Thursday, 2014-11-06

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hedayatw00t: Have you any idea about this error:10:21
hedayatlipstick: waylandwsegl.c:519: wseglCreatePixmapDrawable: Assertion `PVR2DMemMap(egldisplay->context, 0, (void *)pixmap->handle, &pixmap->pvrmem) == PVR2D_OK' failed.10:21
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hedayatfilippz: (I know you are not here! but it might caught your attention later:P) I found an easy way to get rid of lcd panel slowness warnings. But I'm not sure if it affected performance much.10:49
hedayatfilippz: just try to rotate framebuffer 180 degrees, so that things will appear upside-down, but in portrait mode. The driver uses half update mode in this rotation too! And lcd warnings disappear.10:50
hedayatlocusf: if you have tried older Sailfish images, and know how much faster it should be, you can try this too; and see if it provides desired performance.10:53
locusfhedayat: ok, will have to try again later, at work now :)10:53
hedayatlocusf: OK, sorry :P10:53
locusfhedayat: np :)10:53
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hedayatCan anybody help me with setting up Nemo sb2 target in Mer sdk?14:54
hedayatThe question is simple, which one I should use for setting up the target: nemo-armv7hl-n950 or nemo-armv7hl-sb2-target?!!14:54
hedayatThe answer seems obvios: nemo-armv7hl-sb2-target! But14:54
locusfneither one works at the moment14:55
hedayatsays: "... choose the armv7hl-n950 images"14:55
hedayatlocusf: ! really? why? BTW, which one is supposed to work? :P14:55
locusflemme watch the news, I'll give you a .ks that generates the latest mer image14:55
locusfthe sb2-target14:56
locusfnot image, rootfs14:56
hedayatlocusf: So, I think wiki should be fixed.14:56
locusfhedayat: go ahead if you got account :)14:57
hedayatlocusf: I've downloaded this one:
hedayatIs it an "image" or "rootfs"?! :P14:57
hedayatlooks like rootfs, but is under images/ directory14:57
hedayatI'm not sure if I'm familiar with Nemo/Mer vocabulary :P14:57
locusfoh thats like prehistorical rootfs14:57
hedayatlocusf: Yes, it's the latest I can find (and under latest/ directory also! :D)14:58
hedayatlocusf: Is there any images publicly available, or I should create one myself?14:59
locusfthe wiki really needs love14:59
locusfhedayat: go with self-built14:59
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locusfjust wait for the .ks, my computer isn't on yet :)15:00
hedayatlocusf: oh... ok. I guess/hope that using this Mer sdk should be OK to build one:
locusfhedayat: you don't have a mersdk yet?15:01
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hedayatlocusf: No, I've just started with the image. I hope it's OK!15:01
locusfcheck that15:01
hedayatlocusf: Yes, I've followed that, and the link is from there.15:01
locusfok good15:02
hedayatlocusf: I've already followed that and set up SDK.15:02
locusfexcellent you're further than I understood :)15:02
hedayatlocusf: ah.. nice! I was wondering what should I do if you say that I should also build my own Mer SDK archive!! ;)15:02
locusfhumm, you need newest toolchain on the sdk15:03
hedayatlocusf: updating it using zypper should be enough, right?15:03
locusfno, you need to point to the devel repository15:03
locusfat least thats what I remember Stskeeps telling faenil15:04
hedayatlocusf: OK15:04
locusfok now I'm ready15:10
locusfhedayat: you need to remove your mer-core repository with zypper rr15:11
hedayatlocusf: ok15:12
hedayatlocusf: then? enable mer-devel repo?15:12
locusfhedayat: yes15:12
locusfhedayat: zypper ar
locusfsudo ofc15:13
locusfthen sudo zypper ref && sudo zypper dup15:13
hedayatlocusf: I don't have ofc15:14
hedayatlocusf: what is it? :P15:14
locusfhedayat: ofc == of course15:14
hedayatlocusf: :D sorry. Not an IRC man.15:15
locusfhedayat: np :)15:15
hedayatlocusf: OK, thanks. Then I can proceed with creating SB2 targets, and also Nemo/Sailfish images; right?15:17
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locusfhedayat: yes15:17
hedayatlocusf: Great, thanks.15:17
locusfexit the sdk after the sudo zypper dup15:18
locusfand re-enter15:18
Morpog_PC__sudo ofc :D15:19
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Morpog_PC__this made me smile15:20
locusfgave me some chuckles too once I realized my typing :)15:20
hedayatok, I'll upgrade SDK at night.15:21
locusfoh yeah it might take a moment15:21
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hedayatAnd I was wondering what does this command do!15:23
locusfhedayat: <- download this into the sdk as mer-latest.ks15:24
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locusfhedayat: and then15:24
locusfhedayat: sudo mic cr fs -A armv7hl -o mer-latest-armv7hl mer-latest.ks15:24
hedayatlocusf: hmmm does it create mer image, or Nemo?! (or there is no distinction anymore due to what is called their merge?:P)15:25
locusfhedayat: correct, no distinction :)15:25
locusfhedayat: after that is done:15:27
locusfhedayat: cd mer-latest-armv7hl/mer-latest15:27
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locusfsudo chown -R $USER:$USER .15:27
hedayatlocusf: OK! wiki really needs some love. And this will be our rootfs for SB2 target?15:28
locusfsb2-init -d -L --sysroot=/ -C --sysroot=/ -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm-dynamic -m sdk-build -n -N -t / mer-latest-armv7hl /opt/cross/bin/armv7hl-meego-linux-gnueabi-gcc15:28
locusfhedayat: yes15:28
hedayatOK, thanks.15:28
locusfthat should then do it15:28
hedayatgood. after having a proper SB2 target, and creating Nemo/Sailfish images, I should start reading about OBS, etc. :P15:31
locusfyes indeed, you're well on your way to become a Nemo core developer :)15:32
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hedayat:) thanks.15:38
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filippzhello locusf, I'm looking what to do next as I'm thinking of trying to rotate QQuickItem and swap height & width. Have you tried that already?17:14
locusffilippz: nope17:15
locusffilippz: feel free to try it :)17:15
filippzdid you have any luck with glesplash on P3110?17:15
locusffilippz: nope, gave up on it, its made for n9 only17:16
filippzlocusf: hm, shouldn't it work on anything with egl?17:19
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filippzIIRC plymouth uses framebuffer directly - maybe that would work instead...17:20
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Morpog_PC__lol did Jolla just copy our U idea? :D qwazix18:01
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bencohU idea ?18:02
Morpog_PC__The current plan is to render the icons to the physical dimensions and resolution of the target display as a post-installation step to avoid costly runtime scaling18:02
Stskeepssimpsons did it18:03
locusfah u :D18:03
Morpog_PC__It's exactly what we planed for Nemo :D18:03
* Morpog_PC__ hopes that will be open sourced :D18:04
Morpog_PC__U idea blog post:
Morpog_PC__technical implementation ideas are in the logs :D18:06
Morpog_PC__from this channel18:06
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filippzlocusf: rotating QQuickItem works just fine :)18:12
locusffilippz: ok, nice work :)18:13
locusfwhat did you do?18:13
filippzmaybe we should restore these and use them:
locusfand we gotta fix the notifications too18:13
filippzin Page.qml added x: 187, y: -187 and rotation=-9018:14
* Morpog_PC__ can't wait for a proper image :D18:14
filippzalso swapped height & width from parent18:14
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locusfhmm I was wishing for a glacier-home patch :)18:15
locusflets not hardcode the components :)18:15
filippzchanging all the stuff is out of my league, but I'm happy with this as proof of concept :)18:15
locusfah ok :)18:15
Morpog_PC__gogogo locusf :D18:16
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filippzlocusf: maybe using PRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS (renamed of course) is the way to go18:16
locusffilippz: its not used anymore :/18:16
filippzlocusf: that variable works on jolla too, just for the initial screen whit language selection18:17
locusfnot for the homescreen though18:18
locusfbecause its done before the user session18:19
filippzlocusf: it's in our interest to reintroduce it :)18:20
locusfPRE_USER_SESSION_DISPLAY_OPTIONS is not openly implemented18:22
locusfso I can't see how it works18:22
filippzlocusf: I have P3110 somewhere collecting dust, maybe I'll see about that glesplash thing. Have you uploaded your image somewhere?18:24
locusffilippz: nope, not yet18:25
locusfit requires some hacks sone in the device before it works :/18:25
locusfso I can't provide any until I figure out the hacks18:25
locusfbut if you want it I can of course upload a new one18:26
filippzlocusf: no need, only if you think that glesplash could work on it18:32
locusfwell Aard says it could, Stskeeps disagrees :)18:33
locusfand I don't have the know-how to figure it out :D18:33
Aardlocusf: which device?18:33
locusfAard: galaxy tab 218:34
locusf7" version, wifi18:34
filippzlocusf: to be honest - I hate Sammy and P3110 is no exception (I got it for 1,2€ - a bit too much if you ask me)18:34
Aardlocusf: I did not say you could. I said you can use it anywhere you can get a gles context up early :p18:34
AardI have no idea if that's true for that18:34
locusfAard: yes and I assumed gles context means anything that can use gles18:35
locusfso sorry about misunderstanding18:35
Aardyou need to initialize the graphics hardware to allow you to use gles and draw on the framebuffer. for omap that's relatively easy, for others (like qc) not so much18:36
filippzlocusf: since you didn't mention any errors by glesplash I assume gles is working, but just needs some tweaking18:37
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locusffilippz: it does error out18:38
locusfI just forgot to mention it here :)18:38
filippzlocusf: ah I understood you get pink image, not error18:38
locusffilippz: I got the pink one on n918:38
locusfon p3110, nothing18:38
filippzlocusf: I did get EGL_BAD_ALLOC error on N9 when in portrait mode18:39
qwazixMorpog_PC__, "The current plan is to render the icons to the physical dimensions and resolution of the target display as a post-installation step to avoid costly runtime scaling." == cool18:41
Morpog_PC__qwazix, yep, just what we wanted :D18:42
locusfthis is probably mainly for the future + hadk devices18:43
locusfof course it helps when using sfos on n918:44
Morpog_PC__well, let's hope it's open source18:44
qwazixyeah but it is one less headache when developing apps, so good for now too18:44
qwazixjust draw everything in svg and don't bother scaling18:45
qwazixStskeeps, yeah, because I needed someone to overhear me when at home too :P18:45
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hedayatStskeeps: I think my last comment here is also relevant for SailfishOS (unless it is exactly what is wanted):
Stskeepshedayat: sortof; our boosted processes are 0 and above20:44
Stskeeps-250 is 'more likely' in our framework20:44
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:45
Stskeepsit makes a little more sense when you have scary shit like android oomadjusts added20:45
hedayatStskeeps: I'm not aware of android ones :P20:46
Stskeepslook deeper20:46
hedayatStskeeps: ok! :)20:46
Stskeepsgets converted into oom_score_adj scale20:46
hedayatStskeeps: ok, so you really want the booster processes to be more likely to be killed, compared to other user services.20:53
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hedayatI've started upgrading my mer SDK using mer-devel. Why it downgrades sdk-sb2-config? :P21:54
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