Saturday, 2014-05-31

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faenilmorning people :)09:33
tbrmoaning faenil09:35
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fk_lx_I have question why I was kicked and banned from #mer #mer-meeting #jollamobile #libhybris ?10:36
fk_lx_Does someone personal reasons and false asumptions of harassment are enough for that?10:36
fk_lx_Isn't that what the whole problem is about - putting personal conflicts in to the technical sphere?10:37
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fk_lx_how those mentioned channels are associated with Mr. Munk wife?10:38
fk_lx_The answer is they are not associated10:40
fk_lx_Stskeeps treats those channels as his private property if he does such things like bans for personal reasons10:40
fk_lx_it's no longer community but his private manorial farm10:41
vgradefk_lx_: this it off topic10:42
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faenilfk_lx_, don't expect any reply from me, given that you're capable of taking everything people say and turn it against them. You don't deserve any reply, not from myself, at least. Congrats for what you have created.10:42
fk_lx_excluding someone (in this case me) from the channels is exactly the same thing Thomas Perl did10:42
fk_lx_vgrade: it is on topic10:42
fk_lx_vgrade: aren't mer and nemomobile supposed to be merged10:42
fk_lx_vgrade: isn't nemo using mer on the lower parts10:43
fk_lx_faenil: nope, that's what Carsten, Thomas, Jolla the company and people like you have created10:43
fk_lx_faenil: don't put blame on me10:43
fk_lx_faenil: for this reckless behavior10:43
fk_lx_the more you all are continuing it all, the more you are discreding yourselves10:45
fk_lx_belive me or not, but it won't be me in the end that will be ashamed of himself10:46
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fk_lx_this sick construct that has been built will collapse itself10:47
fk_lx_it's only a matter of time10:47
* faenil is off to the canteen, cya later people10:47
fk_lx_the easiest solution - run away, but you cannot run away whole life from problems10:47
fk_lx_and if someone is forcing someone to change at all cost, using psychomanipulation, which I was a victim of, he should ask himself "Why I'm doing it? Why I wanted to change this guy?"10:48
fk_lx_the answer is usually in someone's own internal problems10:49
fk_lx_abuse is never the right way10:49
fk_lx_those that trying to hurt me are in fact hurting themselves10:50
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fk_lx_the price for that abusing is abuser own well-being and a guilty conscience10:52
fk_lx_if I were you faenil I wouldn't be proud of myself at all10:53
fk_lx_vgrade: I hope at least you aren't supporting abusive behaviors, you seemed like a wise person10:57
fk_lx_so I will repeat once again why I was kicked and banned from #mer #mer-meeting #jollamobile #libhybris ?11:00
fk_lx_can someone explain me that11:01
fk_lx_that's what you call a community? you think everything is ok?11:02
fk_lx_all that are supporting this to continue are at fault11:04
fk_lx_it's a matter of time that press will get themselves interested and psychology experts will start speaking about whole case ane people behaviour11:07
fk_lx_I feel really sorry for you people11:07
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faenilback o/12:55
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faenilvgrade, what are you up to these days :)13:00
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vgradefaenil: been doing some sailfish porting13:01
faenilvgrade, on what :P13:03
vgradewell did a kickstart for n950 then did some work on nexus one and 513:04
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vgradenexus 5 is looking good, sensors are blocking atm but most else is working13:06
faenilvgrade, wasn't there already a ks for n950?13:07
faenilvgrade, glad to know that n5 port is coming up good :)13:07
vgradefaenil: not sure if there was a sailfish ks13:08
vgrademight haev missed it13:08
faenilvgrade, oh, I always thought there was one :)13:08
vgradethere may have been an internal one13:09
faenildon't know, I must be misremembering ;)13:09
faenilI thought there was a community ks by you or someone else, nvm ;)13:10
Aardvgrade: you could've just asked me :p13:10
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vgradethanks Aard13:11
Aardnote that u7 will come with new systemd -> won't boot with old nemo kernel13:11
vgradeAard: thanks for the heads up. I think there was some work going on with kernel upgade13:12
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faenilAard, holy f13:13
faenilAard, so what happens to Nemo?13:13
Aardvgrade: and again, if somebody would bother spending time to move the n9/n900 adaptation packages to gitpackaging with webhooks I'd be able to do some trial before releasing on n913:14
tbrfaenil: it's the sneaky return of the compliance spec ;-รพ13:14
faenilAard, please, do you know anyone who could help out with the issues pointed out here?13:15
Aardfaenil: there's still an old systemd around, but you won't be happy in the long term with that. I've posted a warning about that change coming eventually on tme several month ago13:15
faenilI reached filippz (the guy working on kernel project) yesterday13:15
faeniland he updated the wiki page...he needs help with CMT and USB and camera13:15
faenilAard, yeah I was aware of the change, I just didn't know when it would happen precisely13:16
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Aardfaenil: back then I said "about 3 months", iirc, and i think I did the warning over 3 months ago :)13:16
faenilMSameer will help with the camera as I was told13:16
faenilAard, yeah not blaming you for anything :P13:16
Aardfaenil: and see above, right now I'm not touching anything hw-adaptation specific for n9. I'd be willing to dedicate a bit more time on that again if it'd be git-packaged/webhooked, but in the current state it does not have much value for testing jolla stack on it13:17
MSameerfaenil: my understanding is filippz managed to get camera running13:18
vgradeAard: faenil I'd be willing to help with this13:18
faenilAard, isn't it webhooked already? :/13:18
faenilMSameer, today? he didn't get it running until yesterday, but he said he had some tests to do and he had a chance to get it working13:19
Aardfaenil: last time I checked, no. to be fair, it was ~3 months ago, and back then everybody involved was "meh, monkey work, don't want to do it"13:19
MSameerfaenil: I thought he did long ago and thus I stopped bothering13:19
Aardso I don't expect it to be webhooked13:19
faenilAard, oh I see, isn't it just about actually creating the webhook in the webui?13:19
Aardfaenil: no, the packages are still traditional packages on obs. you need to move them to git packaging, and then do the webhook13:20
vgradeAard: some of the n950 adaptation packages have deps on some X parts which got removed from jolla core, these would need striping also13:20
Aardand while you're at it consider if some of the packages can be dropped or moved13:20
Aardvgrade: no stripping there should be needed, last time I checked13:21
faenilAard, I see, I don't even remember how to do the move to git packaging, will check the wiki when I want to spend time on it13:22
faenilvgrade, so you can help with CMT?13:22
faenilthat would be great :)13:22
Aardthe TL;DR is: if community provides webhooked git packages (=I can build it with sailfish internally as well) I'll spend some of my free time to ship patterns on jolla repos + configuration variants for N9 with sailfish releases, so that it should be possible to dump all the hacks you're doing13:23
Aardwe can't ship the hw-adaptation, obviously, so that'd need to point to nemo obs. but that's not an issue if things are cleaned up properly13:24
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filippzHi everybody13:25
faenilwe summoned filippz :)13:25
filippzMSameer: camera is working in yavta - so libomap3cadm is to blame13:25
MSameerfilippz: that's easy to resolve by wrapping it and loaing it via dlopen13:25
MSameeror rather "easier"13:26
faenilfilippz, do you have push notifications when the word kernel is used in this channel? :D13:26
MSameerfaenil: when his name gets mentioned13:26
filippzI'm playing with FCam binary from Harmattan (it includes 3A)13:26
MSameerfilippz: I can help with the gstreamer bits13:27
filippzstruct v4l2_event got changed and it crashes FCam, but I thin I'll get it running13:27
MSameercan even move the stack to gstreamer 1.0 if people want to13:27
MSameerbut i am not going to everse engineer 3A :D13:27
filippzMSameer: If I get FCam running, you are more than welcome to write subdevsrc replacement :)13:28
MSameerfilippz: dlopen and mangle the structs (ugly but what else can we do)13:28
filippzI'm trying to use old v4l_event struct for now, and see what breaks13:29
filippzCMT is a big problem  right now, but there are patches for N900 that we can try13:30
MSameerthere is a set of patches too for CMT13:30
MSameerat least the wiki has links13:30
filippzThose are from 2.6 and produce "wakeline test failed"13:31
MSameeri am however not that free these days. trying to stabilize cameraplus for sailfish13:31
vgradefaenil: the offer was for packaging and hooks, not sure I'd be able to contribure much to CMT13:32
faenilvgrade, ah I see, I thought I did bingo :D13:34
filippzDoes anybody know how C handles binary compatibility when union is used in struct?13:36
MSameerfilippz: all structs share the same memory. what exactly has changed?13:37
tbrfaenil: you could also poke kimju, he did quite some work on the N900 kernel back then. maybe he could give you some hints about the CMT code in the N9 kernel. Although I don't remember how similar the hardware was.13:38
filippzMSameer: take a look at
MSameerfilippz: it's _exactly_ of the same size so we are safe13:42
MSameerfilippz: the whole struct itself: a new member got added and reserved got decremented so that part is fine13:42
MSameerfilippz: union shares the same memory and the union size has not changed13:42
kimjutbr, CMT is the modem chip? I don't think I did anything related to that13:43
tbrkimju: yes13:43
tbrkimju: seems the n9 code is grumpy after being forward ported and doesn't want to talk to the modem13:43
filippzMSameer: VIDIOC_DQEVENT has changed from 0x8078569 to 0x8218720113:44
tbr for details13:44
MSameerfilippz: i don't have the source ATM to check but struct size is the same. union size is also the same13:44
MSameerapparently I don't understand the problem13:45
filippzDecripting 0x82187201 show that the "argument size" is 120 bytes, however FCam sends VIDIOC_DQEVENT as 0x80785659 (argument size of 119 bytes)13:47
filippzargument size being size of v4l_event struct13:48
filippzNevermind - I'll figure it out (ie stumble on a solution by trial and error)13:48
MSameerfilippz: what do you use to print the size?13:49
filippzNothing - I0m comparing ioctl numbers and using to see what measn what13:51
MSameerbut the change in the struct is ABI compatible13:52
filippzVIDIOC_DQEVENT is defined as _IOR('V', 89, struct v4l2_event) - in both kernels - only v4l2_event has changed13:53
MSameerit has changed but sizeof(struct v4l2_event) should return the same value13:54
fk_lx_so I will repeat once again why I was kicked and banned from #mer #mer-meeting #jollamobile #libhybris ?13:54
fk_lx_as no one explained me that13:54
fk_lx_MSameer: maybe you would care to answer that?13:56
MSameerfk_lx_: I was not in those channels when you got kicked so I have no idea13:56
fk_lx_MSameer: so let me paste you something13:57
fk_lx_fk_lx_ was kicked from #jollamobile by Stskeeps [OUT. Not okay to harass people's wifes.]13:57
MSameerfk_lx_: I suggest you contact freenode IRC network staff and inform them the whole story. I am sure they will help you13:57
Morpog_PC___well, there you have it, no stay ontopic please13:57
fk_lx_Morpog_PC___: what?13:58
MSameerfk_lx_: I suggest you contact freenode IRC network staff and inform them the whole story. I am sure they will help you13:58
fk_lx_Morpog_PC___: I don't accept kicking and baning somebody for personal reasons not related to those projects13:59
Morpog_PC___fine for you13:59
Morpog_PC___i respect that13:59
Morpog_PC___now pls stay on topic13:59
fk_lx_Morpog_PC___: unless we assume that all thos channels are private manorial farm of Mr. Munk13:59
fk_lx_but then why not telling about that from beginning14:00
fk_lx_Morpog_PC___: it is on topic Mer and Nemo are supossed to merge14:00
fk_lx_Morpog_PC___: it's highly related with the name of this channel14:00
fk_lx_MSameer: you can do that for me even earlier14:00
Morpog_PC___only nemomobile mw, glcier ui is to stay i guess14:00
fk_lx_whatever, it's all connected14:01
fk_lx_nemomoble uses mer14:01
MSameerfk_lx_: what do you want me to do for you?14:01
fk_lx_MSameer: contact freenode IRC network staff14:01
fk_lx_MSameer: I might not have time for that right now14:01
Morpog_PC___you can do that by yourself, you weren't shy contacting everyone else in the world in the last days14:02
fk_lx_MSameer: I think it's a good idea what you proposed14:02
MSameerfk_lx_: I am extremely busy to do that. I wish I could14:02
fk_lx_MSameer: ah, I see14:02
MSameerfk_lx_: I also don't understand the whole situation and I am sure you will explain it better than me14:02
fk_lx_Morpog_PC___: well I wouldn't call that contacting everyone in the world14:02
faenilright, there are some newspapers in Congo left I think14:03
fk_lx_faenil: funny as usual14:03
fk_lx_faenil: I'm sure you won't be laughing in the end, when the truth comes out14:04
faenilI'm looking forward to whatever puts an end to this mess14:04
fk_lx_faenil: I know solution, simple one to end it14:04
fk_lx_faenil: Carsten must finally tell the truth14:04
fk_lx_faenil: I think that would cause this sick situation to end14:05
fk_lx_faenil: of company putting the dust undert the carpet14:05
fk_lx_now there is a big mountain of dust undert the carpet14:05
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fk_lx_the company was not even able to react to my open letter, so as I've suspected some Jolla fans abused me today on Twitter14:08
fk_lx_faenil: btw. you can help getting media attention by retweeting my tweets with link to my page14:10
fk_lx_faenil: I think that would lead to faster end of this mess14:10
fk_lx_faenil: you know if Jolla was so ok and doesn't have anything to hide they shouldn't be afraid of more buzz around them, that could make their brand more recognizable14:11
fk_lx_especially if you think I'm such a bad person and totally wrong here14:12
MSameerfk_lx_: our opinions does not matter an you will not listen to them anyway.14:13
MSameerfk_lx_: the bottom line is: If you believe you are correct then go on14:13
MSameerfk_lx_: if you believe that you are wrong then stop doing it14:13
MSameeryou have a mind to think. you are an adult and you are responsible14:14
fk_lx_MSameer: yes I know your opinions I listen to what you are saying now, but that doesn't mean I need to agree with them14:14
MSameerthat is also true14:14
fk_lx_MSameer: I belive I'm correct, as there so many lies were written about me and also the company behavior is reckless14:15
faenilAard, so, do you happen to know anyone who could help with CMT? :/14:15
fk_lx_so I believe I need to lead this whole case to clarity14:15
faenilAard, or anyone I could ask if he knows anyone :P14:15
fk_lx_MSameer: I also believe that there shouldn't be a space on the market for companies acting so recklessly like Jolla14:16
MSameerfk_lx_: do you believe that Microsoft is a good company?14:16
filippzMSameer: I recalculated VIDIOC_DQEVENT and in 3.5 (0x80805659) it expecting v4l2_event to be 128 bytes (it is), but FCam (0x80785659) is expecting it to be 120 bytes14:17
fk_lx_employees not controlling their emotions, mixing private and company stuff, I could go on14:17
fk_lx_MSameer: well here I talk about Jolla14:17
MSameerfilippz: how did you calculate it?14:17
fk_lx_MSameer: for Microsoft I would go to #microsoft14:17
fk_lx_that would be more appropriate place14:18
MSameerfk_lx_: but this is #nemomobile and not #jolla14:18
fk_lx_MSameer: which is based on #mer, channel from which I was kicked14:18
fk_lx_MSameer: btw. wasn't harbour pointing to #nemomobile about Python14:18
filippzMSameer: I caught ioctls and used to see what's different14:18
fk_lx_MSameer: I guess it still does14:18
fk_lx_MSameer: correct, it still does14:19
filippzMSameer: if 2.6 size is also 128 bytes how does this work in Harmattan  is beyond me14:20
MSameerfilippz: but that is impossible14:20
MSameerfilippz: if the snippets you pasted are correct then the struct is the same14:20
MSameerfilippz: it has 12 ints (9 reserved + 3 members) * 4 = 4814:21
MSameer48 + 64 * 1 (union) = 11214:21
fk_lx_MSameer: anyway thank you for your valid point about Freenode, why I haven't thought about it14:22
MSameeri don't know how the struct member is represented memory-wise14:22
fk_lx_MSameer: bye14:22
MSameerfk_lx_: good luck14:22
fk_lx_MSameer: thanks14:22
MSameerfilippz: it might be padding14:22
filippzMSameer: sizeof(struc v4l2_event) gives me 128 - I'm doing something wrong aren't I?14:24
MSameeryou are not14:24
MSameerare you doing that for 2.6 or 3.5?14:24
MSameerwhich header contains that?14:27
MSameerlet me try to check here14:27
MSameer120 here14:29
MSameeri can try with arm target14:29
MSameerbut the headers might be different14:30
MSameeronly thing I can think of is padding14:31
filippzMaybe some compilation option makes difference... I had enough for now, I'll retry this evening.14:33
filippzMSameer: Thanks for your time!14:33
vgradeMSameer: filippz relevent14:33
MSameerwill keep digging14:33
MSameerfilippz: but note that I build in x86 and got 120. same struct with arm -> 12814:34
MSameervgrade: YES14:35
MSameerit is that14:35
MSameeror maybe not14:35
MSameerbut it's close enough14:35
filippzMSameer: I see, it's something crazy - not only me:) I tend to stumble on strangest things.14:35
filippzvgrade: thank you for the link!14:36
vgradethank google14:36
faenil"The compiler decided to align this value at a 64 bit boundary and also align the reserved array by another 4 bytes, resulting in a struct v4l2_event_ctrl with size increase of 8 bytes"14:36
faenilsounds interesting :p14:36
filippzfaenil: interesting? Is that the right word for it? ;)14:37
MSameerso sizes as we calculated them are correct14:37
MSameerit's the padding/alignment then14:38
filippzI have to go for now, bbl!14:39
*** filippz has quit IRC14:39
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iekkuhmmm, some persons have left this channel because of too much off topic conversation14:45
vgradehi iekku , I'm still here but would like less OT14:53
iekkuvgrade, good14:53
iekkuthat you are here :)14:53
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faeniliekku, who left?15:09
*** Milhouse has quit IRC15:14
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*** zbenjamin has quit IRC15:23
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*** Milhouse has joined #nemomobile15:28
iekkuhmm, seems to be missunderstanding from my side. when checking list those are still here.15:44
*** phdeswer has joined #nemomobile15:56
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*** zbenjamin has joined #nemomobile16:45
vgradelinks for faenil16:45
faenilah right16:46
faenilyou mean the new people16:46
faenilyeah the first one has been here for a while already :)16:47
stephghehe no problem16:54
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*** jalomann has joined #nemomobile17:19
vgradeseems openvz kernel based on 2.6.32 runs systemd 21117:25
vgradejust a 46MB patch against 2.6.32 !17:26
phdeswervgrade: I guess it is just some more obscure kernel options that need to be compiled in.17:26
phdeswerOf course it would be nice if systemd was actually sane and would not require all those things and just boot with less functionality.17:26
vgradecgroups.proc seems to be the reason for 3.0 compat17:27
phdeswerWhich is nonsense as you don't ever need cgroups to run a system well.17:29
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*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:03
vgradehi piggz18:08
piggzlo vgrade18:08
piggzwhats ocurring?18:08
vgradenot seen you around, how did you qt talk go?18:08
piggzit only appened on wednesday evening ... seemed ok, ppl seemed impressed and wanted to see through code and demos after18:09
piggzim not the best presenter, i probably spoke too fast and i know i missed some bits id have liked to mention, but, that was kinda the point of doing it, to get better18:10
vgradesounds like it went well.18:10
piggzit never ocurred to me, but most were ios/android users, and i presented via BB Z10 connected via hdmi, then gave a demo immediately after with a Moga bluetooth gamepad they seemed impressed by the technology18:11
piggzvgrade: this is me :)
vgradegood to give a view of the alterantives18:13
* piggz pondering putting a new nemo on my n95018:20
stephgpiggz: nemo's in a fair state of broken atm :(18:22
piggzstephg: i'll stick to app development then :)18:23
piggzstill hoping for a sailfish n950 some day18:23
piggzi was going through my box of unused phones, and there is quite a lot :) n950 2xn9 n900 c700 5800 asha-something htc-hero, some old htc-win5 phones18:26
piggzhehe, thx for the RT vgrade18:27
piggzoh, and a lumia 70018:28
*** arcean_ has quit IRC18:28
vgradepiggz: quite a collection18:29
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