Thursday, 2015-01-22

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rozhkovlbt: Hi! Could you please check why sqlite is so old in nemo:devel:mw at it's 3.7.17 there and the one in mer:core:release is > 3.809:56
lbtStskeeps: ^^ where are we at in terms of OBS mer core atm ?09:58
lbtthere's no sqlite in nemo:mw so it must be coming from the core we're pointing at09:58
lbtrozhkov: are you talking latest or next btw ?09:59
lbtboth are really old09:59
lbtyeah - I see no sqlite in there10:00
rozhkovlbt:  and for embedlite-components-qt5 it even says "socket write: Broken pipe"10:01
lbtbut notice latest_* and next_* repos10:01
lbtfixed that one10:02
rozhkovlbt: ty!10:03
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faenilgoood morning10:17
Stskeepsgood morning faenil10:17
faenilStskeeps, feeling better?10:17
Stskeepsyeah a tad10:17
Stskeepsjust under a deadline atm10:17
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spiiroinfyi & review appreciated:
spiiroin^ mostly about usb cable detection related fixes13:07
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Morpog_PCfaenil, xperia e1 sounds best I think17:23
faenilunderstandble, it's also the one that will never fit into jolla's housing XD17:23
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faenilMorpog_PC, the only one which could fit without too much hassle is HD2's loudspeaker, and it is faulty, doesn't work :/17:28
Morpog_PCI don't think it's worth the work. All the others were a bit louder than the Jolla one, but most sounded distorted17:29
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faenilMorpog_PC, that might have been because of imperfect electric contact17:38
faenilnone of them sounded too distorted17:38
kimmolifaenil: how was your testsetup during measurement?17:38
faenilkimmoli, what you see in the video :D Nokia N8 is recording, as it has very good microphones17:39
kimmolithose tiny buzzers might be designed as part of the phone chassis, not to be used "alone"17:39
faenilkimmoli, sure17:40
faenilwell more than "designed" they sound better in a good resonance cage of course17:40
kimmolialso tested some tablet speakers, and with even small enclosure, they sounded a lot better.17:40
faenilaren't those very big? they're 1W iirc17:41
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faenilthe thing is I can't afford any extra housing :/ unless I make a hole in Jolla's middle frame17:41
kimmolibiggee yes17:41
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faenilkimmoli, Jolla, on the other hand, only puts plastic directly on top of the speaker, that surely doesn't help17:43
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kimmolifaenil: tweeted pic17:45
faenilkimmoli, yeah I remember the oval one17:46
faenilbut that will never fit inside jolla's housing, will it?17:46
kimmolii haven't taken my precious apart .. yet17:46
faenilit's like 1cm * 0.5cm17:47
faenil(haven't really measured it)17:47
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kimmoliwould say more 15-17mm ?17:49
kimmolithe other one in the pic should be suitable for jolla17:50
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faenilkimmoli, I don't have the screwdriver here, I'll let you know when I'm back home tomorrow ;)17:51
faenilbut none of those phone speakers could fit17:51
faenilso I highly doubt a tablet speaker will :D17:52
faenilbut who knows :)17:52
kimmolii can send you one, if you want to add it to comparison results?17:52
faenilI can cut some plastic around the speaker, that's not a problem, if it helps17:53
faenilkimmoli, oh that would be great :) but probably not worth it?17:53
kimmolibut _what_ would be?17:53
faenilI mean, shipping to italy is expensive17:53
kimmolinot going to use fedex :)17:54
gogetahi guys17:54
faenilkimmoli, yeah sure, but cheapest option here is like 10€, if not more17:54
faenilgogeta, hey17:54
gogetafaenil, seems the z10 was the best for size/pressure17:54
faenilone of the best, yeah17:54
gogetaapart mine is louder then yours17:55
faenilthey were all nice...well, I chose them because they performed well in reviews :D17:55
faenilgogeta, what do you mean?17:55
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gogetamine doesn't feel so weak17:55
gogetabut the resonance is a bit poor17:55
faenilhow can you say that?17:55
faenilI'd be glad to discover my jolla's faulty :D17:56
gogetasometimes you need to ear some frequecies rather than other17:56
gogetaand it's also gender oriented17:56
faenilthough the test is quite gender/humans-independent :D17:57
gogetafeamole tend to be sensible to frequencies range similar to a baby who cry17:57
faenilinteresting though ;)17:57
r0kk3rzhey nemo guys, trying to write a qcoreapp daemon, and im using invoker to launch it17:57
r0kk3rzinvoker is giving me a error: Failed to initiate connect on the socket.17:57
gogetawho remember the mosquitto ringtone ?17:58
faenilr0kk3rz, just random thought, you have to launch it as nemo, because root doesn't have access to dbus iirc17:58
r0kk3rzits being launched by systemctl, but maybe i need to put user nemo into the systemd unit file17:59
faenildon't remember :/17:59
faenilhave you tried launching it without service file?17:59
r0kk3rzi can remove systemd from the picture and just run the command17:59
faenilfrom terminal17:59
r0kk3rzwill give that a go17:59
faenilfirst get that to work17:59
r0kk3rzgood idea18:00
r0kk3rzmm doesnt seem to like that at all18:06
r0kk3rzFailed to invoke: Booster: Loading invoked application failed: '/usr/bin/mqtt-daemon: cannot dynamically load executable'18:07
faenilr0kk3rz, try with -s ?18:08
r0kk3rzapplication has been compiled with -pie and exports the main method18:08
r0kk3rz../usr/bin/invoker --type=qt5 -s /usr/bin/mqtt-daemon << is the command im using18:09
faeniltry type=j?18:09
r0kk3rzi get failed to connect to socket, falling back to generic18:10
r0kk3rzbooster j is not available18:10
r0kk3rzdoes the qt5 booster work with a qcoreapp? or just a qapp?18:11
faenildon't know18:12
faenilyou'd better check out service files of similar services ;)18:12
r0kk3rzyeah i'll continue digging18:12
r0kk3rzi can always run it not through invoker18:12
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r0kk3rzi just noticed some things using it, so i figured it must be a good idea18:13
faenilit is18:13
faenilI just don't know enough about it18:13
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r0kk3rzyeah neither really18:14
r0kk3rzthe docs say that so long as you compile as -pie and export main method then it automagically works18:14
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kimmolidid you got it working without invoker?18:21
faenilgot to go people, cya o/18:30
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r0kk3rzkimmoli: yeah i hacked something together to get it to run19:34
r0kk3rzmostly borrowing your code19:34
r0kk3rzno idea what i had wrong, but it wouldnt build an rpm19:34
r0kk3rzbut it builds now19:34
kimmolideployment is sometimes .. fishy19:35
r0kk3rzi think its that i dont fully understand all the magic that the spec file does19:35
kimmolii'm just fighting with one now, need to combine daemon and application to one19:35
r0kk3rzyeah i need to force myself to read the really long winded redhat rpm docs19:36
r0kk3rzbut now im going to see if i can get qmqtt to compile for sailfish19:37
r0kk3rzand then i can have a mqtt daemon19:37
kimmolii never got that far with it19:38
kimmolii have python running as service for it19:38
r0kk3rzyeah tbrs irssi daemon19:39
r0kk3rzim planning on doing up something like that into something a little more generic19:40
r0kk3rzand maybe not with python, because ive never really used it19:40
kimmoliyeah, something that you can sub/pub over dbus would be nice19:41
r0kk3rzyeah that can work19:41
kimmoliand integrated notifications if so requested for subscribed msgs19:41
r0kk3rzyeah the idea is a notification service19:42
r0kk3rzbut one that works with multiple subscribers19:42
r0kk3rzso you can clear the notification from phone, pc, tablet, whatever is receiving them19:42
kimmoliyes, i'd also need some lowlevel data to another app19:42
r0kk3rzbut once i get something basic working, i'll throw it up on github19:43
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r0kk3rzatm its just a shell qcoreapp that runs as a daemon19:45
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kimmoliha, i made it. my first subdirs qtcreator project, rpm works, also removed everything correctly19:51
kimmoliremoves on uninstall19:51
kimmolinow some webhooking19:53
r0kk3rzmoar webhooks19:54
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tbrr0kk3rz: feel free to look at my drafts20:08
r0kk3rztbr: your diagram? and the python script?20:10
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kimmolioo rpm Obsoletes really works20:13
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r0kk3rzkimmoli: does it remove old packages?20:25
r0kk3rzsounds useful20:26
r0kk3rzi thought it would do that automatically for packages of same name20:26
kimmolithe TOH packaging did change, so my toholed pkg name will change20:26
kimmoliyes for same name it will do20:26
r0kk3rzoh right i understand20:26
r0kk3rzfor name changes20:26
kimmoliand it should also work if e.g. changing builds from sdk > mer-obs20:27
kimmolinot that i have tested it, but got a tip for it.20:27
kimmoliwe'll see soonish. just pushed this to harbour20:28
kimmolii did like the previous way, when the packages were split, i could make the application itself to pass harbour rules, and keep daemon separately from it20:31
r0kk3rzcoderus does some magical packaging for daemon + app with mitakuuluu20:33
r0kk3rzwhen i dont understand how something works, its magic :P20:35
kimmolino magic, just spec20:36
r0kk3rzyeah, so magic :P20:37
r0kk3rzand voodoo20:37
kimmolistarts to get complex though20:37
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