Wednesday, 2014-08-06

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gabrielHi all! Good morning! :)07:58
gabrielI'm facing an error while building a target for SB207:58
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gabriel"Error <creator>: URLGrabber error:"07:58
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gabrielI previously did : "echo | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts"08:00
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gabrielsledges: morning! :)08:02
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gabrielmic 0.14 (Mer 0.2011 Mer)08:18
gabrielmaybe a version issue?08:19
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gabrielstill stuck there... I don't know what else I should try. I'm not using proxy... Any tip?09:52
locusfdoes that url work in browser?09:57
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gabriellocusf: It doesn't.10:01
gabriellocusf: But I googled and some people has the same error and was a config issue.10:02
gabriellocusf: But maybe this time the link is down :(10:02
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gabrielmaybe I'm not using an updated .ks?10:08
gabrielI'm using this one:
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locusfI haven't setup targets in ages for nemo :/10:30
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gabriellocusf: It's ok :)10:37
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locusflbt: do you have a clue whats going wrong in that .ks?10:39
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lbtlocusf: line 20 looks a bit suspicious *rofl*10:47
lbtgabriel: ^^10:47
gabriellbt: ping works10:51
gabriellbt: maybe changed path?10:52
lbtcheck your hosts file10:52
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gabriellbt: I've written "" to it10:53
lbtyeah - old hack during the extended meego-mer migration10:54
lbtmeego is not just dead, the corpse has dried up and blown away on the wind10:54
gabrielmy hosts file looks like this now.10:56
gabriel127.0.0.1localhost.localdomain localhost10:56
gabriel::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost610:56
gabrielsame error though10:57
gabrielso the problem is at, right?10:58
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gabriellbt: I'm wondering if this is something equivalent:
gabriellbt: or maybe I should give up? :S11:12
lbtgabriel: if by "problem is at" you mean they got turned off a year ago ... yes11:12
lbteverything should now be at merproject.org11:13
lbtyou just need to add the right repo11:13
gabriellbt: ok, thanks :)11:17
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gabriellbt: ok, I managed to get it working after trying a bunch of repositories. I've used "nemo-armv7hl-rnd_sb2target.ks" because it's the one I've been told to use, but I see at git that there is another one called "nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks". Which one should I use if I want to build for nokia n9?12:09
locusfgabriel: that latter one is correct but building images for n9 is broken at the moment, due to obs difficulties12:10
gabriellocusf: so nowadays, I wouldn't be able to compile my own qml-compositor for n9?12:11
locusfgabriel: you can compile but if you just want to install your own I suggest a prebuilt image12:12
gabriellocusf: i mean, what I want to do is executin my own qt5 qml-compositor example after stopping lipstick12:13
locusfgabriel: ok12:14
locusfyou can compile your own with the target you possibly created12:14
gabrielwith nemo-armv7hl-rnd_sb2target.ks?12:15
gabriellocusf: ok, I will try. Thanks for your help :)12:16
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locusfnp :)12:16
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gabriellocusf: Would you mind if ask you a question? Mmm, when you previously suggested me to use a prebuilt image, did you mean that I can take "nemo-n950-rnd-20140224" image and use it as target for mb2?14:40
locusfgabriel: sure, that might work too14:41
gabriellocusf: Ok, thanks again! :)14:42
locusfgabriel: be aware that the device image won't ship many libraries so you might need to install a lot of them on the build phase, it will also take up a lot more disk space14:43
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gabriellocusf: Ok. I got sb2 working, but is sb2 supposed to compile qtwayland? What about the previous qmake CONFIG+=wayland-compositor?14:56
gabrielhave to install qmake i guess14:56
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gabrielI'm trying with the image built from "nemo-armv7hl-rnd_sb2target.ks". Maybe nemo-n950-rnd-20140224 prebuilt image already has got it14:58
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gabrieland I think there is a problem with sdk platform: ssu -> "bash: ssu: command not found"15:13
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locusfgabriel: hmm ok15:27
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gabrielstill same thing: "sb2 -t nemo-n950 -m sdk-install -R ssu ur"15:36
gabrielconnman not AVAILABLE, DBus call failed, falling back to libssu, Unable to open /etc/boardname.15:37
locusfwhat wiki page are you following+15:37
locusfdid you replace the mer-tools repo in the kickstart file?15:39
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locusfwith what exactly?15:39
gabrielwith "" but now I'm trying with extracted nemo-n950-rnd-20140224 image and same thing15:41
gabriel(and reinstalled sdk)15:42
locusfI still wonder why ssu is not found :p15:42
locusfah its found but theres that connman error, which can be ignored15:43
locusfas long as zypper ref lists that repository you should be fine15:44
gabrielbut "ssu" itself15:45
gabrielshows "command not found"15:45
locusfssu lr?15:45
gabrielsame thing15:45
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gabrielI've installed this way:15:47
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gabrielsudo mkdir -p /srv/mer/sdks/sdk15:49
gabrielcd /srv/mer/sdks/sdk15:49
gabrielsudo tar --numeric-owner -p -xjf mer-i486-latest-sdk-rolling-chroot-armv7hl-sb2.tar.bz215:49
gabrielcreated sdk alias15:50
gabrieland entered..15:50
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gabrielalias sdk=/srv/mer/sdks/sdk/mer-sdk-chroot >> ~/.bashrc ; exec bash15:50
qwazixlocusf, re: homescreen pinning, I'm thinking a 4 button grid on "edit mode" windows: pin, close, cover action 1, cover action 215:51
qwazixand also, we could have an option to always show action buttons on windows (in normal mode)15:51
qwazixso that we have better sailfish compatibility15:51
locusfqwazix: cool idea15:51
qwazixwhat do you think?15:51
locusfso a 2x2 grid on top of each application cover?15:52
locusfor a 3x1 grid if there is only one cover action15:52
qwazixyep, only visible when long-tapped15:52
qwazixI'd prefer a triangle shape in that case15:52
qwazixso that things stay in roughly the same place15:53
qwazixlet me prepare a mockup15:53
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*** ced117 has joined #nemomobile16:03
locusfqwazix: ok, just as I imagined16:04
locusfone problem, I have no idea how cover actions work as they are in the closed part of Silica + Jolla-home at the moment16:05
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qwazixmaybe a kind Jollian might give us a hint16:06
qwazixbtw refresh your browser, I also changed widget edit buttons to be bigger16:07
qwazixI'm still using glacier home daily :)16:07
locusfqwazix: good to hear :)16:08
qwazixbattery life is okay now16:08
locusfoh the widgets16:08
locusfI thought I might have to disable a couple contextkit subscriptions on display off16:08
qwazixyeah, I don't know why the first day it drained so fast. I don't have accurate measurements but it never drains during the day16:09
locusfI have yet to recharge my wifi-only devel Jolla for once a week perhaps16:09
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locusfso this battery drain came as a mystery16:09
qwazixI noticed two very weird things: 1. lipstick restarts when low reception (I have no idea if this is related or not16:10
qwazix2. bluewhale some times launches inverted and mirrored :-S16:10
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qwazixtouch still works at the normal orientation16:11
locusf2. sounds like the shader isn't applied16:11
locusfbut thats only sometimes, right?16:11
locusfI should really move to log4qt instead of relying on systemd logs16:12
qwazixyeah, once in a while16:12
locusfany other apps doing that?16:12
qwazixnot that I noticed16:12
qwazixMost annoying things are 1. apps don't come forward when tapping on icon if already launched16:13
qwazix2. notifications open the app minimized16:13
qwazix3. call ui minimizes when proximity sensor covered16:14
locusfeg. display off16:14
qwazixand btw, it would be nice if the running app didn't minimize at all when locking the screen (like it was, but with the lock screen appearing in front of it instead of behind it)16:15
locusfthe apps coming forward would mean to copy the jolla-home behaviour, while not copy-pasting :p16:17
qwazixehm, yeah :P16:17
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qwazixalso see this screenshot (statusbar and notifications)
locusfurhg :p16:21
qwazixwe should either elide the carrier name or get rid of it altogether16:21
locusfit is elided :/16:21
locusfbut still too large16:22
qwazixIt shouldn't wrap at all16:22
qwazixjust cut off at 3-4 chars16:22
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gabriellocusf: at least I've successfully compiled a c program. So should I ignore ssu issue?16:25
locusfgabriel: yeah, probably ok to ignore16:25
locusfqwazix: my carrier DNA is nice :)16:26
locusfqwazix: now cutting off at 3 chars16:27
qwazixyeah, I can imagine16:27
qwazixprobably that's why sandy_locke designed like this, his carrier was 3char too16:27
gabriellocusf: And one last question if you don't mind (I'm stopping bothering you I promise ^^ I'm such a newbie)16:30
locusfyou might wanna install the glacier icons too16:30
locusfgabriel: no bother, shoot :)16:30
gabriel Which are the general guidelines I should follow now to do "qmakeCONFIG+=wayland-compositor " and "make" at sdk platform the same way I do it at host machine?16:30
locusfgabriel: you should grab the upstreamed + packaged qt-compositor and modify its sources and package it with mb2 -t nemo-n950 build16:31
locusfgabriel: where did you get the sources?16:31
qwazixlocusf, pkcon can't seem to find a glacier icons package16:32
qwazixis it in a different repo?16:32
locusfqwazix: its in nemo-ux repo?16:32
*** cristi has quit IRC16:32
qwazixah, ok16:33
qwazixI was looking for something with icons in it's name16:33
locusf(icon theme)16:33
*** dmol has quit IRC16:33
gabriellocusf: I've started with qml-compositor dev-branch and wrote my own compositor/app above it. It's working on ubuntu so I was looking forward to try it at nemo16:33
locusfgabriel: whats the repo url?16:34
locusfI'll check if nemomobile-packages has it16:34
locusfyou can then package it and run it cleanly instead of the whole qmake shebang16:34
qwazixthe only glacier icon I can see is terminal, is that right?16:35
locusfqwazix: nope, you still need to mod the index.theme16:35
locusfqwazix: /usr/share/themes/glacier/index.theme and find X-Inherits=darko <- switch darko with jolla-ambient and restart lipstick16:36
locusfgabriel: <- clone this instead and run mb2 at its root16:37
locusfgabriel: or just replace origin16:38
qwazixnow I see the normal jolla icons16:38
locusfgood as you should16:38
locusfthe terminal is the only icon now16:38
locusfcheck the statusbar too :)16:39
qwazixyep, great!16:39
qwazixbattery is half-out of the screen thoug16:39
qwazixgot to go, thanks for the tips16:40
locusfnp :)16:40
gabriellocusf: hmm16:41
locusfgabriel: hmm?16:41
gabriellocusf: but those sources are old16:41
locusfgabriel: okay16:42
locusfgabriel: just copy the rpm directory from there ok?16:42
*** DarkSim has quit IRC16:42
gabriellocusf: so I clone updated qtwayland and copy rpm directory from there?16:43
locusfgabriel: no, from the mer-packages one16:44
locusfah this is too complex16:44
gabriellocusf: yes, I mean16:44
locusfof course youo can just compile and run the binary on n916:44
*** Morpog_PC__ has joined #nemomobile16:44
gabriellocusf: I'm getting a little bit lost :D16:45
locusfgabriel: you can run qmake in sb2, right?16:46
locusfon your target of course16:46
gabrielsb2 -t nemo-n950 -R qmake?16:46
gabrielI've tried that16:46
gabrielbut no result16:47
locusfoh :/16:47
gabrielI mean, no error, no output16:47
locusfwell its to be expected then :)16:47
locusfjust run sb2 -t nemo-n950 make16:47
locusf-R isn't needed as you don't run as root16:48
gabrielthat works but I need the Makefile generated from qmake16:49
locusfit didn't generate it?16:49
gabrielIt didn't16:49
locusfwell heck16:49
locusfwhat does qmake -v say?16:49
locusfin sb216:50
gabrielexecuting "sb2 -t nemo-n950 -R qmake" does nothing16:50
locusftake out the -R16:50
gabrielnothing both cases16:50
gabrielthe same as if you press enter key with no command16:51
locusfI can't enter my own Mer SDK now16:53
locusfanything on the qmake -v?16:53
locusfor qmake -h16:53
*** alin has quit IRC16:53
gabrielbut I mean, I think the comand isn't being recognized16:54
gabrielyou got the same by executing16:54
gabrielsb2 -t nemo-n950 123416:55
locusfcan you paste the output of sb2-init?16:55
*** jreznik has quit IRC16:55
locusfto a pastebin16:55
locusflooks good16:57
gabrielby executing sb2 -t nemo-n950 123417:00
*** kido has joined #nemomobile17:00
gabrielthe output does not reach  Mer sdk17:00
locusfI can't access my mer sdk at all now17:00
gabrielwould it be the same doing this:?17:00
gabrielsb2 -t nemo-n95017:01
gabrieland then17:01
*** artemma has quit IRC17:01
locusfsb2 -t nemo-n950 ls?17:01
gabrielmmm, that works17:02
locusfsb2 -t nemo-n950 -R -m sdk-install zypper in qmake ?17:02
gabrielbut "sb2 -t nemo-n950 1234" does not say command not found17:02
locusfdoesn't say for me either17:03
gabriel"error: Unable to open /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc for reading: No such file or directory."17:03
locusfso you are missing qmake17:03
locusfhmm wtf17:03
locusfI wonder what your target has eaten17:04
gabrielin my linux host at least, I had to use qmake from qt517:04
locusfyeah qmake-qt5 too17:04
SK_worklocusf: gabriel qtchooser ?17:05
locusfSK_work: right17:05
gabrielsb2 -t nemo-n950 qtchooser?17:06
locusfgabriel: yup17:06
gabrielsame thing17:06
gabrielno output17:06
gabrieljust in case it matters, I'm using now extracted nemo-n950-rnd-20140224 prebuilt image17:07
SK_workgabriel: sb2 -t nemo-n950 qmake -qt517:07
locusfoh yeah its the os image17:08
SK_workbut no output on qmake is ok17:08
SK_workdid a sb2 -t nemo-n950 -R zypper in qmake-qt5 qtchooser ?17:08
gabrielSK_work: no output but anything happens17:09
gabrielsb2 -t nemo-n950 -R zypper in qmake-qt5 ->>17:09
gabrielNo configuration file exists or could be parsed.17:09
gabriel*** Augeas exception. No config read, sticking with defaults.17:09
gabrielerror: Unable to open /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc for reading: No such file or directory.17:09
SK_workoh dear17:09
SK_workso cannot install rpm files :/17:10
SK_workhum ...17:10
SK_workmaybe you could build an image then17:10
gabrielmaybe I should try with .ks generated target?17:10
gabriellet me a minute17:10
*** javispedro has quit IRC17:11
*** dmol has joined #nemomobile17:12
gabrieldownloading packages...17:13
gabrielbtw I had to update some links of the repos, maybe you want to make it "public"17:14
gabrielchanged repos to:17:15
locusfgabriel: will do a PR17:17
*** cristi has joined #nemomobile17:19
*** gabriel9 has joined #nemomobile17:20
gabriellocusf, SK_work: same thing17:24
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC17:25
gabrielwith built image17:25
*** spiiroin has quit IRC17:26
gabrieloh wait17:26
gabrielI'm lying17:26
gabrielit works!17:26
gabrielI was using previous -t "target"17:27
gabrielok so I have got all the qmake checklist set to "no"17:29
gabrielI suppose I have to get all that packages  (wayland, xkbcommon,etc) the same way I got it for my linux?17:29
gabrielAm I wrong?17:30
locusfyou're not wrong17:30
gabriellocusf, SK_work: well, thank you so much for being so kind. There are nice people here :)17:32
locusfgabriel: no problem :)17:34
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*** gabriel_ is now known as gabriel17:36
gabrielI will let you know how this ends on next days :)17:36
gabrielsee you!17:37
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