Wednesday, 2014-04-30

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SK_Workmorning guys !07:18
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dr_gogeta86hi guys08:10
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dr_gogeta86hi sledges and vgrade08:18
dr_gogeta86how do you do08:18
dr_gogeta86 ?08:18
sledgesgoody goody!08:18
dr_gogeta86finally I had met the boss on monday08:19
dr_gogeta86not so well08:19
dr_gogeta86but is another story08:19
sledgesnemomobile has no boss ;)08:21
dr_gogeta86i know08:21
dr_gogeta86any news here ?08:22
sledgesbusiness as usual :)08:22
dr_gogeta86I'm still struggling with oVirt AGAIN08:22
dr_gogeta86so no mer08:22
sledgesI just got a fancy (formatted) oVirt USB key from ELCE'12 :)08:23
dr_gogeta86doens't work today08:23
dr_gogeta86i don't want imagine at that time08:23
sledgeswell it was used in a workshop back then, with ~126MB baked image on a 8GB key :))08:24
dr_gogeta86i'm struggling with engine08:28
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dr_gogeta86hi faenil08:53
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dr_gogeta86how do you do09:10
faenilfine fine :)09:16
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dr_gogeta86hi locusf10:24
locusfhey dr_gogeta8610:27
dr_gogeta86how do you do ?10:27
dr_gogeta86did you know how to compile for nex510:28
dr_gogeta86i've tried for nex7 201310:28
dr_gogeta86is quiet a mess10:28
sledgesdr_gogeta86: wait for hadk10:30
sledgessoon :)10:30
locusfI have no idea aboout nex5 :p10:30
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dr_gogeta86are quiet similar10:35
dr_gogeta86but both are supported since cm1110:35
SK_Workcome on sledges10:41
SK_Workit's soon for a looong time now10:41
SK_WorkValve time ?10:41
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sledgesdon't think we're delaying it on purpose10:49
sledgesand how many soon's we've had in the past? ;)10:50
locusfsoon fortunately means that its bound to happen :)10:50
SK_Worksledges: not accusing you in delaying things10:50
SK_Workjust that Valve-Blizzard time is horrible to live with10:51
sledgesgood things come for those who wait10:51
SK_Worksledges: come on, I have already wait for Jolla to launch a smartphone :P10:52
sledgeswas it good? :D10:52
SK_Workthe launch was good :)10:55
SK_Workthe wait, no10:55
dr_gogeta86sledges: better a guinnes10:55
dr_gogeta86and I don't like stouts10:55
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locusfhow can I wrap a QQuickWindow to a QML item?11:07
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sledgesgiucam: ^11:09
sledges(thanks for coming back ;)11:11
giucamfrom where? i never went away (almost) ;)11:12
sledgesto your highlight that is ;)11:12
locusfI need to wrap it to an Item inorder to display it in the compositor11:14
giucamthat is, show a window in an item?11:14
giucamtry QQuickWindow::grabWindow11:15
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slettalocusf: a window is already shown in the compositor. Are you doing changes in the compositor?11:16
giucami think he's talking about a non-wayland window?11:17
giucammmh, but that wouldn't make sense11:17
faenilbackground: we have Glacier components, the ApplicationWindow is a NemoWindow which is a c++ component inheriting QQuickWindow11:18
faenilbut it seems the screen is all black when you use such ApplicationWindow as homescreen11:18
giucamso they're not in-process with the compositor?11:18
faenil(I have written Glacier's AppWindow, but haven't looked into this issue yet, locusf is the one working on homescreen)11:18
locusfas faenil explained11:19
faenilgiucam, it's nemo-lipstick-home's APpWindow11:19
faenilor whatever its name is now11:19
giucamwhere's nemo-lipstick-home?11:21
locusfits glacier-home11:22
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giucami don't see any AppWindow nor *Window11:25
locusfwait a moment11:25
slettaare the application windows and the compositor running in the same process?11:26
locusfyes I guess11:26
slettaThen you cannot use QQuickWindow as base for the AppWindows if you want to control them in the compositor11:26
locusfoh ok11:27
slettaWell.. you can, but then they need to be a special window, backed by an EGLImage or something and then the compositor picks that up and wraps it as a texture. Kinda what we use wayland and hybris for, except there it happens in a separate process11:27
slettaIt is probably easier to make AppWindow a special kind of Item which can live inprocess11:28
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giucambut you should imho try to put only what is really necessary in-process11:29
giucamwhat are these windows? the widget-like things in the homescreen i saw mockups of?11:29
faenilAppWindow is the main window11:29
faenilas in meego components11:29
faenilit's used for apps11:29
faeniland for the homescreen as well (or at least so we thought)11:29
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giucamok, so i'm confused. if you're talking about normal apps they're of course not in-process11:30
locusfwe'd basically get the orientation built-in with ApplicationWindow11:30
faenilgiucam, in this case, it's the homescreen11:30
giucamdo you have a dedicated QQuickWindow for the homescreen only?11:31
locusfyes, its in MainScreen.qml11:31
locusfour ApplicationWindow == QQuickWindow11:31
w00tApplicationWindow in meego's components does not represent an actual window11:31
w00tsame for silica11:32
giucamgreat, than you're on-track to make it out-of-process :)11:32
giucamand simplify things11:32
w00tyou need a real window to put it into, either a Window (using QtQuick.Window) or a QQuickWindow (C++ side)11:32
w00t(I haven't looked at your code, so maybe you did it differently)11:33
faenilI see, so when you run apps in meego it's actually the compositor which creates a window for it11:33
faeniland put its AppWindow (which is just an Item) in that window11:34
w00tfaenil: no11:34
w00t*your application* creates a window (Window (using QtQuick.Window) or a QQuickWindow (C++ side)), which uses the QPA plugin to set up an actual physical platform window (a wayland window, if you're running a wayland application)11:35
giucamthe compositor has no knoweledge of the client's QQuickWindow. it just gets a wl_surface, and maps that to a qtquick item11:35
w00ton the compositor side, QtWayland's compositor API turns wayland surfaces into quick items on *its* window11:35
w00tbut it *also* needs a window (which is drawn using hwcomposer on the jolla, eglfs on n950, etc) to display anything on the actual hardware11:36
w00tapplication scene -> application window -> qtwayland (qpa) -> qtwayland compositor (quick item) compositor scene -> compositor window -> hardware display11:37
w00tapplication scene -> application window -> qtwayland (qpa) -> qtwayland compositor (quick item) compositor scene -> compositor window -> some hardware qpa plugin -> hardware display11:37
w00tif you want to be explicit11:37
faenilbut you said AppWindow in meego is not a window..11:37
* w00t slaps faenil with a trout11:37
w00tyou create one11:37
w00tyou put the QML inside it11:37
faenilyou don't, you just use AppWindow when creating an app11:37
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w00tare you really telling me you never looked at the C++?11:38
faenilif it was 1y+ ago, it's out of my mind already, lol11:38
w00tthat's your physical window11:39
locusfgiucam: so how do I make it out-of-process11:39
faenilLOL, yeah....11:39
w00tGallery sets QML into that window's scene11:39
* faenil bangs his head11:39
* faenil does it multiple times11:40
w00tit works similarly with lipstick: HomeApplication has a physical window (using the hardware qpa plugin ideally), and sets QML into that11:40
faenilwhich brings me to...why does it work for components gallery?11:41
w00tso: when writing a compositor, you use HomeApplication.. when writing applications (out of process), you create a QQuickWindow (or some other way to create a physical window), and show it11:41
giucamlocusf: well, that's not trivial. you'd have to make a homescreen application and use a custom private wayland protocol to let it communicate with the compositor and set up priviledged things11:42
giucamit'd be quite complex to do but the pros overweight the cons imho11:42
giucambut then, either that or drop the QQuickWindow11:43
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faenildropping the qquickwindow is okay, it was me who completely forgot the view...11:43
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slettaif the pros outweight the cons greatly depends on scope. When building a platform, sure. For an isolated set of a controlled HS and a few well-known apps, perhaps not11:43
locusfyeah it works just fine without it, as the parent item is a Page11:44
slettaout-of-process is way more robust and tolerant to performance issues, for instance. But a lot of work :)11:44
w00tsletta: that's likely the sort of thing we have to look forward to after qt 5.2! :)11:44
faenileheh :P11:44
giucamsletta: not more than having fakes client windows in lipstick imho11:44
slettagiucam: fake client windows which are Item elements are easy11:45
slettathey “just work”11:45
faenilw00t, so what happens in the components gallery...there's a QQuickView, and a QQuickWindow as root of the qml11:45
giucamput many "" there :P11:45
faeniland no problems there11:45
w00tfaenil: why would you expect problems11:46
faenilI wouldn't, it's why I would in the homescreen case which I haven't completely got yet11:46
* faenil reads again11:46
w00tif you create a window in the homescreen case, you now have two windows11:46
faenilyeah, one "inside" the other11:47
w00tand the hardware plugin probably can't handle that gracefully or at all11:47
faenilah, ok, that's it11:47
faenilthanks :)11:47
slettaw00t: looking forward to a lot of work or tolerance towards performance issues? :p11:49
w00tsletta: I'm looking forward to doing some long-overdue weed trimming in the area :p11:50
stephgw00t: kinky11:50
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locusfyeah its not nice to see just the compositor window12:31
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faenilmikkoh, is there a known bug for the occasional input lag?12:48
faenilit happens since update5...sometimes when I'm writing sms it only handles the touches after 2-3 secs12:49
faeniland all at once12:49
faenilas if it was busy doing something else in the meanwhile12:49
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sledgesfaenil: on nemo? didn't notice ;)12:54
faenilon jolal12:54
sledgeswhat's that? ;))12:54
faenil#jollamobile content12:54
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faenilsledges, but since input changes are Nemo/Mer stuff... :p12:58
sledgesheheh ;)12:58
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faenilI'm getting so lazy these days14:00
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sledgesspring is in the air :)14:03
dr_gogeta86spring ... winter :-D14:13
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Stskeepsi knew it!18:13
* Stskeeps runs18:13
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tbralways those trojan horses18:34
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fk_lxeh, he changed his nick on #maemo, you didn't catch up the context that was there19:02
tbrwon't stop us poking fun at it tho19:03
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sledges21:12 < stevenelop> X-D19:08
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sledgesstevenelop [~saturn@openmoko/engineers/joerg]19:08
* sledges chuckles19:08
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* sledges turns NICKS filter off19:23
* sledges or does he?19:23
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