Friday, 2014-04-25

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ryukafalzSo from someone who doesn't yet have a compatible device (hopefully soon!) is Nemo currently usable as a daily driver?01:13
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SK_workmorning locusf07:05
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SK_workfaenil: yep got work: this is an web chat I forgot to close :P11:37
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faenilSK_work, cool! :) what are you working on :)11:38
SK_workin France, at Murex11:38
faenilcool :)11:38
faenilbbl o/11:39
SK_workthe only thing that's sad is that I don't have much time to Nemo  and Sailfish11:39
SK_workthough I'm stilla round :)11:41
Stskeeps - nemo target?11:42
sledgesSK_work: how did the uni project work out for nemo?11:46
sledgesand congrats on the _work part ;)11:47
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SK_worksledges: rather average11:50
SK_work(for uni project)11:50
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SK_workdoesn't matter11:50
SK_worknow _work :)11:50
sledges:) now yes11:50
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ryukafalzStskeeps: Now imagine trying to use that at an airport ;)13:05
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ZogG_laptopfaenil: sup13:35
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faenilZogG_laptop, o/ playing Path of Exile :D13:36
ZogG_laptopwould not disturb13:38
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faenilnp :p13:41
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SK_workfaenil: lol13:43
SK_workfaenil: on linux or win ?13:43
sledgesnew skin:
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ZogG_laptopsledges: sup13:50
faenilSK_work, linux, on desktop :P13:51
faenilsorry, win* on desktop13:51
sledgesyes, but darn twitter did not inform me when they changed it from 520x260 to 590x295, adjusting now..13:51
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SK_worksledges: love it :)13:53
SK_workthe new Twitter profile looks good13:53
sledgeswait for it ;P13:53
SK_workfaenil: isn't path of exile supporting linux ?13:53
faenilSK_work, nope, you can play with wine though13:54
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sledgesunbelievable: twitter takes 590x295 file, resizes to 520x260, and then stretches back to 590x295 on the page....... outrageous13:58
SK_worksledges: ...13:58
sledgesand this is on old profiles. new face profiles with big header pictures it 'works' even worse, when you try to upload hi-res photo, it's quality degrades completely13:59
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ZogG_laptopsledges: it looks like old profiel14:02
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ZogG_laptopor am i missing something?14:03
sledgesit is old profile14:03
ZogG_laptopwhere i ca nsee new?14:03
sledgesI had quality drop with
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ZogG_laptopi have new14:03
sledgesim against new profiles14:03
sledgesdue to this jpg glitch14:03
sledgesand creating new account (like with jollalt case) i had no choice to go to old one :)14:04
ZogG_laptoplt stands for latvia?14:05
ZogG_laptopi was there once :P14:06
sledgeswe were the first to claim "T" against-alphabet than our brothers :D14:06
ZogG_laptopno idea why would we need though all the accounts to everycountry when there is official one and you have people from community who you can follow :P14:07
sledgesnative language14:09
sledgesi got many questions which people feel more comfortable to ask someone of their own14:10
ZogG_laptopif you want international company phone you need to know a little bit english14:10
ZogG_laptopto ask common is good on one side but is not on other14:11
sledgesis also easier to enter the market14:11
ZogG_laptopto enter market you need official one?14:12
sledgesevery fan who wants to spread word about jolla created community pages in their countries14:13
ZogG_laptopi know14:13
sledgescommunity-driven entering the market14:13
ZogG_laptopthe problem that most of those are links to blogs or retweets14:13
ZogG_laptopi like news blogs/twitters/etc14:13
ZogG_laptopbut i like them being original and not spamming14:14
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ZogG_laptopthere is application for android to warm hands14:14
ZogG_laptopit warms phone14:14
w00tisn't that built-in? :p14:15
sledgesuseful for fishermen14:15
ZogG_laptopsomeone on tv is trying to boil water14:15
virtualdbut there's no capacitive fisher gloves (that i know of)14:15
ZogG_laptopand than calls himself to "vibrate" milk for coffee14:15
ZogG_laptopvirtuald: fisher gloves have few fingers out14:16
ZogG_laptopi mean not in glove14:16
virtualdoh.. depends on where you fish :)14:16
sledgesvirtuald: if you have warming phone, why do you need gloves?14:16
ZogG_laptopvirtuald: used for winter fishing those :)14:16
ZogG_laptopyou need them so you can feel if you work with things14:16
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ZogG_laptopw00t: i would not laugh as there were few reports about over warming (even to reboot) jollas :P14:17
virtualdsledges: guess i wouldn't unless it was raining14:17
sledgesvirtuald: yep, you wouldn't want to warm hands with phone in the rain :)14:18
ZogG_laptopon rain the problem would be taing phone out14:18
w00tZogG_laptop: should be fixed in the next update (unless it really overheats)14:18
sledgesZogG_laptop: i can barely touch jolla after 2 hours of driving with google maps14:18
sledgesno reboots though14:18
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ZogG_laptopw00t: i had no those problems but i use jolla for candy crush only :P14:19
sledgesjolla - ground breaking and candy crushing14:19
w00tZogG_laptop: the thermal sensor occasionally sent out a screwy reading, now dsme requires consistently hot readings before it'll switch off instead of just one14:19
sledgescan it do nuts-14:19
ZogG_laptopas far as i got it - it's only android apps cozing it14:19
ZogG_laptopw00t: so is the "reboot/shutdown" fix or overwarming fix?14:20
ZogG_laptopmy laptop has overwarming problems14:20
ZogG_laptopit's nice at winter when i compile stuff i just put it on myself14:20
ZogG_laptopsource based linux FTW14:20
w00tZogG_laptop: what I'm trying to say is.. sometimes it (erroneously) thought it was overheating and shut down as a protection.. it won't do that anymore - it'll shut down if it genuinely heats up14:21
w00tit'll still*14:21
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ZogG_laptopw00t: hope next time you would listen to people about HW specs requests :P14:23
ZogG_laptopspecs are low14:25
w00tI don't see how that has anything to do with what we were just talking about14:26
sledgesw00t: happy birthday :D14:26
ZogG_laptopi can see only 2 reasons for overheating14:26
ZogG_laptopw00t: is it your birthday? happy bday than :P14:27
sledgesgood timing ;)14:27
ZogG_laptopgood timing for him to be born? :P14:28
sledgesto say HB14:28
ZogG_laptopto stop me talking? :P14:28
w00tsledges: we should rather say "happy friday"14:31
sledgeswhooops don't say the song is coming :))14:31
ZogG_laptopok. i'll leave you to your silent ;/14:32
w00tI already told you the reason for the case I'm talking about: the sensor sometimes returned bad data, which wasn't ignored (it should have been, and now is)14:33
ZogG_laptophappy friday14:33
sledgeshf :)14:33
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locusfstephg: if you got time there is a new glacier homescreen for testing :)15:07
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stephghey locusf15:35
stephgjust got home15:35
stephgdo you want n9 or n4 :)15:35
stephgor both!15:35
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locusfboth can do :)15:37
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* stephg has chocolate17:38
stephglocusf the glacier package and deps, have you got a repo link for me?17:45
stephg(a new one)17:45
locusfoh you need a new one, hmm17:46
stephgor I can build (I know precisely nothing about OBS)17:46
locusfdid you use nemo:devel:ux last time?17:47
stephgno just followed your instructions as you had 3 packages for download17:47
locusfoh yeah17:47
stephgfrom your blog17:47
locusflemme build new ones17:47
stephgah ok :)17:48
stephgno rush, will be here all night with chocolate and the huge time sink that is 204817:48
locusfah you're playing that too :)17:50
locusfok done reuploading the packages, the links are the same17:51
stephgI should be doing things with puppet but 2048 is... just... there...17:51
locusfheheh :)17:52
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locusfso did you redownload em ?17:58
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sledgeslocusf: not from nemo: obs ?18:04
stephgdownloading now18:06
stephgversions not incremented18:06
stephgoh yeah, 17 minutes ago modified18:07
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stephgit's alive on my n418:11
stephgjust ref/dup'ing my n9 first18:12
locusftry the outside swipes, like with apps but in your homescreen to see the screen lock activate18:12
stephgworks :)18:13
stephgoff the top of their heads, anyone got a dbus command to connect to an existing wireless connection? my settings app segfaults18:13
locusfI don't know any18:14
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stephglocusf: so launching apps on the n4 is 'interesting'18:15
locusfstephg: ?18:15
stephgit splits the screen in half, glacier homescreeny things on the left, and whatever you launch on the right18:15
locusfknown issue, happens on my Jolla too18:15
stephgboth behave correctly, i.e. swipe on the left and you can change between app launcher/multitask/feed18:16
stephgand whatever gestures the right supports18:16
stephgoh I made it go full screen again18:17
stephgnow is proper18:17
locusfgreat :)18:17
stephgoops now is broke again :)18:18
stephgthis time right and left swapped :)18:18
stephgso when in an app18:19
stephgswiping from the left takes you to multitasking18:19
stephgwhich I guess is desired behaviour, not the lockscreen?18:19
stephgonly other thing I notice that might be odd is that my battery status is at the bottom not the top18:20
stephgit used to be at the top?18:20
stephg%age I mean18:20
locusfstephg: its meant to be at the bottom by the specs18:20
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stephgah ok18:24
locusfalso there is a red area on the top of the screen when you drag your icons in the launcher for remove/uninstall18:27
locusfnot working yet of course18:27
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locusfthose are basically all the new changes18:28
stephglooks good18:32
stephgis coming along nicely!18:32
locusfthx :)18:32
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*** martyone has joined #nemomobile18:54
situOn my device lipstick is failing to start. Any suggestions how to debug this problem ?19:04
stephgwhich device?19:05
situstephg: Nexus 5. I have been doing hw adaptation for it.19:05
stephgwell trying to run by hand may help but the environment variables are a pain to get right19:05
situI have got minimer working. But lipstick.service doesn't start.19:05
situstephg: Right19:05
situstephg: Where is the dbus socket for user created ?19:06
situThis is my lipstick.socket file
situI don't see anything under /run/user19:07
stephgthat should be right19:08
stephgon the n4 jolla I have /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket19:09
situstephg: Is there a debug mode in lipstick which may print some logs which I can read through journalctl ?19:09
stephgthat pastie has it running as root not nemo?19:09
faenilsitu, check out lipstick src19:15
faenilI think there's an env var iirc19:15
situthis is my script19:15
situI can see /run/user/100000/dbus/user_bus_socket now19:16
situstrace for lipstick
faenildo you have the config files in /env/var/compositor and nemo/ ?19:18
situSorry forgot to put link to script earlier. script is ->
faenilI'm talking bs19:18
faenilit's /var/lib/environment :D19:18
situfaenil: Yes they are there, but right now I am starting lipstick with above script19:19
situfaenil: So I manully start lipstick by executing that script19:20
faenilif you really like doing it that way19:20
faenilyou should source all vars in the env directory19:20
faeniland then start lipstick19:20
faenilnot only those19:20
faeniljust to be sure you're not missing important stuff19:21
faenilhave you tried QT_QPA_PLATFORM=eglfs?19:21
situNope, I have confirmed hwcomposer works by running minimer.19:21
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*** alin has quit IRC19:22
*** alin has joined #nemomobile19:22
faenillast time I hacked on that stuff QT_QPA__PLATFORM was either eglfs or wayland, iirc19:23
*** juergbi has quit IRC19:25
giucamno wayland for lipstick19:26
sledgeshwc should do19:26
*** juergbi has joined #nemomobile19:26
giucamlipstck provides wayland, it usually doesn't run on it19:27
*** furikku has quit IRC19:29
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*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile19:33
faenilgiucam, sure, I was talking generally19:41
faenilin fact I told him to try eglfs :)19:42
*** krnlyng has joined #nemomobile19:43
situfaenil: Ok, instead of starting manually I am just stracing lipstick started by systemd with strace19:47
situstrace -p $(pidof /usr/bin/lipstick)19:47
faenilbetter :)19:47
situfaenil: Crashing at same point19:48
situI don't know what it's waiting for19:48
*** Guhl has quit IRC19:51
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faenilServiceManager is probably the android stuff19:53
faenilanyway, watching movie, cya guys o/19:53
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sledgesprobabl libhybris kicking in19:58
sledgessitu: launch a nemo app (standalone)19:59
sledgeswith -platform waylang_egl iirc19:59
situsledges: I don't have libqservice in my rpms. Should I compile and put it on my device ?19:59
situsledges: Can you tell me the exact command ? nemo-password-manager -platform wayland doesn't work20:03
*** phdeswer has quit IRC20:07
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile20:08
sledgessitu: just put nemo-password-manager -platform blabla to see all options20:22
*** martyone has quit IRC20:22
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stephg right is bed time21:35
stephggood night folks21:35
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