Saturday, 2014-10-04

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faenilspecial: if you're available ->
faenilspecial: thanks :D00:32
faenilspecial: any idea who could be defining Bool?
specialthat's ..interesting00:37
specialgstreamer is the likely guess00:38
faenilchriadam: if you're awake, 10secs PR review for you :D
faenilspecial: mmm00:39
specialI don't know what to say about that one, except that it's videotexturebackend.cpp00:39
specialand if nothing else works00:40
specialit can probably be fixed by including the relevant headers *before* all of the weird EGL and gst includes00:40
specialI wouldn't have expected so much drama from gcc 4.800:41
faenilspecial: it could be because gstream in mer-core is too old00:47
specialis it too old even in 0.10.x?00:49
specialor whatever the version is00:49
faenilMSameer probably knows if this is gstreamer's fault00:52
specialwe need to get off 0.10, but that's a considerable project. I think denexter was the most competent on that area00:52
specialI'd be surprised if it's that much of a problem here.00:53
specialyou don't want to block gcc on upgrading gstreamer00:53
MSameergo check00:54
MSameer[   37s] /usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qjsonvalue.h:70:9: error: expected identifier before 'int'00:54
MSameer[   37s]          Bool = 0x1,00:54
faenilMSameer: check what, it thinks Bool is "int"00:54
faenilso something redefined Bool00:54
faenil(or so it seems to me)00:54
MSameersomething redefines bool?00:54
specialthat's not the only problem in that header00:55
faenilspecial: the rest seems to be all cascade effect00:55
specialit appears to be convinced that QJsonValue isn't an identifier either00:55
specialI can't imagine that happening because of an unrelated enum00:55
MSameeregl includes can do anything :)00:56
faenilonce the compiler gets shifted, you never what it ends up thinking00:56
faenilnever know*00:57
MSameer[   37s] In file included from /usr/include/EGL/eglplatform.h:118:0,00:57
MSameerif I get enough time, I'd move away from gst 0.1000:58
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faenilline 118 --> #include <X11/Xlib.h>01:03
faenil(but it's inside #else, so not sure if the error refers to 118 absolute position, or 118 after preprocessor got rid of the rest ofthe cases)01:05
faenilMSameer: bingo! "#define Bool int"01:08
faenilinside Xlib.h01:08
MSameerxlib :)01:08
MSameerdon't we support wayland only?01:09
faenilI guess so01:10
MSameererror: expected identifier before 'int'01:10
MSameerso it becomes int = 0x1,01:10
faeniland sh** hits the fan01:10
MSameerand fan spreads it :D01:11
faenilbtw, the constructor of QJSonValue uses Type,  the enum01:12
faenilso, compiler doesn't know Type -> compiler doesn't know QJsonValue01:13
faenilspecial: ^01:13
faeniland the rest follows01:13
faenilok, not sure it makes sense to spend time fixing this, since it probably shouldn't be including xlib first of all01:14
MSameernuke xlib then we see01:14
faenilI think it's time for me to go to bed :p01:15
faenilI wonder how this stuff compiled before...01:23
faenil"plugin" is redefined in line 8201:23
faeniland also,what is this for, if plugin is null there ?
faenilMSameer: do you know if that delete is actually needed? I'd say I can delete it01:27
specialfaenil: that's not a redefinition, since they're in different scopes (slightly)01:29
specialor at least, it's a gray area01:29
faenilspecial: are they? how do you refer to the QString plugin then?01:29
specialbefore the other one is defined01:29
specialit's shadowing01:30
faenilah well yeah, before01:30
faenilbut gcc doesn't agree01:30
faenilit says we're bad bad people01:30
specialit's not wrong01:30
faenilindeed it's not01:31
faenilit's maybe just being a bit overzealous :D01:31
specialI'd be happy with having -Werror=shadow01:32
faenilIt's still not that good practice, I'd leave it on01:32
specialas in "treat shadowing as an error"01:33
faenilyou don't redefine vars unless you're trying to shoot yourself in the foot01:33
faenil(when somebody else touches the code or similar situations)01:33
faenil(I should really go to bed)01:35
faenilspecial: I guess you worked on it enough to have the power to review it :P
faenilyay, another one bites the dust01:42
faenilthe list is getting shorter and shorter01:42
faenilbut now I really need sleep :D cya special thanks for the reviews o/01:42
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Stskeepsmorn faeniiil08:26
faenilStskeeps: productive day yesterday :) a few steps forward08:34
faenilthere are a few things, like tracker, which require gnome-common, what about that?08:35
Stskeepswth? :P08:35
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faeniland others too :P08:35
faenilsorry I wasn't clear, tracker requires totem-pl-parser, which requires gnome-common :p08:36
faenillibsoup also requires gnome-common, and a few things depend on libsoup08:37
Stskeepsit should be buildable already08:37
faenilmaybe jsut a matter of updating the SHA then08:37
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Stskeepskid wants my attention so need to go08:44
lardman|homeand there I was just having escaped and wanting to ask some questions ;)08:46
lardman|homemorning all08:46
faenilStskeeps: kid first! o/08:47
faenillardman|home: morning08:47
lardman|homemorning faenil :)08:49
lardman|homeI've just recovered my Nexus 7 (2012 GSM) from my wife, so am planning to build something for it08:50
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lardman|homeI see there's a Sailfish image scudding around, but thought nemomobile would be a better bet, so I'm just wondering whether there's a vaguely up-to-date ks to create a rootfs for the SDK (for the Nexus 7)?08:52
lardman|homeor is the answer to merge features from the sailfish one, PA one plus the nemomobile aspects from one of the Nokia phone ks files? Any advice gladly accepted08:53
lardman|homelast random question, which may be in the wrong place - armv7tnhl - is the t for Tegra, in which case I guess it's what I should be using?08:56
Stskeepsthumb and use armv7hl09:00
lardman|homeah thumb of course09:01
* lardman|home goes back to the SDK setup09:02
lardman|homecool, thanks Stskeeps09:05
faeniland for you android devices, you'd better join #nemo-porters :)09:05
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lardman|homefaenil: Yeah, the channel just looked a bit quiet and as people have apparently already got it up and running I wasn't sure if it was still a porting case09:07
faenilah, ok :)09:07
faenilyeah sailfishos-porters is probably more livelt09:07
lardman|homeI'll join09:08
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faenilStskeeps: when you have a minute,
faenil^ that's caused by the inclusion of Xlib.h09:57
faenilbecause Xlib.h has "#define Bool int"09:57
faenilhow should I handle? is it okay that it includes xlib?09:57
faenilhandle it*09:57
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faenilVDVsx: guess what :D
faenilthanks :D10:20
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faenilpvuorela: all for you!
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VDVsxfaenil, currently github is acting up for me, can't merge, was this same this morning10:50
VDVsxwill take care of that once they fix that10:50
VDVsxeven the pull request counters in main repo page as missing10:50
faenilVDVsx: I can do that if that's ok to you ;)10:52
VDVsxfaenil, sure, all LGTM can be merged and tagged10:52
faenilok thanks!10:52
VDVsxwonder why does not work here10:52
faenildone :)10:53
faenilno idea :/10:53
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faenilpvuorela: can I tag?10:58
Stskeepsfaenil: ugh10:59
pvuorelafaenil: sure.10:59
faenilpvuorela: ah, no permission, can you do that for me?11:00
faenilStskeeps: ugh ugh11:00
pvuorelafaenil: if you don't mind, i'll do that later on.11:00
faenilpvuorela: as you wish ;) later on today? tomorrow? in a week? :D11:01
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pvuorelafaenil: like maybe monday.11:04
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Stskeepsfaenil: i don't understand where the gnome-common comes from..11:18
* Stskeeps scratches head11:19
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Stskeepsok, so seems like i forgot a package11:20
Stskeepshang on11:20
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Stskeepsfaenil: okay, adding gnome-common got the unresolvables down at least.11:28
kimmoliwebhook request: >>  home:kimmoli:tohs package= toholed-settings-ui11:45
kimmolilbt: ^11:45
lbtkimmoli: done11:48
kimmolitnx. testing.11:52
kimmolitnx2. works.11:54
lbt:) - hopefully easier RSN (tm)11:55
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kimmoliand also bitbucket leaks too...12:04
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Stskeepsfaenil: ok, a bit more sanity now12:32
Stskeepsfaenil: - you can fix the problem with tracker by synchronising tracker.spec with what was changed in tracker-libav.spec12:33
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faenilStskeeps: alright, I'll get to it later thanks!12:59
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vakkovis there any progress with gecko; should i continue trying13:46
locusfand whats the current status on fixed packages?13:46
locusfie. do you need more help?13:47
faenillocusf: quite big steps forward last night13:48
faenilthe current situation is like this
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faenilvakkov wrote on chat how to fix obexd by adding an #include but it still needs someone to send the .patch to the repo13:48
faeniland get it merged13:49
faenilI'm current working on libaccounts-qt513:49
faenilI played with sensorfw-qt5 already, added a few includes but there is a problem with namespaces and name lookups, I should study some theory about it and fix it13:50
faenillocusf: you can try fixing tumbler
faenilor qtwebkit513:51
faenildeztructor said he'll fix statefs-providers13:51
faenilcontactsd is fixed already but waiting for the australians to wake up in about 8 hours to get merged/tagged :p13:52
faenilqtmultimedia has a weird issue I passed on to Stskeeps  :P13:53
locusffaenil: roger that, will do so after sauna13:53
faeniland vakkov was working on xul-runner13:53
faenilso, basically, qtwebkit5, tumbler, and gst-plugins-good currently need love :)13:54
faenillocusf: have a nice sauna :)13:54
locusffaenil: thanks :)13:54
faenilvakkov: what was the situation with xulrunner?14:13
Morpog_PC___so how can I donate you a beer faenil? :D14:14
faenilMorpog_PC___: oh don't bother :) you'll make up when we meet :D14:15
faenileven though I don't like beer and wine XD14:15
faenilVDVsx: there's a gift for ya!
faenilopen it while it's hot! :D14:15
faenils/make up/make up for it14:17
faenilvakkov: did you have to hack obexd building as well? It didn't find ./bootstrap here, as mb2 said "cd %{name} : file not found" so it didn't cd into obexd's dir14:31
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vakkovfaenil: yep, the patches are not getting applied by the spec and it also doesn't cd to the folder; that's why you just copyt the source tree from the submodule to the main directory (where the rpm folder is) and pply the patches and it will also find bootstrap ..14:50
faenilok, I used a different strategy14:50
faenilfixed the .spec, at least building works14:51
vakkovfaenil: the patches are n geting applied so -
vakkovyou added a cd to bexd?14:51
faenildone already, thanks btw :)14:51
vakkovfaenil: xulrunner is the gecko i am talking about. no progress there; yesterday i posted a pastebin with slightly different log14:52
vakkovi was looking for this :D14:52
faenilaaand there we go
faenilhmallat seems to be the authority for obexd :) let's see if he reviews it before monday :D15:09
faenilvakkov: do you know why the automatic patching is broken btw? is it supposed to behave this way?15:10
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locusfok back15:24
faenillbt: is it okay to replace %{name} with the actual name, in "setup blabla %name-%version/%{name}" ?15:26
faenilor should mb2 handle that?15:26
lbtrpmbuild handles it15:27
lbtit's OK but it would tend to make life more difficult ... basically DRY15:27
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vakkovfaenil: i think Stskeeps said that patching has to be done manually :D so that would probably mean that it is anticipated15:28
vakkovhowever it seems to be working on the obs15:28
faenillbt: i.e?15:28
faenilvakkov: yes it works on the obs, but I'd like to have it building locally as well, if possible15:29
vakkovbtw is it broken only for this package15:29
faenilno, for gst-plugins-good as well15:29
faenil(at least that I could see)15:29
faenillibaccounts-qt5 for example uses the real name, not %{name}15:30
vakkovi thnk that it was running on xulrunner and the others i tried15:30
faenilso that works15:30
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locusfhrmh I wonder how Mer SDK handles two separate SDK's with different MER_ROOT?15:30
faenillbt: I mean, would you choose getting it to build on local targets, or avoid repeating yourself *once* ?15:31
lbtit should build just fine - %setup is not run by mb215:32
lbtwhere's the spec ?15:32
faenillbt: well, mb2 says that it can't cd into a folder, which is the one taken from the setup string15:32
lbtthat patch should have no effect ... %name is obexd ... so it's a pointless patch. If it has an effect something else is broken15:34
faenillbt: "goto: my_previous_messages"15:34
faenillbt: mb2 says "cd %{name} : file not found" that's what happens15:35
faenilso I'm reporting the issue asking for advice on how I should behave :p15:35
* lbt wonders if this is a tar_git format thing15:36
locusffaenil: do you still have the new mer target .ks ready?15:39
lbtask phaeron when he's around15:39
locusffaenil: its not available in the pastie anymore15:39
*** Behold has joined #nemomobile15:39
faenillbt: okay15:41
faenilI'm leaving that commit in the meanwhile15:41
faeniland will scratch it if not needed15:41
locusfStskeeps: the paste for you .ks is 404 now :/15:44
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faenillocusf: sorry I forgot to reply -->
locusffaenil: thx15:52
Stskeepslocusf: for the target ks? hmm15:52
locusfStskeeps: seems faenil already had it :)15:53
locusfStskeeps: thanks15:53
faenilStskeeps: this define doesn't exist anymore in newer kernels15:59
faenilnot sure we can do much about that :/
Stskeepsgoogle it16:03
faenilthat's another package though16:04
faenil(I had googled of course :P )16:05
locusffaenil: what sed spell did you use on the sb2 rules mismatch?16:05
faenillocusf: it's in the logs16:05
locusffaenil: grepped it and manually did it16:07
locusftumbler seems to require python-gobject libraries but I have every python-gobject library installed16:17
faenilStskeeps: is updating to the newest gst-plugins-good a bad idea?16:17
faenilupdate the git submodule, directly16:18
locusftumbler fixed16:23
faenilcool, now someone should review it, maybe aard_ who's one of the last ones who committed ? :D16:24
*** solarius has quit IRC16:25
locusfthis issue has been tried to fix before16:25
* aard_ puts faenil on his naughty list16:25
faenilaard_: it's a 1min review, I promise <316:26
aard_but it's python!16:26
faenilaard_: so, should we tell phaeron? or, who should we contact16:27
faenilmvogt also committed a lot there16:27
aard_phaeron would definitely know. we fixed that specific cse a lot, and I think it might be like that how we fixed it, but I don't remember for sure16:28
faenilmeanwhile: thanks Stskeeps16:28
faenilaard_: there are few attempts in the last few commits, but it seems they weren't enough, or at least it would seem so16:28
aard_I think something like 3-4 months ago we had that python change which broke like 30% of the test cases, and at the same time another change went in breaking another 30%. I was not very happy when I saw the next test report16:29
* faenil pats on aard_'s shoulders16:30
faenilaard_: long time no talk, how are you doing? update9 must be putting some pressure on you :)16:30
aard_faenil: right now I'd appreciate a gesture like "taking a gun and marching towards qt headquarters" more :p16:31
faenillet's recap: contactsd -> fixed, waiting for review16:32
faenilgst-plugins-good -> fixed, waiting for review16:32
faenilobexd -> fixed, waiting for review16:32
faenilnemo-qtmultimedia-plugins -> god knows why it's pulling in Xlib and it's something we want to accept16:33
faeniltumbler -->fixed, waiting for review16:33
faenilsensorfw-qt5 --> WIP16:34
Stskeepsgood work16:34
faenilxulrunner-qt5, qtwebkit5, and statefs-providers, those are the last ones! \o/16:34
faenilStskeeps: thx16:34
faenilStskeeps: I've made 19 PRs so far, lol16:35
faenilit's good that most of the maintainers are quite active and reviewed/tagged very soon :)16:36
locusfI'll get cracking on qtwebkit516:36
aard_faenil: as for u9, let's call it a "valuable learning experience with issues mostly out of our control"16:36
faeniland so be it, Jolla is never moving to qt5.3 XD16:37
Stskeepssilverlight here we come16:37
faenilI absolutely have to review my uni report now XD back as I'm finished o/16:38
faenillocusf: keep me updated if you keep fixing ;)16:39
locusffaenil: sure :)16:39
*** plfiorini has joined #nemomobile16:39
locusfgithub is sssllloooowwww16:40
faenilMSameer: I think this is for you :)
locusfBuildRequires: git ?16:41
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #nemomobile16:41
locusffaenil: ^16:41
Stskeepslocusf: it happnes16:41
locusfStskeeps: heheh16:41
faenillocusf: yep, downloads a gstreamer-common repo, or something16:41
locusffaenil: oh16:42
faenilI forgot to add a "BuildRequires: dot" to one of the packages, but I don't remember which one anymore xD16:42
faenilI noticed it was missing it, but forgot to send it with my fixes16:43
aard_gaaaah. after properly putting cables in cable ducts the display port cable is abuot 4cm too short16:45
vakkovfaenil: is there something that i can take :D16:46
faenilvakkov: xulrunner-qt5, qtwebkit5, statefs-providers, those are the ones left :)16:49
locusfvakkov: you get to have qtwebkit5 if you can clone it faster than me :)16:50
locusfcurrently cloning at 100KB16:50
faenilor tracker --->
faenilbbl, have fun16:51
vakkovcloning with 2 mb/s :D16:51
locusfah cloned16:52
locusfvakkov: lets see whos faster :)16:55
vakkovi also cloned it :D 2 mins ago16:55
vakkovwill start building it after a minute or two16:56
*** BirdZhang|2 has quit IRC17:03
Stskeepsqtwebkit will make any people crazy17:06
vakkovi get the feeling that it only compiles using one of my cores17:06
vakkovyep, that17:07
vakkovis absolutely riht17:07
vakkovStskeeps: is there a way to set the number of cores in the spec17:08
Stskeepsisn't there a -j parameter for mb?17:08
locusf <- line 22617:08
locusfit doesn't work17:09
vakkovStskeeps: mmmm nope, the .spec file has make -j%jobs which is proven to not work; that's why i made it -j8 ;D17:12
locusflol dxiit17:12
vakkovaaaand, it gave the error :D17:12
vakkovnot the same as the one from the obs though17:14
locusfstuck on m4 generation for me on -j417:16
*** filippz has joined #nemomobile17:26
*** javispedro has joined #nemomobile17:39
MSameerfaenil: LGTM17:42
faenilMSameer: can you merge and tag pls? :)17:43
MSameerfaenil: I just woke up from a nap so won't merge and tag (more susceptible to making mistakes)17:43
faenilaahha ok xD17:43
MSameerfaenil: I give you that honor (to merge and tag) :)17:43
faenilMSameer: it seems I don't have permissions on that repo17:45
locusfhmm seems that I gotta give the honors on qtwebkit5 to vakkov17:47
MSameerfaenil: done17:47
locusfmake clean got to a loop and seems that its gonna get stuck on the same stage of the build17:47
*** qwazix_nc has joined #nemomobile17:48
vakkovlocusf: i will dive into it in a few minutes :D17:49
*** Guhl has joined #nemomobile17:50
locusfvakkov: just take a look at that spec file and try removing the lines which condition the X11 to be present17:50
vakkovlocusf: mine stops building way before that17:51
locusfvakkov: lol17:51
vakkovlocusf: check the pastebin i posted; does your pass this moment where i get the error17:52
locusfvakkov: I didn't look, sorry17:52
MSameerI get error 500 when trying to search in obs17:52
MSameerfaenil: we broke gst-plugins-good17:53
MSameerfaenil: nothing provides git17:53
locusfdevel:mw is history17:53
MSameerit's what I found in the obs recent builds17:54
MSameerI get an error when I try to search17:54
locusf <- this is the project to see17:54
faenilMSameer: I'm building for mer:core:devel17:54
faenildinner, bbl17:58
locusfbut I guess only Stskeeps holds the keys there17:58
MSameerI don't need special access to it.17:58
MSameerI just need to search17:58
MSameerlbt: searching mer obs gives error 50017:58
locusfwe gotta update the code17:58
locusfto mer-core:devel somehow17:58
Stskeepsdon't worry about nemo:devel:mw; anyhow, faenil can point sha to right direction18:07
Stskeepswas it merged to gst-plugins-good?18:08
vakkovlocusf: so do ou get past that moment?18:11
locusfvakkov: I don't know18:11
locusfthats where I get stuck18:12
Stskeepsseems to build now in mer-core:i486:devel18:13
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:13
*** SfietKonstantin has joined #nemomobile18:13
vakkovlocusf: you are right after me :D18:13
locusfnothing is happening here18:14
locusfvakkov: have you tried make clean and trying again to build?18:17
*** SfietKonstantin has quit IRC18:18
vakkovlocusf: i am doing it wright now18:20
vakkovand i will try wit j4 or something lower18:20
locusfvakkov: ok, good luck18:20
WikiwideWhen attempting to start-up Nemo Mobile (after a long time of charging it), it is stuck at blue Nemo-Mer screen. I can ssh into it. The image it 2014-02 + qmlcamera. What is the possible problem? What should be attempted as solution?18:20
*** jonwil has quit IRC18:21
locusfWikiwide: its lipstick not starting18:24
WikiwideIt is not black screen, it is blue screen... Alright, which one of qml-camera's pulled packages should be uninstalled? What's zypper's equivalent of autoremove?..18:25
WikiwideI mean, qml-camera pulled in about 15 packages as dependencies, these packages are qt4 based, they probably stop qt5-based lipstick from starting...18:26
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile18:26
faenilWikiwide: I can't help18:29
locusfWikiwide: can you paste your journalctl -a -f after restarting lipstick18:29
locusfjust start 2 ssh sessions18:29
*** faenil has quit IRC18:29
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile18:30
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o faenil18:30
faenillocusf: vakkov I'd suggest moving to another package in the meanwhiel18:30
faenilwe can come back to the nasty ones at the end of the process18:31
faenilMSameer: thanks for the review/merge/tag btw :)18:32
MSameerfaenil: thanks for the fixes18:34
locusffaenil: ok, I'll leave qtwebkit to vakkov18:36
*** javispedro has quit IRC18:39
vakkovwut wu18:42
vakkovthat's the nastiest output ever18:42
vakkovomg. ..18:46
Wikiwidemce says there is no lipstick. lipstick in says underfined symbol _ZN12QKeySequence16staticMetaObjectE18:47
locusfWikiwide: so you'll need qt 5.2, which is not available yet so the latest build of the lipstick doesn't work18:48
locusfWikiwide: yeah, your best bet for a working system18:48
WikiwideBut why latest? I did not zypper dup... Did I?18:48
locusfWikiwide: I sure hope not :)18:49
WikiwideNo, I did not. I would have remembered it.18:49
locusfhmm, it must be something that pulled it then18:49
Wikiwide265 packages is not something easily missed...18:49
WikiwideYes, it must be something that qml-camera pulled, and which conflicted with lipstick's ability to work.18:50
WikiwideIs there any reverse-depends or autoremove in zypper?18:50
locusffaenil: that statefs-providers has some obscure c++ errors which I have no idea how to fix18:52
faenilit's c++11's lambdas18:52
locusfWikiwide: afaik no there is none18:52
faenildeztructor said he'd fix it today, but I guess he's been busy, and it's understandable :)18:53
locusfI started studying c++ in 2002 so I have no idea that c++ had lambdas :D18:53
deztructorfaenil: locusf just returned back :) those errors are one that quite easy to fix18:54
faenil:D I haven't picked up latest c++ features either...unfortunately we don't do c++ at uni, only c18:54
faenildeztructor: oh hey! awesome! :)18:54
locusfdeztructor: excellent18:54
faenilbut we did lambdas in functional languages, ofc :)18:54
deztructorfaenil: lamdas together with variadic functions, tuples and move/r-value semantic are features really improving c++11 a lot :)18:56
faenildeztructor: I heard that...I should really get to study some real c++...18:56
faenilI got Stroustroup's book as a gift for Bachelor graduation, but that edition doesn't cover c++11 :(18:57
faenilme sad18:57
deztructorfaenil: he released the one covering c++11. But there are also Herb Sutter articles etc.:
faenilyeah I know there's a new edition :(18:58
faenildeztructor: that link looks epic!18:59
*** bencoh_ has quit IRC19:00
*** bencoh_ has joined #nemomobile19:00
deztructoryeah, there is also
faenilthat's quite less appealing :19:01
deztructorthere are several good resources about c++11. While it is, as always, quite complex (thanks to bckwd compat with c and history) but the only high-level lang where it is possible to minimize the price you pay for high-level features :)19:08
deztructorhm, build, uses tar-git19:09
deztructorah, it takes it directly from github19:09
* deztructor has only sailfish targets installed now with gcc 4.619:10
faenildeztructor: if you leave a few suggestions I can test them later19:18
faenil(if you don't want to setup a new target, or you're not sure your solution will work)19:18
Stskeepsfaenil: gst-plugins-good is sorted19:18
faenilStskeeps: on nemo:mw you mean?19:19
Stskeepsno, copied it to mer-core:devel too19:19
Stskeepsif you fix tracker you'll get 3-4 unresolvables going too19:19
faenilStskeeps: ah yea sure, was there a problem with mer-core as well? I thought it only needed a sha update19:19
Stskeepsjust a sha update, yes19:19
faenilah ok ;)19:19
faenilyeah I'll do tracker when I'm done with the uni stuff, unless locusf or vakkov are already working on it19:20
locusfnope you go ahead, I'm heading to sleep19:20
vakkovi'm also doing uni stuff atm so i'm not working on the packages19:21
faenillocusf: I forbid you to sleep at this time on saturday evening :D19:22
WikiwideNo good. I know from experience the perils of running of under-sleep...19:29
Wikiwideon under-sleep...19:29
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
*** Wikiwide has quit IRC19:31
[ol]Also, here's a brief introduction to C++11 features:
*** filippz has quit IRC19:47
deztructorhm, where I can get .ks to build target with gcc 4.8? Or maybe there is fs image somewhere? I have not found at a glance one on the build.mer...19:55
*** msava has quit IRC19:56
*** msava has joined #nemomobile20:03
deztructorfaenil: does mer obs trigger build from webhook? because it does not it now20:15
deztructorit should be built fine now... I hope :)20:16
faenildeztructor: it should, but maybe the webhook is not setup, but I have to test it on another target, not the one the webhook is linked to20:16
faenilfingers crossed :)20:18
faenildeztructor: success :) thanks!20:19
faenilStskeeps: you still alive?20:20
deztructorfaenil: ic build is succeeded :)20:21
faenildeztructor: yeah it's all good ;) your job is done :D20:21
deztructorfaenil: thanks ;)20:24
faenilthanks you :)20:24
deztructorhave a good and calm night :)20:31
faenilyou too20:33
*** arturo182 has quit IRC21:51
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*** astr has joined #nemomobile21:55
*** plfiorini has quit IRC22:01
faenilaard_: do you know how to take a full log from mer obs? I have 0 will to wait for qtwebkit to compile :P22:06
faenil(the button to download the log doesn't work, fwiw)22:06
aard_I'd have told you to click on the button to download the log22:06
faenilaard_: does it work for you?
faenilthe build took 1700secs on OBS, I really don't want to know how long it would take on my ubuntu VM on virtualbox22:10
*** louisdk has quit IRC22:13
aard_compile it outside of the vm, with -j16 or something similar?22:15
faenilaard_: it would still take ages on my laptop22:18
aard_use less ancient hardware?22:19
faenilI aim to fix the issue without doing a local build, for this beast :P22:19
faenilaard_: I appreciate any gift! :D22:19
vakkovi also want the full log22:19
* aard_ sends faenil a bag of 1mb simms22:19
faenilaard_: crap, I have too many of those already :D22:20
vakkovbut for some reason this sh*t fails to build on a different "spot" than the one @ the obs22:20
* aard_ upgraded a notebook to 36mb of ram yesterday22:20
vakkovand my hardware is powerfull :P22:20
*** lardman|home has quit IRC22:32
*** qwazix_ has joined #nemomobile22:33
*** Guhl has quit IRC22:38
*** qwazix_ has quit IRC22:38
*** hurrian has quit IRC22:59
faenillpotter: look at what I have for ya!
*** jonwil has joined #nemomobile23:03
lpotter38 mb ram.... can that thing even run emacs?23:05
faenillpotter: please also merge and tag as I don't have permissions there <323:05
faenilaard_ *only* runs emacs23:05
aard_lpotter: I didn't chose what to install about it, but basically I want something that can boot into emacs, and show emacs in colours. and ideally has some shell underneath I can execute from emacs23:06
*** hurrian has joined #nemomobile23:13
*** hurrian has quit IRC23:13
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