Saturday, 2014-01-11

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krnlyngi think i found the reason why calling/sms does not work with the 3.5.3 kernel14:51
krnlyngif it's just that then it's a simple fix14:52
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krnlynghi filip__15:00
krnlyngi might have found the reason why HSI fails :)15:00
krnlyngjust testing now15:00
filip__krnlyng: super, I'm banging my head against the wall trying to get front led to work15:01
filip__I hope you have more luck than me.15:01
filip__Did you tried charging under 3.5.3?15:02
krnlyngbut i still have no clue why wifi fails for me and not for you15:02
krnlyngyeah i tried15:02
krnlyngno overheating15:02
krnlyngbut i haven't done a full charge yet15:02
krnlyngbut i think it charges to slow15:03
krnlyngbmestat never showed more drain than 200mA15:03
filip__but it detected to be wall charger, not "plain" USB?15:04
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krnlyngfilip__: can you deaktivate bluetooth? it always stays enabled for me15:05
filip__I'm not sure then - I'll take some time to measure15:05
filip__I didn't try bluetooth at all15:05
filip__we'll have to do something about that wifi bug - any conlusions on that?15:06
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krnlyngno clue yet15:12
krnlyngfilip__: but audio and vibra work fine15:14
filip__glad to hear that - it was a lot of work to port audio from 2.6 (not as much as madc)15:16
krnlynggood job :)15:18
filip__thanks, I hope you will find a reason for that wifi bug15:22
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krnlyngfilip__: sadly i had no luck with hsi15:41
krnlyngbut thats definately a bug so i will push my changes15:41
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Dickson_isit possible to build nemomobile components like lipstick with SailfishSDK?16:53
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krnlyngfilip__: i know it does not crash in rm680_init_wl1271 itself17:16
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filip__krnlyng: so, it's not crashing in rm680_init_wl1271, but if you don't comment it out - it crashes on boot?17:37
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filip__Let me digest that for a sec...17:39
krnlyngit probably crashes somewhere in the driver itself17:40
krnlyngif it's not crashing during registration of it17:40
krnlyngthats what i think but i am not that into the internals of the kernel17:41
krnlyngi'll see if i can finally get some logs17:45
filip__you are probably right - something assigns wlan0 to wifi - but during that something goes wrong17:46
filip__disabling that process during boot could give you time to issue the command in terminal, and maybe you'll see some err message before it reboots...17:47
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filip__can you try to disable wpa_supplicant service, and try to boot?17:49
krnlyngi will try17:50
filip__front led is killing me - I had enough punishment - one would think that turning off a led is a simple task, and I've wasted better part of the day...17:52
krnlyngfilip__: this is all i can get before the crash happens17:53
krnlyngi will try with wpa_supplicant disabled now17:53
krnlyngfilip__: maybe a typo?17:53
krnlyngfilip__: can you pastebin the code?17:53
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krnlyngfilip__: any other services i should disable?17:58
filip__as su do systemctl disable /lib/systemd/system/wpa_supplicant.service18:05
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filip__I'm not sure about this service or any other, maybe connman should also be disabled...18:06
filip__they have something to do with network/wlan - so maybe try them first18:07
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filip__probably there are udev rules that tell OS what to do when udev detect wifi device18:08
filip__those are the things to look at18:08
filip__as I look at your pastebin, and compare it to mine - few lines later I get  cfg80211: Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain18:10
filip__this could also be the point where it breaks18:10
filip__I'm off - good luck -  damn you front led - I'll get you some day...18:12
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