Sunday, 2014-01-05

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sledges /o\16:13
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artemmaExamining lipstick and its QObjectListModel calls setRoleNames that.. is removed in Qt 5, isn't it? How does it compile then?16:21
artemmaor is it still built with Qt4?16:22
Stskeepschecked the right branch?16:22
artemmauhm… master I think. Just git cloned16:23
artemmayep, master it is16:24
artemmaStskeeps: can't see any branch name that sounds like Qt516:25
artemmaI am trying to extract just few classes out of lipstick (for reusing fetching of launcher shortcuts), not the whole thing16:26
faenilartemma, talking about this?
artemmafaenil: problem is that last (and first) time I was creating a model in Qt was years ago without much understanding16:32
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artemmaso that's all Greek to me16:32
faenilartemma, as you can see, that class is not coming from Qt16:33
artemmafaenil: sure, it's some custom nemo stuff, but.. it should compile in Qt5 somehow, shouldn't it? :)16:33
faenilof course it should16:33
faenilartemma, are you using "mb build -t arm_target_name official_rpm" ?16:34
artemmafaenil: I am not trying to build lipstick. Naive attempt in QtC failed16:35
artemmaand I really want just a couple of utility classes from it16:36
* artemma got tired searching for apps in 3 pages of his jolla launcher, so wants to build a quick search-launch16:36
faenilartemma, it could very well be that that class is not used in the qt5 port16:37
fk_lxartemma: \o/16:37
faenilartemma, I don't know though, just saying16:38
artemmait's still present in master branch..16:38
artemmaand well, launchermodel uses it16:38
faenilartemma, then it's used :)16:39
faenilartemma, also,
artemmafaenil: thx! I was googling for something like this. Reading..16:40
faenilnp, I'll crawl back to my university stuff16:40
faenilhighlight me if you can't find the way out :)16:41
artemmafaenil: "part of the Qt compatibility layer".. so I need to install this compatibility layer somehow?16:41
faenilartemma, nah, I don't think so16:41
faenilartemma, what is the issue you have16:42
* artemma plans to try fighting it for 20 min or so. If it doesn't help, it's probably better to build new model from scratch anyway16:42
artemmafaenil: I want to reuse lipstick's launchermodel and launcheritem for fetching info about installed apps16:42
faeniland what is your issue16:43
artemmajust as individual copy-pasted files, not as a lipstick library16:43
artemma../lipstick-model-trial/src/lipstick-components/qobjectlistmodel.cpp: In constructor 'QObjectListModel::QObjectListModel(QObject*, QList<QObject*>*)':16:43
artemma../lipstick-model-trial/src/lipstick-components/qobjectlistmodel.cpp:26:23: error: 'setRoleNames' was not declared in this scope16:43
artemmaand then same thing about reset()16:44
* artemma is reading Qt compatibility docs again16:45
artemmasetRoleNames: Reimplement roleNames() instead.16:45
artemmahmm.. why would it help and how to do it anyway..16:45
faenilthis may take a bit of time, which I don't have at the moment :( I can try helping tomorrow, if you haven't fixed it yet16:48
artemmafaenil: thanks16:48
faenilnp, sorry16:48
artemmaI'll see what I can do16:48
artemmafaenil: I can implement my own model from scratch (it's useful to learn the proper way anyway), just feels weird to do when there's code that sure works in a real device and could be reused instantly16:49
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coderuswhat is controlling volume keys?17:16
coderusor what volume keys controlling?17:17
coderusi want to fix it in N :)17:17
artemmacoderus: I just saw some volume keys code in lipstick17:17
coderusno no17:17
coderusi want to nake volume keys to work on N9 in nemo :)17:17
coderusi want to know where to start from17:17
artemmawell, assuming lipstick volume keys work in nemo on N9, that should still be a valid start17:18
artemmacan you change volume in a home screen with volume keys?17:18
coderusvolume keys not functioning17:18
artemmaah, okay, can't help then :)17:19
artemmacoderus: ping me if at some point you'll figure out how to subscribe to volume keys while app is in the background17:19
* artemma wants to start flashlight on long volume key press17:19
coderusartemma: i can help only when get my jolla :)17:21
Morpog_I guess sledges or faenil could provide a starting point17:21
coderusporting stuff is different17:21
coderusMorpog_: sure, i just waiting fr anyone :)17:21
Morpog_that way I highlighted them ;)17:22
Morpog_iirc volume keys worked on nemomobile17:23
coderusreally? hm.17:23
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smokexnope volume keys didn't work17:46
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artemmafaenil: following the compat guide helped. I implemented minimal roleNames() with names set in constructor and QObjectListModel compiled and works17:59
artemmafaenil: now I am trying to understand why I cannot fetch this roles from ListView delegate (can access for example via get(0) though)18:00
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artemmaLipstick's object model elements show in QML as QQmlDMAbstractItemModelData18:16
artemmawell, that's correct, but how can I treat these as LauncherItems?18:16
artemmaokay, let's read how model is actually used in qml
artemmahmm, QObjectListModel::roleNames() doesn't seem to be ever called even :/18:26
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artemmaI don't understand it :(18:34
artemmavia model.get(0).title I can access LauncherItem contents easily (e.g. title), but delegate doesn't see it18:34
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artemmadelegate can perfectly use this: text: myModel.get(index).title18:38
artemmabut not this: text: title18:38
artemmaoh well, with model of just hundred elements, I can use non-optimal way that works, but WHY???18:38
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sledgesartemma: coderus: Morpog_: flash x11 version, volume keys worked there19:15
sledgesit will be the same effort as for statefs battery plugin i believe (cc: deztructor_)19:16
Morpog_i knew it was working somewhere :)19:16
Morpog_so sledges u gonna move to fi?19:16
Morpog_or homeoffice?19:17
w00tyou need to look into using kmap2qmap to intercept the right keys to help evdevkeyboard turn them into keys that the compositor understands19:17
faenilw00t, ah so it's just a matter of having the right qmap?19:18
w00ti'd guess so, yes19:19
sledgesso great when w00t jumps in and corrects my blabber :)19:23
w00tdon't you mean, babbles some more? :p19:24
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sledges;) the joys of porting19:27
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artemmaFunny, when I started filtering launcher model via a proxy model model.object.title suddenly started working from delegate :/19:48
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wazd_heya people19:50
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