Tuesday, 2014-11-04

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OksanaGood morning03:48
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OksanaWhat is the current status of Nemo on N9/N950? https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Installing#Wayland.2FQt5 http://images.formeego.org/n950/nemo/04:07
Oksanaofono has problems, and should be downgraded to ofono-1.12?04:12
Oksanamkdir /var/lib/environment/ofono && echo 'OFONO_ARGS="--noplugin=ril"' > /var/lib/environment/ofono/plugins.conf04:12
OksanaTo get phone and wifi working? sed -i 's/at_console="true"/group="users"/g' /etc/dbus-1/system.d/*04:12
OksanaFirst flash latest image, then apply the fixes? https://img.merproject.org/images//web/locusf/19-20141028-164708/nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd-10282015.tar.bz204:13
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hedayatHas anybody any idea why lipstick might be locked(hang) during startup? On my Sailfish, on boot, the first time lipstick is started it times out, so systemd will restart it. However, it finally starts OK (actually, the third time since during the second start, user@.service times out).06:51
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hedayathmmm...no problem with lipstick itself, it fails to notify systemd that it is started. Why this happens?07:19
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hedayatIt does so, but after about 1 minute. waiting for something? subsequent restarts complete much sooner.07:24
hedayatIs related? "mce-dbus.c: dbus_send_with_block(): Error sending with reply to local.SensorManager.requestSensor: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."07:33
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hedayatOK, I should leave! :D BTW, lipstick crashes usually when starting voice call ui07:50
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filippzhi, locusf08:42
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dr_gogeta86locusf, hi there12:44
locusfdr_gogeta86: hey12:44
dr_gogeta86is know is not so well supported ...12:44
dr_gogeta86but to install a armv6 sb12:45
locusfdon't know, haven't tried armv612:45
dr_gogeta86i'm starting from scratch12:47
dr_gogeta86rpi need some love12:49
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SK_workdr_gogeta86: indeed13:36
SK_workthere is also some other people wanting nemo on armv6l13:37
dr_gogeta86especially for older phone13:37
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SK_workor rpi13:37
dr_gogeta86this is mine13:38
dr_gogeta86I'm going to apply lcd screen protector to mine cracked jolla digitizer13:38
SK_workdr_gogeta86: is Galaxy S6 armv5 Oo13:40
wazdWe're on KS Technology frontpage!13:52
wazdooops ;D13:54
wazdSorry, overexcitment :)13:54
Stskeepstime for wazd to wear pimp clothes13:54
wazdStskeeps: o/ :)13:55
wazdStskeeps: well, tbh I would be skeptical until we hit 55k. Before that we've made 0 :)13:55
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dr_gogeta86Stskeeps, what is the oldest version of android driver tested with libhybris ?14:07
Stskeepsbut i wouldn't recommend that on anyone14:07
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hedayatlocusf: Aard: I was able to enable USB ethernet adaptor by removing developer_mode-android.ini!14:27
dr_gogeta86on which device ?14:28
hedayatdr_gogeta86: N9. sorry for not being clear14:28
locusfhedayat: ok good :)14:31
hedayatlocusf: Thanks. maybe it should be removed in the .ks. Not sure though. since I just saw its content is added to usb-moded.ini!! It seems to be useless for N9 however.14:33
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hedayathmmm .. however, dhcp server is not enabled in Nemo/Sailfish. while it seems that it should be :P14:33
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hedayatWhy this happens:14:44
hedayat [root@Jolla ~]# setcap cap_sys_time+ep /usr/bin/timed-qt514:44
hedayatFailed to set capabilities on file `/usr/bin/timed-qt5' (Invalid argument)14:44
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sledgesPSA: sailfishos community meeting @ #mer-meeting . agenda: https://together.jolla.com/question/54157/sailfishos-open-source-collaboration-meeting-planning/14:59
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hedayatAny suggestions for solving this problem on N9:15:26
hedayatJolla lipstick[409]: lipstick: waylandwsegl.c:519: wseglCreatePixmapDrawable: Assertion `PVR2DMemMap(egldisplay->context, 0, (void *)pixmap->handle, &pixmap->pvrmem) == PVR2D_OK' failed.15:27
hedayatJolla kernel: pvr: lipstick: IOCTL 20 failed (1)15:27
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hedayatAnd this: voicecall-ui: waylandwsegl.c:549: wseglDeleteDrawable: Assertion `0' failed.15:42
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hedayatfilippz: Finally, I got USB ethernet device working in Sailfish. Thanks for all your help.18:35
filippzhedayat: cool - that should make things a lot easier18:35
hedayatfilippz: Also, part of Sailfish performance problems was my own fault. It now has acceptable performance.18:35
hedayatfilippz: Yes. And now, a problem which bothers me a lot is that voicecall-ui in many cases causes lipstick to crash. Do you experience the same problem?18:36
hedayatMorpog_PC__: And my shader/wallpaper warnings vanished as I selected a photo for ambiance. Thanks!18:37
Morpog_PC__cool! so a problem with that pre generated ambiances18:38
filippzhedayat: IMHO, portrait orientation on N9 is not working well18:38
Morpog_PC__do ypu guys plan to bake a new image with all those fixes soon?18:39
filippzhedayat: I'm looking for a way to patch lipstick/glacier to do content rotation from there and avoid framebuffer reconfiguration18:39
locusffilippz: thanks for trying to figure that one out :)18:39
hedayatfilippz: Yes, it certainly affects performance. I've changed my Nemo to landscape (with your help) and it works better, and lcd warnings don't appear again.18:39
hedayatfilippz: That would be great. Can I help in some way?18:40
Morpog_PC__filippz, ask coderus, he did it on an older sailfish version18:41
hedayatfilippz: Do you think that voicecall-ui lipstick crash might be also related to portrait orientation?18:41
filippzhedayat: I tried yesterday with newer qtwayland, but that didn't work - and is probably a wrong place to fix it18:41
Morpog_PC__filippz, as far as i remember he patched lipstick18:42
filippzhedayat: @voicecall-ui - I don't know - you are the only one with working CMT, AFAIK :)18:42
Morpog_PC__better said, he hacked it, as it's closed source18:42
filippzMorpog_PC__: I think he patched qml files, not lipstick itself18:42
locusfMorpog_PC__: you mean he patched jolla-home?18:42
locusflipstick is open source18:42
Morpog_PC__yeah jolla-home18:43
filippzlocusf: right :)18:43
locusfand so is glacier-home18:43
Morpog_PC__i still mix those too up18:43
filippzI've seen lipstick has orientation chnage notification18:43
locusffilippz: so if you can somehow make the rotation happen on a Page element for glacier-home, then its huge hats off to you :)18:44
Morpog_PC__coderus, ping?18:44
filippzAlso Qt now has "nativeOrientation" property - that should be usable - still I'ts harcoded for our platform and of no use for now18:44
filippzlocusf: Page element comes from Qt or custom QML controls?18:45
locusffilippz: from qqcn (qtquickcontrols-nemo)18:45
Morpog_PC__filippz, locusf https://together.jolla.com/question/12022/patch-for-lipstick-jolla-home-qt5-to-support-any-framebuffer-orientation/18:45
hedayatfilippz: I don't remember, doesn't the Voice call ui start without working CMT? :P18:45
filippzhedayat: can you tried with landscape orientation (you'll probably have too use terminal to start the voicecall-ui)18:46
hedayatfilippz: OK, I will.18:46
Morpog_PC__so it just needs Jolla to fix it18:48
filippzlocusf: can Sailfish SDK be used to "play" with glacier-home? Or, is some other setup advisable?18:48
locusffilippz: only for code editing, to test you need to be able to "deploy" it to a device, like Jolla or N918:48
locusfso any mersdk can do it18:48
Morpog_PC__wtf 1 backer to go for TOHKBD18:49
filippzlocusf: ok, thanks - I'll yell if in need of help :)18:49
locusffilippz: any time :)18:49
Morpog_PC__you guys seen my link? :D18:49
locusfMorpog_PC__: doesn't matter, it only handles peek orientation changes18:50
locusfno real framebuffer orientation as far as I can see18:50
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coderusMorpog_PC__: ?18:59
Morpog_PC__we talked about framebuffer fixing for n9 and sailfishos18:59
Morpog_PC__maybe you can give the guys some hints seeing that you patched around it once19:00
coderuswhy glacier have problems with display orientation?19:00
Stskeepsframebuffer orientation19:01
Morpog_PC__not glacier, jolla-home19:01
coderussonuldn't it not to care about orientation and display content in any way?19:01
hedayatMorpog_PC__: both19:01
coderuswhat problems?19:01
coderusi used u9 on my N9 with filippz kernel, display and touch have good orientation19:02
Morpog_PC__sure orientation is good, but it comes with a performance regression19:02
Morpog_PC__thats why they search for another solution19:02
hedayatcoderus: The problem is that glacier (and probably jolla home too) draw everything with 'default' orientation.19:02
coderusah, filippz found framebuffer rotation is reason of performance regression?19:03
hedayatcoderus: To make Sailfish work fine, filippz has rotated framebuffer to portrait orientation,19:03
hedayatcoderus: however, it affects performance19:03
coderusso if we leave framebuffer orientation landscape performance is good19:03
Morpog_PC__well, at least better :D19:03
hedayatcoderus: yes. when in portrait orientation, kernel prints messages about lcd update slowness regularly; but such warnings doesn't appear in landscape mode19:04
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coderusso you mean glacier have problems with landscape framebuffer in N9? why?19:04
hedayatcoderus: Yes, also glacier shows better performance in landscape mode.19:05
coderusi know jolla dont care about N9 "wrong" framebuffer rotation, but what wrong with glacier?19:05
Morpog_PC__I guess the graphics driver is optimized for landscape19:05
hedayatcoderus: No, glacier works happily in landscape mode. But, we would prefer to make it portrait without changing the framebuffer orientation.19:05
hedayatcoderus: but we also like to get better performance from Sailfish on N9 too19:06
Morpog_PC__i remember there were some problems with QQickcontrols when landscape is used19:06
Morpog_PC__so we have to use portrait19:07
hedayatcoderus: It is good if glacier's orientation can be configured independent of the device's native orientation though.19:07
coderusyou need to check Qt.PrimaryOrientation equal Qt.PortraitOrientation or Qt.LandscapeOrientation19:09
coderusand decide if you're running in landscape or portrait framebuffer device ;)19:09
hedayatMorpog_PC__: hmmm... I've not tested much UI in landscape Nemo, but at least glacier itself works fine in landscape mode; and IIRC locusf once said that it is supposed to be able to work in landscape mode.19:09
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Morpog_PC__hedayat, it's just out of my memory, faenil and SK_work can explain better for sure19:10
hedayatcoderus: and, how to rotate everything? I think locusf has tried to rotate glacier but faced problems. locusf, are you there?19:11
locusfhedayat: yes I'm here, I have actually never tried to rotate Glacier per se, but the automatical rotation is in another component which we can't use (ApplicationWindow)19:12
Morpog_PC__thats what I remembered :D19:12
coderusthere shouldn't be any problems with rotating qt/qml items19:13
locusfsure there are no problems, but our component isn't a normal qt/qml item19:15
locusfhow to rotate it automatically with lipstick signals?19:20
coderusif Qt.PrimaryOrientation == Qt.LandscapeOrientation rotation += 90 (or its 270, dont remember exactly)19:20
coderusinitially you need t add 90 (or 270, dont remember exactly) if you have rotated framebuffer19:21
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filippzso, writing to rotate property of QQuickItem and swapping width & height should be enough?19:23
locusfhope so19:24
coderusah sure, Screen.height returning 480?19:25
filippzin the long term we should use nativeOrienation property - that's should say to us is it real Landscape device or not19:26
filippzlocusf: these commands should revert kernel changes back to landscape so you can test: http://pastebin.com/G2ZDmum719:34
locusffilippz: ok thanks19:34
filippzDid anybody notice that faenil is missing past few days? He's probably busy with his thesis...19:38
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locusffilippz: yeah seems so, he'll come back :)19:38
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hedayatfilippz: He'll probably also want to rotate touch screen too! ;)19:46
filippzhedayat, locusf: yes - QT_QPA_EVDEV_TOUCHSCREEN_PARAMETERS="rotate=90" should be commented out in 60-n9-n950-ui.conf19:49
hedayatfilippz:  /usr/sbin/fbset -g 854 480 856 1536 32 ? What is 1536 there? I used /usr/sbin/fbset -g 854 480 856 480 3219:50
filippzand if we play our card right - we will have a working boot splash screen: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fvfnpf86xd42vdc/14110002.jpg?dl=019:50
filippzhedayat: tripple buffering (512 x 3)19:50
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hedayatfilippz: ok, thanks!19:51
locusffilippz: nice, check out https://github.com/locusf/glesplash for official Nemo bootsplash19:51
filippzmultiple sizes of virtual y size are used for double/tripple buffering - but I'm not sure why the 512 instead of 48019:51
filippzlocusf: thanks, I'll get to it right away!19:52
hedayatfilippz: And why the other number is 856 instead of 854? (I don't know what's the number!)19:53
hedayatlocusf: Nice!19:53
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filippzhedayat: Nokia display is in reality 864 x 480 (all dividable with 32), while FWVGA is 854 x 480 - why the 856 in between? - your guess is good as mine :)19:57
Morpog_PC__hedayat, iirc it's the real physical display resolution which was cut to 85419:58
Morpog_PC__oh wait, that was 864, filippz is right19:58
filippzit's all here: https://github.com/filippz/kernel-adaptation-n950-n9/blob/master/drivers/video/omap2/displays/panel-nokia-dsi.c#L33819:59
Stskeepsfwiw n950 and n9 differ in that regard19:59
hedayatvoicecall-ui works, if there are no 'voicecall-ui -prestart' already running. Unfortunately, the latter is started (if not running) everytime you select the phone app. Running from cmdline works fine (and it won't start 'voicecall-ui prestart' too).20:00
hedayatfilippz: Morpog_PC__: thanks :)20:00
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hedayathmmm... ok, problems are not limited to voicecall-ui. sms app sometimes doesn't work... or...sometimes work. :(20:12
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hedayatI liked SailfishOS UI, but it seems that every app might cause lipstick to crash. I wonder where is the problem. I've not seen such crashes in nemo yet, and hopefully won't see! ;) My journey in Sailfish is finished for now. good night!20:31
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filippzhedayat: good night!20:43
filippzI'm done for today - see you all tomorrow o/20:44
hedayatfilippz: thanks,you too20:44
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OksanaGood morning!22:03
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