Friday, 2014-05-23

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stephgas it's friday, and sledges isn't here:07:23
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jake9xxstephg: there's a finnish version available as well07:47
jake9xxI'm kidding and you know it :)07:50
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faenil"good" morning people!09:40
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faenilen garde!09:43
jake9xxfaenil: hyvää päivää09:44
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faeniljake9xx, that's not fair09:44
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jake9xxfaenil: ok, "hyvää" päivää then ;)09:46
faenilgah! xD09:46
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Wikiwidesledges: it's alright now, the calls couldn't be made because the balance was zero.21:24
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WikiwideBut, during a phone call I do not hear anything, on either side. And when an SMS arrives, there is no sound of notification.21:26
WikiwideHow do I check what's going on with audio?21:26
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faenilWikiwide, tried looking at the output of "journalctl" ?21:32
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Wikiwidefaenil: not-root, empty. root, too much. voicecall-ui-prestart.service entered failed state21:53
faenilWikiwide, you should copy the root output and paste it somewhere :)21:53
WikiwideOne moment...21:55
faenilthis isn't on Jolla hw right?21:56
WikiwideNokia N950 :)21:57
faenilah ok21:59
faenildon't remember what was the status there, but I can have a look :)22:00
faenilbut that's only a short part of it?22:01
WikiwideYes, pastebin limits maybe? It should be fairly representative, I hope...22:03
faenilmm well there are so many errors in that log that's it's hard to see what's expected22:03
WikiwideFilter out "Unknown theme image" : beautifying the interface is not important right now22:04
faenilyeah I know those can be ignored22:05
faenilbut the things you posted is just the startup22:05
faenilthere are many errors which may be "normal"22:05
faenilat startup22:05
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WikiwideThis is the 'full' file, at sharesend. I hope.22:06
Wikiwide6116 lines, or so.22:06
WikiwideAre you here?22:08
faenilyep sorry, having multiple conversations at once22:08
faenilWikiwide, can you tell me at what time more or less you had those issues?22:09
WikiwideWell, I installed the latest Nemo Mobile
WikiwideAnd then, I did "zypper ref; zypper dup"22:12
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faenilI meant, can you tell me what time you received the sms without hearing the sound22:13
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faenilso that I can check if there are relevant messages at that time in the log22:13
WikiwideAnd voicecall-ui notices incoming calls, and can make outgoing calls. But time of call isn't measured (could be problem with GUI) and audio is not received or transmitted.22:13
WikiwideOne moment...22:13
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Wikiwide23/05/2014 at time 08:29, should be one of the SMS22:18
WikiwideNot helpful since log begins from 08:56, right?22:20
faenildoes anything related to sound work?22:20
faenilMay 23 08:57:01 localhost start-pulseaudio[392]: E: [pulseaudio] main.c: Daemon startup failed.22:20
faenilMay 23 08:57:01 localhost systemd[357]: pulseaudio.service: control process exited, code=exited status=122:20
faenilMay 23 08:57:01 localhost systemd[357]: Unit pulseaudio.service entered failed state.22:20
faenilthis is not happy22:20
WikiwideMay 23 09:56:34 another one22:21
WikiwideNo, the phone is absolutely silent.22:21
faenilahhhh okay then! I thought you only had issues with the ringtones!22:21
faenil(and in call audio922:22
faenilMay 23 08:57:06 localhost start-pulseaudio[473]: W: [pulseaudio] authkey.c: Failed to open cookie file '/home/nemo/.config/pulse/cookie': No such file or directory22:23
faenilMay 23 08:57:06 localhost start-pulseaudio[473]: W: [pulseaudio] authkey.c: Failed to load authorization key '/home/nemo/.config/pulse/cookie': No such file or directory22:23
faenilok, I don't know much about pulseaudio22:23
WikiwideWho does? Hopefully, he will skim the logs...22:24
faenilI don't know :/ maybe sledges already knows about this issue22:24
faenilWikiwide, do you have pulseaudio-settings-n950 installed?22:26
faenilshow me output of "rpm -qa | grep pulse"22:26
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faenilit's half past midnight here :) if you're busy at the moment no problem ;) I'll go to bed :D22:28
faenilah.... :/22:28
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marxistveganhey folks I am a nokia n9 user looking to install nemomobile...just chiming in as I look over the installation instructions22:41
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marxistveganjust out of curiosity those with the Nokia N9 have you upgraded your kernel from the 2.6?22:52
merlin1991nope, preordered a jolla ...22:53
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louisdkmarxistvegan, I far as I know it's not possible to upgrade the kernel, do to locked bootloader. Btw ordered a Jolla too.23:03
marxistveganlouisdk: ahh well damn23:03
marxistveganlouisdk: is nemomobile wayland ok for daily driver OS?23:07
marxistveganI am toying with it23:07
louisdkmarxistvegan, so if you want to dualboot with SailfishOS  or Android it's only possible if you run it on top of the stock kernel.23:07
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louisdkmarxistvegan, to be hornest I think not. However you can setup a dualboot with MeeGo Harmattan, so you always can go back if something goes wrong.23:09
marxistveganlouisdk: that is the thought...i am bummed, cause I really loved my old n900 before it was stolen and just sort of dissappointed in the hacking abilities of the n923:09
marxistveganI have had the phone for a year and works great in harmattan, was just hoping that nemo would bring back some of the things i have missed i.e. real terminal instead of busybox23:10
marxistveganthat and mumble23:10
*** thiagoss has joined #nemomobile23:12
thiagossHi, I just stumbled on and I think this would be nice to have in upstream gstreamer.23:13
thiagossWho should I talk to?23:13
louisdkI know how you feel. Have you tried running "apt-cache search bash" to see if bash is on the repo (don't remember). There's also Openrepos where you can find a lot of updated packages for the N9 including bash:
louisdkmarxistvegan, It doesn’t seem like Mumble is available for the N9. However as it's open source, It should be possible to build it yourself: - You can join #Mumble for help on that :)23:24
marxistveganlouisdk: this is true...and I am an avid user of is the reason I have a hard time deciding to leave harmattan or not23:25
marxistvegani am debian user at heart so the move to rpm makes it a hard jump23:25
louisdkmarxistvegan, I haven't had any problems with openrepos. There ain’t many choices out there. You could wait for a stable Ubuntu release, however they develop a lot in-house and want to use Mir etc.23:28
marxistveganlouisdk: yeah this is true...I guess I will stay with harmattan, maybe looking into porting mumble and maybe even pidgin and otr would be nice23:29
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louisdkmarxistvegan, happy hacking. You should throw it up on openrepos then. Personally I prefer build-in "Messenger" app rather than a stand-a-lone pidgin app on my phone .23:31
marxistveganlouisdk: oh i agree...if i knew how to get the built in messenger to use OTR I would do it23:32
louisdkmarxistvegan, yearh okay. What are you thoughts about Jolla and Sailfish OS?23:34
marxistveganlouisdk: i like where the meego work has gone cause I feel a lot of those developers were the ones that nokia layed off23:35
marxistveganI would like to test them out as well, though would prefer to have a daily driver phone in place of the hacking one so I can hack and not lose the phone23:36
louisdkmarxistvegan, I'll recommend you trying out SailfishOS on your N9. You can make a Harmattan/Sailfish dualboot, so you can use Harmattan at daily basis and then play with Sailfish when you want. Making a dualboot should affect the stock Harmattan.23:39
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marxistveganlouisdk: oh cool I will try nice to take a look at that OS23:39
louisdkmarxistvegan, good idea. I've used the Jolla phone for a couple of mouths and it's nice to have an open Linux phone, with a modern UI and a company backing it up. encourage you to hack and participate in the future of SailfishOS, although some UI parts are still closed sourced to avoid getting ripped off. And the hardware does not have a locked bootloader.23:44
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louisdkAnd if you don't want/can't buy it from their official store, you can find some phones in very good condition on ebay for a lower price.23:46
marxistveganlouisdk: good thought :)23:46
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