Saturday, 2015-01-10

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filippzfaenil: I was looking at old board files - they have a lot of differences - add vibration, ligth/proximity , and now display to the list06:17
filippzI didn't look at that earlier, but I was under impression that file name board-rm680.c really means RM680 - but this is (more/less except wlan code) RM696 board06:18
filippzI suggest you fire up your dev machine and do git clone, you will have some free time (where more Mbps internet = less free time)06:19
filippzNext create yourself file ( make it runnable, enter sdk and cd to kernel-adaptation-n950-n9 and make it run06:20
filippzYou are then free for a looong time (more CPU cores = less free time) - only thing you can do is create file ( and replace filip with your user name06:20
filippzit can be used after compilation outside sdk top copy compiled kernel & modules to N95006:21
filippzI'll try to (for start) conditionaly exclude N9 specific stuff (there is board_is_rm680 function - let's hope it works)  from board file and introduce N950 display (I hope I'll have some time this evening)06:21
* filippz is going for a morning run06:23
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locusfgood morning09:05
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* faenil starts cloning filippz's kernel repo09:56
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faenilfilippz, can I have the ks of the sb2 target you used for kernel compilation?10:44
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hedayat\o/ !12:15
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filippzfaenil: I usual just use tar.bz2 image generated by nemo-armv7hl-n950-rnd.ks - a few zypper ref/up/in commands and it works - I use that target for all builds12:34
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filippzfaenil: please apply this patch: - it should fix N950 display (there is some references to different board revisions that I hope are not in the wild :)14:03
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filippzspiiroin: (when you have time) - I'm looking at apds990x support in sensorfw and mce - it seems that sensorfw expects mce to power up the sensor (dbus call to req_proximity_sensor_enable)14:44
filippzthat doesn't work because mce uses PS_TYPE_SENSORFW and not PS_TYPE_AVAGO (well, not only that but that's the first issue)14:44
filippzAm I understanding it correctly: sensor work is being shifted to sensorfw so any fixes to powering up/down the sensor should be done there?14:45
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locusfhedayat: hey, have you uploaded the Uitukka sfos image for n9 somewhere?19:28
hedayatlocusf: if Uitukka is version, yes!19:30
hedayatIs it?19:30
locusfhedayat: afaik yes :)19:30
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hedayatlocusf: wait a second19:30
hedayat^ a minute :D19:31
locusfhedayat: just ping Sage when you find it :)19:32
hedayatlocusf: ok :)19:32
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Sagehedayat: thx. what install instructions should I use with that?19:48
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hedayatSage: Have you already  re-partitioned your N9 and installed Nemo/SFOS?19:49
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Sagenope, it is the original harmattan still on it no modifications. Is still up to date?19:50
hedayatSage: OK, so you have 2 options to install.19:51
hedayatSage: No, it's not.19:51
SageI dont' mind overwriting the whole harmattan no need for multiboot, better if it is only sailfish :)19:52
hedayatSage: but the Ubiboot link it has might be up to date19:52
hedayatSage: Sure? SFOS is not ready, specially any 'new' images19:52
hedayatif you want to do daily use19:52
SageAs longs as browser works and youtube it is enough for my nephew until he breaks the device ;)19:52
hedayatanyway, none of the 2 methods I mentioned is single-boot, but you should be able to do it too.19:53
hedayatSage: Nope, not even that. New images are not ready for daily use. It can crash here and there. If you want a more usable version, you should use one of the older versions19:53
hedayatprobably 1.0.519:53
Sagehedayat: well, it does not really matter if it boots every now and then.19:54
hedayatSage: OK :) Check my link:
hedayatBTW, if you really doesn't need Harmattan, you might use the single boot method described in the link you sent19:55
hedayatOtherwise, you can check Ubiboot wiki page about installing Nemo/SFOS:
hedayatfinally, you might use my 'N9 easy boot' to boot SFOS without even touching your partitions.19:57
hedayatSage: BTW, if you followed Ubiboot or Nemo's single boot instructions, you should still use the method I described in my SFOS image link for copying files to the target partition, rather than the 'tar' command in those instructions19:59
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hedayatMy image is not a .tar image, but a compressed ext4 image which can be directly written to the target partition.20:00
hedayat(Follow the first 'code' section in my post)20:01
hedayat(Sorry, I hope I've not confused you. Summary: follow one of the generic installation instructions, but when it gets to copying OS files, follow my instructions in this post:
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faenilfilippz, me dozn't learn if me dozn't get explanations about random patches I am asked to apply :D21:07
faenilwhere did you get it from or where did you get the knowledge to cook it? :)21:07
* faenil is just back home, probably won't be able to test it this evening21:08
Sagehedayat: how did you build the image btw?21:16
Sagehedayat: i.e. do you have .ks file at hand for it?21:17
hedayatSage: However, the .ks can be slightly simplified now. For example, ofono hack is no longer needed as we fixed the latest ofono21:19
hedayatAnd audio might be also working without that "Fix audio" part. IIRC, the file is added to appropriate packages by filippz21:20
hedayatbut it should result in a working image.21:21
hedayat(Actually, I did not create the image using the latest .ks in this repo; I created it with an earlier .ks and tweaked it manually. Later, I added tweaks to the .ks. I hope I've not forgot any.)21:22
Sageok, so a lot of hacks outside the hw adaptation it seems :)21:22
hedayatSage: yes.21:24
hedayatSage: and my image was built with an earlier kernel package which used portrait screen by default (so no fbset-N9 was needed); but the latest kernel needs it again. I think I have added that to .ks, but didn't test it.21:25
hedayatI'll create a new image if I could successfully debug and fix lipstick crashes (apparently due to wayland driver bug)21:26
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