Sunday, 2014-03-02

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DeformatHi everyone, is Hurrian around here?09:19
DeformatThe guy with the UX work?09:19
Morpog_Deformat, sometimes he is09:19
Morpog_Is your questions about Glacier UI?09:20
DeformatActually, my question was rather dumb.09:20
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Morpog_questions are never dumb :D09:20
DeformatWell, I came with some suggestions09:20
DeformatBut seeing he's not around09:21
Morpog_well, lockscreen and keyboard design was speced by me :D09:21
Morpog_we are a bit narrowed down with fonts. They have to be open and support lots of font weights AND support kyrillic letters and etc. too09:23
DeformatI kinda knew that, but didn't check that font of mine too much.09:23
DeformatIf it was after me09:24
Morpog_read this why we have chosen open sans as font:
DeformatI'd go with Ubuntu09:24
DeformatYeah...saw that. Tex supported Romanian and German characters well, but didn't test greek/Russian09:25
Morpog_I think qwazix did check a few fonts before choosing. Not sure if he checked ubuntu font too.09:25
DeformatDamn. :| perhaps I could rework the keyboard.09:26
DeformatHopefully, I'll get to rework the keyboard. Or at least catch Hurrian09:27
Morpog_I guess you want to talk with qwazix, he is the design lead guy09:27
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Morpog_We have chosen hurrians Glacier UI because community liked it most09:27
DeformatTrue, it's pretty well built09:28
DeformatWelp, I'll check later, curious to talk with him. Laters.09:29
Morpog_Keyboard is already implemented in QML btw, so not sure if we should redoe work already done :D It's not like if we had lots of manpower here. Especially since Jolla's device came available everyone is busy with SailfishOS :D09:29
DeformatI see. Might work on the music player then.09:30
DeformatThanks for the information09:31
Morpog_You're welcome09:31
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sledgesdefinitely welcome ;)10:08
sledges(extra pair of hands always is)10:08
* sledges afk for a bit10:08
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locusfmorning all10:20
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HurrianDeformat: you still here?10:29
Hurrianlooks like... that's a no.10:30
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Morpog_seems like I have highlighted everyone properly :D10:40
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qwazix_you handled it very well, it's good to remind people to work on unfinished things, not things we already done10:41
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locusfI read some of the comments on the glacier blog post (writing my thesis at the moment and this is my main source when exploring Glacier) and someone mentioned that the bane of free software projects can sometimes be the lack of manpower, might be true in Glaciers case but I have noticed that we attract a lot of people with these designs18:14
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locusfalso I just noticed that the order in the Glacier UI gallery on the components is quite off, I could re-arrange the order in which they are presented to be like in the glacier-controls-spec18:26
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BeholdMyGloryHi, I am writing an application for Sailfish, and I have a question regarding timed, which I understand is responsible for alarms etc.: How exactly does timed schedule code to be run at a later time, even if in deep sleep? Can I use the same method to guarantee execution of code at certain points in time in my own application?19:56
BeholdMyGlorySorry if this is the wrong channel to ask, but since timed is owned by nemomobile on github I figured this was the right place. Normally I would read the actual code, but seeing as we're talking about thousands of lines of what seems to be more or less undocumented code, I kind of gave up19:57
krnlyngBeholdMyGlory: sorry i can't answer your question but fyi there is a channel for sailfishos (#sailfishos) and another channel for jolla stuff (#jollamobile)20:01
BeholdMyGloryYeah, I know, but I was thinking that people here might be more knowledgeable when it comes to the internals, since my question was specifically about how timed works20:02
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spiiroinBeholdMyGlory: timed works pretty much as it did in harmattan. other services pay special attention to alarms so that the device will resume from suspend to serve them. and even that is for alarms with ui (clock/calendar) only.20:35
BeholdMyGlorySo basically timed is a special case and other applications can't mimic its behaviour?20:35
spiiroinBeholdMyGlory: yes, or rather timed should start to behave more like the other apps are supposed to20:37
BeholdMyGloryAll right, thanks for the information. I guess I'll stick to iphb for now20:38
spiiroin... there are apis to deal with wakeup etc, but for now timed does not need to use them20:38
spiiroinBeholdMyGlory: iphb is just wakeup, does not guarantee that non-trivial amount of work gets done20:39
BeholdMyGloryWell, I'm not sure what constitutes a trivial amount of work, but basically the only thing that I need to do each wakeup is change the value of a few QML variables20:41
BeholdMyGloryAre there other techniques for wakeup?20:42
spiiroinBeholdMyGlory: there is roughly 1-2 secs of implicit suspend blocking from iphb wakeup, anything more than that also requires keepalive ping-ponging20:43
BeholdMyGloryYeah, I don't think that will be a problem then20:43
spiiroinit all builds on top of iphb, but there is convenience api in the works, see
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BeholdMyGloryHm, I'm actually already using keepalive for the display blanking features, but somehow I'd completely missed the periodic background processing feature, so I guess that works out pretty well, thanks20:48
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sledgeslocusf: 1) we do attract people, but the learning curve to enter the development puts them off21:02
sledges2) aren't components sorted alphabetically in the specs ?21:03
sledges(i.e. git tree)21:03
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