Friday, 2014-07-11

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stephghappy friday!07:09
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locusfthx stephg :)07:48
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sledgesno rain here hehe :P and we're just 2hours away09:20
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locusfhmm will release glacier homescreen 0.12 regardless of the PR status10:05
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sledgesno chance of splitting locusf ?.. :)10:11
locusfI already had it and I remembered that I needed [commit] for each10:11
locusfso I just mashed them together10:12
locusfI can of course separate them if needed10:12
sledgesi like mashed potatoes, but10:12
sledgesit's easier to revert/cherry-pick in future10:12
sledgessimple rule of commits - 1 logical change per commit10:13
locusfyep, I know :)10:13
sledgesmy advice ;)10:13
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locusfok, splitted to 7 commits now10:22
locusfsledges: ^10:27
locusfwhen you got time :)10:27
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sledgesahhh locus sweet! now reviewing is also piece of cake );11:05
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locusfhmm ok12:18
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locusfwill take a look if I need the paths, lipstick doesn't use QmlPath when loading compositor and homescreen12:19
locusfsledges: yes, I need the full paths12:22
vakkovstill waiting for my galaxy nexus to port nemo/sailfish with wayland on it :( -_-12:35
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sledgeslocusf: interesting12:51
sledgesvakkov: me too ^_^12:51
vakkovsledges: you are also going to port it?12:51
sledgesi'll port whatever is lying around me, or at least support you in that12:52
vakkovi'll try to get my nexus tomorrow but without a volume down button :D i will use adb commands to get into recovery :D galaxy nexus supports u-boot dualbooting12:53
locusfsledges: yep, it searches /home/nemo for the MainScreen.qml and compositor.qml12:53
sledgeslocusf: O.O12:53
sledgesah, the current dir? ok12:54
locusfwithout the full paths12:54
sledgesvakkov: uboot's cool :)12:56
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locusfthe mce problem is now plaguing glacier-home as lipstick-qt5 depends on it18:13
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stephglocusf: not just an n9 thing then?18:56
locusfstephg: yeah18:56
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sledgesmce problem?19:02
locusfapparently mce prevents zzypper dup on n019:03
sledgeswhat does it say?19:04
locusfnothing provides mce >= 1.31.0 needed by lipstick-qt519:05
locusfat least in obs it says so19:05
sledgesit's because it cannot build itself19:07
sledgeslbt: ^19:07
sledgesglib problem19:07
sledgescc stephg19:07
locusfI have notified in #mer too19:07
sledgess/cc stephg// ;)19:07
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locusfit was a while ago though19:08
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stephgyeah is a week and a bit old at least from what I saw19:13
sledgesi thought they fixed it19:16
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locusfits summer though :)19:21
locusfmight take a while19:21
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