Sunday, 2014-06-15

stephgryukafalz: what do you have to hand devices-wise?00:31
ryukafalzstephg: I've only got a Sprint Galaxy Nexus at the moment :(00:34
ryukafalzSo unsupported, and also CDMA, which I understand is a problem due to lack of ofono support00:34
stephgand also, ah00:35
ryukafalzactually I think someone's gotten Nemo running on a GSM GNex00:35
ryukafalzstill, no CDMA00:35
stephgthere may be hope for that once the Sailfish HADK comes out00:35
stephgit can run CM 10.x right?00:35
* ryukafalz plans on switching to T-Mobile at some point00:35
ryukafalzit can indeed00:35
ryukafalzbut I think ofono still needs to support it for radio support00:36
stephgpass, I don't know how abstracted things are00:36
ryukafalzat least, that was the explanation I always found re: ubuntu touch00:36
ryukafalzwhich is similar00:36
stephgwell that's hybris underneath too afaik00:36
ryukafalzyeah, though with extra drama :P00:37
stephgso you're in the US? are you east or west?00:37
stephgreason I ask is the folks that can better answer your questions are all asleep now00:37
stephgcool, so there is a fair overlap then time-wise00:37
ryukafalzhaha, I know, it's not much of a question though as I already know the answers mostly ;)00:38
stephgbut if you want to get hacking...00:38
ryukafalzoh, the "how Glacier is coming" bit00:38
stephgwell that too00:38
stephgwhere in NJ if you don't mind me asking00:38
ryukafalzGlassboro since I go to Rowan00:39
* stephg gets google maps open00:39
ryukafalzit's up by philly00:39
stephgI had a cage in NJ that I had to move to another cage in NJ a few years back so was over there for several weeks00:40
stephgthat was all northeast tho00:40
stephgrather than down there00:40
ryukafalzCage as in datacenter cage/00:41
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ryukafalzHuh, work for a hosting company or something?00:42
stephgall around Newark basically00:42
ryukafalz...NAC? :P00:42
stephgha no, was a startup but long before the cloud had happened and whilst we were founded in London the main POP was there00:43
ryukafalzAhh, okay00:45
stephggood times, but I'm glad I don't have to deal with physical things anymore00:45
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ryukafalzI work for a hosting company that has servers in NAC's DC00:46
ryukafalznever actually been there though00:46
stephgwell, even then, the scale of the stuff I saw in Secaucus was seriously impressive, much, much larger that more or less anything you'd see this side of the pond00:49
stephgbut we're off-topic!00:49
stephgbeg borrow or steal a nexus 4 ;)00:49
ryukafalzI definitely plan on getting a Nexus 4 once I switch to t-mo00:50
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile00:50
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o faenil00:50
ryukafalzThey're surprisingly still expensive though D:00:50
stephgthey're good devices, slippery as anything tho00:51
faenilITALY WINS!00:51
stephgohai faenil00:51
* stephg facepalm00:51
ryukafalzI'm kinda considering a Nexus 5 too00:51
stephgitaly weren't all that00:51
faenilstephg, :p00:52
ryukafalzhonestly the Nexus 4's shiny back is making me want it a lot though XD00:52
stephgn5 shouldn't be too far behind for nemo-ish things btw00:52
stephgso isn't a bad bet00:52
stephgryukafalz: that shiny back - I have it on record from several colleagues - will leave *any* surface you put it on when you're not looking00:52
stephgall on it's own00:53
stephgfaenil: I get to wear two hats, but sadly both of those hats lost tonight ;)00:53
faenilstephg, eheh00:54
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ryukafalzstephg: But it's so shiny!00:56
ryukafalzand matrix-y!00:57
ryukafalz(just need a good case for it)00:57
faenilgood night people :)00:57
stephggnight faenil00:57
stephgwell given there'll be no n6 you should get what you can00:58
ryukafalzwait what?00:58
stephgthey're winding it up or absorbing it into something else (or something)00:58
stephgI don't pay that much attention to the nexuses00:58
stephglet me try and find a link00:58
ryukafalzI mean they can't get up to 7 again because, well... :P01:00
stephgwell that too :)01:00
stephgbtw you could get one of them as well, and they're cheap as chips:
ryukafalzoh I actually do have one of those01:00
stephg2012 or 2013 ;)01:01
ryukafalz2012 N701:01
ryukafalzspecifically for trying out alt-OSes :P01:01
stephgwell is a reference for Ubuntu right?01:01
ryukafalzI do need to get around to figuring out the Nemo build process01:01
stephgreference device I mean01:01
ryukafalzformerly, haha01:01
ryukafalzthey've moved to 201301:01
stephgoh really?01:02
ryukafalzit's been a while01:02
* ryukafalz checks01:02
ryukafalzbut yeah I've got my N7 running a few different things with multirom01:03
stephgall android or anything more exotic?01:03
ryukafalzneed to figure out how to build a Nemo image with that because I actually do have some important-ish stuff on the main android install now01:03
ryukafalzAndroid, Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Active01:03
stephgoh you have Plasma Active on there? how recent?01:03
ryukafalznot too recent, I think from around when PA 4 came out01:04
stephgagain I can't really help but folks that hang out here can01:04
ryukafalzyeah, need to figure out the build process so I can build my own images instead of relying on the ones at the PA release site01:04
ryukafalzit's probably pretty easy, just haven't had the time :P01:05
stephgwel sometimes all you need is pointing in the right direction01:05
ryukafalzalso need to adapt to general Mer packages so I can make a Nemo multirom image01:05
stephghm a year old01:06
ryukafalzit still works afaik01:06
ryukafalzunless something's really changed with mer stuff in that year01:06
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC01:06
ryukafalzcould be that it hasn't changed because it hasn't had to be changed :P01:07
stephgno fair enough, afaik nothing in mer should have changed that drastically01:07
stephgnemo otoh01:08
ryukafalzsure, but I don't think it's anything nemo-specific... well it's not for nemo actually so it wouldn't be XD01:08
ryukafalzthe question is if it'll work for making nemo images without much modification01:08
ryukafalzwhich I think it *should* if I'm understanding things correctly01:09
stephgyes, it should01:09
stephganyway ryukafalz is bed time01:12
ryukafalzhaha alrighty01:13
stephgcome back in the morning, and chat to lbt and sledges they'll be able to get you a bazillion miles further than I can01:13
ryukafalzduly noted haha01:13
stephganyway have a good one and speak to you soon01:14
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locusfglad to see activity during the night :)09:17
*** jreznik has quit IRC09:24
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faenillocusf, morning! :)09:30
locusfhey faenil09:31
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile09:32
locusfjust watching eng-ita09:32
*** FlameReaper-PC has joined #nemomobile09:32
faenilenjoy! :)09:35
sledgeslocusf: don't read the backlog then :D09:38
sledgesspoiler alert :))09:38
vgradefaenil: /me did not enjoy09:40
faenilvgrade, condolences09:41
*** useretail has joined #nemomobile09:50
locusfit was a shortened rerun09:54
locusfand I did read the backlog lol :)10:03
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locusfnow I gotta make the statusbar so that items appear on top of it instead of below10:09
locusflike on applications page I see that the close all overlaps with the battery icon10:10
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile10:11
*** Venemo has joined #nemomobile10:14
*** furikku has joined #nemomobile10:16
* faenil wants to work on nemo :/10:16
locusfstudies stopping you?10:16
locusfI should too work on my thesis but I find that coding is much more pleasurable :)10:17
bencohlocusf: isnt your thesis *about* nemo/mobile ux ?10:21
*** alin has joined #nemomobile10:25
locusfbencoh: yes it basically is10:25
locusfI explore both open source and ux aspects of nemo on it10:25
faenillocusf, yeah, too busy :(10:25
locusfglacier being the focus10:25
locusffaenil: its ok :)10:26
faenillocusf, coolest thesis evah10:26
faenilmaybe too much implementation oriented, but at least it's fun :)10:26
locusfsure, our department is quite loose on the subject of them10:27
locusfbut I have managed to create a good theoretical base by exploring both open source and user experience theories10:27
bencohlocusf: then you are actually working on your thesis :)10:27
locusfbencoh: hehe indeed :)10:27
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stephgmorning all10:34
locusfhey stephg10:35
faenilstephg, hey10:40
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locusfhmm I desperately need the icons from sandy_locke10:51
locusfI don't wanna use the jolla ones forever :)10:51
*** MFaro-Tusino has joined #nemomobile10:53
locusfalso I don't think there is a contextkit property for enabled nfc10:55
*** dharman has joined #nemomobile10:56
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deztructorlocusf: there is no yet. but you can write provider for it ;) there is only a provider reporting backcover state written by MSameer11:12
*** jreznik has quit IRC11:13
locusfdeztructor: okay :)11:15
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locusfdoes anybody know how to blur a parent item but not its children?11:43
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speciallocusf: QML?11:54
locusfspecial: yes11:55
specialwhat are you using for the blur? shader?11:55
locusfwith FastBlur11:55
specialwell, the first question is whether your parent actually *must* be a parent item11:56
specialthe answer is almost certainly no11:57
locusfit has to be11:58
locusfits the root item that holds all the child rectangles for a itemized statusbar11:59
special..does FastBlur actually blur what's behind a transparent rectangle?12:00
locusfthis one blurs the background too12:00
locusfbut it also creates a glowing effect on the child items12:00
specialItem { Rectangle { anchors.fill: parent; FastBlur { ... } } Rectangle { id: cellular ... } }12:01
specialwhy can't the background be the lowest-stacked sibling instead of the parent?12:01
locusfwell I haven't thought of that12:01
locusfhmm now the blur isn't applied to the background either12:04
locusflet me grab a screenshot, wait a moment12:05
special"Note: It is not supported to let the effect include itself, for instance by setting source to the effect's parent."12:09
specialso it sounds like FastBlur should be a sibling of the background item, not its child12:10
locusfhas anyone seen this, a great idea by qwazix :)12:11
locusfthe idea I'm trying to create is in here:
* special idly wonders how FastBlur is implemented12:14
locusfwould it be easier with a shader?12:15
specialthe answer is "with shaders"12:15
specialjust make FastBlur a sibling of its source instead of a child of its source and see if that helps.12:15
locusfnow the effect isn't applied to the background :p12:17
locusfI moved the FastBlur to MainScreen and its now a sibling of the statusbar12:18
situgiucam: I get this stacktrace when I try to connect a wayland client with example qml compositor , any ideas how to fix it ?12:21
giucamsitu: debug it ;)12:23
*** piggz has quit IRC12:23
giucamdebug symbols would help12:23
situgiucam: Also I get this message when compositor starts : Failed to initialize egl display. Could not get EglDisplay for window.12:24
giucamsitu: that would explain the crash12:24
situgiucam: So what am I missing here ?12:24
situI could not get much information about this crash on google.12:26
giucamsitu: what's your $EGL_PLATFORM?12:28
situgiucam: It's not set.12:28
giucamsitu: set it to fbdev12:28
situgiucam: still crashes12:31
giucamsitu: is the egl error still there?12:31
situgiucam: Yes12:32
giucamsitu: what qpa platform are you using? fbdev?12:32
situgiucam: I have not changed any settings. what is the default one ?12:33
*** useretail has quit IRC12:33
giucamsitu: the default one is usually xcb, but check the QT_QPA_PLATFORM env var12:33
situQT_QPA_PLATFORM not defined.12:34
giucamah, i'm stupid. of course it crashes12:35
giucamrset that to fbdev12:35
giucami should have seen it from the backtrace12:35
situgiucam: Set QT_QPA_PLATFORM to fbdev ?12:35
giucamsitu: yes12:36
giucamsitu: sorry, eglfs, not fbdev12:37
giucamsitu: you can also pass it with the -platform option instead of setting the env var12:37
giucamsitu: sudo !!12:38
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile12:38
giucamor put your user in the video group12:38
situgiucam: Fatal: Failed to open server socket12:39
giucamsitu: right, XDG_CONFIG_DIR problems. put your user in the video group and try with that12:39
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC12:39
*** Pat_o has joined #nemomobile12:39
situgiucam: Is that fine if I execute as root user ?12:42
giucamsitu: as long you have a valid XDG_CONFIG_DIR set up, but it's better to not run the compositor as rtoot anyway12:42
giucamsitu: RUNTIME, not CONFIG12:43
giucamtoday i'm kinda disconnected12:43
situgiucam: It happens with me too, no problems.12:44
*** pat_o_ has joined #nemomobile12:44
giucamsitu: did you relogin?12:46
situgiucam: nope12:46
giucamadding a group doesn't take effect until you relogin12:46
situgiucam: Now this
*** someguy213 has joined #nemomobile12:49
*** pat_o_ has quit IRC12:49
giucamsitu: are you on hw or in the emulator?12:49
giucami.e. is the gl stack mesa or hybris?12:49
situI am running it on fedora 20 (not in nemo).12:50
vgradesitu: ah. did you follow
situon hardware.12:50
giucamsitu: wait, you mean you're trying to run it on top of x?12:50
situgiucam: Right12:50
giucamsitu: aaaaaaaahh12:51
giucamsitu: then set the qpa platform to xcb12:51
giucamsitu: and unset EGL_PLATFORM12:51
*** useretail has joined #nemomobile12:52
situgiucam: That starts the compositor, but it crashes when I try to connect wayland clients to it.12:52
situvgrade: Yes, I have followed that. but I am not using those builds currently.12:52
giucamsitu: same egl error?12:52
situgiucam: The stacktrace which I showed you earlier and same error.12:53
giucamsitu: what does glxinfo say?12:53
giucamsitu: do you have EGL_DRIVER set?12:54
giucamdoes weston work?12:55
situgiucam: Yes12:55
giucamwith egl?12:55
situI am able to see wayland clients in weston.12:55
giucamok, but only egl ones too? try running wesotn-simple-egl12:56
locusfspecial: resorted to just use opacity :p12:57
situgiucam: No such command.12:57
giucamsitu: i made a typo ;)12:58
giucamah, but it's not installed...12:58
giucamwell, what about a qml app?12:59
situgiucam: Qt wayland clients are working fine with weston.12:59
giucamsitu: qml clients use egl, qtwidget ones may not13:00
giucamsitu: i want to understand if egl clients run in weston13:00
situok, let me try it13:00
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someguy213can someon help me with dual boot sailfish and harmattan ?13:06
*** ndvl has quit IRC13:17
situgiucam: I wrote a simple qml script, and started it with 'qmlscene helloqml2.qml -platform wayland' and it works !13:25
situgiucam: qml window is shown in weston.13:25
situgiucam: on the console log qmlscene shows "Using Wayland-EGL"13:27
*** kostaja has joined #nemomobile13:28
giucamsitu: did you build qtbase yourself?13:31
situgiucam: No, I downloaded qt5 from
giucamsitu: i don't know how that was build, but you could try building it yourself passing -egl -gl es2 to configure13:33
situgiucam: Isn't there a way to check it ?13:35
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giucamsitu: i don't know13:36
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locusfdoes anybody remember the discussion about the sharpening glass POC on lockscreen?14:04
locusfis it a blur effect applied to the lockscreen image or how was it?14:05
*** piggz has quit IRC14:27
Morpog_PCor well yes14:28
Morpog_PClock screen gets blured as you move up to unlock14:28
Morpog_PClockscreen wallpaper14:28
Morpog_PClockscreen stuff gets faded oit14:29
Morpog_PCand desktop gets faded in14:29
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faenilfade? :/14:35
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locusfoh yeah sandy_locke might appear here today15:01
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Morpog_PCfaenil, of course while the icons get moved up16:07
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