Friday, 2014-05-09

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locusfgetting ready for the last exam this year07:18
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locusfstatistical design of experiments07:21
locusfgonna be fun with mixed models of random effects and mixed effects07:22
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sledgesgood becky friday!07:57
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stephghappy friday everyone, two of my limbs are about to drop off :(08:34
sledgeswhich 1s?08:35
stephgleft hand had a fall on Weds and my wrist is busted and right leg something bit me on Weds and now it's huge and red and throbbing :(08:36
stephgon the up side it means I don't have to go to work!08:36
stephgon the downside I can't really walk at the moment08:36
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* stephg is just feeling sorry for himself08:37
sledgeshmmm bite and fall in one!08:37
sledges(get better soon)08:38
stephgyeah Wednesday not a good day!08:38
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sledgeshi there09:17
meek_geeksledges, you are there too ?09:20
meek_geekwhich OS do you support ?09:20
meek_geekits gnu+linux09:23
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meek_geekSK_work, y09:29
meek_geekany one used a geeksphone revolution here ?09:29
gryI have a geeksphone keon, but not the one you're asking09:44
sledgeslong time no gry :)09:44
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meek_geekgry, how is that phone ?09:47
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gryit has a lovely notes app ( and can make calls, I don't use anything else09:53
gryadding contacts at that screen resolution is a royal pain to be honest09:53
gryfilling in a FORM, names, address etc.. hardly fits screen, a lot of corners and borders09:54
grythe nemo one is more lovely and I gave it to a less lazy friend you might already know.. she's got a useful todo list for it (of missing things) some of which she knows where to port from09:54
meek_geekgry, What is the size of the screen ?09:56
sledgesgry: you mean nemo on n950?09:57
grykeon screen size 4.7" I think, 480x320.. possibly. I may be wrong. nemo's ones don't remember, a bit bigger screen and a lot more pixels :)09:58
* sledges is interested in that todo list :)09:58
grysound recording is on top of that list iirc09:58
sledgesah, person specific ;)09:58
gryrecording phone calls from some ppl who don't mind.. they're confusing, nice to revisit09:59
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sledgesinterstingly, my compatriot wanted the same feature on jolla10:00
sledgesmain blocker for them to buy phone10:00
sledgesbut that feature is hardware-dependent10:01
gryas long as hardware can record sound and software can launch recorder when a call starts, it should be fine10:03
sledgesonly just ;)10:04
sledgespulseaudio and qualcomm are not best friends in that regard10:04
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MSameerStskeeps: I updated
MSameersorry I missed the .changes file11:56
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StskeepsMSameer: + install -p -m 644 '%{SOURCE2}' /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/gconf-3.2.3-1.4.1.i386/etc/profile.d/12:56
Stskeepsinstall: cannot stat `%{SOURCE2}': No such file or directory12:56
Stskeepserror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.700daT (%install)12:56
MSameerWTH did I do12:57
MSameerStskeeps: will check it12:57
Stskeepsremoved Source2:12:57
Stskeepsbut not all mentions of %{SOURCE2}12:58
MSameerwonder how it got built here12:59
MSameeranyway I pushed the commit12:59
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Stskeepsto your local branch?13:01
Stskeepser, your fork13:01
MSameeryeah seems you merged and then I pushed13:01
MSameershould I create a new PR?13:01
Stskeepsyeah i think that's how it goes13:01
Stskeeps(gitlab is still a bit new to me)13:01
MSameerI need to repull13:02
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StskeepsMSameer: one more:
Stskeepsremove that13:08
Stskeeps(didn't merge yet)13:08
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MSameeri will do a clean rebuild13:14
MSameeror do you just want to fix that?13:14
Stskeepsjust fix that and it ought to work13:15
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MSameerStskeeps: pushed13:27
Stskeepsthanks, looking13:27
Stskeepshmm, wondering why it doesn't update the PR13:28
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MSameerlet me reedit it13:31
MSameerbecause you merged it13:32
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Stskeepsoh, i did seemingily13:33
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StskeepsMSameer: you're going to hate me in a sec..13:39
Stskeeps    Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:13:39
Stskeeps   /usr/share/man/man1/gconftool-2.1.gz13:39
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MSameerthen wait and let me do the full clean rebuild13:41
MSameeror guess what?13:42
MSameerI will just fix that13:42
MSameerrm -f %{buildroot}/%{_mandir}/man1/gconftool-2.1.gz13:42
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Stskeepsremember it's without .gz before, maybe13:50
Stskeepsas rpm gzips them13:51
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MSameerStskeeps: ^^^14:05
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StskeepsMSameer: finalyl built14:20
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MSameerStskeeps: i will be more careful next time15:44
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Deformatqwazix, you around?17:22
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DeformatI should work on the calculator app...17:28
sledgesgo for it! :)17:30
* sledges goes afk17:30
Deformatwell, design it17:33
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Deformatanyways, qwazix, please tell me if a consensus has been reached for the calendar. Sorry that I missed that much - exams and stuff. In about a month or so I'll have my baccalaureate exam.17:48
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Deformatanyways, for qwazix and others: here is my calculator proposal:
DeformatI'm leaving, wanna play some hearthstone18:40
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