Wednesday, 2014-05-07

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coderusspecial: sledges thanks :)03:15
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filippzMSameer: I've fixed missing headers in my repo:
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filippzBut I see you have already compiled and booted 3.5.3 - awesome!05:59
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m4g0gmay be somebody can help me with adding library to sailfish engine and emulator?07:12
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stephgdo you know how to SSH into both (i.e. you know where the private keys are)07:16
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m4g0gof course07:16
m4g0gyou recommends make rpm for needed library and install it by hand?07:18
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stephgdepends how complicated it is07:21
stephgwhat's the lib?07:22
stephgI mean if you need it for your app you'll need to package it eventually anyway...07:23
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m4g0gstephg: kQOAuth07:27
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dr_gogeta86hi guys07:43
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sledgesgud murning08:23
SK_workmoaarning sledges08:24
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locusfI noticed the same issues on my n9 too, didn't have time to debug though08:42
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sledgeshe got around :)10:54
sledgesmid-weeks tune:
locusfdebugging now10:56
locusfentire lipstick restarts on app launch, this is something new then11:21
sledgesvery likely guys in jolla moved ahead with something11:28
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locusfok n9 not bootable anymore11:40
locusfdidn't do anything else but upgrade lipstick-glacier-home11:40
SK_worklocusf: :/11:42
locusfok got it booting to nemo now11:45
locusfsomething just froze on me11:45
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MSameerfilippz: i think i will revert to the 3.5 amiapp driver and start from there11:52
MSameerfilippz: ATM we have a mix of drivers which is a bit of a mess11:52
MSameerI also found some patches from Sakari Ailus which should add basic support for N9
MSameerwe can then take it from there11:53
MSameerand we can fix omap3camd to behave with any v4l2 changes11:53
MSameerwe obviously cannot rebuild it but we can still fix its behavior11:54
filippzMSameer: I did try to modify smiapp driver from 3.5 mainline, but it was just too many issues12:00
MSameerwhich driver did you try?12:00
MSameerand what issues were there?12:00
filippzthere is some kind of firmware files for 2.6 driver, but w/o support for it in 3.512:01
filippzalso some frequencies get calculated in board file, and I couldn't find a way to move those things to driver12:02
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filippzor timings IIRC12:02
MSameerthat's not an issue12:02
MSameerwe can always dig up patches from later kernels12:02
filippzI think that the firmware concept never was intended to go into mainline (IIRC firmware is just file with values for smiapp registers)12:03
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filippzAlso there are some "quirks" (sensors that arent  100%  smiapp compliant) - there is almost no documentation for those12:05
MSameerbut we can always ask sakari12:05
filippzYes, or maybe it's time for: and FCam...12:06
MSameersomeone has to do the 3A stuff12:07
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MSameerI can help with the gstreamer bits on top12:07
filippzI was looking for differences between the v4l2 controls exposed in omap3isp pipeline between the two kernel versions12:08
filippzGain on v4l-subdev8 gets set to 0 in 3.5, but setting it manually didn't help12:09
MSameeri was getting black frames12:10
MSameersetting brightness gave me the grayish frames12:10
MSameerbut light does not have any effect12:10
filippzAlso v4l-subdev10's Strobe Status is set to 0 in 3.5, but that one can't be changed with yavta12:11
filippzdid you try mcsrc?12:11
MSameerstrobe is for flash12:11
MSameeryes I tries mcsrc12:11
filippz@strobe - I know, but that could indicate that libomap3camd "breaks" before setting this in 3.512:12
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MSameerfilippz: I really would not bother with omap3camd. we need to make sure that the v4l2 layer itself works first12:13
filippzOK, what are the steps to check? - I think that mcsrc is the key - it doesn't use libomap3camd, but works the same (bad) in 2.6 and 3.512:14
MSameeryeah that can work12:16
MSameeror we use yavta12:16
MSameerI think those patches are not in our kernel
MSameerthey are 35 (!) patches which I hope will bring up camera12:17
MSameerLaurent and Sakari are the guys behind N9 camera stack so I assume they know what they are doing12:18
MSameersome of the guys behind12:18
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filippzNot all patches are currently in 3.5 - I did use code for smiapp, ad58xx... but v4l is more/less from 3.5 (maybe some change here and there to make 2.6 drivers compile)12:19
MSameerthat's also why we might have something broken because of the changes12:21
filippzI'll try to make yavta work in 2.6 (I need to set pipeline first with media-ctl), and I'll try to repeat that in 3.5. If it doesn't work then drivers are not working as they should12:22
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MSameeri was going to do the same but had to sleep yesterday12:23
MSameerwould appreciate if you can share the commands :)12:23
MSameerand we need a simple pipeline12:23
MSameereven as simple as smiapp <-> CSI212:24
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filippzIIRC I was newer able to make yavta work in any of the kernels - I'll try to reproduce same pipeline subdevsrc2 uses - that should work12:25
filippzpseudo code is in  /etc/camera/pipelines.conf12:25
MSameertry with the capture.c v4l2 app12:25
filippzOK, will try later today12:26
MSameeror we can move into both directions. I try to handle the stock 3.5 smiapp and you try to move on with the old smiapp12:26
filippzIt's a race! :)12:27
MSameerno it's not :)12:27
MSameerI am fine if you win12:27
MSameerworking with that code brings memories :/12:27
filippzit's a win/win situation - and lose/lose if we don't make it work12:27
MSameerfilippz: we will make it work12:28
filippzmemories of headaches, and sleep deprivation I suppose...12:28
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MSameermemories of N9, pre-elop, post-elop, the other embedded linux project at nokia, termination of that, ...12:30
MSameerfilippz: we can always sniff around here;a=summary12:30
filippzyes, that looks interesting - I'm sure we can find useful stuff there12:32
filippzmaybe I should check with yavta on 2.6 first, before you dig too deep into all that, and only if we hit a wall in that direction, then we'll try newer smiapp drivers?12:34
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MSameerfilippz: BTW sakari says that it should work and all what we need should perhaps be in his git repos12:38
MSameerrm696-011/002-devel perhaps?12:39
MSameerbut I need to rush to the office to land dconf12:41
MSameerso kernel is for tonight12:41
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MSameer[15:38] <MSameer> filippz: BTW sakari says that it should work and all what we need should perhaps be in his git repos12:43
MSameer[15:39] <MSameer> rm696-011/002-devel perhaps?12:43
MSameer[15:41] <MSameer> but I need to rush to the office to land dconf12:43
MSameer[15:41] <MSameer> so kernel is for tonight12:43
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locusfStskeeps: are you gonna continue it?14:06
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locusfMSameer: is that the backtrace you get when running any apps?14:09
locusffrom last night I mean14:09
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Stskeepslocusf: yeah, just noting it14:11
Stskeepsin case anybody wants to take it over14:11
locusfI wish I had the money though :p14:11
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locusfseems that Glacier gallery won't crash when started, all other apps do crash, its because of old nemo qt-componentszx14:39
m4g0gguys, does somebody has exmaples of yaml and spec files for library in sailfish?14:45
m4g0gI want to port kQOath t osailfish14:45
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m4g0gguys, i want to become a maintainer of one package. what should I do?15:24
stephgm4g0g: there'll be lots in the nemomobile sources in github15:29
stephgsorry forgot to say that this morning15:29
m4g0gyou about spec files?15:30
stephgyep, spec and yaml15:32
m4g0gok. thx.15:32
stephga completely random one from there:
m4g0gthx. it will help me15:33
stephgyou may also be able to copy/hack an existing one from something like opensuse or fedora15:36
stephgsorta merge it with the sailfish ones, may be quicker for you15:36
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SK_workm4g0g: you can package with the mer sdk15:36
SK_workpush it in your git repo15:36
SK_workand then ash here again15:36
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filippzMSameer: If I use this script: (set paths as needed) I get camera to capture images under both kernels17:38
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MSameerfilippz: nice to hear that. I was busy for the whole day with dconf (no need to login if you don't intend to)18:29
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MSameerguess i will flash sailfish. latest nemo image is really unusable even for development :(18:33
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locusfsorry about that :/18:43
MSameernot your fault :)18:44
MSameerideally i should contribute fixes18:44
MSameerbut i am interested more in camera ATM18:44
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sledgesMSameer: what pulls you towards the cam ooi? :)19:17
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MSameersledges: me and filippz are trying to get n9 camera to work19:23
MSameerand sailfish is totally broken on n9 :/19:23
MSameeri used to have IIRC19:23
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MSameersledges: you know that tinkering with camera and mm is something I enjoy doing. don't you ?19:24
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sledgesMSameer: im happy you're back on n9 ^_^19:32
MSameeri am actually wondering if it makes sense to use nitdroid as an adaptation layer for n9 :p19:38
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sledgeswe had those thoughts too :)20:03
sledgesin the logs somewhere, there was a blocker iirc, but nothing's impossible20:04
sledgesonly impossible takes a bit longer :)20:04
MSameerdo you recall what the blocker was?20:06
sledgesnope, logs need grepping :)20:07
MSameerwill try to check that20:09
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