Tuesday, 2014-10-28

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lbtPSA:  Mer git servers updated - let me know of any issues11:18
locusflbt: do you know when the mer:devel packages migrate to the mer git webhooks?11:19
locusfor rather githubs even11:19
lbtif anything we'll move away from github to git.merproject.org11:20
lbtquite possibly mirroring to github though11:20
locusflbt: so even with nemo packages you move to mer git?11:20
lbt(Mer is about ensuring it provides infra that can be used by companies internally too)11:20
lbtany nemo-mer merge ones, yes11:21
lbtothers ... up to you guys11:21
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lbtthere's an opensource service there for you ... and then there's github ;)11:22
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locusfpam_systemd(login:session): Failed to release session: Access denied15:14
locusfhmm wonder what that means15:14
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locusfno reboots after removing OOM stuff from booster services15:18
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locusfit was you!15:22
Stskeepshe was acting under orders, don't beat him15:22
Stskeepsalso, if that doesn't work, you guys have something else wrong.15:22
locusfah ok :)15:22
locusffaenil asked around in systemd about OOMScoreAdjust and it seems that something doesn't provide the right components for it15:23
locusfI'm thinking kernel but I'm not 100% sure15:23
Stskeepsdo you have this in your user@.service ?15:25
Stskeepsyou should have.15:26
Stskeepsi'll explain after i've had a beer, though15:26
locusfokay :)15:27
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SK_workhi guys15:28
SK_workhow stable is Nemo devel these days ?15:28
SK_workcan we create image based on it ?15:29
locusfSK_work: already doing it15:34
SK_worklocusf: using nemo:xx:devel ?15:34
SK_workor the next mer ?15:34
locusfSK_work: have done so for n9, n7000, p3110 and huawei p615:34
locusfSK_work: next mer15:34
SK_workor both ? :)15:34
SK_worknext mer15:34
locusfnemo:xx:devel is pretty dead15:34
SK_workgood news15:34
SK_workyeah, nemo:xx is pretty dead15:34
locusfthis is the repo to use15:35
locusfstill missing webhooks updates but otherwise it produces what we want15:35
SK_workbut it is for Adriano_ for a RPI :(15:35
SK_workjust seen that15:36
SK_workit is pretty nice that packages got built for arm6l too15:36
locusfmisses quite a lot of critical packages though15:36
SK_worklocusf: qt5-declarative :/15:38
locusfSK_work: yup15:39
SK_workI guess we need to have Stskeeps take a look15:40
SK_workseems that aarch64 is in an even worse state15:40
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wallnutHello. If anyone here could help me a little bit with Harmattan (sorry, didn't know if there was an IRC channel for harmattan, so I came to nemo) I would appreciate it: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1444775#post144477515:50
SK_workwallnut: /join #harmattan15:50
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faenilStskeeps: we get permission denied when setting OOM scores (or at least we used to, I'm still looking from the outside from time to time)16:05
Stskeepsfor a good reason16:05
faenilso they've been temporarily removed from all places16:05
Stskeepsdo what i say16:05
faeniladd it to user@ you mean?16:05
faenillocusf: you heard him! :P16:05
faenilStskeeps: I want to know the reason as well, when you have time, of course :P16:06
locusffaenil: lol16:08
faenilespecially since my jolla spouts "oom_score_adjust" errors very often16:09
locusffaenil: we should probably add that to user@.service.d file16:11
faenilof course16:11
faenillocusf: by the way, could you send a PR with the ofono conf to nemo-configs-n950-n9?16:12
locusffaenil: sure16:12
faenilgreat, thanks16:12
locusfI don't have it anymore but I'll dig it out16:13
faenilI'm out guys, got to focus16:13
faenilbtw, last exam finished today....yay16:13
faeniljust have to focus on writing the thesis...which is super boring...gah16:13
locusfthesis writing, gah indeed :)16:15
locusfits basically just jfdi thing16:15
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locusffaenil: https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-configs-n950-n9/pull/616:39
locusffaenil: https://github.com/nemomobile/nemo-mobile-session/pull/1016:41
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locusfstable session from image now17:04
locusfno modification to filesystem17:04
locusfStskeeps: thanks for the hint on the OOMScoreAdjust to user@.service17:04
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dr_gogeta86hi locusf faenil17:37
locusfhi dr_gogeta8617:38
dr_gogeta86faeling systemd .... systemd everywhere17:38
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dr_gogeta86also anther mine sideproject will be ported to systemd+connman+btrfs17:38
dr_gogeta86so i say why to not switch to mer core ...17:39
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dr_gogeta86we love yocto/openembedded17:39
Stskeepswell, nobody sane would pick btrfs again17:39
dr_gogeta86you first17:40
dr_gogeta86you made that decision at time ?17:40
bencohhe got saner afterwards :>17:48
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ryukafalzwhat's wrong with btrfs? :P21:10
ryukafalzStskeeps: ^21:10
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OksanaGood morning! How are you?22:41
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