Sunday, 2014-07-27

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alinstephg: locusf i have passed you a link about glacier and how to install it do you have the content handy09:38
alini cannot find it and the link in log is dead09:38
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locusf <- interesting :)10:08
alinlocusf: this was yours... wrote on broken in 3 scripts... anyhow does not matter10:09
alinlocusf: I have the scripts lost just the note10:09
alinlocusf: have no idea who is michael ginn10:10
locusfalin: me either :)10:10
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* wazd dreams of dual 8-core xenons and a pile of RAM :(16:17
* wazd xeons, duh16:17
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* ryukafalz has boxen with dual quad-core xeons and 36 GB RAM16:30
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M4rtinKthere is a 48 logical CPU & 250 GB RAM machine at our NLP lab :)16:34
M4rtinKIIRC it has a bunch of 6 core (?) Opterons16:35
ryukafalzoh dang that's nice16:36
M4rtinKalso thats where with their kind permission the modRana routing data packs are created :)16:36
ryukafalzpresumably that's a highly parallelizable operation?16:36
M4rtinKthat's why it takes only about 5-6 hours to generate the packs with full global coverage :)16:36
ryukafalzalso holy crap they make 16-core opterons16:36
M4rtinKwow :D16:37
ryukafalzI have never heard of such a thing16:37
ryukafalzmy old 1Us have two single-core old old opterons16:37
ryukafalznot even hardware virt support so I can't run xen/kvm :(16:37
M4rtinKwell, I just got a 4 core (no HT, realo cores)  Celeron (J1900)16:37
M4rtinKso, weird stuff shows up :)16:37
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ryukafalzI forget what model CPU my new servers have, I think L552016:38
M4rtinKBTW, this is the routing data repository generator I'm using on that crazy machine:
M4rtinKjust FYI :)16:38
ryukafalznot the newest hardware out there, but I got them for free so ;)16:38
ryukafalzooh, nice16:39
M4rtinKyeah, as long as it works :)16:39
M4rtinKthe generator is highly configurable, so it will work on basically any computer16:39
M4rtinKit will just take longer :)16:39
ryukafalzneed to get a service plan for my n4 running sailfish so I can actually use it as a phone :P16:40
M4rtinKbut if you have some crazy box, it should be able to make use of it :)16:40
situI have a question about dsme. Anybody up here who works on it ?16:40
* ryukafalz hasn't heard of it16:40
wazdone hour of rendering, 15% done...16:43
wazdI can haz these opterons pretty please? :D16:43
situvgrade_: So it looks like with dsme we will have to use settimeofday while setting time and avoid setting rtc.16:45
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qwazixlocusf, ping17:35
locusfqwazix: pong17:35
qwazixso, I'm telnet-ed in the mer boat loader, what shall I do? echo "continue" >/init-ctl/stdin does nothing17:36
qwazixN7000, that is17:36
locusfqwazix: are you on 2323?17:36
locusfor normal telnet17:36
locusfcat /init.log to some pastie17:37
qwazixokay, before that, another question, how do I boot back to recovery, or in any way flash something else17:38
qwazixbecause I think it's my fault, I was on the wrong CM before flashing17:38
qwazixso I'd rather start over17:38
locusfyeah you need 10.1.317:38
locusftheres no recovery at this kernel17:38
qwazixholding down power, volume up and home does nothing17:38
qwazixoh, so maybe heimdall?17:39
locusfso you need to flash a kernel that has17:39
locusfdownload mode should work17:39
qwazixthanks, I'll start from scratch and come back then17:39
locusfcool :)17:39
locusfI have tried today to build a pure nemo image with a modified ks17:41
locusfbut failed since the mce not being updated and newest lipstick requiring that17:41
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qwazixpfeww at least I'm back to stock18:30
qwazixnow let's start over18:31
qwazixyeah, but I think I celebrated too early18:32
qwazixstill on the samsung logo18:32
locusfhappened to me too18:32
qwazixat least I can now boot into recovery18:34
qwazixarggh recovery is inside zImage in this phone and I was flashing --RECOVERY for the past hour18:39
* qwazix notes to read instructions more carefully next time18:39
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qwazixok i'm in CM10.1.3 now18:48
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qwazixI think it's stuck at "running installation script"18:53
locusfit takes its time18:53
qwazixah ok,18:53
locusfbz2 et al18:54
qwazixthe last time it didn't take that long18:55
qwazixI'll let it do it's thing a few minutes more18:55
qwazixok, telnet-ed in and wrote the continue rune18:57
qwazixwhat should I expect now?18:57
locusfopen another telnet to 232318:57
locusfoh yeah not that18:57
locusfcp /init /target/init-debug18:58
locusfthat was the one you had to do in first telnet18:58
locusfso that 2323 would open up18:58
qwazix2323 does open18:58
locusfoh ok18:58
locusfdo the continue rune again18:58
locusfthen gui should start18:59
locusfunless it freezes18:59
qwazixcan't see anything18:59
locusfshould boot to glacier too18:59
qwazixtelnet still active18:59
locusfpaste your journalctl -b -a18:59
locusfprobably /system not mounted19:00
locusfmount /dev/mmcblk0p9 /system19:02
locusfand then run systemctl-user restart lipstick.service19:02
qwazixsomething is happening19:03
qwazixat least the samsung thingie disappeared19:03
qwazixjob for lipstick.service failed19:04
qwazix   Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)19:04
qwazix   Active: inactive (dead)19:04
locusfjournalctl -f -a on another console19:04
locusfand then restart lipstick once more19:04
locusfoh yeah now I remember19:04
locusfls -la /system/lib/hw and search for hwcomposer.exynos4.so19:05
qwazixyep it's there19:06
locusfsystemctl-user stop lipstick.service19:06
locusfsu nemo19:06
locusfstrace -fF /usr/bin/lipstick19:06
locusfand paste the output19:06
qwazixit includes some prior commands too19:08
qwazixalso this is the journalctl output from the second lipstick restart
locusfokay I forgot the env vars19:08
locusfEGL_PLATFORM=fbdev QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer strace -fF /usr/bin/lipstick19:09
locusfln -s /system/lib/hw/ /system/lib/hw/hwcomposer.default.so19:15
locusfand rerun that strace with env vars19:15
* locusf hates himself for not taking notes on the porting process :p19:18
qwazixyeah, that's always an issue when poking things19:19
locusfshow me what mount says19:20
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locusfoh nothing19:21
locusfit wasnt even debugfs19:21
locusfnever crashed on this so I don't really have no idea whats wrong19:25
locusfits close at loading lipstick though19:25
wazdQuick poll: <- is this keyboard hardcore enough? :D19:25
qwazixlooks good19:26
locusfsledges: any ideas on qwazix's error?19:26
qwazixI'd do status led in the stripe between number row19:27
qwazixand rest of keyboard19:27
qwazixlocusf, I got to go now, we can try again tomorrow19:27
sledgeswhich hw?19:27
locusfqwazix: oh ok, will see you19:27
locusfsledges: n700019:28
locusfhas my earlier working rootfs19:28
wazdqwazix: yeah, had that thought too, but didn't come up with anything reasonable to show on the keyboard :)19:29
sledgeslocusf: property service started before /system got mounted19:29
locusfsledges: yuyp19:30
sledgesapply systemd patch:
locusfqwazix: if you have time just fix /lib/systemd/system/system.mount with /dev/block /dev on What=/dev/mmcblk0p919:30
locusfI mean make it look like what I pasted19:31
locusfand then reboot19:31
qwazixcrap, no nano19:32
locusfyup, vi only19:32
qwazixso I change the line that starts with What=19:34
qwazixfrom /dev/block/mmcblk0p919:35
qwazixto /dev/mmcblk0p919:35
qwazixok let's see19:35
qwazixit doesn't seem to do anything19:37
qwazixho ho ho19:37
locusfthe continue?19:37
qwazixI can see glacier home19:37
locusfwhee :)19:37
qwazix:-) :-)19:37
qwazixzillion thanks19:37
locusfno probs :)19:38
qwazixoutside swipes don't seem to work thoug19:39
locusfthey only work a little on the left side19:39
qwazixah ok19:39
qwazixbye for now19:40
locusfok bye, have fun :)19:41
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