Tuesday, 2014-07-29

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situIt looks like setting rtc is not possible on Nexus 5 and we will have to modify dsme code to avoid setting rtc.08:04
alinsitu: answered?08:09
alinsitu: and how do they do it on the android?08:09
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situalin: On Android they do not write to rtc.08:09
situalin: that's all I know.08:09
alinsitu: I see...08:09
alinthat will be a bummer08:10
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spiiroinsitu: android has /dev/alarm. the driver for that can override stuff done via /dev/rtc when device suspends -> dsme tries to use both08:30
spiiroin.. or was this about setting the time of day, not alarms?08:30
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situspiiroin: it's about setting time09:02
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spiiroinsitu: it might be as simple as changing rtc related kernel configs09:07
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spiiroinsitu: but I've not yet checked how things work on n5; are there some complications from failing to set rtc time?09:08
spiirointimed should move system time after it gets nitz data from network and dsme programs alarms relative to current rtc time -> things might still work even if there are complaints at dsme startup09:10
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alinspiiroin: timed crashes continuously ...09:14
alin[ 1335.725605] init: waitpid returned pid 2808, status = 0000ea0009:14
alin[ 1335.725704] init: process 'time_daemon', pid 2808 exited09:14
alin[ 1335.725846] init: process 'time_daemon' killing any children in process group09:14
alinover and over and over again09:14
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spiiroinalin: well, that certainly counts as a "complication" ...09:15
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situspiiroin: you are talking about timed utility in Sailfish right ?09:20
situalin: time_daemon is an android utility.09:21
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spiiroinsitu: yes, I was talking about nemo time daemon "timed"09:23
situspiiroin: so there might be a race condition here as sometimes I see correct time on boot.09:24
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spiiroin/dev/rtcN can be opened by only one process at time, so it is possible09:24
spiirointhe assumption we have baked into system is that dsme has it open all the time09:25
spiiroinfor alarm purposes dsme will (or at least should) retry opening periodically09:25
alinsitu: I am confused then... for a reason.. timed is not installed on mine09:26
situalin: on my device -> timed-qt5-2.88-1.12.2.armv7hl09:26
alinsitu: I see it no.. is qt509:26
alinsitu: got fouled by the mer one09:27
situspiiroin: If I remove ihpb module from my device and let time_daemon take /dev/rtc0. I see correct time.09:27
situspiiroin: I straced time_daemon and found it executes settimeofday09:28
situspiiroin: so I think we should just execute settimeofday in case RTC_SET_TIME fails with permissoin errors.09:28
alinsitu: but if is a race condition... can't we just order the services?... or you suspect a race in something else?09:29
spiiroinsitu: if android side releases rtc device after setting the time -> adjusting start order might be enough09:29
spiiroin... but I'll take a peek at dsme code - been a while09:30
situspiiroin: https://github.com/nemomobile/dsme/blob/4f8d29664c1b7180b45066c3ac5b3ad50eb91977/modules/iphb.c#L92209:31
situThis is the call which fails.09:31
alinspiiroin: situ can;t we kill the android and just restart dsme to test09:31
situspiiroin: we can just disable time_daemon in init.hammerhead.rc09:31
situalin: ^09:31
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alinsitu: ok... I will comment and restart...09:33
alinbut I think there is something else that restarst time_d09:33
alinsitu: ok... disabled it in there.. let us see if is enough09:35
situalin: I have tried it and was not able to get correct time with it.09:35
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spiiroinalin: situ: dsme does set system time; 1st when rtc device is opened (to get system time within 1s from rtc time); then on the next rtc wakeup (to get it closer to rtc time)09:38
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spiiroin.. but there is enough room for errors if dsme does not get the rtc device node opened when it wants to09:38
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situspiiroin: Relevant logs from my journalctl http://pastie.org/942903309:40
* spiiroin looks09:40
situspiiroin: consdering rtc can never be set, what is the best way to fix this issue ?09:41
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spiiroindoes the system time still change?09:42
situspiiroin: Nope09:42
spiiroini.e. if you stop dsme; set system time to something bogus; start dsme -> system time stays at bogus value?09:43
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situspiiroin: let me try09:44
alinsitu: spiiroin i tried09:45
alinand dsme changes it09:45
situspiiroin: http://pastie.org/942903709:46
alini set the time to some correct time with dsme down... when restarted I get the bogus time09:46
spiiroinalin: that is kind of expected if rtc time can't be set09:46
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spiiroinbasically it should go like this ..09:46
spiiroinon bootup: dsme syncs rtc -> system time, later timed adjusts system time (rtc is not changed); on shutdown: dsme syncs system time -> rtc09:47
spiiroinnow if rtc time can't be modified -> system time gets set to what ever rtc has; then something (nemo timed, hopefully) takes over system time09:48
spiiroin-> net effect is that system time is incorrect during bootup09:49
spiiroin... and stays that way if timed/something else does not function as expected09:49
alinspiiroin: exactly09:50
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spiiroinunfortunately PMG is still on vacation, he would know the timed side better09:51
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alinspiiroin: when you say timed you mean time_daemon?09:53
alinspiiroin: not timed-qt5?09:53
spiiroinalin: timed-qt5 (IIRC the prefix is due to qt4 -> qt5 porting)09:54
spiiroin... suffix09:54
alinspiiroin: ok..  then I am lost...09:54
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* spiiroin knows nothing about android time_daemon09:54
alinspiiroin: there is a time_daemon that keeps crashing...09:55
alinspiiroin: the timed_qt5 I do not think will be so early in the process...09:55
alinspiiroin: situ?09:55
spiiroinalin: yes I gathered that, but I mean I do not know what purpose it serves / how it works09:55
alinspiiroin: ok...09:56
alin[  956.509403] systemd[1]: Received SIGCHLD from PID 1955 (systemd-timedat).09:56
situalin: time_daemon keeps crashing because it's not able to get /dev/rtc0 as dsme has control over it.09:56
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alinsitu: ok... this is what I thought... what I miss.. is how is related with timed-qt5?09:57
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situspiiroin: but having wrong system time at boot is still a bug and should be fixed in dsme code.09:58
spiiroinsitu: it can't be fixed in dsme if rtc can't be modified09:59
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situspiiroin: can we call setttimeofday if setting rtc fails ?09:59
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spiiroinsitu: it already does, but if dsme does not know what the correct time is -> it does nothing useful10:00
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situspiiroin: from where else would dsme know correct time other than rtc ?10:01
situspiiroin: sometimes I see it is trying to set correct time in rtc but fails because setting rtc is not allowed.10:01
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spiiroinsitu: the expectation is that timed sets system time (except during dsme startup, which should happen only on bootup)10:02
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spiiroinbut once dsme is running, any process that has enough privileges can change system time10:03
situspiiroin: ok, I will try to go through timed code.10:03
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spiiroinIIRC timed changes system time when nitz date is received from cellular network; possibly connman could play some role too (ntp?)10:04
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alinspiiroin: situ funnily enough rebooted time_daemon does not crash anymore10:23
alintime still wrong10:23
spiiroinalin: if there is a race condition it might go: android time_daemon manages to set system time somehow then dsme sets it to rtc time --- or dsme gets there first and then time_daemon crashes10:25
alinspiiroin: seems to10:25
spiiroinbut I'm not sure if android time_daemon is needed except for android compatibility (which is not present?)10:26
spiiroin... if timed were functioning as expected10:26
alinspiiroin: I have no idea why is in there... does not belong to any package10:27
alinsledges: what do you know about this time_daemon?10:30
sledgesis a closed source blob by qualcomm10:30
alinsledges: do we really need it?10:30
sledgesno idea :/10:31
alinsledges: i see is started as a service in init.hammerhead.rc10:31
sledgesif it works without - not10:31
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alinsledges: for sure boots with the service disabled...10:42
alinsledges: but how comes it does not come from a rpm?10:42
sledgesalin: it's part of CM10:42
alinsledges: ok I see now10:42
alinsledges: let me ask an ubuntu man10:42
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alinsledges: ok.. I will do like this disable the crap and see what happens...10:46
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alinsledges: for a long period of time10:46
sledgesalin: good call10:49
alinsitu: ubuntu on nexus5 they seem not to use dsme.. or for sure is not running10:52
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alinsitu: spiiroin ...timed-qt5 is started as nemo...11:29
spiiroinalin: as it should be11:29
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spiiroinalin: there is oneshot script that gives timed permissions to modify system time11:32
alinspiiroin: yap..11:32
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MrPigBearManHello there someone once told me where i could find this code that I am looking for but I lost it in all the daily stuff that goes on.  I am looking to see how nemo mobile reads ini desktop files19:09
MrPigBearManif someone could point me to the source that would be great.  thanks for your time.19:09
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smokuMrPigBearMan: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qsettings.html19:17
MrPigBearMansmokex,  QSettings can not read after the ;19:18
MrPigBearManin other words it will  not work for categories19:18
specialMrPigBearMan: iirc desktop files are parsed by https://github.com/nemomobile/libcontentaction19:19
smokuMrPigBearMan: no idea what are you talking about19:19
MrPigBearMansmokex,    QString categories = settings.value("Categories").toString();19:19
MrPigBearManwill not read past a ;19:19
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MrPigBearManthanks special  Oo now19:19
smokuMrPigBearMan: oh. you mean .desktop files, not .ini files?19:19
smokuMrPigBearMan: https://github.com/nemomobile/mlite/blob/master/src/mdesktopentry.h19:21
MrPigBearManthere we go that is what i am looking for19:21
MrPigBearManthanks !19:22
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MrPigBearManany one here been able to get nemo mobile to run on the raspberry pi  ?19:23
MrPigBearManI looked at the wiki and KS files but It does not seem to be a full working DE19:24
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MrPigBearMansmoku, can you help me with this class ?  I have something like this  http://pastebin.com/2T3W1fJ3    End goal is to have it set up abstractlistmodels so that I can access from QML .  thanks But I can not figure out how to set the desktopfile to read.  :(19:57
MrPigBearManNM I got It !!!!19:58
MrPigBearManin the foreach loop it should look like this.  MDesktopEntry desktopFileValue(str);     qDebug() << desktopFileValue.icon();19:59
MrPigBearManThis is a Awesome Class !19:59
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MrPigBearManAnyone know anything about dealing with icons that are in sets like xdg ?  Do you all have a class for that also ?21:08
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MrPigBearManNM I figureed it out with qpixmap and Qicon23:10
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