Thursday, 2014-08-28

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SK_workping thp_ ?07:50
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Stskeepsm00 faenil08:47
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faenilStskeeps: o/ great to see you back here08:48
Stskeepsgood to be back08:48
faenilmorning people!08:48
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SK_workhi faenil :)08:50
faenilSK_work: o/08:50
SK_workfaenil: do you think that you can do a code review ? :D08:52
SK_workI'm trying to get something in nemomobile mw08:52
SK_workbut nobody seems to be interested :(08:52
faenilSK_work: if it's very short...otherwise no sorry :p08:52
SK_workfaenil: it is short enough08:53
SK_work3 file changes08:53
faenildisclaimer: I can review it, but I have no clue what I'm looking at08:53
SK_workfaenil: basically, instead of using the whole C++ class as an argument to a QList (copy constructor of a QObject is hidden), I use a data object08:56
SK_workthis separates the QObject (with logic and Qt stuff) from data, doing a sort of pimpl, and enabling this code to build actually08:57
faenilSK_work: why didn't it compile?08:59
SK_workQList<Notification>: a Notification is a QObject and is passed as a type in QList09:00
SK_workQList requires implementation of copy constructor and assignment operator, that QObject hides (Q_DISABLE_COPY)09:01
SK_workthis QList<Notification> is therefore illegalm09:01
SK_worknow I'm passing NotificationData, that is a POD struct09:01
SK_workwith default copy / assign ops09:01
SK_workso it should work ebtter09:01
faenilok, clear ;)09:01
SK_work(well  s/ebetter// :D)09:02
SK_work(it works)09:02
faenilSK_work: btw, lgtm'ed09:03
SK_workthanks for the input :)09:05
faenilanytime ;)09:05
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faenilmy Jolla got completely stuck last night09:21
faenilit didn't react to *any* input09:21
faenilI also tried keeping the pwr button pressed for 10 secs09:22
faenilnothing...I had to take out the battery09:22
faenilthere was no led, no nothing09:22
coderuskernel panic :)09:22
faenilalways entertaining09:23
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spiiroinfaenil: a guess: it was off, and power up blocked by pmic; removing battery = resets things09:34
faenilspiiroin: why blocked by pmic? btw there's no hwsmpl coredump and the phone was 50% battery09:42
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spiiroinfaenil: as said, just a guess from my part...09:43
faenilspiiroin: :) iirc the first time I pressed power button there was a short vibra (as if it was trying to switch on, or off) but no led so I don't know what it was trying to do09:44
spiiroinfaenil: that might have been dsme, alive enough to start shutdown & do vibra09:46
faenilspiiroin: but if it was shutdown then why did I have to take out battery afterwards09:46
spiiroinmaybe the shutdown did not finish, anything spectacular in logs?09:47
faenilspiiroin: no time to check log, the log window is filled in no time09:47
faenil(and I didn't check it last night as I was in bed)09:47
faenilspiiroin: about that, is there a plan to make kernel less verbose?09:48
faenilmy log buffer fills in 7-8 minutes when not using the phone :/09:49
spiiroinfaenil: not that I'm aware, but I'll check ...09:50
faenilspiiroin: so it's "wanted" that the log fills in a matter of few minutes?09:50
faenil(just curious ;) )09:50
spiiroinfaenil: I guess filling logs is never "wanted" ... and there is a ticket for reducing the noise09:52
faenilit seems nothing changed about that since first release, so I was starting to think there was a reason to keep it so verbos in releases :D maybe to be able to debug clients' issues...but being able to only debug the last 7mins doesn't help much I guess09:53
faenilbut anyway, ok thanks ;)09:53
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SK_workfaenil: why only 7 minutes ?10:20
SK_workyou can journalctl can't you ?10:20
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faenilSK_work: journalctl reports 7mins ago as the first msg10:57
faenilbecause the buffer is limited, and 7 mins are enough to fill it10:57
faenil(of course I could use "persistent" setting, but that's not what the normal user should do)10:57
Stskeepsyou're not a normal user ;p10:58
faenildoh xD10:59
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sledgesfaenil: good to see you back! o/11:42
faenilsledges: I'm not back ;11:43
faeniljust connecting from win from time to time :p11:43
sledgeshow's your summer been?11:43
faenilbusy, busy11:44
faenilwhat about you11:44
sledgeswhat's next in store for you?11:45
faenilgraduation Oct or Dec, and then, job hunting11:46
locusfI still have about a year :p11:50
faenillocusf: didn't you finish master already?11:53
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sledgesfaenil: in bocca al lupo (on both accounts!;)12:07
faenilsledges: thanks!12:08
tbrfaenil: better job hunt now already.12:10
tbrstuff takes time12:10
tbrespecially if you *gasp* want a well matching job12:10
faeniltbr: I'd like to get stronger skills before going on a hunting rampage :/12:10
tbrand not just some crap12:11
Stskeepsfaenil: experience comes in years, just get some12:11
tbrfaenil: degree is enough, go, go, go, storm the front!12:11
Stskeepsany kind of job that didn't end in you getting fired for misappropiating funds is good12:11
faenilokay, I'll take your advice if I postpone to Dec...otherwise I'll have to do it after graduation, as I can imagine it requires quite some time (especially if you've never done it)12:13
faenilor am I wrong?12:16
Stskeepsjust start sending applications12:16
faenilokay, that I think I can do12:17
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locusffaenil: nope :/12:28
faenillocusf: aw, then I misunderstood! (and now I have a deja-vu :D )12:28
locusffaenil: skills come while working, just dig already :)12:33
faenillocusf: egg and chicken problem, who hires me without skills?12:33
locusfI was an undergrad already on my previous job :)12:33
faenillocusf: :=12:34
locusffaenil: indeed, work experience counts, but not for junior position :)12:34
locusffaenil: IMO you already have a stronger skillset than eg. me in Qt for example12:36
faenillocusf: I can't confirm or deny that...but I got your point guys12:38
locusffaenil: heheh :)12:38
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Morpog_PCnice one sledges17:30
sledgescheers Morpog_PC :)17:32
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Morpog_PCI already wondered if that N4 port will ever get some progress :D17:34
sledges:)) never give up;)17:35
Morpog_PCthats the spirit!17:37
Morpog_PCmaybe I get a second hand N4 some time, or a N5 as soon as the N6 gets sold and the N5 gets thrown out cheap17:38
Morpog_PCvgrade_ did an awesome job too17:38
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sledgesn4 much better than n5 in terms of smooth screen edges18:15
sledgesi finish to rub off my fingerprints with that sf on n518:16
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