Thursday, 2014-10-02

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ryukafalzstephg: I would also be curious honestly :P00:15
ryukafalzI idle in here all the time but I'm not currently running glacier00:16
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OksanaNot sure. I am running Nemo Mobile Wayland from 2014-02, and waiting for everything to be moved to Qt5.2, so that I could upgrade to the latest version.00:57
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OksanaHow difficult would it be to get GPS working on N950?04:18
jonwilDepends on what GPS hardware the N950 has04:19
jonwilIf its the same (or similar) to the N900 it might be possible04:19
jonwilIt also depends on whether any existing OSs for the device (i.e. what it came with) have working GPS or not04:19
jonwili.e. if there are existing blobs etc you can study04:19
Oksanachip is bcm4751 , speaks MEIF protocol
jonwilok, in that case its probably possible to reverse engineer the existing blobs04:22
jonwilgoogle for bcm4751 shows some things that might be interesting as well04:22
jonwili.e. other devices with the same chip and RE that has been done for them04:22
jonwilbut since I dont have a N950 I dont need to care about GPS on it :)04:22
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tbrOksana / jonwil - go after the location libraries, but they might be talking to the CMT, the modem, as often that's where the GPS is connected.05:31
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OksanaSome time later. For now, I am more interested in QML camera...05:53
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faenilmorning o/08:58
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faenilStskeeps: yo09:03
faenilStskeeps: sb2 rules version mismatch :p09:03
Stskeepsjust sed it09:03
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faenilStskeeps: are you sure I'm not missing something like...a rules file?09:44
Stskeeps /usr/share/scratchbox2/modes/09:44
Stskeepsfind 104 in there09:44
Stskeepschange to 10509:44
Stskeepsin those files09:44
Stskeepsgrep -r 104 *09:44
faenilcrap, I'm quite I already grepped -r /usr/share/scratchbox2...09:45 seems I didn't09:45
faenilin the meanwhile, I read most of sb2 code, lol09:45
Stskeepsbut .. why09:45
faenilStskeeps: looking for where it read that freaking number from? :P09:46
faenilsince grep didn't find anything...09:46
faenilthe code talks about a "rules" folder :D09:47
Stskeepsit's in there for sure09:48
faenilsudo find / -type d -name 'rules'      finds nothing09:48
faenilStskeeps: those are files, read my previous msg :P09:49
Stskeepsthat's where you have to do 104->10509:50
faenilyes I've done it already, just making sure I wasn't missing something else09:50
faenil(even though I only have 3 files, ofc)09:50
faenilalright, will try to help when I have some spare time, thanks ;)09:51
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faenilStskeeps: oh btw, when you have time, write here how I should behave with service files which have "dumb" in it, you said I have to use another method09:52
faenilplease :)09:53
Stskeepsosc -A build --alternative-project mer-core:i486:devel Core_i486 i586 specfile09:53
faenilStskeeps: this, for example, has both "dumb" and a valid git repo
faenilah ok, I thought  having the property was enough09:57
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faenilStskeeps: what commit msg do you want for the compilation fixes?18:07
StskeepsFix working on glibc 2.19/gcc4.8 ?18:08
Stskeepser, compilation18:08
Stskeepsif you want to play devil, you can use JB# too as i used to18:08
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Stskeepsspiiroin: ^18:14
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faenilah ok, I'll tag the interested people next time18:15
Stskeepsif there's no response, ping me18:15
faenilStskeeps: ok18:16
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locusfI might give it a go too, maybe during the weekend, to fix the packages18:22
faenillocusf: cool ;)18:22
locusfare the changes automatically pushed to the merger project or is it a copypac?18:23
Stskeepsjust hint me when there's a fix and i'll grab it18:24
Stskeepsit isn't that hard work with a big benefit18:25
locusfyeah we really need this merge to happen18:25
locusffaenil: you'll probably finish this before I get started lol :)18:26
faenilnot sure, I'm quite busy for most of the day :p18:27
faenilit'd be finished already if only you didn't have to wait for 5mins compilations to finish xD18:27
Stskeepsin my day, it took 30min per package18:28
Stskeepsno cross compiler18:28
Stskeepsit was awesome when you were paid large amount of EUR per hour18:28
Stskeepscompiling chromium engine = money for vacation18:29
faenilhaha :D18:29
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faenilStskeeps: ahm...dsme built without issues here18:30
Stskeepsgit checkout the original sha?18:30
faenilI have 0.67, log is from 0.66-1118:30
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vakkovfaenil: just saw this -
vakkovcan i be of any help19:12
vakkovgcc in mer is going to be updated to 4.8??19:12
Stskeepsit's already, just not in for example sailfishos19:15
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faenilvakkov: o/19:30
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faenilvakkov: still wanna help?19:44
vakkovyep ;P19:44
vakkovfaenil: what has to be done19:44
faenilvakkov: make these compile
faenil(I started from the top, so start from the bottom ;) )19:45
vakkovfaenil: is there a fast way to download them on my pc19:46
vakkovto download the source19:46
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vakkovsince i'm not that good with the obs19:46
faenilthey have _service files, which point to git repos most of the times19:46
Stskeepsyou probably need to start from 'how to get a sane sdk and target'19:46
faenilme neither ;)19:46
vakkovyeah, i will just clone rom git19:46
vakkovi have an sdk19:47
faenilvakkov: right, I somehow remember you already hacked on this stuff so you had a mer sdk setup19:47
vakkovand it should have an i486 target19:47
faenilah ok :D19:47
faenilyou need a special i486 target though19:47
faenilwhich uses mer-devel repo19:47
vakkovok, can you point me to it19:47
vakkovthis laptop actually only has armv7hl targets19:48
faenilvakkov: just read
faenilfrom 14:59 onward19:48
vakkovmy old one had the i48619:48
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vakkovok, so i placed the target that was created by the .ks in /home/vakko/MerSDK/targets/mer-i48620:03
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vakkovafter that i ran the sb2-init20:03
vakkovi don't see anything wrong in the output so i guess it's ok :D20:04
vakkovalready cloning
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faenilvakkov: cool :)20:18
faenilI'm a bit puzzled by
faenildefining a virtual destructor in the abstract class will probably cause a crash if the derived class doesn't implement it20:19
[ol]faenil: In contrary, this is the right way.20:31
faenil[ol]: defining the vritual constructor *is* the right way20:32
faenilI'm just not sure what happens when the derived class don't implement it, and you try to delete a pointer to the derived class20:32
[ol]The rule is: if a class has virtual methods, it must have virtual destructor.20:32
faeniland we agree on that, there's no doubt about that20:33
[ol]If you don't define destructor for derived class explicitly, it's defined implicitly the same way as if you defined it with empty body.20:33
faenilread my previous msg again :D20:33
faenilmmm ok20:34
faenil[ol]: so they're wrong here?
[ol]If destructor in base class is not just virtual, but pure virtual (defined with "= 0" instead of body), not defining destructor in derived class is equivalent to defining it as pure virtual as well, making this derived class abstract.20:37
faenilso you agree :)20:38
[ol]The compile warning in the link above is about non-virtual constructor in base class, not about pure virtual one.20:38
*** jreznik has joined #nemomobile20:39
[ol]If base class has virtual methods (and abstract class always have virtual methods), it must have virtual destructor. But it doesn't mean that it must have pure virtual destructor.20:40
*** BonoNL_ has joined #nemomobile20:40
faenil[ol]: yes, but defining a virtual destructor causes undefined references20:41
[ol]faenil: What references?20:41
faenilvtable/typeinfo/ and ML10N::MLoca                      leAbstractConfigItemFactory::~MLocaleAbstractConfigItemFactory()20:42
[ol]Than define it, not just declare.20:43
[ol]With empty body if you have nothing extra to cleanup besides data members.20:44
faenilI have no clue, I have never touched libmlocale20:45
faenilI'm going with empty body20:45
[ol]Like add this to the class definition:20:45
[ol]virtual ~MLocaleAbstractConfigItemFactory() {}20:45
faenilit's done already20:45
[ol]With virtual keyword?20:46
faenilI know how to declare constructors xD20:46
[ol]And with empty body, not just ";"?20:46
faenilof course!20:46
[ol]Then you should not have this error message.20:46
faenilit's done *now*, not before20:47
faenilafter you said "like add this" :p20:47
faenilgah, screw that, I hope you understood what I meant xD20:48
*** Guhl has joined #nemomobile20:48
[ol]I don't see it here:
faenil[ol]: because that's not fixed? I'm fixing it local, and now I'll make the PR20:48
[ol]And it still produces errors?20:49
faenilno, I'm pushing it20:49
*** BonoNL_ has quit IRC20:49
[ol]OK, so the problem is solved, right?20:50
faenilyes, thanks a lot for the help :D20:50
[ol]No problem. :-)20:51
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faenilor [ol] :D20:52
*** shentey has joined #nemomobile20:52
[ol]I think, the commit message should be different. It's not a fix for gcc 4.8. This code was incorrect with any other version of gcc supporting C++03 standard.20:53
[ol]Something like: "Fix for missing virtual destructor for abstract class which was causing undefined behaviour."20:54
faenilokay, I'm just using that as a standard commit msg for this nemo/mer merge20:55
faenilbut I agree it should be more precise20:55
[ol]Added comment to pull request.20:57
faenil[ol]: though it built with older gcc :P20:58
faenilbtw, I've pushed the updated commit ;)20:58
[ol]It builds with gcc 4.8 as well, just producing a warning. Undefined behaviour is like that: something gets built, but it may work incorrectly.20:59
faenil[ol]: error with the config which is currently being used21:00
faenilwhile it wasn't error before, so maybe config changed?21:00
[ol]Yes, but without «-Werror» the build would succeed. But most likely it would cause memory or  resource leaks.21:01
faenilyes of course, hence I said maybe config changed :)21:01
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faeniloh, same error in quillmetadata :)21:02
[ol]Just a final suggestion, you can omit "which was" in commit message, making it shorter, as recommended for the first line of commit message.21:02
[ol]Now you know how to fox this problem. :-)21:03
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faenil[ol]: lol, I just copied your msg :D21:03
faenilbut anyway, suggestions are always welcome ;)21:04
[ol]Yes, I wrote shorter version in pull request comment. :-)21:04
vakkovcan't even start the build after the config :D
vakkovso it has a problem with make -j ... i did sb2 -t mer-i486 -R /usr/bin/make -j8 -C /home/vakko/gecko-dev/obj-build-mer-qt-xr21:05
faenilmm why didn't you use the cmd I gave you? :)21:06
vakkovbut it cries wit /usr/bin/python2.7: No module named mozbuild.action21:06
vakkovmake[1]: *** [install-dist-bin] Error 121:06
vakkovi did21:06
[ol]BTW, did somebody look at ?21:06
vakkovthe pastebin is from mb2 .. and i know what mb2 is ;D21:06
faenilbetter fix that one, maybe :)21:06
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faenilvakkov: ah ok so it's two different logs21:08
faenilwith make -j you get the python error21:08
[ol]I have a patch for glibc, but before sending merge request, I'd like to have it rebased on newer glibc, which is updated in this merge request.21:08
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faeniland with mb2 you get that pastebin21:08
faenil[ol]: better wait for the morning and ask carsten I think21:08
vakkovfaenil: yep; the mb2 reads the spec and after it configures it tries to do /usr/bin/make -j%jobs -C /home/vakko/gecko-dev/obj-build-mer-qt-xr21:09
vakkovfaenil: yes21:09
vakkovso i tried with k821:09
vakkov-j8 *21:09
faenilI see21:09
vakkovill just edit mozconfig i guess21:12
vakkovmmm or maybe not ;D21:13
vakkovAdding options from /home/vakko/gecko-dev/mozconfig:21:13
vakkov    PROFILE_GEN_SCRIPT=$(TOPSRCDIR)/build/profile_pageloader.pl21:13
vakkov    MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j821:13
vakkov    MOZ_OBJDIR=$(TOPSRCDIR)/obj-build-mer-qt-xr21:13
vakkov    MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j%jobs21:13
vakkov    FOUND_MOZCONFIG := /home/vakko/gecko-dev/mozconfig21:13
vakkovit has set j8 in mozconfig21:13
vakkovbut tries with -j%jobs21:13
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*** Guhl has joined #nemomobile21:15
faenilvakkov: why are there 2 MAKE FLAGS in mozcnfig?21:19
vakkovdunno :P21:20
vakkovt has configured them like that21:20
faenilwhat about deleting one :)21:20
faenilah it's autogenerated21:20
vakkovit adds it back21:20
faenilI'd just skip it and ask tomorrow, not worth wasting time on a detail like that ;)21:24
faeniltry the next one ;)21:25
vakkovok, Stskeeps: please check my last messages :P21:26
*** Morpog_Jolla has quit IRC21:30
vakkovfaenil; warning: Could not canonicalize hostname: vakko-G750JS21:30
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/voicecall/RPMS/voicecall-qt5-0.0.0-1.i586.rpm21:30
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/voicecall/RPMS/voicecall-qt5-devel-0.0.0-1.i586.rpm21:30
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/voicecall/RPMS/voicecall-qt5-plugin-ofono-0.0.0-1.i586.rpm21:30
vakkovi think voicecall is ok :D21:30
vakkovit just built21:30
faenilit built without errors?21:30
faenilwell, skip :D21:30
vakkovit crashes here in the obs21:31
vakkovbut on my laptop it builds -
faenilmm I see21:32
faenildon't know, I haven't touched this stuff for a year, this evening is the first time I pick it up again :D21:33
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:33
vakkovneeext :D21:33
vakkovwhich package are you building now21:34
vakkovfaenil: vault also built without problems21:34
vakkovfaenil: could it be something with my target ;D :D :D21:35
faenilahah nah happened with dsme for me21:35
faenilnot sure why they don't build on obs21:35
faenilStskeeps: if w00t doesn't see it,
faenilouch, wrong link21:36
vakkovfaenil: i mean, if i haven't set it up properly21:36
vakkovalthough it seems fine for now21:36
vakkovstatefs also build21:37
faenil:) try cloning libquillmetadata and see if it builds21:37
faenilit shouldn't :D21:37
vakkovmb2 -t mer-i486 -s rpm/statefs-loader-qt5.spec build21:38
vakkovthis one also build21:38
faenilthis error is also strange21:39
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/quillmetadata/RPMS/libquillmetadata-qt5-devel-1.111111.0-0.i586.rpm21:40
vakkovsomething is officially wrong ;D21:40
faenilyou did dist-upgrade to the modded repo, right?21:41
faenil(the sdk, I mean)21:41
vakkovi was just checking that21:43
vakkovand yes, i have set the repo and then NO, i have forgotten to do the dist-upgrade21:44
*** louisdk has quit IRC21:44
vakkovone of my flatmates asked me something and i forgot to upgrade ....21:44
vakkovwhatever, upgrading now21:44
faenilvakkov: ahahah alright :D21:45
vakkovshould i delete the target21:45
vakkovand create the .ks again21:45
vakkovi guess i should21:45
faenilvakkov: :D21:46
faenilmmm I'm skipping
faenilit clearly says "Project MESSAGE: This project is using private headers and will therefore be tied to this specific Qt module build version."21:51
*** hurrian has quit IRC21:54
vakkovi curl-ed mb2 (although i didn't before, i already had i)22:00
vakkovand now MerSDK MerSDK MerSDK vakko@vakko-G750JS:~/gecko-dev$ mb2 -t mer-i486 -s rpm/xulrunner-qt5.spec build22:00
vakkovFatal: Rule file interface version check failed: got 104, expected 105sb2: Error: startup of sb2d failed.22:00
vakkovbtw how to "make clean" here ;D22:01
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*** hurrian has joined #nemomobile22:01
faenilvakkov: keep reading the log, there's solution for that, in today's log in the morning ;P22:02
vakkovsaw it already :D22:02
vakkovhowever it again fails with make -j%22:08
vakkovnext :D22:08
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*** jreznik has quit IRC22:12
faenilvakkov: :D22:13
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/voicecall/RPMS/voicecall-qt5-devel-0.0.0-1.i586.rpm22:15
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/voicecall/RPMS/voicecall-qt5-plugin-ofono-0.0.0-1.i586.rpm22:15
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:15
vakkovthis is IT, right - 2 | mer-core_i486_devel       | mer-core:i486:devel (Core_i486) | Yes     | No      |
vakkovok, so i'm not i a mistake again now22:18
vakkovvoicecall builds22:18
faenilI'm building it to see what I get22:20
vakkovno it doesnt22:20
vakkovthat's strange :D :D22:20
faenilgah :p22:20
vakkovi deleted it and cloned again22:20
vakkovand it failed this time22:20
vakkovis there something to "clean"22:20
vakkovmy previous builds22:20
vakkovthe same error as in the oBS22:20
vakkovif i get them cleaned i might try with gecko again22:21
faenilI guess sb2 -t mer-i486 make clean should do22:22
vakkov-R make clean :P22:22
vakkovfor those it works22:22
vakkovbut not for the gecko (still not sure, but it didnt before)22:22
faenilI'm SKIPPING obexd as it's not upstream22:23
vakkovfaenil: i did a make clean with sb2 and build with mb222:27
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/vault/RPMS/qtaround-0.1.0-1.i586.rpm22:27
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/vault/RPMS/qtaround-devel-0.1.0-1.i586.rpm22:27
faenilvakkov: what's qtaround?22:28
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vakkovfaenil: just building vault22:29
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/vault/RPMS/vault-0.1.0-1.i586.rpm22:29
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/vault/RPMS/vault-devel-0.1.0-1.i586.rpm22:29
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/vault/RPMS/qtaround-0.1.0-1.i586.rpm22:29
vakkovWrote: /home/vakko/vault/RPMS/qtaround-devel-0.1.0-1.i586.rpm22:29
faenilah ok22:29
vakkovfaenil: statefs needs obexd i think :D22:30
faenilit's failing because it doesn't find ::write, judging from the log22:32
OksanaXULrunner-qt5: fails on YarrSyntaxChecker.o: should YarrSyntaxChecker.cpp have added #include "yarr/Yarr.h" #include "yarr/YarrCanonicalizeUCS2.h" using namespace WTF; ? Similarly to YarrPattern.cpp and YarrInterpreter.cpp ?22:37
OksanaThe 12 branches on GitHub are confusing.22:38
faenilOksana: indeed, xulrunner is one of those projects which are a pita to build22:38
faenil(or at least I heard people saying that many times in the past)22:39
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faenilvakkov: have you done sensorfw already?22:56
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vakkovis ok22:58
faenilit builds without modifiations?22:59
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vakkovand quillmetadata gives me the same error as the obs log23:00
vakkovso i guess it's ok23:00
faenilI'm doing sensorfw23:01
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Oksana(Armchair log-reader) About sensorfw: I can see almost no difference between alsadaptor.h (which compiles) and alsadaptor-ascii.h (which has 'read' not declared). Neither of them includes <unistd.h>. Both of them used read(,,). Does either <QTime> or <QDBusInterface> provide 'read'?23:03
faenilOksana: I added unistd to alsadaptor.cpp as well23:05
faenilit didn't compile23:05
OksanaMaybe, to alsadaptor-ascii.h ? Same error, 'read' ?23:06
faenilno, I added it to all alsadaptor cpps23:07
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faenil(and many others, still adding)23:08
OksanaDoes the error go away?23:08
OksanaThank you! :)23:08
faenilwhy? :D23:09
faenilit's getting quite annoying though :P it's like the tenth file I have to add it to :p23:10
OksanaBecause you (together with vakkov ) are going to resolve all the failed packages!
faenilah, ok :D23:11
OksanaDo not add it everywhere; add it only to the files which fail the compilation ?23:11
faenilyeah well, probably not all of them, it's 1am here :)23:11
faenilOksana: of course, that's what I'm doing, but it takes time, 1min every time to check which file fails23:11
OksanaUpdate the website so that others could see it :)23:12
faenilI think Stskeeps will do that tomorrow ;)23:12
faenilfirst the mods have to be reviewed by repo maintainers23:12
faeniland then merged23:12
faeniland *then* copied on those obs packages :D23:13
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OksanaThank you!23:13
faenilnp :)23:13
faenilglad to help out when I have some time23:14
faenilvakkov: what are you workig on23:15
faenilit's very late I guess I'll be going to bed, cya people23:23
faenilvakkov: I didn't understand if you made a pull request for statefs-qt5 btw, log says it's missing "::write"23:26
*** faenil has quit IRC23:29
OksanaBy the way, why is my Nemo Mobile start-up stuck on blue Nemo-Mer screen? That's after I left it to USB-charge for many hours.23:31

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