Monday, 2014-05-19

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sledgesvgrade: situ: do getprop and setprop work for you?06:05
sledgesyep, great ideas on UI PDA qwazix :)06:07
sledgesWikiwide (if you skim through logs): you can setup for voicecall-ui to start instead of lipstick (and respawn too ;) it won't crash then06:08
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sledgesbangles x)06:18
stephgs/manic/sleepy/ :)06:19
sledgesyou seem to be up early ;)06:20
situsledges: I would check that again.06:21
sledgessitu: if not, there was rsalvetti's patch to make it work to whom we are utterly grateful (it should be in mer-hybris)06:22
situsledges: Ok.06:22
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situsledges: Can you point me to the patch ?06:23
sledgesim mostly sure you have that patch in, since you used mer-hybris (it's in two android_* repos)06:24
sledgesgetprop/setprop working from cmdline will show that06:24
situI remember listprop outputting values.06:25
sledgesthat works yes06:26
sledgeseven w/o patch06:26
sledgessetprop bla=bla; getprop | grep bla06:26
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sledgestry iirc that oneliner to check if you got the patch in06:28
sitush-3.2# setprop bla bla; getprop | grep bla06:30
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situ[bla]: [bla]06:30
situso it seems to work.06:30
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sledgesgood then06:31
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situsledges: I believe that test_sensors is crashing while loading libdiag.so06:33
situBut I couldn't find much information about this library.06:33
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sledgessitu: we found /dev/diag exists in cm on mako, more reports to follow ;)06:38
situok, it does not exist on cm on hammerhead.06:39
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situBTW I don't know much about chum. What is it ?07:06
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sledgesrepo on Mer OBS07:27
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sledgesbuilt against SFOS07:28
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situIs there an rpm availabe for outside harbour ?09:05
coderussitu: ?09:06
situcoderus: Thanks09:07
dr_gogeta86coderus, hi09:15
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coderussitu: but it seems to be outdated, so the best one is building project yourself :)09:25
coderusdr_gogeta86: hello?09:25
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situcoderus: I got some rpm related build errors, so thought of getting an existing build.09:34
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coderusbuilt with no problems12:17
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situcoderus: At this point Mer OBS seems to be down otherwise I would have shown you build errors I got.12:18
coderussitu: i'm nou using obs12:18
coderusbuild on my pc12:18
coderussitu: you probably not pulled git modules?12:19
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situcoderus: There were some error related to verifying rpm.12:21
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javispedrook, so I think I messed up the first bugreport I sent16:56
javispedrosent to nemo instead of mer16:56
javispedro(for a ofono packaging thing)16:56
SK_workjavispedro: link ?16:57
SK_workah, the bugtracker16:57
javispedroI assume the bugzillas are not connected? (So I have to close and reopen)16:57
SK_workwhat should we do to this bugtracker, Stskeeps and iekku and al ?16:57
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SK_workjavispedro: yep, they should be the same, actually16:57
Stskeepsfor mer components? at least we need merge to happen first16:57
Stskeepswhich is something depending on how much w00t snores, that i will work on during this week..16:58
javispedroSK_work: but they are not the same yet?16:58
SK_workjavispedro: IIRC, there are different categories16:59
SK_workStskeeps: cool :)16:59
SK_workthanks Stskeeps16:59
SK_workStskeeps: what about launching (combining ?) sailfish meetings and mer meetings ?16:59
Stskeepsmight make sense but a bit of crowbar seperation is needed; mer meetings should mean also sailfish's middleware, perhaps17:00
Stskeeps(bad rephrasing)17:00
SK_workso we can discuss also about this kind of stuff: fate of bugzilla for instance ?17:00
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SK_workStskeeps: I'm not against 2 meetings, but for sailors, it's also one more meetings for them etc.17:00
javispedroSK_work: doesn't seem like they share categories yet vs
SK_workjavispedro: ah sorry, it's true, nemomobile bz is different17:01
fk_lx_SK_work: whatever for Jolla the Nemo mobile project is their property and manorial farm17:02
fk_lx_roadmaps still not there17:02
fk_lx_employees can add stuff, not informing why they are adding such stuff17:03
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fk_lx_I recommend seeing video from Jolla launch17:04
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fk_lx_there is nice statement "We swim and breath in open source"17:04
fk_lx_we are doing "open source" instead of "source open"17:04
fk_lx_it's fun what can be found in old interviews and videos17:05
fk_lx_what's coming up next? bans and censorship17:06
fk_lx_that's how Jolla handles criticism with bans from Stskeeps:
fk_lx_this line rocks (Stskeeps justifing the ban):
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fk_lx_"it goes deeper than this conversation, sorry"17:17
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fk_lx_so baning on #sailfishos and other channels like #nemomobile is done because, someone has deeper reasons17:18
fk_lx_awesome, really community friendly approach17:18
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faenilfk_lx_, give it some time for the roadmap thing, it's not much that the meeting about that was held17:23
faenilat least up6/up7 features were posted17:24
fk_lx_faenil: yes that's true17:24
faenillet's give them some time to organize stuff and post more17:24
fk_lx_faenil: but Jolla clearly ignores stuff, that doesn't require much effort17:24
faenil(that said, I wish they were giving higher priority to docs and roadmaps)17:24
fk_lx_I don't know why Python3-cairo was added17:26
fk_lx_there is no discussion17:26
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faenilmy opinion on that is that you're overworrying about that kind of stuff17:26
fk_lx_Jolla does what it wants, no discussion, no nothing17:26
faenilyes a package was added, so what? that's at the end of the things I'd like to see Jolla improving17:27
fk_lx_well why wasn't that even shortly explained17:27
fk_lx_was it so hard to write few sentences by maintainer17:27
faenilI don't know, but it's not something I'd spend my "critics" energies on :p17:27
fk_lx_how people are supposed to get involved in Python support on Sailfish17:28
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fk_lx_especially when some people are treated like second-category people17:28
faenilthat has nothing to do with a package being added, come on17:28
fk_lx_well I'm talking in general17:28
fk_lx_I've wrote mail today17:29
fk_lx_I'm discriminated. Full stop17:29
faenil(I've got to go in 10mins btw)17:29
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fk_lx_faenil: sorry, honeymoon with Jolla has ended17:30
fk_lx_talk is cheap17:30
fk_lx_now I'm waiting for real actions17:31
fk_lx_faenil: btw. how are you, how are studies going?17:34
faenilfk_lx_, fine, fine ;)17:35
fk_lx_very brief :)17:35
stephgfaenil: before you run (or indeed anyone else)is there a newish nemo build for n9/50 in the workse17:37
faenilfk_lx_, trying to avoid describing phases of my life in public places ;)17:37
* javispedro timidly asks what's wrong with python currently on sailfish, btw?17:37
stephgthe ux is sufficiently messed up that updating is a pain for the wireless (I should really pull my finger out and script the wpa)17:37
faenilstephg, cool :)17:38
fk_lx_javispedro: wrong is that you cannot get involved if you are called Filip Kłębczyk17:38
faenilupdating is a pain for the wireless? XD17:38
stephgsorry, slightly a bit not entirely sober17:38
fk_lx_javispedro: if I would be called John Smith I'll probably could, unless thp would guess I'm John Smith17:38
faenilstephg, ahah :)17:39
stephgthe ux is messed up enough that getting wireless up on a clean flash is impossible17:39
faenilah okay :)17:39
stephg(this is with the reference ux, not glacier)17:39
fk_lx_javispedro: but I don't see reasons to change nickname and pretend I'm someone else17:39
fk_lx_to not get discriminated17:39
faenilstephg, what happened?17:39
stephganyway but no ux = no wireless == no updates == kinda stuck17:39
faenilwireless used to work, right? (it's been a few months I haven't booted nemo)17:40
stephgfaenil, the wireless does work, its either the setting app that's b0rken but more likely something in the rendering17:41
stephglong story short you can't hit the 'connect' button once you've entered credentials17:41
stephgthat and the vkb launches in landscape when you're in portrait and vice versa17:42
iekkuah, conversation done already. sorry was having looooong forrest walk with puppy17:42
faenilstephg, ouch17:43
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faeniliekku, which convo?17:43
stephgit's a ux thing but I've not got scripts to do the wpa stuff and NM on ubuntu is sufficiently idiotic that I've been too lazy to do the MASQ stuff with a default route for the device17:43
stephgonly asking, but it stopsme playing with shiny! new! glacier! on my knackered old n9 :)17:45
faenilhave a nice evening people! o/17:46
fk_lx_faenil: cya17:46
stephgcatch you in the morning17:46
iekkufaenil, about filing bug to nemo instead mer17:47
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vgradestephg: the ux issue came in just before FOSDEM in lipstick or jolla home , I've not got the exp in qml to progress I'm afraid.18:39
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stephghey vgrade :)18:40
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vgradesomeone did offer to trace it through but I've not had a response yet.  If I do I'll drop another image with latest sailfish18:41
stephgI'm home now so lets have a poke18:41
vgradeI think if you install then configure wlan, then zypper up you can get broken ux and working wlan18:42
vgradeux is confused about width and height18:42
stephghm, maybe related but maybe not18:43
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stephgthis is on the latest vanilla nemo image18:43
stephg(for n9), not SF18:43
stephgbut confused about width and height sounds about right18:44
stephgbuttons half off-screen etc.18:44
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sledgesstephg: launch settings app instead of lipstick ooi20:22
stephgsledges: you mean hack the systemd profile? was someone talking about that here earlier?20:23
* stephg has deja vu20:23
sledgesstop lipstick, launch settings, via ssh20:25
stephgk one sec20:25
* stephg ssh is broke, fixing...20:26
stephgwhat's settings called?20:29
sledgesnoidea :D20:30
stephglet me find the .desktop20:30
sledges(is having deja vu too)20:30
stephgneed the environment variables20:30
sledges-platform eglfs ?20:31
stephglets try that20:31
*** useretail has joined #nemomobile20:31
stephgam reading in /usr/lib/systemd/user but seem to remember theyre actually somewhere under /var20:32
stephgstrong memory there sledges :)20:32
stephgthat looks alot happier :)20:32
stephgwell sort of20:32
stephgyou have no idea20:36
stephgso settings looks lots happier but is lanscape only and the toggle is missing to switch wireless on/off20:36
stephggoing to reboot now as I think that fixed the first problem last time and will try again20:36
sledgestoggle while it is launched from lipstick, hen kill lipstick :))20:37
* stephg *hates* ubuntu 14.04 and *stypid* *nm* and *soundcloud* stopping GAH20:38
stephgsledges: to understand recursion, one must first understand recursion20:38
* stephg presses play20:39
stephgoh wow, such broken20:41
stephgoh this may be deeper20:42
stephgnow poking around my dhcp to see if it actually asked for an address20:43
stephgI see correct network info in the ssh output for qmlsettings20:43
stephg(address, netmask and so on)20:43
stephgbut it's not pingable20:43
sledgesnm must die20:43
sledgesyou mean wlan?20:44
sledgesifco fig20:44
stephgthat's all correct20:45
sledgesso settings shows Connecged too?20:45
stephgthrough flickery mess, yess20:45
stephgyou can't background it, it crashes (from the shell I mean)20:46
stephgit is connected20:46
sledgesnow it should autoconnect afger reboot20:46
stephgthese are settings entered before trying to debug20:46
stephgnow why on earth doesn't it work20:46
sledgesb0rken :)20:47
stephgstarting a ping from the n9 and it now answers pings in the other direction20:47
stephgI'm an idiot, but it's also not quite working20:48
sledgeshue hue ue20:48
stephgis that lithuanian for *slow clap* ;)20:48
* sledges is ona <2G connectio 20:48
sledges i reply to -min chat lines of yours :))20:49
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*** gogeta_ has joined #nemomobile20:52
gogeta_night guys20:52
stephggn gogeta_20:52
gogeta_hi sledges20:53
gogeta_hi stephg20:53
stephgis that infinite G sledges ?20:53
gogeta_I'm going mad20:53
stephggogeta_: why are you going mad?20:53
stephgsledges: I'm full of lies, the wireless does work it's just flaky as anything20:54
*** artemma has quit IRC20:54
gogeta_is nemo-porters matter20:54
sledges"im going slightly mad"20:54
gogeta_mad but happy20:54
sledges"it finally happened"20:55
gogeta_what sledges ?20:55
sledgesgogeta_: just singing :)20:55
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sledgesFreddy Mercury, the Queen20:56
gogeta_i know20:56
gogeta_My mother loves Freddy20:56
sledgesstephg: flaky that of n9?20:56
* stephg stabs ubuntu 14.04 nm in the face20:57
* stephg and again20:57
sledgesn e thing in logs?20:58
stephgjust done a reboot after a zypper ref;dup20:58
stephgsee if it's better20:58
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stephgwell the networking seems better, but the settings app crashes lipstick it'd seem21:00
stephganyway, it's no biggy now, the networking seems workable21:01
stephgin this channel I now patiently wait for instruction from my masters faenil and qwazix :)21:01
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gogeta_still compiling here21:09
gogeta_from two days21:09
gogeta_my device is a dependacies hell21:10
sledgesrock on \m/21:10
gogeta_to solve21:10
gogeta_i needed to rolback cyano manifest21:11
sledgeswelcome aboard ;)21:11
gogeta_but the way to go21:11
gogeta_stripoff any21:12
gogeta_or adapt that crap ?21:12
gogeta_I'm newer to both21:12
gogeta_but i didn't find any elegant approrach21:12
gogeta_an example21:12
gogeta_any vendor did some changes21:12
gogeta_and huawei also link a binaryblob21:13
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