Sunday, 2014-05-04

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stephgis still sunny!07:53
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stephghey hey07:59
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situWhich module is repsonsible for reading battery status from the device ? Is it upowerd ?08:04
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dr_gogeta86hi guys08:16
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stephgsitu: bme? it may depend upon the HW?08:33
stephgHA even08:33
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dr_gogeta86hi stephg08:34
stephgHi Dr gogeta86!08:35
stephg^doesn't ahve the same ring as 'Nick'08:35
dr_gogeta86are you talk about irc confguration ?08:40
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faenilmorning :)08:48
faenilsitu, I think it's still currently upower, but it may change in the future08:49
situfaenil: This is strace on upowerd
faenilso it's looking in the wrong place, or?08:50
situSome of the files which it's trying to read exist in other directory :08:50
sitush-3.2# ls /sys/devices/f9923000.i2c/i2c-84/84-0036/power_supply/battery08:50
situcapacity  charge_full_design  current_now  device  health  power  present  status  subsystem  technology  temp  type  uevent  voltage_max_design  voltage_min_design  voltage_now08:50
faenilso it can read battery status it seems?08:56
faenilwhat is not working in your case?08:56
situSee this line :08:58
situ    state:               empty08:58
situMy device reboots within couple of minutes after booting.08:59
situI get a message saying that battery empty.08:59
situit doesn't reboot actually, it just shuts down itself.08:59
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faenilthough that's the battery therm, not the battery itself09:01
faenilanyway...tried looking if there's any useful setting in upower.conf? (not sure where it is)09:01
faenilI'm reading sourcecode looking for a way to help you :)09:01
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faenilsitu, ^09:09
situ /etc/UPower/UPower.conf09:10
faenilis there anything useful in there?09:10
situcan't think of anything09:10
faenilmm :/09:11
faenilhave you tried looking in sysfs to see if it's following a wrong link or something?09:12
faenillike, I don't know, maybe there's a sys/devices/battery_therm which points to the non-existent dir09:12
situThe directory from which it's reading has some infomation but not much.09:13
faenilokay, so we want to change that right? ;)09:14
faenillooking for a way to change that dir09:14
faenilso, my advice was, look for a link which upowerd might be following09:17
faenilso that we can try changing that link and see if it works better09:17
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faenilsitu, does the battery indicator say 87% by any chance? or 9909:20
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situNope it's 0% always09:21
situfaenil: See this
MerbotLaunchpad bug 1209285 in Upower "upower reports 0% capacity for battery devices with incomplete energy or charge information" [Critical,Triaged]09:25
dr_gogeta86hi guys09:26
faenilhey o/09:26
faenilsitu, I'm not sure but I think the same issue appeared on anothor android phone ...09:27
faenilI vaguely recall09:27
dr_gogeta86situ are you the master of nex 5 ?09:28
situdr_gogeta86: Nope, I am just a user :)09:30
situfaenil: Should I try that patch ?09:30
faenilyeah why not :)09:32
faenilmaybe this is the way it was fixed in the past as well09:32
situhmm I wonder if this problem has been seen on Nexus 4.09:32
faenildid you notice that the battery_therm is last updated on a different day?09:33
faenilmore precisely, it's probably the only one with the correcy last updated timestamp09:34
situIf monitor with upower --monitor then this is the only one which gets updated.09:34
faenilmm ok09:34
faenilsitu, if only we could tell upowerd to use the 3rd device09:36
faenilinstead of the 1st one09:36
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stephgfaenil: the 0% thing is on the n9 too09:41
faenilstephg, ah, so maybe some code was changed while I was away :)09:42
faenilthanks for the info09:42
stephgquite possibly09:42
stephgI've let mine run flat so just trickling it enough to boot and then I can compare09:42
faenilokay :)09:42
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faenilsitu, what package provides upower bin?09:45
situOn my system it's upower-0.9.23+git2-1.3.2.armv7hl09:47
faenilsitu, and on the phone?09:49
situI meant phone only.09:50
stephgno upower on n9 fwiw09:50
faenilnp found what I needed :)09:50
faenilsitu, monitor --show-info?09:52
faenilsorry upower --show-info09:52
situupower --monitor-detail09:52
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situdoesn't output anything09:53
faenilwhat about --enumerate09:56
faenilvgrade, moaning09:59
faenilI wonder why it chooses the first device10:00
vgradeis this battery thing because its calculating the capacity from energy and energy full when it could10:01
vgraderead it direct from capacity10:01
vgradeor percentage10:02
faenilvgrade, I'm trying to understand why it's getting info from the first device10:02
faenilwhen the 3rd offers everything it needs10:03
faenilincluded charge and charge_full10:03
faenil(no charge_now)10:03
vgradefaenil: ok10:05
faenilif we could let it know that there's a better source of info10:05
faenilit'd be fixed10:05
situ related ?10:06
faenildon't know what it uses that data for (and *what* uses that data)10:08
nodevelhello, anyone knows how to set volume/ringing-volume via dbus on nemo? thank you10:09
faenilnodevel, I don't, sorry10:14
faenilsitu, let's start from top again, let's look at statefs10:14
situfaenil: ok, I don't know much about it. What should I check ?10:15
faenilI'm reading10:15
faenilI don't know much either, learning :)10:15
alinsitu: faenil are you working on a nexu5 port?10:15
situalin: Yes10:15
faenilthere is a statefs provider which gives upowerd info to sailfish10:16
faenilalin, I'm not, but I'm trying to help situ, who's working on it :D10:16
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vgradesitu: zypper se  statefs-provider-upower10:18
faenilI think I know what's wrong :)10:19
situfaenil: Please enlight us10:19
faenilstill searching, making sure10:20
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alin__situ: faenil I have one too... so if you are need any help with testing or things like that just shout10:26
alin__are you building on top of cm11?10:26
situalin__: Yes, we are working on cm11.10:26
alin__situ: good.. I am already up to date with that10:26
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faenildbus-send --print-reply             --system             --dest=org.freedesktop.UPower             /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_batt_therm             org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Get             string:org.freedesktop.UPower.Device string:Type10:59
faenilsitu, ^10:59
situok, what about it ?11:00
faenilthe answer is 2 right?11:00
situI didn't get the question.11:01
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situfaenil: Right it returns 211:03
faenilokay :)11:03
faenilso...if statefs is working correctly, the issue is11:03
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faenilthat enumerates the device, and uses the first one which has Type==Battery (which is "2")11:03
faenilin your case the first one is the dumb one, that's why nothing is working :)11:04
situOk, how do we fix that ?11:04
faenilwell, maybe vgrade knows how we could filter out the device completely from the system? I guess it has to do with udev rules11:05
faenil*or* my easiest solution is to modify statefs-providers-upower code and make it more robust11:05
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faenili.e. make it look at the right Battery device11:06
situfaenil: Right, we should improve the check for battery.11:06
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vgradeseems to be checking that its battery and has valid data11:12
faenilyeah...god, my memory is so bad I read that 10mins ago xD11:13
vgradebut therm does not have voltage11:13
situvgrade: Right11:14
faenileither there's a bad return value when the property is not found11:15
faenilor we're on the wrong path11:15
vgradebad return sounds like a posibility, reading further11:16
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situRelated ?11:19
faenileheh :)11:20
faenillooks like a workaround for the same/similar issue11:21
faenilbut let's try to understand why it happens and if it can be *fixed*11:21
vgradebut this would still pick up therm11:22
situPut some debug statements around this code ?11:22
faenilyes it would11:23
situProbably just put a check for therm ?11:24
situCheck the NativePath and ignore if it has therm.11:24
faenilwell that's just a dirty hack :D11:24
situSee if we could check any of these properties
situproperties for battery_battery
situCan we check NativePath == "battery"  ?11:31
faenilsitu, I'd first see why it doesn't work as it is now11:32
faenilsitu, if you have a few minutes, add some debug to make sure statefs is actually using the wrong device11:32
situok, let me put some debug statements around tht code.11:32
faeniland it's not just us barking up the wrong tree11:33
vgradevalue of p->voltage() is key I think11:33
faenilyes me too11:34
faenil    Q_PROPERTY(double Voltage READ voltage)11:34
faenil    inline double voltage() const11:34
faenil    { return qvariant_cast< double >(property("Voltage")); }11:34
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faeniland property() returns a invalid QVariant, if Voltage doesn't exist11:34
vgradeallthough having said that energy-full is 0 in therm11:35
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vgradeso it sould fail the &&11:36
faenilwe have to make sure it's actually using the wrong device11:36
faenillet's wait for situ's confirmation first11:36
situcopypac does not seem to work
situNothing here
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faenilnever used copypac :/11:38
vgradetakes a while sometimes11:39
vgraderunning the service11:39
vgradelooking back we had the following in the logs11:42
vgradeApr 29 17:57:00 Jolla upowerd[977]: GLIB WARNING ** UPower-Linux - correcting energy_full (0.000000) using energy_full_design (0.010005)11:42
situThe reall issue is voltage check is missing in master
faenilyou were using a different provider version? :O11:44
vgradeprovider version if from jolla pacakge11:45
situI haven't made any modifications.11:45
faenilgah :D11:45
faenilvgrade,mM ?11:46
vgradethe version of provider we have on N5 comes from jolla repos11:46
situthe change was merged hre
faenilvgrade, ah, ok11:46
situLet me revert this commit and test.11:47
faenilI see, the link I pasted was from big G, and it wasn't latest rev11:50
faenilsledges maybe recalls why that fix was done in first place11:50
situfaenil: but still you noticed the problem, good catch.11:51
faenilyeah some luck and some back luck :)11:51
faenilmain aim was to learn more, and I did :)11:52
faenillet's hope it works at least :)11:54
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dr_gogeta86my sister in law11:57
dr_gogeta86literrally hurt me with galaxy 5 and iphone 511:58
dr_gogeta86how much nonsenese11:58
dr_gogeta86a free mobilephone stack really needs to support those kind of divice ....11:59
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dr_gogeta86i've discovered about galaxy 512:06
dr_gogeta86got 2 basebands12:06
situStill same problem and this log
situNeed to put some debug statements12:11
situIf I put qDebug statements where would I get these logs ?12:13
situfaenil: ^12:18
faenilis that really relevant?12:21
faenilI mean, the daemon outut12:21
faenilcheck from --dump if the other battery changes when you unplug and replug charger12:21
faenilsorry, only unplug12:22
faenilwell, what I mean is just see if it says "discharging/charging" or something like that12:22
faenil(btw the qDebug should show in journalctl)12:23
situfaenil: If I unplug charger my device will be disconnected from laptop12:24
faenilyou can still check from fingerterm can't you :)12:24
situfingerterm does not start on my device12:25
faenilwhat about wifi12:25
situwifi is in our todo12:25
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faenilmm alright12:25
situI don't see see any qDebug output from statefs-providers in journalctl12:25
faenilpff :)12:26
faeniltoo much time without hacking :D12:26
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situI don't see statefs running on my system.12:38
situIt kept crashing.12:38
situIt was crashing with my test packages.12:49
* vgrade boots his N512:53
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faenilah ok12:55
sledgessitu: what's in the kernel?12:56
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sledges`find /sys | grep battery | grep uevent | xargs cat`12:56
sledgesupower reads them all from /sys12:56
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faenilsledges, the problem is he has 2 devices, one is for thermal stuff, and that one doesn't have any info12:57
faenilthe other one is the real battery12:57
faenilbut due to the removed check in upowerd provider, statefs chooses the invalid device12:58
sledgesupower should pick default battery12:58
sledgesbut he reverted that12:58
faenilthat sounds juicy12:58
faenilbut he said it's crashing now12:58
situfaenil: It was crashing with my test packages, I fixed it by  going back to upstream packages.12:59
situstatefs is running now12:59
faenilsitu, ok, with the voltage check?12:59
situfaenil: Right, it was crashing with some undefined symbol error.12:59
situstatefs: symbol lookup error: statefs: undefined symbol: _ZN3cor8OptParseISsEC1ESt16initializer_listISt4pairIKcPS4_EES2_IS3_IKSsSsEES2_ISsESB_13:00
faenilah, cor13:00
sledgessitu: so did you do the revert on upstream?13:00
faenildifferent cor version probably13:00
situsledges: right13:01
vgradesledges: for a bit of history13:01
faenilI still haven't understood if the version with the voltage check leads to a working battery indicator :P13:02
faenilsitu, ^13:02
sledgesand was about to ask ^ :)13:02
locusfok built an image with IMG now and tested it13:04
locusfso that marks our first official release (without magnet links etc) I guess13:04
locusfthe image boots fine to glacier-home too13:05
faenilofficial release of what? :D13:05
locusfI dunno, nemo wayland :) ?13:05
faenilah, okay :D13:05
situsledges: Any guesses what to try ?13:07
faenilsitu, still waiting for an answer xD13:08
faenilnow you got it working, so you can add qDebug to it13:08
vgradesitu: when you rebuilt provider on OBS you had to provide its dependencies13:08
situvgrade: What's missing here ?13:09
vgradedid you install them as well13:09
situvgrade: ohh right, I think I misse cor13:09
situfaenil: sorry, I missed your question.13:10
*** Pat_o has quit IRC13:11
vgradeI think the answer is we don't know as statefs had the undefined symbol13:12
sledgesit was from dirty repos13:14
faenilvgrade, but he said he fixed it? :/13:14
faenilor I mistundersood13:14
situ[18:29] <situ> faenil: It was crashing with my test packages, I fixed it by  going back to upstream packages.13:16
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile13:17
situThis means I was not using any of my test package after fixing the crash.13:17
faenilah ok, sorry I must have misread13:17
situfaenil: it works, I see 100% battery percentage now.13:18
vgradewith your cor+stafs+providers13:19
vgradeso we still don;t know why that check was removed13:20
faenilsledges probably knows13:20
vgradewas alterego I think13:20
faenilyeah but he's offline atm :)13:20
vgradeat least who removed13:20
sledgesit breaks n413:23
vgradesledges: :)13:23
sledgesbut one of devices n7/sgs3 defnately13:24
situLooks great
*** alin_ has joined #nemomobile13:24
*** alin has quit IRC13:24
vgradeI guess we need a upower --dump from devices13:24
situThat's a good idea.13:25
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile13:25
vgradeplfiorini: \o13:25
plfiorinihi vgrade13:25
vgradeplfiorini: I have one of those nidia jetson boards on the way13:26
vgradeplfiorini: was wanting to get a qt desktop on there, know of any?13:26
vgradeplfiorini: :)13:26
situvgrade: My packages are at if you need them.13:27
vgradeinstalling now13:27
situvgrade: Should we update our .ks for now13:28
sledgesn4 upower --dump:
situValues under /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_battery looks fine.13:28
plfiorinivgrade: one comes to mind :)13:28
faenilsledges, both voltage and energyfull are > 0 in your dump13:29
vgradesitu: sure, for now. making it work with all devices woul de the aim13:29
faenilsitu, they do, that's the good battery13:29
vgradeplfiorini: will give you a shout when it arrives13:29
sledgessgs3 upower --dump:
* vgrade wonders how many devices sledges has13:30
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile13:30
faenilthere we go13:30
faenilit was made for GS313:30
situJust putting a check on voltage would suffice ?13:31
sledgescould we not do binding on "native-path==battery" ?13:32
sledgeson statefs13:32
situsledges: I suggested that earlier too, looks good to me.13:32
vgradesledges: that was a suggestion frmo situ13:32
sledgesneed moar devices13:32
vgradebut we did not know how that would affect other devices13:32
faenilyeah, native-path looks cool, not sure if it works for all batteries, but it satisfies our requests so far :D13:33
sledgesanyone could test jolla ;)13:33
sledgesupower --dump13:33
faenilit's ok on jolla13:34
situI guess we need some more fixes, my device still shuts down.13:35
sledgesfun! :)13:36
faenilJolla's dump ^13:36
situIt asks me to recharge and shuts down itself.13:36
situBattery is shown 100% however.13:36
faenilsitu, how did you make the video? :D13:36
situfaenil: vgrade made it13:36
faenilit works on usb I guess13:36
situOoops the device is on.13:37
situonly screen went off.13:37
situscreen goes off in less than 5 seconds.13:38
situtimeout is set to 10 minutes.13:38
faenilthat's normal if you're on the homescreen13:38
sledgesdisable proxim sensor13:38
situI guess I would just reflash with my new repo.13:38
faenillockscreen doesn't care about timeout13:39
situfaenil: Right, it doesn't go off if I am in settings.13:39
sledgesdisable proxim sensor13:39
sledgesit blanks13:40
faenilyeah but only on lockscreen, that's the normal behaviour13:40
sledgesit's weird13:40
sledgesit thinks it's on13:40
sledgesnear ear13:41
sledgesproximity sensor thinks it's triggered13:41
sledgesand blanks screen13:41
faenilwhy do you say so13:42
sledgesand causes more ill effects13:42
faenilit works the same on jolla13:42
sledgesit's what was on n413:42
sledgesbecause HA is missing for n513:42
sledgesso it goes haywired :)13:42
sledgeslet me quick show you how to disable it13:42
faenilokay, but it seems to be working like Jolla to me, i.e. good13:42
sledgeswhich phone do you have?13:43
faenilhe said it doesn't blank if he's in settings13:43
faenilahahah :D13:43
faenilyou *******13:43
sledgesok, grammar slip :))13:43
sledges16:43 <@faenil> he said it doesn't blank if he's in settings13:43
sledgeswhat about "not-in-lockscreen" ?13:44
sledgeslike, app launcher13:44
faenilthat would be good to know :)13:44
sledgesbecause it should've been a reason for situ to complain ;P13:44
sledgesand if it's what I think it is, i got a flashback on proxim sensor13:44
sledgesexactly same symptoms13:44
sledgessitu: ^?13:45
situsledges: my device reboots after 10 minutes, still need to fix that.13:46
situIt got rebooted, will test.13:46
sledgespriorities priorities ;)13:46
sledgesat any rate, thanks for reminding me a PR i forgot ;P13:46
sledgesto do13:46
vgradewhats the best way to record the upower issue?13:48
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vgradesledges: ^13:51
sledgesstatefs erroneously picks the default battery device13:52
sledgessitu: if you'll ever come across:
vgradesledges:  I meant where as in bug tracker, git issue?13:53
situsledges: will check it13:53
sledgesvgrade: in statefs13:53
sledgesvgrade: i'll also note internally13:56
vgradeso not statefs-providers13:57
sledgeswherever alterego's commit is that is, pardon13:57
vgradeyea providers13:57
*** mric has joined #nemomobile14:00
vgradethanks faenil sledges situ14:00
sledgesthanks vgrade14:01
faenilnp, thank you :)14:02
* sledges back to gardening ^_^14:02
faeniland sunbathing? :D14:02
sledgesi hate lying doing nothing :D14:02
vgradewlan next14:02
situvgrade: Tested and commited my .ks
situvgrade: Also please share you manifest if possible.14:05
vgradesitu: sure hang in14:06
*** mike7b4_on_x230 has joined #nemomobile14:07
vgradeneed to make sure my hal packages work14:07
vgradewith all the recent updates14:08
situvgrade: We still need to fix reboot after 10 minutes problem. Not much information in journalctl logs
vgradeso this is with dsme running now14:12
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