Saturday, 2014-04-12

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* ryukafalz does tend to like Open Sans05:04
ryukafalzI switched all my UI fonts to it, goes quite nicely with KDE05:04
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tbrcomic neue FTW!05:42
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DeformatFirefox OS 2.0 Screenshots Revealed:
DeformatThat thing looks actually nice.09:33
Stskeepsscreenshots might be a bit of a stretch09:33
Stskeepsit's a mockup isn't it09:34
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DeformatDon't think so09:43
DeformatThey look pretty real.09:44
Stskeepsremember that ffos devices are typically 320x480 ;)09:44
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DeformatI saw it working on Nexus 7...09:53
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qwazixDeformat, pong16:16
qwazixah, he left16:16
locusfqwazix: <- is this the latest and greatest guidelines?16:21
qwazixlocusf this wasn't written by me, and it was before glacier was a reality16:21
locusfqwazix: oh ok16:21
qwazixbut I don't disagree with the general principles so in lack of a newer document I kept it there16:22
qwazixlocusf, now that I read it again, it's still completely relevant16:24
locusfqwazix: nice, good to know, I just found that page 2 days ago so I'm using it16:24
qwazixsome typos in there however, got to fix them16:25
qwazixthe navigation tab is current (week-old), though might change a bit from feedback16:27
locusfyeah I was just wondering about the layers when doing the glacier-home compositor16:27
qwazixyeah, that's ok, I was talking about the "basics" page that's older, but there isn't something glacier specific there anyway16:28
qwazixIcons are current too16:28
qwazixi need to work on the components page now16:28
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Deformatqwazix, you around?16:31
DeformatSaw that you searched for me.16:32
qwazixyeah, I saw that you searched for me earlier :P16:33
DeformatYeah, well there was that firefox OS video I sent16:33
DeformatFor inspiration16:33
stephguhoh, you two are stuck in a loop16:33
qwazixyeah, I saw it. Much better than fxos 1.0 IMO16:34
DeformatAnother thing:16:34
locusfbtw qwazix I'm also working to create a horizontal-vertical QML UI, instead of the horizontal only current state16:34
qwazixyou mean vertical-only?16:35
locusfno, both ways16:35
locusfwith the pathway pager and then a listview16:35
qwazixour aim is for both orientations for everything16:35
DeformatI have attempted to simplify the navigation as well:16:35
qwazixso yeah, go ahead16:35
DeformatFirefox OS 2.0 Screenshots Revealed:
DeformatShit, wrong link16:36
DeformatI thought that it might have been easier to just rework the lockscreen a bit16:36
locusfDeformat: have you seen the current state of the homescreen?16:37
DeformatSaw it16:38
locusfok good16:38
DeformatWhat I made there is a pretty damn rough sketch16:38
qwazixlocusf, works much nicer on jolla than on N950 I see16:39
locusfqwazix: thats glacier-home btw16:39
locusfbut anyways, Jolla has more horsepower16:39
qwazixDeformat, I think that we shouldn't have a seperate widget screen though16:39
qwazixlocusf, and N9xx has crappy wayland gfx16:39
locusfqwazix: yup16:39
Deformatqwazix, I agree that apps could be sorted in the app menu16:40
qwazixlocusf, how usable is the Jolla usable with glacier-home?16:40
locusfqwazix: apps launch and you can answer the phone etc, but app covers are now hidden and the icons don't show up16:41
DeformatFirst of all, the new swipes you proposed can be a little difficult for left handed people (someone said this around here)16:42
DeformatSecondly, I felt that extra utility could be added by keeping the linear feel16:42
qwazixlocusf, maybe it's a good idea to shift priorities so that we can make glacier-home day to day usable on the Jolla, that way we can finally have some users, and hopefully more contributors (due to exposure)16:42
qwazixsomething like alternative android launchers16:43
locusfqwazix: absolutely agree16:43
DeformatBut then, you're the boss around here xD16:43
qwazixDeformat, I find it harder for right handed people: the only gesture that is only from one side is the "go back" and it's on the left side16:43
qwazixand I admit I didn't like that idea very much, so I had proposed a back button on the top left, which nobody liked16:44
locusfqwazix: what priorities are there now that would make glacier-home better?16:44
qwazixlocusf, let's see:16:44
qwazix1. what components do we need to complete glacier-home16:45
qwazix2. what changes do we need to make so that sailfish apps work ok with glacier-home16:45
qwazix3. how can we publish for easy install16:45
locusf2. already works16:46
qwazixwithout covers though16:46
qwazixfirst of all let's relegate widgets to version 1.116:46
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qwazixwe just need buttons and the remove/uninstall drop areas and a list view16:47
Deformatqwazix :well, I guess that after a stable release and a couple years of programming, I'll be able to skin Nemo to my style xD16:48
qwazixwe have button, and we need the other two16:49
qwazixDeformat, it shouldn't be very hard to skin the way we are doing it16:49
locusflist view?16:49
locusfdrop areas?16:49
qwazixand seeing your ideas aren't radically different it shouldn't be so hard16:49
DeformatI guess so.16:50
locusfqwazix: ah16:50
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qwazixlist view for the events screen, and the drop areas on the app grid16:50
qwazixand a close all button on the multitasking grid that I forgot to put there16:51
locusfthere already is one :)16:51
qwazixyeah, I just need to put it on the mockup too16:51
qwazixthen we need some work on the events screen, as it isn't exactly like the one on sailfish16:52
qwazixI think these should be enough for a 1.0 release16:53
DeformatWell, it might sound naive16:56
DeformatBut it doesn't feel that far away xD16:56
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locusfthe categorized app grid also sounds like fun :p17:00
qwazixlocusf, the idea was to just have editable horizontal bars you can just move anywhere17:01
locusfqwazix: ah ok17:01
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Deformatqwazix locusf, I wonder if we should have a FB page17:15
qwazixdon't we?17:15
qwazix(totally *not* into facebook, me)17:16
qwazixbut yeah, we should have if we don't17:16
locusfI guess we only have the twitter page :p17:17
locusfbut ok facebook is good17:17
qwazixI was searching if we had a facebook page and look what I found
qwazixit's the xorg version with the mtf homescreen17:23
locusfyeah figured as much17:24
locusf"we don't have that many features"17:24
qwazixadded notifications to the homescreen
qwazixthe idea is to group by contact instead of by app, please comment on that17:27
locusfbluewhale <317:29
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locusfhidden wish perhaps :) ?17:32
qwazixno I just wanted an app name and it's the first that came to mind17:34
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qwazixfor obvious reasons17:34
locusfheheh :)17:34
DeformatXperia Acro S17:36
DeformatWanted that phone but got an Xperia T17:36
DeformatStill around?17:38
DeformatWas wondering for quite a while if maybe I could get some blog access to post app mockups17:40
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locusfdoing the uninstall/remove areas now18:03
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locusfgotta love the dynamic scoping of qml once it wokrs18:36
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qwazixlocusf, yeah, but right now I'm struggling in a case where it doesn't18:42
qwazixin fact it does for one variable and not for the other just below it :P18:43
locusfyeah me too18:45
locusftrying to access GridView's header items child rectangle18:45
locusffrom another file18:45
locusfseems impossible18:46
locusfI can display the zones to uninstall/remove but I can't do anything to activate them18:48
locusfthe zones are visible in the gridview's header18:49
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Morpog_PChow was the obs bot channel called again?20:58
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tbrMorpog_PC: you mean #mer-boss ?21:54
Morpog_PCyep, thx!21:55
Morpog_PCI tried mer-bot :)21:55
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