Thursday, 2014-04-10

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jussistephg: nang!07:35
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krnlyngjuiceme: did you succeed compiling a working kernel? :)17:12
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* stephg waits for pizza, girlfriend20:43
Aardyou have a pizza as girlfriend?20:44
Aardisn't that more a one night stand?20:44
w00tit can be reheated20:44
Aardbut she won't be very wet after that niht20:44
* w00t realises what channel we're in20:45
sledgeswhat do you do with a drunken sailor..?20:47
sledges(not drunken from alcohol though ;P)20:47
stephgdrunk on life?20:47
Aardsledges: drinking pizza?20:48
stephgslushy pizza!20:48
stephgis that a euphemism20:49
sledgesthat's a pre-pizza i hope20:49
stephg^ hope not ;)20:49
Aardit's a post-pizza :p20:49
sledgesis what i feared :D20:49
Aardfriend of mine had her wisdom teeth pulled, swollen mouth, but appetite for pizza20:49
sledgesno wonder it was called wisdom20:50
Aardsince I'm a nice helpful person I made a pizza for her, and put it through the blender, with some joghurt added, so she could eat it20:50
stephgsays babyface sledges ;)20:50
Aardto my big surprise she actually ate it and liked it20:50
stephgpizza + yoghurt works?20:50
Aardaccording to her, yes. _I_ didn't touch it, it looked and smelled like barf20:51
sledgesstephg: lost you there, but thanks for compliment :D20:51
stephgAard, you're *really* selling it20:51
stephgsledges, it's a crap joke if you have to explain it, so I won't, but yeah a compliment20:51
sledgesneither pre- nor post- pizza, it's a will-it-blend pizza20:52
Aardstephg: I wanted to put a pizza through a blender my whole live, without throwing away or eating the results, so, worked for me perfectly fine :)20:52
stephgI like it!20:53
sledgeshmmm, some garlic pizza sauce could do better than joghurt20:54
Aardyeah. did you know you need about 4 baloons around an egg to make sure it does not pop the baloons and mess up your micowave when it blows up from being heated in the microwave?20:55
sledgesketchup in the -worst- case (only if you haven't got anything else)20:55
stephgAard, how many baloons required for a CD20:56
Aardnon, cd just starts sparkling, and a bit later melts, and eventually might start burning20:56
stephgsledges, s/ketchup/olive oil/20:56
stephgon the microwave front, PSA, don't put english money in, no matter how wet20:57
sledgesAard: and what about hamster?
Aardsledges: I don't own a hamster20:58
Aardnever did :)20:58
sledgesmore books to read btw:
sledges^ is the first joke I downloaded via dialup back in ~199720:59
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stephg"Babar Meets The Taxidermist"21:02
stephgbtw sledges if you have a minute at some point over the coming days, I'd be grateful if you can explain what goes on with hybris-boot21:14
sledgesstephg: android bootloader->hybris-kernel->initrd->rootfs21:15
stephgok, then the power states confused me yesterday21:16
stephg(either that or he's crippled his friends n4)21:18
stephgor maybe it's normal behaviour, I dunno21:18
stephgbut I don't seem to be able to turn it 'off'21:18
* sledges takes out "did you not read Stskeeps email?" template21:19
stephgI reread it last night ;)21:19
stephgso question21:20
stephgwith device 'off', should I pick up dhcp on plugging usb in?21:20
sledgesdeep slumber mode is void21:20
sledgesa void21:20
stephgafter turning off21:20
stephgi.e. holding power down, jolla graceful shutdown21:21
sledgesstephg: it's not graceful21:21
sledgesre-re-read email :))21:21
sledgeswe probably made it cryptic on purpose :) sorry about that21:21
stephgnext question, how *do* I turn the damn thing off ;)21:22
sledges"Powering off device puts it into a state of deep slumber; possible to get out of by holding power button and volume down key with a bit of persistence."21:22
sledgesno works?21:22
* stephg needs reading lessons21:22
stephgone sec21:22
stephgno that seems to have rebooted it21:23
sledgeswhen it reboots21:23
sledgesmake sure you are holding (only) vol down21:23
sledgesso it goes into bootloader21:23
sledgesthen with arrows select "Power Off"21:23
stephgmissed it but will do it again21:23
sledgesthanks, will add to release notes21:24
stephgI wouldn't have actually noticed except I let the thing run flat over last weekend (which took like 5 days, some bugs are good etc.)21:24
stephgI thought it was a trickle charge it boots thing21:25
stephgnot a I failed to RTFM thing21:25
sledgesta :)21:25
* stephg pizza21:30
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stephg1 of 2 deliverables, er, delivered21:34
stephgso no pizza for me yet, in a similar vein sledges was always fond of these (in the left-hand-nav):
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hadrian9393hi, jemand online?22:18
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sledgesdoch :)22:28
stephgnight sledges, all!22:30
sledgesstephg: im loling at your link now22:31
sledgesnn :)22:31
stephgis a silly link but the covers are nice :)22:31
stephganyway, laters22:31
sledgesall links are silly ;)22:36
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