB-to-TTL-level-RS232-converter, too. (most likey you will want to connect the searial console to a PC with USB, that is)12:02
krnlyngjuiceme: i found the pins and i have a USB-to-TTL level RS232 converter :)12:07
krnlyngjuiceme: i was thinking about using usb ground12:08
juicemethe GND is the pins next to the RxD and TxD12:11
juicemeI think both are connecteed to GND, but I have always used the one nearest the edge.12:11
juicemeThe serial converter that you have needs to be autosensing-levels type, I guess.12:12
krnlyngdo you know what levels the txd pin uses?12:12
juicemeI am using something that's from some arduino-programming project I guess12:12
krnlyngjuiceme: did you open your phone or did you solder it from the outside12:12
juicemeI have not measured it but I think it is 1.8v12:13
krnlyngi have a few converters lying around, never had issues with either 3.3V or 5V ┬ÁC's12:13
juicemecould be lower, though :)12:13
juicemedefinitely lower than those voltages :)12:13
krnlyngbut i don't know at which level they detect a 112:14
juicemeI'm using this one
krnlyngok the one i have has a different chip to convert the signals12:15
juicemethe CP2102 works good ancosts next to nothing..12:15
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krnlyngjuiceme: do you by chance have any startup logs of the 3.5.3 mer adaptation kernel?12:35
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vgradekrnlyng: not me13:40
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krnlyngjuiceme: do you still have your serial console setup? would you mind trying the 3.5.3 mer adaptation kernel and seeing where it fails? my adapter seems to not support the n9's uart levels, i need to get a CP2102 one...14:16
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filip__krnlyng: I have bootable 3.5.3 kernel - I can put compressed image/modules on dropbox so you can try with "my" version15:10
krnlyngfilip__: i'd be more interested in the kernel config and patches you needed to apply?15:11
krnlyngbut a zImage and modules would also be very cool15:11
filip__Let's first try zImage+modules. OK?15:12
krnlyngfilip__: was it difficult to get it bootable?15:12
filip__No - once I got ubiboot set - kernel did boot OK - even as it was/is on github15:13
filip__I got older image from 8/2013:
filip__I'll get you a freesher in 10 minutes or so...15:14
filip__You need my ubiboot config?15:15
krnlyngis there anyhting special in it?15:15
filip__Not really, I'll have to check - it has been a while....15:16
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krnlyngfilip__: hmm your kernel doenst work on my n915:33
krnlyngis this some kind of magic?15:33
krnlyngcan you send me your ubiboot.conf :D?15:34
filip__I don't know :) My hw version is 1603?15:34
krnlyngi don't know what mine is15:34
filip__just a sec...15:34
krnlyngwhere do i find the hw version?15:34
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filip__flasher -i15:36
krnlyngfilip__: hmm hardware revision 150115:40
filip__eh, who knows what's different...15:41
filip__here's the current version:
filip__and ubiboot:
filip__at the time I was using 0.20130620.0.1 image15:44
filip__also I tried booting SailfishOS with 3.5 kernel couple days ago  and it didn't work, but current wayland nemo boots OK15:45
krnlyngfilip__: how far did it boot? did you see the bootlogo?15:47
filip__mine also din't boot just now?!15:47
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filip__I'll just reinstall everything, and get back to you...15:49
filip__OK, I removed everything from Alt_OS, and used nemo-armv7hl-n950-0.20130620.0.1 image, created altboot folder in Alt_OS, put zImage there and modeulse in lib/modules15:59
filip__It boots OK (bootlogo, and everything) ...16:01
filip__my mistake was that I had SailfishOS on Alt_OS :)16:01
filip__can you try the above?16:02
krnlyngit doesn't even boot nemo :(16:05
krnlyngmaybe it's really some hardware difference?16:05
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filip__probably - now what?16:07
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krnlyngfigure out whats the difference :D16:07
krnlyngdiff filip__/NokiaN9 krnlyng/NokiaN916:08
krnlyngdidn't work :(16:08
krnlyngthats pretty annoying16:08
krnlyngdoes anybody know what the difference between the nokia n9 hardware revisions is?16:09
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filip__I suggest you try to compile some older revision from github - before CMT driver was added16:16
filip__maybe even before that - before BT, and touchscreen...16:18
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krnlynghmm thats a good idea16:19
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coderusnemomobilers, is there are way to list all statefs providers and its values?16:23
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krnlyngfilip__: i have a basic question about kernel modules? how does the kernel find them during boot?16:39
filip__I'm not sure, but I've just read it somewhere -give me a minute to find it...16:41
krnlyngdo i need to set KernelVer in prepare_modules to 3.5.3-00255-ge206990 if after the make all command it said:   DEPMOD  3.5.3-00255-ge20699016:45
krnlyngor can i just keep KernelVer=3.5.316:45
filip__I just kept it as is. uname -r is used to determine modules dir16:47
filip__so those two must match16:47
filip__you have to change pwd now :)16:48
krnlyngdone already :D16:49
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filip__krnlyng: as I remember juiceme had som trouble gettong 1603 to work with ubiboot17:07
filip__maybe he knows what is different17:07
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krnlyngjuiceme: are there any differences between n9 hardware revisions which could cause trouble with starting the kernel?17:13
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valdur55krnlyng: what is your device revision ?17:23
krnlyngvaldur55: 150117:29
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valdur55I have 150717:31
krnlyngvaldur55: does the 3.5.3 kernel work for you?17:32
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krnlyngvaldur55: can you try it?17:39
valdur55yes. sure . if you give me short guide :)17:39 ?17:42
valdur55can you share your  zImage and modules?17:43
vakkovcan somebody with an n9 and nemo on it run 2 things via ssh for me and then send me the output18:03
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krnlyngvaldur55: filip__ posted a link a few hours ago18:07
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filip__vakkov: I can do it, I'm ssh-ed into nemomobile on n9 right now18:22
valdur55ok- i missed that :D18:23
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vakkovfilip: cd /usr/lib/qt5/examples/qtwayland/qml-compositor/18:39
vakkovQT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=16 QT_COMPOSITOR_NEGATE_INVERTED_Y=1 ./qml-compositor -platform eglfs18:40
vakkovnow ctrl - C this18:40
vakkovand do:   QT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=16 QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WINDOWDECORATION=1 /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform wayland test.qml18:40
filip__ah sorry I'm on old X11 version18:41
filip__I can try wayland - but I'm unsure how long will it take to set it up...18:41
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vakkovhaven't you tried it by now?18:42
filip__yes - but I used SalifishOS the other day....18:42
filip__I'll do it now18:43
filip__I'll contact you when I'm ready18:43
valdur55ok. it doesn't boot.   just holds LED on adn then led goes down.18:45
krnlyngfilip__: it seems there is more than one problem with the kernel, i see the boot-splash-screen on 32f5cde1963b9fb59a93ffaec21f924b1e408b7f but it crashes later on18:47
filip__krnlyng: it seems that 1501 & 1507 versions are different somehow. Maybe OMAP chipset revision is different? How to check from running kernel?18:50
krnlyngvaldur55: thats the same for me18:51
krnlyngwait i did something horribly wrong18:56
filip__vakkov: I get "Failed to open server socket" at ./qml-compositor line18:58
filip__vakkov: ok, it works as su... continuing18:59
filip__vakkov: I get "Using Wayland-EGL", and then "This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()" - and it holds like that, with File dialog on screen19:01
filip__krnlyng - can you post what you get from cat /proc/cpuinfo, on 2.6 kernel?19:05
filip__krnlyng: I get this:
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krnlyngfilip__: the only difference i can see is the revision field19:09
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filip__krnlyng: yes, and the line I don't have (Die ID)19:11
filip__it seems like it's not that19:11
filip__I have 16GB N9  and you?19:11
filip__I looked at and
filip__apart from tpa6130a2 line - all seems to be same19:16
krnlyngi have the 64GB model19:17
filip__that could be of some importance19:18
filip__valdur55: did you try 3.5.3 kernel on N9 with 16GB or 64Gb?19:19
krnlyngis the red led on the back a bad sign?19:23
filip__no - it does this for me also - drivers for the camera are missing19:25
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krnlyngfilip__: do you know why there is no /var/log/dmesg file?19:33
*** stephg has joined #nemomobile19:34
filip__I think you must use journalctl19:34
filip__hm, touchscreen doesn't work in wayland image under 3.5.3 kernel19:38
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krnlyngfilip__: what does not work? can you not make touch inputs or is the screen empty?19:39
*** MSameer has joined #nemomobile19:39
filip__no tocuh inputs - everything is there, I can lock/unlock with button but not swipe lock screen away...19:47
filip__trying to get the wlan running under 3.5.319:47
filip__in old nemo I had to install linux-firmware-ti-connectivity first - keeping fingers crossed that it's same here19:50
stephgidle question: anyone had a play with any of the ubuntu images yet?19:50
filip__didn't help, so I can't ssh into it and see why touchscreen is not working19:53
vakkovWAYLAND_DEBUG=1 QT_WAYLAND_DISABLE_WINDOWDECORATION=1 QT_QPA_EGLFS_HIDECURSOR=1 /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qmlscene -platform wayland /home/nemo/minimer/main.qml20:00
vakkovfilip_: what about that20:00
vakkovfirst start the composer and CTRL - C it20:01
vakkovQT_QPA_EGLFS_DEPTH=16 WSEGL_DEBUG=5 QT_COMPOSITOR_NEGATE_INVERTED_Y=1 ./qml-compositor -platform eglfs20:01
vakkovthis time with wayland debug20:01
vakkovplease post it @ pastebin - i am trying to get it fully working on the n900 again20:02
vakkovmaybe you dont have the wl1271 firmware?20:03
filip__maybe... it was a long time since I did that...20:04
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*** stephg has joined #nemomobile20:06
smokexvakkov: I think platform has to match between the 2 commands?20:07
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile20:07
smokexyou have platform wayland on one and platform eglfs on another20:08
smokexwhen I tried, using matching platform arguments caused it to work20:08
filip__vakkov: here
smokexwell it would up to an abort20:09
smokexASSERT: "id != WId(0)" in file kernel/qwidget_qpa.cpp, line 15820:09
filip__couldn't get it to redirect to file so I c/p from terminal20:09
filip__have to go now - I'm being "evicted" from the room20:10
*** filip__ has quit IRC20:10
vakkovthanks a lot guys20:23
vakkovno, that's right - first eglfs and then wayland20:23
vakkovand i also get that error with the wid20:24
vakkovbut - in the other example that filip kindly posted there is an output20:25
vakkovand as i can see with your output and our journalctl, smokex, it seems that my screen is detected but it's parameters (X and Y) can't get detected... and i know this for  week already and nobody is giving me a clue where to dig :S20:27
*** alin has joined #nemomobile20:28
*** alin has joined #nemomobile20:28
smokexdidn't Qt5 change the way it interprets screen coordinates20:29
smokexdouble -> float or sth20:30
krnlyngvakkov: hardcode it in :D20:30
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*** giucam_ is now known as giucam20:39
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vakkovkrnlyng: why not :D20:51
*** alin_ has joined #nemomobile20:57
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krnlyngdeztructor: hi deztructor. do you know why some of us are haveing trouble booting the n9-mer kernel with sailfish/nemo? we are suspecting that there is a problem with different hardware revisions21:07
sledgeskrnlyng: more detail?21:10
sledgesah backlog ;)21:12
krnlyngsledges: i have trouble getting logs :O, the kernel simply somewhere, filip__ seems to have issues with touchscreen input21:21
krnlyngsimply crashes*21:21
smokexkrnlyng's logs are usually identical to mine21:22
smokexI'm on an N95021:22
smokexaren't you on an N900?21:22
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*** alin__ has joined #nemomobile21:24
vakkovif talking to me - yes, i am21:25
vakkovi hardcoded the touchscreen size :D now it's not recognized21:25
krnlyngsmokex: i have a n921:27
krnlyngvakkov: nice21:27
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sledgeskrnlyng: are you guys loading the kernel in exact same way amongst each other?21:31
krnlyngsledges: i am using ubiboot21:32
sledgessame version, same config/cmdline21:32
krnlyngsmokex: which config are you using?21:33
smokexpretty sure we all followed the ubiboot setup wiki21:33
smokexlatest version21:33
krnlyngme too21:33
*** LjL is now known as aubade21:35
sledgesanother measure is to load kernel via flasher into RAM21:37
sledgesalso flasher has serial console enable switch for your needles krnlyng ;)21:37
sledgesand are we taking about stock 2.6.3x ernerl here, or 3.x?21:38
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC21:40
krnlyngserial console switch?21:45
sledgesye from tmo link on porters21:45
sledges3.5.3 might not like something, as 2.3200621:46
sledgesas 2.6.3x should boot ok21:46
sledgess/something/something hw rev related/21:47
sledgesbut thats only speculating21:47
krnlyngsledges: the 2.6.3x kernel works fine for me21:48
sledgeswell, how are you enabling your uart then? must use flasher binary21:49
krnlyngsledges: i thought console=ttyS0,115200N8 does the trick?21:50
sledgesmight not be enough21:50
krnlyngsledges: which flasher option is that?21:51
*** ZogG_laptop has quit IRC21:52
krnlyngflasher --set-rd-flags=serial-console21:52
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krnlynghm i still don't get any serial communication22:01
krnlyngfour random bytes was everything i got22:01
krnlynghow did nokia debug the phone, did they have a programming cable?22:01
smokexI heard something about a serial plugged in to the sim chip slot yesterday?22:02
sledgesit's near/behind sim smokex22:03
sledgeskrnlyng: then robably due to voltage misread22:03
krnlyngsledges: yeah i think so22:04
sledgeslogiscope would be nice22:04
* sledges signs off, gnu_nite!22:04
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valdur55filip__: i used 16GB22:36
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juicemekrnlyng, hiya23:28
juicemekrnlyng, I can do that later, but now I am about 450km north of my serial console adapter... :)23:29
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