Tuesday, 2014-12-23

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marxistveganlocusf: is there another more resent build for the n9?04:15
locusfmarxistvegan: Nope04:16
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m4g0gMay be somebody knows how to install google play after factory reset?06:05
locusfm4g0g: try #sailfishos :) ?06:07
m4g0gfucking update. I hate it (06:07
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locusfqwazix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/unaljtoog0m98be/20141223081736.png?dl=0 and everyone else too, here's the glacier dialer as qwazix pictured it :)08:20
locusfwell almost :)08:20
gogetai'm still checkout google tree :-(08:25
gogetawho is peps on 3 and  6 button ?08:26
locusfsomeone from Jolla :)08:26
locusfI had to use Jollas people app to select the images08:26
Stskeepsvappu and alberto08:27
gogetahi Stskeeps08:29
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hedayatlocusf, looks good, but I feel I would like very small curves for rectangles instead of sharp corners. :P08:37
locusfhedayat: thanks, lets run this by qwazix :)08:38
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faenilmorning! o/10:04
locusffaenil: yo10:04
faenillocusf: hedayat I vote for sharp corners :) just like the rest of glacier10:04
locusfI just added call page and now attaching call history as well :)10:04
locusfmassive commit incoming10:05
locusfthat should be good enough for 0.0.210:05
* Morpog_PC votes for sharp corners too10:07
gogetahi faenil10:12
locusffaenil: is there a way to have a root item which has pages as children and show the page child one by one?10:17
SK_worklocusf: what do you mean one by one ?10:18
locusfSK_work: like qwazix's header page has the menu items and that item swaps the currently shown child page10:19
SK_worklocusf: http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-controls-stackview.html#get-method ?10:21
locusfSK_work: that does not set the current item10:27
locusfwent along with visible10:32
faenilgogeta: o/10:35
faenillocusf: can you explain again?10:36
locusffaenil: not now, gotta go, but I got it to do what I wanted10:37
faenilok cool10:37
faenilI'll be back later, have fun guys o/10:37
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hedayatfaenil, Morpog_PC I also vote for curved corners for the rest of glacier too! ;) :D11:33
Morpog_PCcurved corners have a performance impact11:34
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faenilhedayat: this was discussed already when glacier was conceived, I'm not sure it makes sense to change everything again, but feel free to have a chat with the designers11:45
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hedayatfaenil, Morpog_PC OK. No, I won't ask for the change. Just wanted to express my preference. Maybe some 'color hacks' can replace curved corners.11:51
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faenilhedayat: always go through qwazix and Morpog_PC if you want to discuss change of style :D11:53
qwazixhedayat, we have only sharp corners and perfect circles in glacier. Nothing in between. This was a choice that started with Hurrian's mockup...11:54
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qwazix... then I did some polishing changes to remove a few instances of rounded corners that weren't circles11:54
qwazixand there was consensus that we will continue like that, so that's what it is now11:54
hurrianyep, no other shapes please, unless it's a different UI element11:54
hurrianI would _maybe_ reserve a rounded rectangle for something like a modal (foreground, needs attention) yes/no dialog window11:55
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faenilhi hurrian :)11:57
hurrianohai faenil11:57
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hedayatqwazix, hurrian ok :)12:29
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* filippz is waiting for his VM to compile the N9 kernel and see if he managed to fix led notifications from mce13:33
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marxistveganlocusf: does that work now?13:40
locusfmarxistvegan: the dialer? yes it makes calls and can receive them13:41
marxistveganlocusf: i was missing that function in the n913:41
locusfmarxistvegan: yes the old dialer doesn't work, it requires some qml adjustments before it starts13:42
locusfonce glacier-dialer becomes a part of the standard distribution then we shouldn't have any problems with it13:42
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* gogeta i'm still waiting for a git checkout since yesterday13:58
hurriananyone have screenshots of the glacier-dialer mockup? i've got some suggestions to make13:58
locusfhurrian: http://play.qwazix.com/shared/dialer5.pdf14:02
hurrianthanks locusf14:02
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hurriani'm not sure exactly how I feel about the dialer, as it is right now the text contrasts too much with the image, i'll play around with some mockups.14:09
locusfthe text I'm using isn't even as large as that is in the mockup14:10
locusfalso I had to add an outline for better readability14:11
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locusfgotta go for the holidays now, happy holidays everyone, I'll probably be back on Friday :)14:17
gogetaI'm in holiday right now :-D14:19
gogetai put out my old floppies from 90s14:19
gogetaprince of persia14:19
gogetaand titus the fox14:19
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spiiroinfyi/review appreciated: https://github.com/nemomobile/mce/pull/23014:40
spiiroin^ kimmoli: includes "have hw kbd" signaling14:40
spiiroinGuhl: fyi ^14:41
Guhlspiiroin, thanks, will look at that - my own hw kdb daemon worked well with your signal14:42
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Guhlbut i did not have any time the last 4 weeks to work on SF at all - to many private problems14:43
kimmolidbus string reply is open, closed ?14:44
Guhlthat was my implementation https://github.com/guhl/hwkbd14:44
spiiroinkimmoli: in practice the undef should not show up14:44
Guhlbased on kimmolis stuff of course14:45
spiiroinalso there are two signals: one is for open/close slide-in keybd, the another one is "have any keyboard" type14:45
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spiirointhe plan is atm at least: statefs will catch the latter on -> provide property -> vkb changes layout14:46
kimmoliok, sounds good14:47
kimmoliatm hacked in tohkbd daemon14:48
Guhlspiiroin, did you do anything else lately on mce that could have fixed my hangs14:49
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kimmoliah both, slide and available uses COVER_CLOSED14:56
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kimmoliconfusing, keypad/keyboard14:58
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spiiroinkimmoli: yes, there was some "keypad" stuff already existing and now more or less the same stuff needs to apply for bt/toh keyboards too15:11
spiiroin... and I've probably used both terms in random mix15:12
kimmolii might build that later and test15:13
kimmoliso keyboard available =true when keys Q and P are present15:14
kimmoliand slide follows sw_slide event15:14
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spiiroinavailable = (QP devices without sw_slide) or (QP devices with sw_slide that is open)15:34
spiiroinbut yes, slide state/signal follows just the sw_slide events (assumptions made: there are <= 1 slider keyboards available)15:36
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faenilgogeta: wtf is wrong with your connection :D18:57
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gogetafaenil, sfotti ?20:04
gogetagoogle repos ..... is a shitty program20:05
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kimmolidamndamn too many build environments20:10
gogetakimmoli, i'm going to do something freak20:13
gogetai've decided to go clean20:14
gogetabut the connection is unreliable20:14
kimmoliwould be refreshening to visit
kimmoli1.0.2.5 or wat20:15
gogeta10 decades ago20:16
gogetaI don't wanna be a fanboy20:16
gogetabut u10.2 rocks a bit20:16
gogetagot still some bugss20:16
* filippz wonders why osc ci generates more than twice the traffic than the size of changes20:17
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Oksanavakkov, how is it going with Nemo and-or Sailish on N900? Is wayland broken on N900?23:01
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