Thursday, 2015-03-05

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Knew_that_I_WOulhows it going05:07
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locusfDoreyKong: I assume you are uuhimhere?05:18
locusfI have nicks changes ignored05:19
locusfso I had to check from channel logs05:19
locusfanyways, first calls made with gsm board from sailfish05:19
DoreyKongyou updated the blog05:20
DoreyKonghow do you check channel logs anyway05:20
DoreyKongvideos? pics?05:21
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locusfSailfishOS on Raspberry pi 2, call demo:
NickSurferdo you have a video with the whole unit? also is that an lcd or is it hdmi oout05:24
NickSurfervideo with the gsm module on the rbpi205:24
NickSurferand making a call05:24
NickSurferwanna see how the gsm module looks on the pi205:25
NickSurferalso can you show it actually making a call to another mobile ? ie two handsets next to each other05:26
locusfhdmi only05:27
locusfno I don't wanna, I'm just a one man film crew here :)05:28
NickSurferwell until then its just a video of a dialing app on a computer screen05:28
locusfI put up a picture though if you want to see the whole unit05:28
NickSurferyeah sure05:29
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NickSurferanyways looking forward to an instructable on the blog05:30
NickSurferone with actual pictures05:30
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locusfheheh :)05:33
locusfI don't know how the soldering was done and in what order but I can try to add pictures to my next post05:34
NickSurferhow thick is it05:36
locusfhaven't measured and I think the piscreen doesn't work05:38
NickSurferwhy wont it work?05:39
locusfthe reset pin in the gsm board is the same pin that drives the led of the screen05:40
NickSurferi cant see how thats 12 cm high... did you mean 12 long?05:44
NickSurferand wheres the GSM antenna05:44
NickSurferlots of holes here man... maybe when you get a proper video/instructable up things will be clearer05:46
NickSurferlocusf, also can you program another pin to be reset?05:47
locusfNickSurfer: I don't know, its wired directly to the breakout board05:48
NickSurferso the reset pin resets the GSM board right?05:49
locusfiekku: morning05:49
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locusfNickSurfer: not too sure but yes05:49
NickSurferand by drive the lcd i take it you mean VCC?05:50
locusfno, its different, its for the backlight led05:50
locusfnot just power05:50
NickSurferok and is the reset active on a high or a low?05:51
locusfso Ican't see anything when ita connected05:51
locusfit depends on when the reset is needed05:51
NickSurferdo you have the schematic pinout for piscreen05:52
locusfnope, I guess its proprietary05:53
locusfI do have one for the gsm board05:53
NickSurferis this the screen?
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locusfthats it05:56
NickSurferhmm well one option is to have the gsm use the SPARE IO on the piscreen06:01
NickSurferfor power only06:02
NickSurferor maybe wholly?06:02
NickSurferlocusf, so are any other pins overlapping? if so maybe best to have the gsm module run off the spare io from the LCD?06:05
NickSurferie piscreen06:05
NickSurferbut then you would have to modify the software i guess06:05
locusfNickSurfer: yeah06:05
NickSurferis the software open?06:06
locusfNickSurfer: I'm not sure there are any other pins overlapping, the piscreen uses spi and the gsm board only takes those in the picture06:07
NickSurferi see06:07
NickSurferso what are the spi pins06:07
locusfmaybe power06:07
locusfthats probably why it doesn't work06:08
NickSurferwell have you tried using the reset pin?06:08
NickSurferie hook it up to a +V and does it reset the GSM06:08
NickSurferi would assume so, since it doesnt reset itself in normal operation06:09
NickSurferyou could bend that one LCD power pin and jumper it to the LCD spare +5V XD06:10
NickSurfernah thats bad06:10
locusfit does get recognized in the kernel though and I get a framebuffer06:11
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NickSurferso its just a matter of power06:11
locusfjust nothing shows on it06:11
NickSurferdoes the backlight seem turned on?06:12
locusfit has a hardware switch for it so yes06:12
NickSurferie is it LCD "Black" or no power Black06:12
locusfcan't tell for sure, its too lighty in my apartment06:12
ryukafalzOoh, sailpi - looks nice! :D06:15
NickSurferlocusf, uhhh..  turn off the lights?06:15
locusfnext to a window :)06:15
NickSurferuhhh move it?06:15
ryukafalzsuch hard problems :P06:16
locusfdamnit :D06:16
locusfsure I'll move it06:16
locusfthe thing is, before I got it to "ignite" with proper bas eperipheral adress, the piscreen worked just fine on top of the gsm board06:17
locusfI saw it myself06:17
locusfbut haven't been able to discern what changed in between06:18
NickSurferok so it worked before you initialized the GSM; is that what youre saying06:18
locusfdc 24 means that pin 2 is for gsm board06:24
locusfso it takes power from other pin06:25
NickSurferi think the best bet is to open the gsm driver and modify it to be able to use the LCD spare06:30
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locusfwhich driver?06:35
locusfthere is just a binary to put some pins on high to start it, rest is ofono + sim90006:36
NickSurferyeah such is GSM06:36
NickSurferlocusf, if that gpios listing is all that it requires then it seems that there is no overlap...06:40
locusfNickSurfer: let me try the kernel backlight06:40
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locusfok the screen does work after putting the console to it06:50
locusfnow if touch works at some point in the future it really is a POC DIY smartphone :)06:52
ryukafalzThat would be awesome :D06:53
ryukafalzEsp. since the baseband processor is separate from the main CPU since, well, it's a Pi06:53
* ryukafalz considers replacing his smartphone :P06:54
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locusfhmm yes once you activate gsm the display powers down07:00
locusfmaybe I could use the arduPi library to put the pin back on07:03
locusfbut that would reset the modem then07:03
NickSurferis there any way to run the gsm module off both the spare and breakout pins?07:06
NickSurfer*female socket whatever you know what i mean07:06
NickSurfer think if you can jumper the LCD spare's +V onto the GSM board you should be set07:07
NickSurfersince IO dont overlap07:07
NickSurferlocusf, what happens to the gsm if you feed a +5 to the reset?07:08
ryukafalzJust curious, how well does Nemo work on N9 these days?07:08
locusfryukafalz: haven't tried in months to be honest07:11
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locusfryukafalz: but it handles calls if you patch some qml07:14
locusfand sms07:15
ryukafalzIs that just because of lack of current dialer/messaging app?07:16
NickSurferlocusf, The RST reset pin of the SIM module is connected to pin 15 of Raspberry PI (GPIO22)07:17
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NickSurferwe already talked about this07:18
locusfryukafalz: there is a dialer app being redone and messaging too once someone gets around and does it07:20
ryukafalzlocusf: Where would a good place to start re: working on a messaging app?07:21
locusfryukafalz: taking a look at qmlmessages :)07:21
ryukafalzMy schedule is fairly packed, but I would like to learn QML at some point and messaging is very much in my area of interest07:22
locusfand then replace them with either universal components or do it with pure glacier components07:22
locusfthe dialer is currently pure07:22
ryukafalzHmm, isn't there a framework that exposes more functionality...07:23
locusfif you have a jolla you can take a look at its messages qml07:23
locusfto get an idea on how the middleware is used07:23
ryukafalzeheh I'm not sure if I want to look at non-open code and then work on a project like that07:24
locusfsure, just a suggestion :)07:24
* ryukafalz wishes Sailfish default apps were open :(07:24
NickSurferlocusf, if you used a ribbon cable to breakout the breakout pins on the GSM then you could potentially still use both the LCD's main GPIO + SPare07:25
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unbreakableMain GIO to connect to rbpi and Spare for power07:26
unbreakablewait is LED = 22 SPI?07:26
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ryukafalzooh, I just tried generating docs for libcommhistory with doxygen and ended up with a blank page :<07:27
unbreakablecan the display driver be modified to use another pin?07:27
locusfno since the wiring inside the lcd is done like that07:27
locusfso it only uses 22 spi07:27
unbreakableyeah but the LCD doesnt care where the spi comes from right?07:28
unbreakablepin 22 pin 24 pin whatever ?07:28
locusfthe internal IC's might07:28
unbreakablei doubt it07:28
unbreakableits serial to parallel after that isnt it07:28
locusfthe board is fixed07:29
unbreakablewhat im thinking it doesnt matter if the SPI input comes from pin 22 on the RPBI or pin 45 on the arduino...07:31
unbreakableor 1000 on the pandora07:32
unbreakableserial input is serial input no?07:33
locusfI guess07:33
locusfnot too much into electronics so I don't know for sure07:33
unbreakableonlything is the driver is programmed to spit out the current signal to pin 2207:33
ryukafalzlocusf: BTW, what's the best way to install Glacier components for development?07:33
locusfryukafalz: faenil did a desktop build some time ago, he knows best07:34
locusfryukafalz: maybe VM is easiest though07:34
ryukafalzI do have the Sailfish SDK VM if that would work07:34
locusfI gotta go to work now07:34
ryukafalzah, alrighty07:34
unbreakablelocusf, yeah no ignore that im a moron07:34
locusfryukafalz: well ours is also an emulator07:34
unbreakablelocusf, im mixing up the spare with the lcd with the gsm07:35
locusfno separate mer sdk unless you install one07:35
unbreakablelocusf, so the male & female sockets exist?07:38
unbreakableon the piscreeen07:38
unbreakablei think thats your backdoor right there07:38
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unbreakablelocusf, actually you know what...looking at the spare on the LCD makes me wonder if that implies that everything else is used by the LCD?07:43
unbreakablelocusf, so what are you gonna do07:50
locusfunbreakable: I don't  know yet08:09
unbreakablelocusf, well let me know when youve got a finished tutorial XD08:09
unbreakablegood luck!08:10
locusfunbreakable: thanks!08:10
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vgrade-MWCtime to rest at the airport, I'm beat11:49
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[1]oskarhi guys12:50
[1]oskari have a question about nemo os for nokia n912:50
hedayatIs there any hardware adaptaion for nemo/sfos for Mali GPUs? more specifically, Mali 400 MP412:50
hedayat[1]oskar: ?12:50
[1]oskari want to try it on my device12:51
hedayat[1]oskar: ask, then wait for answers; don't wait to ask.12:51
[1]oskarI have to use is with ubiboot or i can use meego and nemo mobile without ubiboot?12:51
hedayat[1]oskar: If you want to have both, which is recommended, AFAIK the best solution is using ubiboot12:52
[1]oskarok and anyone can help me how can i do it becouse i have tried and nitdroid and sailfish was working but arent usable as daily os12:53
[1]oskari want have only meego and nemo mobile12:53
[1]oskarsorry for my poor english12:53
hedayat[1]oskar: Nemo wouldn't work as daily OS too. The installation should be the same as Sailfish.12:54
[1]oskarisnt stable yet?12:55
hedayatIf you've installed ubiboot+sailfish, you can install Nemo the same way12:55
[1]oskarwhat about apps?12:55
hedayat[1]oskar: No, it's under development and lacks many essential components. If you want a daily OS on N9, you should still stick to Harmattan12:55
hedayat[1]oskar: Not much apps I'd say. :(12:56
[1]oskarok ;(12:56
[1]oskarwe can expect this os in the near future?12:56
hedayat[1]oskar: Near? Seems very unlikely. Sailfish might get there sooner.12:57
[1]oskarI did not mean to be rude12:58
hedayat[1]oskar: I am sorry. You misunderstood me12:59
[1]oskari mean if in the next months this os will be under development for n9 yet12:59
hedayat[1]oskar: :) You were OK, and I didn't meant to be rude either.12:59
hedayat[1]oskar: Nemo is under development and lacks many components in itself. It has nothing to do with N9 specifically.13:00
[1]oskarok thanks for thhe explanation13:00
hedayat[1]oskar: BTW, there are a few people here which test it on N913:01
hedayat[1]oskar: you're welcome13:01
[1]oskari would be a one of them ;)13:01
hedayat[1]oskar: great13:01
[1]oskarim a web developer for my hobby13:01
[1]oskarwhich technologies are used for coding on nemo os?13:02
hedayat[1]oskar: Mainly Qt (QML)13:03
hedayatas far as I know13:03
[1]oskarcan be written in python so far?13:03
hedayatWell, it is mostly for UI part. backend is very similar to normal GNU/Linux OSes13:03
[1]oskarlike meego13:04
hedayat[1]oskar: I'm not sure about python support. It should be possible, but I've no experience with it.13:04
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hedayat[1]oskar: you should check Qt5 python support and projects in this regard13:05
hedayat[1]oskar: others in this room should know better than me :P13:05
hedayat[1]oskar: should be useful if you wanted to try Nemo13:06
[1]oskari found information about it can be written in python and php also13:06
[1]oskaryes i know about this tutorial13:07
*** msava <msava!> has joined #nemomobile13:08
[1]oskar there are the last build for sailfish and nemo isnt it?13:08
*** Venemo_j_ <Venemo_j_!> has joined #nemomobile13:09
hedayat[1]oskar: seems so13:10
[1]oskarI do not want to be invasive13:11
[1]oskarbut you have nokia n9 too?13:11
*** Venemo_j <Venemo_j!~venemo@fedora/Venemo> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)13:13
hedayat[1]oskar: yes13:13
[1]oskardo you use ubiboot?13:13
*** Venemo_j_ <Venemo_j_!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)13:13
hedayat[1]oskar: Yes, I use ubiboot and also my own "N9 easy boot"13:15
[1]oskarah easy boot its your job?13:15
hedayat[1]oskar: (since I've a 16GB N9 and don't want to re-partition it)13:15
hedayat[1]oskar: yes. thanks :">13:16
[1]oskari have to 16 gb variant13:16
vgrade-MWCi did a libhybris POC on cubieboard (MALI gpu) SO its possible.  Check out the softwinner android device tree and HADK13:16
hedayatvgrade-MWC: thanks. :) Sorry, but you mean SFOS HADK?13:17
hedayat(of there is a separate HADK for libhybris/Nemo?13:19
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[1]oskarso can u help me to run nemo and sailfish through easy boot.Look i have tried to use sailfish with ubiboot i did something wrong becouse sailfish starts only when i click on nemo os image and not on sailfish os image so i think that kernel which was used by sailfish isnt good and it crash many times, its unstable and unresponsiveness i have tried image from deevamo since 28 january 201513:22
hedayat[1]oskar: 1. Yes, SailfishOS (sfos) on N9 is unstable and crashes a lot. There is a problem with its graphics drivers that I've decided to debug, but have not found the time yet. If you want more stable SFOS experience on N9, you should try older images based on X11. But it had some other problems.13:24
hedayat[1]oskar: You've done everything OK13:25
hedayat[1]oskar: However, in ubiboot.conf you've set up sailfish on a wrong item13:25
hedayat[1]oskar: (probably as OS5)13:25
hedayat[1]oskar: To change the icon which should boot SFOS, you should configure it as another number. I think you should configure it as OS613:26
[1]oskarok i know what about u are talking13:27
[1]oskarbut if ii wont to use ubiboot i have to make partition and i can lost all my app,settings itd...13:28
[1]oskari dont know how can i do a whole backup like through cwm/twrp in windows13:28
[1]oskarin android sorry*13:28
[1]oskarso if something goes wrong i must reflash my device and install all again...13:29
hedayat[1]oskar: if you don't want to re-partition, you can use n9 easy boot13:29
hedayat[1]oskar: but you can also create a complete backup13:29
hedayat[1]oskar: Do you use GNU/Linux OS or Windows?13:30
[1]oskarhow can i do ot?13:30
[1]oskarwindows but i have ubuntu also on virtualbox13:30
hedayat[1]oskar: hmmm... I don't know how to do it on Windows.13:32
[1]oskarand on linux?13:33
hedayat[1]oskar: on linux, when you've installed ubiboot you can connect N9 to your computer using its USB cable, then power on the phone13:34
hedayat(or if phone is running, reboot it or power off/on)13:34
hedayatthen, ubiboot will start in 'maintenance mode'13:35
hedayatin this mode, all your N9 partitions are exported to PC as storage media (just like an external HDD/flash)13:35
[1]oskarsounds good ;)13:35
hedayatthen you can backup all partitions directly (using something like dd) or mount them and create a .tar file from their content13:36
[1]oskari see all files from / and not only from home/user/Mydocs/13:36
[1]oskari will try easy boot so13:37
[1]oskari have to flash moslo too?13:37
[1]oskari have to install ubiboot as usually13:38
[1]oskarthen i have to do steps in your readme right?13:38
hedayatmoslo? No, it is not needed if you want to use easy boot13:39
hedayatit is needed for re-partitioning13:39
[1]oskarunderstood everything13:40
[1]oskartomorrow i will try if something goes wrong i will ask here13:40
hedayatok :)13:41
[1]oskarthanks man u are very helpful and friendly13:42
hedayatyou're welcome13:42
hedayatfilippz: hi! does ofono work fine on your sfos for N9? I've downloaded the files but it seems that it doesn't work.13:44
hedayatfilippz: when I enter PIN (in its initial wizard), sfos says that I should restart the phone; but after restart the wizard appears again.13:45
hedayatfilippz: If I skip rebooting the phone, it still seems that SIM is not activated.13:46
[1]oskar@hedayat are you using any tweaks for increase performance on n9?exclude fastern9 opptimizer open mode kernel plus power pack?13:59
[1]oskarand swap14:00
hedayat[1]oskar: Nope. I use openmode kernel and kernel plus, but I've not tried any tweaks to increase performance yet14:01
hedayatfilippz: Also looks like that I can't save any settings, including setting password for ssh14:03
hedayatfilippz: But I could change and save the ip address14:04
[1]oskarafter my last reflash cause by ubiboot problem i notice that after each reboot i have to reinsert passwd for nokia account and sometimes for email too14:17
[1]oskaris stable kernel plus?you use it with ubiboot or without?14:18
hedayat[1]oskar: yes, it should be stable. Password problems should be caused by something else.14:19
hedayatAlso I remember that when you wanted to go to open mode, you should removed some files if you've saved any passwords before going to open moe14:19
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[1]oskari dont have to reflash my system if i wont to flash kernel +14:31
hedayatWhen you install ubiboot, you go to open mode14:37
[1]oskari have to put this kernel to boot dir into home/user/MyDocs on i root direcotory boot?14:41
hedayat[1]oskar: IIRC, you can do both, but I've put them in /boot14:42
hedayatwhich should be the same as default ubiboot.conf14:43
hedayatIf you put them to somewhere else, you should change ubiboot.conf accordingly14:43
[1]oskarcan you paste your ubiboot.conf on some hosting?14:43
*** zalan <zalan!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:44
hedayatI'm leaving right now, but it should be almost identical to what is included in n9 easy boot14:44
*** hedayat <hedayat!~hedayat@fedora/hedayatvk> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)14:44
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dr_gogeta86hi guys15:29
dr_gogeta86piggz, how many hacks you did on fb15:30
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locusfah man thanks hedayat for helping oskar17:12
locusfI just got back home from work and have been in irc blackout17:12
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filippzhedayat: sorry - I wasn't around earlier - too busy with other things these days 24/7 :(18:42
filippzI was going trough nemo ks, and it occured to me that maybe c/p that ks to sailfish one and doing fixes on it would be good idea18:43
filippzEspecially since some hacks from old ks didin't work anymore - in the end seems to me that sfos on n9 performs a better than before (still laggy but a tad faster)18:43
filippzAs for ofono, and maybe some other stuff that were fixed earlier, it can be that those commits haven't yet made their way into these Jolla builds18:43
filippzI didin't loose much sleep over it since we are still waiting for "the merge", and we'll see what works and what not after that18:44
filippzAs for settings - for me it didn't work even in the old builds - I had to shuffle ssh keys during the "flashing" in order to connect to N918:44
*** onurati <onurati!> has joined #nemomobile18:44
filippzI guess that password saving from settings app needs some special setting (security is a bitch sometimes) and we need to hack whataver it needs into ks18:44
filippzI'm also keeping fingers crossed for vakkov  who's trying to make libhybris for GPU on n9 which could be performance boost we need18:45
locusfyeah vakkov is a superstar really :)18:45
*** olesalscheider <olesalscheider!~olesalsch@unaffiliated/olesalscheider> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)18:45
vakkovfilippz: ugh, hybris will be a pain... but i tried updateing to a new sgx ddk from TI with the idea to eventually get newer SGX libs with better support (the ones by Nokia are the first to ever support n9's SoC ) and to update the wsegl after that18:47
vakkovthere is some hope there!!!18:47
vakkovalthough nokia seem to have changed some stuff in those libs but at least we now have IDA with arm support (i dont think i actually should even say this here, but i will take the risk)18:48
vakkovfor hybris the dss changes so  much (also becuase of the newer kernel version) that it would take ages even with a uart kit... and i dont have a uart kit :P18:49
filippzvakkov: I saw that Moto 360 uses the same SoC - can we reuse some of that code?18:50
vakkovfilippz: many phones have the same Soc; i for example was checking some stuff from the lge-kernel-sniper (forgto the exact model; should be optimus black p970)18:51
*** sletta <sletta!> has joined #nemomobile18:51
vakkovbut that doesnt change the fact18:51
*** olesalscheider <olesalscheider!~olesalsch@unaffiliated/olesalscheider> has joined #nemomobile18:51
vakkovthat we dont have an adequate support for the display for newer kernels18:51
vakkovit is now using the old display.h and much other stuff..18:52
vakkovi actually also looked at some stuff from panel-taal that is much similar (it is again a nokia panel from the same era)18:52
vakkovmaybe there is a chance but i think we can just update the wsegl looking at hybris18:53
filippzso the thing is that we need a lot of changes in "one go" for kernel to make this happen...18:54
vakkova different DSS, support for the panel itself, ion, and at the end sgx stuff18:55
vakkovand the dss; boy, the dss is my nightmare :D18:55
filippzon the "bright" side... I was looking at GPS - we can safely say we can't get it to work18:56
vakkovmaybe Stskeeps can say if the "update the old omap3 wsegl" idea is good; keeping in mind it is wort it for us (the lovers of old omaps that use insanely written drivers)18:57
vakkovfilippz: if it uses some protocol by nokia as on the n900 - we cant :D18:57
vakkovfilippz: is that the case here?18:58
vakkovi remember they actually once had n900's gps working i nemo by using some library but it was long ago18:58
filippzvakkov: chip speaks MEIF, on some sammies they made it speak NMEA (
vakkovi think e-yes once referred to this link :P19:02
vakkovfilippz: gps shouldn't be a priority now :P19:02
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vakkovcheck this table out19:04
vakkovwe are now using some modified by nokia libs19:05
vakkovi tried with ti's i think19:06
vakkovnewer ones had a problem with setting the option that builds with a support for already registered pvrsrvkm device19:07
vakkovnvm; gotta go now; i will try again sometime next week probably; too much stuff to do now19:08
filippzvakkov: I'm a n00b when it comes these things, so i went to look what can be done with gps :)19:08
filippzvakkov: thanks for keeping us int the loop - maybe hedayat already has some ideas for wsegl that can be tested before digging too deep into this19:10
vakkovfilippz:keep me in touch if there is anything new, pls19:12
bencoh(n900 gps userland code)19:16
bencoh(not from nokia, of course)19:16
vakkovGitorious is being acquired by GitLab and will shut down end of May        wuuuut19:17
vakkovbencoh: is this leaked somehow :D is it available elsewhere19:18
bencohyeah ... we need to move everything from there19:18
vakkovbencoh: are you form the CSSU guys19:19
bencohI dont think the n9 gps uses the same protocol, though19:19
bencohvakkov: no I'm not, just a maemo/n900 user (and a C developer)19:19
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*** DocScrutinizer05 <DocScrutinizer05!~saturn@openmoko/engineers/joerg> has joined #nemomobile19:23
filippzsadly not the same chip - that would be too easy :(19:24
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M4rtinKlocusf: so UC now has the cross platform TopMenu :)20:30
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)20:31
locusfM4rtinK: great, good job :)20:36
M4rtinKalso a PlatformFlickable and PlatformListView so that platform enhanced Flickables and ListViews can be used20:38
M4rtinKlike the SilicaFlickable and SilicaListView with fast scroll20:38
M4rtinKor any similar enhanced Glacier Flickable or ListView in the future20:39
locusfgood idea20:40
locusfwe have listviews in specs20:41
M4rtinKalso can be used with the TopMenu to get it without a header, but users need to make sure to provide triggering themselves on platforms where the flickable does not open menus by pulling20:41
M4rtinKeq. show a button to pen the menu when using Controls20:42
M4rtinKyeah, some unified fast scroll would be nice :)20:42
M4rtinKthe current top/bottom fast scroll is better than nothing20:43
locusfhave you seen our specs?20:43
M4rtinKages ago :D20:43
M4rtinKlike maybe the first iteration qwazix did :D20:43
locusfthats 7 months ago now,, so not that fresh20:45
locusfbut better than nothing20:45
M4rtinKcool, I'll take a look :)20:47
gogetahi guys20:48
locusfhey gogeta20:51
gogetasomething new M4rtink20:51
M4rtinK<M4rtinK> locusf: so UC now has the cross platform TopMenu :)20:52
M4rtinK* SfietKonstantin odeŇ°el (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)20:52
M4rtinK<locusf> M4rtinK: great, good job :)20:52
M4rtinK<M4rtinK> also a PlatformFlickable and PlatformListView so that platform enhanced Flickables and ListViews can be used20:52
M4rtinK<M4rtinK> like the SilicaFlickable and SilicaListView with fast scroll20:52
M4rtinKand while it is kinda unrelated to Nemo20:55
M4rtinKI've found out someone managed to compile Monav for Sailfish OS and thus Qt 520:56
gogetaa question20:56
gogetain pvt20:56
locusfwhats monav?20:57
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #nemomobile21:02
M4rtinKit's an offline navigation system21:07
M4rtinKlocusf: it has offline routing, address search and even map rendering21:07
gogetalocusf, rebooted n9 with nemo21:07
M4rtinKlocusf: but it is rather incomplete and kinda abandoned upstream21:07
M4rtinKbut the routing code is pretty good21:07
M4rtinKand it has a routing daemon part21:08
M4rtinKmodRana is using it for offline routing on the N90021:08
M4rtinKand there is a global Monav offline routing data for it (
M4rtinKthe issue is that the daemon has some rather unnecessary dependencies21:09
M4rtinKsuch on protocol buffers, QService code and even some on QWidget (!)21:10
M4rtinKso now I'm trying to gut it out to leave a simple CLI utility that accepts JSON routing requests from argv21:10
M4rtinKand spits out the route as JSON on stdout21:11
M4rtinKQJsonDocument is part of Qt 5 since 5.0, so that brings no additional dependencies21:11
*** shentey <shentey!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:12
M4rtinKbut the funny thing is I don't really know C++ so it is a lot of fun working on it :D21:12
M4rtinKI guess I can also package it for Nemo once it is in a workable state21:15
M4rtinKas it should be usable by any application feeding it the correct data & being able to parse the output21:15
*** cristi <cristi!~majeru@> has joined #nemomobile21:36
gogetalocusf, mix nemo and jolla apps is dangerous ?21:39
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