Saturday, 2014-10-25

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m4g0ghello. I want to improve buteo-sync-plugins-social with some stuff. Who can advice me how I can test my stuff?08:18
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faenilm4g0g: build it and test it on your jolla? ^_^08:22
locusffaenil: check out the pr hedayat made last night08:26
faenilyeah I read the backlog, not sure why I didn't automagically receive an email for that08:27
locusfI didn't either but I don't watch that repo08:36
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Stskeepsfaenil: python fails now08:39
Stskeepshappy belated bday btw08:39
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faeniltest sqlite failed08:40
faenilmaybe it's enough to update python pkg?08:40
faenilit's using the latest from Mer's git..08:43
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faenilStskeeps: maybe you can update python on Mer git? don't know what the workflow is in these cases08:46
faenilthe test fails so probably the test needs to be updated for the new sqlite08:47
Stskeepslater today08:48
Stskeepson way to ikea08:48
faenilStskeeps: this could be relevant
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faenilyep that seems to be it08:52
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faenil(or at least, Mer's version doesn't have that fix)08:56
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m4g0g faenil it sounds funny but if I damage something? And how to install it? I need serious advice09:02
faenilm4g0g: I don't know how broken your device can get if you install a broken install it you just transfer it on the phone and install it using pkcon install or something? :)09:02
faenilI know, I'm not of much help...I've always done this stuff on a Nemo device...but Nemo is currently broken09:03
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hedayatfaenil: I wonder why correct-users script exists at all! (maybe fixing upgrades?!). Who is responsible for setting up nemo user in the first place?! I think adding it to users group should be moved there too.09:26
faenilphaeron probably knows09:27
faenilas he wrote the script :)09:27
faenilabout the "who sets up nemo user" --->
faenilit should be done in the .ks file09:28
faenil(sorry I didn't think about it before)09:29
phaeronfaenil: which script ?09:29
hedayatOK, and why the Version of nemo-mobile-session package is so weird?! The version in Nemo images is much higher. And even, the xorg subpackage says that it provides nemo-mobile-session > 21!!!09:30
hedayat(The version is 13!)09:30
faenilhedayat: ignore the version in the .spec, the version is overwritten by tar_git which reads the git tags09:30
phaeronoh that. that's not really needed for new images. it was to migrate existing users when mer changed UID_MIN09:31
faenilso, look at "Releases" and that's what will end up in the spec on OBS ;)09:31
hedayatfaenil: Aha, I'm still not much familiar with your infrastructure.09:31
faenilhedayat: no problem09:31
faenilphaeron: ah great, hedayat let's get rid of it then :D09:31
faenilphaeron: thanks :)09:31
hedayatfaenil: and where is "Releases"? :P09:31
hedayatfaenil: ah, I got it.09:32
hedayatfaenil: Would you please fix the .ks to add nemo user to users group?09:33
faenilhedayat: I'm afraid the ks also requires a lot of other modifications :D (we have to check patterns)09:33
faenilso not sure it makes much sense to modify the one on my repo09:34
faenilfor the moment just modify the one which you guys are currently using to produce the images09:34
faeniland let's take a note for the future09:34
hedayatfaenil: hmmm OK. I'm currently not using any .ks, so you should tell others until I setup my own! :P09:35
hedayatfaenil: OK!09:35
faenilOthers!! Here! ^09:35
faenillocusf: filippz ^09:35
faenilphaeron: is nemo added to users group in jolla's ks as well? and are there any other groups we should add it to?09:36
faenilor, alternatively, can you paste that line of Jolla's ks and any hack from it we might need :)09:37
filippzfaenil, hedayat: I'm uploading new kernel to obs, which makes N9 a "portrait device" - after that I'm gonna make a PR to nemo-configs-n950-n9 and fix my ks09:38
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faenilfilippz: great!09:38
locusfhey filippz09:38
filippzIs it OK that I pass on ks then (faneil - you already have ks from the other day that works)09:38
locusfgood job :)09:38
faenildo we really want to make it a portrait device though? it was useful to test device differences between n9 and jolla ^^09:39
filippzlocusf: ty09:39
filippzfaneli: either that or the fbset-n9.service stays - but needs modifications09:39
faenilnah, who cares, go on09:40
locusfwell glacier handles both orientations, but its quite silly as landscape on n909:40
faenilwe don't have resources to cover all hw :p09:40
filippzboth "jolla homescreen" and glacier need it to be portrait09:40
faenilone day we'll be able to fix the patterns as well, so we can update the official ks files :)09:41
faenil(that is, once nemo-mer are merged)09:41
hedayatfilippz: Would it be easy to change the orientation in the built image? So that experimenting with both orientations is possible? (sorry, I've not checked how the orientation is changed).09:43
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hedayatfaenil: Is it ok for me to make nemo-mobile-session package a noarch pacakge? It doesn't contain any binary, so it should be fine. Unless you have a special policy about it.09:44
faenilhedayat: no idea09:45
filippzhedayat: I have a script thatk makes N9 portrait device from userspace - It can be changed to make it landscape if needed (it's in my ks)09:45
hedayatfilippz: Thanks09:45
hedayatfaenil: OK, so I'll make it noarch. It really is. :P09:46
filippzks is here (posted by faenil the other day)
filippzit's labeled "Hack PORTRAIT" :)09:46
faenilin the meanwhile I added
hedayatfilippz: thanks09:47
phaeronfaenil: user --name nemo --groups audio,video --password nemo09:49
faenilphaeron: mmm so you don't need nemo to be in the users group....mmm09:49
hedayatfaenil: since this is my first pr in my life, and in github, how should I proceed? Should I somehow cancel my previous pr and create a new one?09:50
phaeronfaenil: check oneshots on the device though, they might alter the groups later09:50
faenilphaeron: I see, ok09:50
faenilhedayat: usually you modify the commits and then you push --force on your remote repo09:50
faenilthe PR will be updated automatically09:50
faenilhedayat: this should be a good way to do it09:54
locusffilippz: thanks for the .ks09:55
locusfI'll do another daily once the PR is merged09:55
filippzlocusf: you probably missed it when faneil posted it (
locusffilippz: yeah might be09:56
faenilfilippz: use TAB autocomplete to get my nickname right :D09:56
filippzfaenil: I learn something new every day - thanks faenil (autocompleted it :)09:57
filippzI gotta run, and my osc ci stalled - will try it later (damn u slow upload of 0,5Mbps)09:59
locusfah for the kernel?10:00
faenilfilippz: no problem, have a nice day!10:01
hedayatfaenil: hmmm, but I've a few new commits too: removing x stuff, etc. I'd prefer a new pr. Also, I wanted to know which is preferred: a single commit with many different changes or multiple commits?10:01
faenilyou can add new commits as well, the PR will be updated ;)10:02
faenilmultiple commits!10:02
faeniloh while you're at it, please prefix every commit with a [tag]10:02
faenilthis is also needed for the build/release process (this info is on the wiki)10:02
faenillike prefix [session] to your commits10:03
faenilor something like that :)10:03
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faenilI think the PR will be automatically updated with whatever gets pushed on your branch10:03
faenil(as long as the pr is opeN910:04
hedayatfaenil: OK, thanks. I'll check the docs for tags.10:05
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locusfyay no more graphics glitches on the portrait orientation .ks :)10:12
hedayatlocusf: good!10:13
locusfbut opening a terminal app freezes the entire thing, just like on n700010:13
locusfand a reboot10:19
locusfthis is probably due to the session dying10:19
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hedayatlocusf: you might try my changes :D10:30
locusfhedayat: sure10:30
hedayatfaenil: nemo is not only member of audio and video groups, so either a number of groups are marked as 'default groups' somewhere, or groups are added to the user in other places.10:31
hedayatfaenil: default nemo groups: video, audio, oneshot, bluetooth, timed, ssu10:32
faenilbbl, lunbh10:33
hedayatfaenil: and 'users' group seems to a natural additoin.10:33
hedayatfaenil: OK! :)10:33
hedayathmm... let me summarize changes other than what I've done in nemo-mobile-session: removing OOMScoreAdjust from user services, adding nemo to users group, excluding all ofono plugins except n900, and...? hopefully, that's it.10:36
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locusfhow did you do the ofono trick?10:36
locusfhedayat: it works!10:37
locusfhedayat: your changes to nemo-mobile-session10:38
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hedayatlocusf: with faenil tips: add a file containing OFONO_ARGS variable inside: /var/lib/environment/ofono/plugins.conf (*.conf is already read by ofono.service), with the proper value. Let me find it.10:39
hedayatlocusf: :) happy to hear that10:39
locusfand the session is much stabler now10:39
locusfno freezes as of yet10:39
locusfhedayat: thanks10:40
hedayatlocusf: you're welcome. it is all in one line though! no line breaks :P10:40
locusfyeah got it as is10:41
hedayat(also apparently linking dbus.service to is not necessary)10:41
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locusfloka 25 14:21:59 localhost kernel: panel-nokia-dsi display0: warning, slow update: p03(37445) p34(12939)11:21
locusfI get those in the kernel all the time11:21
locusfmce works again11:28
hedayatmy pr updated. addressed all faenil concerns + some cleanups11:36
locusfnow we just wait for the master to lgtm it :)11:38
locusfcouple of commits still miss the [prefix]11:38
locusfah only one does11:39
hedayatlocusf: Yes, I thought that one is not needed for the changelog, it just changes a few lines in previous commits. But if required, I'll add it ?11:41
locusfhedayat: yeah it will be then in the generated .changes file11:41
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hedayatlocusf: OK, I'll add a prefix11:53
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hedayatlocusf: done11:55
locusfhedayat: ok thx11:55
locusfand good job btw :)11:55
hedayatlocusf: thanks :)11:55
faenilback :)11:56
faenilhedayat: what is the .d/ directory for?11:56
faenil(systemd question)11:56
faenil(you can also paste link to official doc ;) )11:57
hedayatfaenil: :) instead of changing a service file(foo.service) directly, you can add a directory named foo.service.d and put your additions/updates in .conf files.11:58
faenilnvm found11:58
faenil"To edit a unit file provided by a package, you can create a directory called /etc/systemd/system/unit.d/ for example /etc/systemd/system/httpd.service.d/ and place *.conf files in there to override or add new options. systemd will parse these *.conf files and apply them on top of the original unit."11:58
faenilhedayat: ok, and this is needed because user@ comes from systemd package, right?11:59
hedayatfaenil: I could not add a modified user@.service to nemo-mobile-session, or it would conflict with other packages.11:59
hedayatfaenil: Yes :)11:59
faenilok ;11:59
faenil"Fix path of environment variables & some packaging fixes" this one has no tag, but there are many tags in the description?12:01
faenilis that new wizardry? :)12:01
locusffaenil: you haven't seen it?12:02
hedayatfaenil: :P I just thought the following lines better describe the change. I saw same pattern in the wiki.12:03
faenillocusf: no I haven't :)12:03
* faenil goes read wiki12:03
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faenilcool I didn't know that, ok :)12:07
faenilnow, there's a problem, I have no power over that repo :p12:11
filippzlocusf: regarding -"warning, slow update" - we get that a lot - it's some mechanism how panel-nokia-dsi in kernel measure performance12:12
filippzit's rigth here
filippzIf I'm reading it correctly it's a way to inform that framebuffer din't get refreshed quick enough12:13
locusffilippz: okay12:15
locusffaenil: I wonder if Sage_ has12:16
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faenillocusf: hedayat maybe we should move nemo-mobile-session to nemomobile-ux?12:43
faeniljust wondering12:43
filippzfaenil: I've commited my changes ( do I make PR right away, or you'll take a look at them first12:43
locusffaenil: I'm not too cool about forking :p12:46
locusfw00t: Could you please give us a hand? Regarding nemo-mobile-session?12:47
faenilfilippz: make PR :) but kernel is changing framebuffer, that env var is only for the touchscreen rotation right?12:49
filippzfaenil: yes - there is no way to rotate TS from kernel - it's driver doesn't support it12:50
faenilfilippz: no problem, just add a link to the kernel commit which does that :)12:50
faenil(also, have you upstreamed your kernel? :D)12:51
filippzfaenil: OK, I'll add a link, and no my kernel is not "upstreamable"12:52
faenilStskeeps: please forward this to the right guy, losing data is quite critical
faenilfilippz: upstream as in Nemo upstream12:52
filippzfaenil: I was thinking of getting it to work first, and then dealing with "proper" way of commiting later...12:54
faenilmmm ok12:55
faenilbut of that stuff is "final"...12:57
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filippzfaenil: stupid question - is it OK to have commit message that exceeds 80 columns (ie
faenilwhere is it exceeding it?13:00
faenilbtw it's not "ok", but it's not a big issue..13:01
faeniljust remember you'll have to add a [tag] to the commit messages13:01
filippzwell I'm trying to set a link to that commit so that commit in nemo-configs-n950-n9 references it13:02
filippzI've tagged it inside commit message (multiple tags) - that's OK?13:03
faenilI feel responsible for too many decisions :D13:04
faenilI don't know :D13:04
faenilI see you have "n9: xxx driver"13:04
faeniljust add [n9] as prefix to those commits or something13:04
filippzWe'll you asked for a link to kernel commit that changes n9 to portrait mode, so I'm guessing that it's length over 80 cols is not an issue13:05
filippzas for prefixes - you mean one single prefix [n9] in commit title?13:06
faenilfilippz: mmm maybe it's not needed for kernel13:07
faenilI see that nobody has done it13:07
filippzfaenil: at some point idea was to make changes to nemomobile kernel go upstream so the kernel was using that rules13:08
faenilthe [tag] is nemo rule13:09
hedayatfilippz: not any more? (upstreaming changes to the upstream kernel)? Is there any blocking issues?13:09
filippzhedayat: even Nokia didin't make N9/N950 kernel to go upstream. For example their gps driver was rejcted because of speaking MEIF13:11
hedayatfilippz: Yes, that's expected. But at least we could try to upstream as much as possible, so that upgrading to future kernels are easier.13:13
hedayatfilippz: I've seen that later kernels have switched N9 board file to device tree, I wonder how usable it is, and how much effort is needed to upgrade to newer kernels.13:14
hedayatfilippz: I wondered if most of the code can be upstreamed13:15
filippzhedaya : I was looking at that, but we're soo far away from that. There is much code that we can't change because closed source binaries (bme, libomap3camd) depend on them13:16
hedayatfilippz: ah.. ok, thanks for the explanation. :(13:17
filippza lot of drivers that are in kernel need to be "different" for them - that'll never go into upstream for sure13:17
hedayatah... I see13:17
filippzN900 has some replacement for bme (maybe we could use that) and FCam could be used to replace libomap3camd13:18
faenilfilippz: you changed 512 to 48013:19
filippzif we would be able to package nped (gps binary blob which needs Qt4) then we would be in a better position13:19
faenilare you sure that wasn't for the extra touch sensitive area?13:19
filippzfaneil: I could'n get it to work with 512 and that is framebuffer not touchscreen, so it's probably not that13:20
faenil(autocomplete! :D )13:20
filippz(me again and not using TAB to complete)13:20
faenilfilippz: but maybe it's the display (so framebuffer as well) which is of custom size, on n913:21
Stskeepsfaenil: next time you see anything freezing, gcore it13:22
faenilanyway, it works, good enough :p I just wanted to know if there's a reason...or we'll be trapped by some bugs in the future13:22
faenilStskeeps: okay, in this case I think there was also a dialog popping up like "not responding" but taller, the size was similar to connection popup...but it was EMPTY13:23
Stskeepshmm :P13:23
faeniland this happened every time I went in and out of the (frozen) camera app13:23
faenilthe system was not frozen, I could go in and out the camera app13:23
locusfok so we can work out the current session age by hedayat to be more or less 274 years, good enough :)13:23
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filippzfaenil: display is 864x480 (
faenilthen I wonder why that 512... mmm13:25
filippzso it's definetly 480 - virtual y  size in multiples of that number is for double/triple buffering13:25
locusfhedayat: are you in twitter?13:26
filippzfaenil: It's was a mistery for me also - maybe they used this for smoother transitions between home screens13:27
hedayatlocusf: Actually it's just the time one iteration of the loop takes! the session can go forever. :P13:27
hedayatlocusf: yes, hedayatvk13:27
locusfhedayat: okay, I'll make sure to tag you when I make the official release :)13:28
hedayatlocusf: :) Thanks13:28
filippzfaenil: does this look OK:
*** dr_gogeta86 has quit IRC13:29
filippzfaenil: I'll make PR then :)13:30
locusfits so nice to see nemo so active again :)13:32
filippzlocusf: I was just think that - so many ideas/discussions !13:33
faenilfilippz: I forgot one thing, I commented13:33
faenilmaybe you should add the kernel version in the spec13:33
faenilor maybe not? it hasn't been done so far, but I think we should, if we have a requirement on the kernel version13:34
filippzfaenil: since kernel is not in "nemo"  packages in that could be difficult (I just love the tab thing)13:35
faenilwhy difficult?13:36
faenilbtw I added another comment, I think we don't need Requires: fbset anymore, do we13:36
faenil(I was laughing for the tab thing, fwiw :P )13:36
*** olesalscheider has quit IRC13:36
filippzfaenil: right -  we don't. git push --force over my original commit is OK?13:37
faenil(as long as you git commit --amend it first, of course)13:38
*** olesalscheider has joined #nemomobile13:41
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faenilStskeeps: I should have used gdb attach...what was I thought of smashing it on the floor was too strong :D13:48
hedayatfilippz: Hopefully, I'll look into nped or something in the next week. About FCam, IIRC, Harmattan provided FCam in one of its firmware updates (1.2 or 1.3); so maybe its completely doable? (At least, they provided FCam API, I'm not sure about the backend).13:49
filippzhedayat: nped has a lot of dependencies - it could take some time13:49
filippzhedayat: as for FCam I couldn't make it work - I'll dig out some past chats from the time13:50
hedayatfilippz: OK, thanks13:51
Stskeepsfaenil: such waste of debugging possibilities :P13:52
faenilyeah xD13:53
filippzhedayat: that reminds me, we have somewhere  config file with camera pipeline set - and since omap-i2c became i2c-omap (or something to that affect) we should update it also (but thats libomap3camd thing IIRC)13:53
filippzfaenil: I get "Sorry, commit information is not available for this pull request." now - I did amend/force but that fore thing made my commit disappear from github, and push says "Everything up-to-date"13:58
faenilyou committed from the wrong branch? :)14:01
faenildo you still have the commit locally?14:02
faenilgit log shows it?14:03
filippzgit log didn't show it14:05
faenilI don't know what you did xD14:05
faenilbut if you still have the modified files you can try creating a new commit14:05
faenildid you use git reset?14:06
faenilif you don't have the commit locally you deleted it somehow...that why when you push it to github it gets nothing14:06
filippzNo - amend (from Cola Git GUI) and then push --force from command line14:06
faenilargh, those GUIs :D you never know what they do at your back14:07
filippzI'll recheck everything...14:07
faenilI can only suggest to recreate the commit14:07
faeniland push14:07
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*** Morpog_PC has joined #nemomobile14:08
filippzthat gui is broken... git status shows changed files... I will commit them manually, but since I did push -force with that commit removed I've basically removed commit from github14:10
filippzI'll probably need new PR :(14:10
faeniljust recommit and push ;)14:10
faeniljust try commit + push ;)14:10
filippzNow I don't have changed files as reported by "git status" - as if I was on two different local folders ?!14:13
faenilonce you commit you don't have changed files14:14
faenilbecause you committed what you had14:14
faenil(if you committed)14:14
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filippzfixed it  (I was being stupid again - I trashed a folder while Cola/Termina had it open)14:17
faenilfilippz: why not Requires: kernel-adaptation-n950 >= blablabla ?14:20
*** cloanta_ has joined #nemomobile14:21
faenilRequires: kernel-adaptation-n950 >=
faenil"should" work14:22
filippzIs this a "build" requires or just install requires?14:22
faenildoes it need the kernel to build the package?14:22
faenilyou have your answer :)14:23
filippzOK, adding Requires: kernel-adaptation-n950 >=
faenillet's hope it doesn't break anything on OBS :D14:24
faenilmm wait14:24
faenilof course it will break14:24
faenilyou have to upstream kernel changes to nemo14:24
faenilotherwise OBS doesn't know there's a new kernel14:25
filippzfaenil: that was the question  build vs install requires14:25
faenilah yeah lol it won't break14:26
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faenilfilippz: I'm just dumb, ignore me14:26
filippzwe'll find out soon :)14:26
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faenilno it doesn't break if it's not buildrequires14:26
faenilbut I forgot that in 5 secs, and thought it was buildrequires, lol14:26
filippzfaenil: dumb?! I was "git push --force" on trash14:27
filippzthe other day I "rm -rf" my home dir (because in script I had cd to somewhere and didn't check if that fails)14:27
filippzI'm the definition  of stupid most days :)14:28
faenilhaha, we have something in common14:29
*** BonoNL_ has joined #nemomobile14:33
filippzhedayat: for camerea related discussion (FCam & libomap3camd) take a lokk at this
filippzalso days/weeks before that (that led to that fix)14:42
hedayatfilippz: Thanks. I'll look at it soon (hopefully)14:43
filippzhedayat: np - yell if I can help further14:43
filippzI'm off for now, bbl o/14:45
*** filippz has quit IRC14:45
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locusfgah 9p is a mess to setup successfully as shared folder15:52
locusfnormal user can't write on it, only root15:52
locusfso my mersdk setup doesn't work at all15:52
*** flash1 has quit IRC15:52
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locusfthis is probably the reason why Jolla decided to use Virtualbox as the VM16:02
Aardlocusf: because virtualbox works on windows and mac as well16:04
locusfAard: that too16:05
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locusfgah bmo coughing up 403 after login16:30
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locusfhmm corrupted /data partition on n700017:07
locusfso long for that build17:07
*** flash1 has quit IRC17:23
locusfI'm losing devices for FOSDEM demos :(17:26
locusfmy p3110 is the only viable one17:26
locusfand n9 now of course17:26
tbrhow's ballock's Archos adaptation? I could run it on an Archos101G10 and an Archos TV+ and bring it to brussels if that helps17:29
locusfseems that hes not on the channel either17:33
locusfhe does have some packages but I have no idea wether that kernel works on our new systemd17:37
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