Sunday, 2015-01-04

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m4g0gchriadam_: ping08:39
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gogetahi guys09:02
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gogetahi locusf09:46
locusfhi gogeta09:49
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gogetafor usbmoded masters11:02
gogetai can't find android documentation11:02
gogetafor serial gadget11:02
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faenilgood afternoon o/15:13
Stskeepsmoo faenil15:20
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faenilI'm pondering buying the flight Pisa-Brussels for FOSDEM15:23
faenilthough I'm not sure if I'll be in Pisa at the end of Jan :/15:23
faenildepending on how my life will change during Jan xD15:24
faenilbut maybe it's worth the risk15:25
faenilStskeeps, locusf you both going to FOSDEM right?15:25
locusffaenil: yup15:26
locusffaenil: have you gotten anything promising in the job market :) ?15:28
faenillocusf: no spoilers, let's see :p15:28
locusffaenil: alright :)15:28
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faenillocusf: how is it going with the dialer'15:54
locusffaenil: it now pretty much what qwazix wanted15:55
faenilcool :) what about functionality?15:55
locusffaenil: it has contacts app integrated too15:55
locusffaenil: it can make and receive calls15:55
faenilawesome :) with external module?15:55
locusfnope, pure nemo mw15:56
locusfI didn't commit the contacts yet, maybe later15:57
locusfI'll bring my maguro to fosdem to demo nemo and glacier16:00
Stskeepsfaenil: aye16:03
Stskeepsfaenil: i will be disappointed if i can't buy you a beer there16:03
faenilStskeeps: it'd be great to meet..16:05
faenillocusf: awesome!16:05
faenillocusf: so, do we have a stand in the end?16:05
locusffaenil: nope, that flunked16:06
faenillocusf: awwwwwwwwww :(16:06
locusfI also gotta try if I can use replicant as base system for maguro instead of cyanogenmod16:06
locusfprobably needs a lot of work first to have hybris patches for it16:07
locusfthis is for possible fsf stuff16:07
faeniland there's also
locusfactually I can try it for p311016:11
locusfmaguro is my main terget now, can't risk breakage now16:11
faenilShame on me, I still haven't read the HADK16:12
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locusfthe hadk works 99,5% for nemo too16:12
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locusfI guess its cool for qwazix too if there are demo devices on site16:13
faenilfilippz: I was thinking maybe we should file bugs about the workarounds we have in ks :D16:19
faenilso can add details there, and people in the future will know my particular decisions were made16:19
faenilmm made is actually better :D16:20
faenilso we*16:21
faenilI wrote sh** XD16:22
faenilso we can add details there, and people in the future will know why those particular decisions were made16:22
faenilthere^ haha16:22
filippzfaenil: np, just I think a few more people should offer explanations - not all hacks in there are my own :)16:22
faenilfilippz: sure! I commented there because hedayat is not available here :)16:22
* filippz goes to take a look16:23
faenillocusf: have a look if you can add details (possibly file a bug)
locusfok added some comments16:30
locusfgetting patterns to work again would be amazing16:31
locusfbut I don't know how they used to work in the past, though :/16:31
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filippzlocusf: do you know from where "Remove service to mount debugfs installed by systemd (it causes liptick to crash)" hack comes from?16:43
filippzand if it's needed anymore...16:44
locusffilippz: nope16:44
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filippzwell it seems to be here for a long time (
locusfit was needed on hybris builds too16:49
locusfah that is hammerhead16:49
dpurginguys, does anyone know if mer-general ML is dead in sense of Nemo questions? :)16:50
dpurginI've looked into archives, there isn't much going on16:50
filippzmaybe its not needed for n9, or maybe now it's not needed for hybris too16:51
filippzfaenil: can I try building an image tomorrow without hacks that we're not sure about and see?16:51
faenildpurgin: if you want replies to Nemo middleware then you should get them there16:53
faenilit's just that most of the questions happens to be on sailfish list, for obvious reasons16:53
dpurginit was a Nemo QML plugin question, I've posted it like yesterday morning, but it may be just the weekend16:54
filippzfaenil: OK, I'm kinda busy ATM trying to make an unholy Frankenstein code out of statefs-provider-bme and upower, to drop statefs-provider-bme and battery-bme (mce)16:55
locusfI can do the image build tomorrow16:59
filippzlocusf: I can also, but we should try without hacks that we're not sure about16:59
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filippzalso I added user to users grouo explicitly (
filippzhedayat said that it should be done elsewhere (IIRC)17:01
filippzlocusf: you can expect a bit problematic behaviour out of mce (at least with fixed sensorfw N9 detection and latest mce build)17:04
locusffilippz: alright17:05
filippzit seems that mce to hijacks touchscreen from time to time - just leave it alone for a while and it will work (I haven't had enough time to debug)17:06
filippzI also have some code to completely disable screen and prevent it from gloving in the dark, but again it's buggy - when display get's reenabled fb should force a refresh (I get black screen but when you swype on it it starts to reneder as it should)17:10
filippzI'm not sure how its done on jolla (maybe setting brightness to 0 is enough on it)17:11
* filippz has started a lot of thinks but should make an effort to finish them17:12
locusfyep saw that on sailfishos-porters17:12
filippzlocusf: ^mce touchscreen hijack or display gloving?17:13
locusftouchscreen hijack17:13
filippzaha, finally something broken, yet not specific to n9 :)17:14
filippzI have to finish early today, see you all tomorrow!17:17
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locusfok now I've got 3 android source trees synced :p17:44
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gogetalbt, finally i see xda video20:43
gogetais a pity about slides you see just a quarter20:45
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sandy_lockehey guys, just to let you know that as a new resolution for 2015 I will be working back on Nemo actively22:29
sandy_lockeI'm also planning on learning Qt, but not C++ right now, so any advice on how to start softly is welcome :D22:30
sandy_lockeI'll try to get in touch with the rest of the design team (qwazix and al) to see what's left to do22:32
sandy_lockeoh, and I pledge for the Jolla Tablet, so ultimately I'll be at lest desgning UI's for devs that want/need22:33
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OksanaWelcome! Good morning.22:57
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