Saturday, 2016-02-13

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TheOneLawGreetings and salutations from
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locusfgood morning07:11
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taaemFor push services maybe there are opening new ways, here is some information about a open source end-to-end encrypted push service, primarily desined for android but should be adoptable for Sailfish I think, its open-source so. Blog post: Forum:
taaemtbr: r0kk3rz ^09:59
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eekkelundGood morning, how it is going with android locusf? :)10:41
locusfeekkelund: not good, apparently running android also requires android kernel10:43
faeniltaaem: mqtt not enough?10:54
taaemfaenil: essentially yes but one should always know the other options i think10:55
faenilsure :)10:55
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r0kk3rztaaem: sounds interesting :)10:59
r0kk3rzfaenil: mqtt is good, but it doesnt handle packet encryption10:59
r0kk3rzonly transport encryption, so the broker can see all your messages10:59
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faenilr0kk3rz: right11:02
faenilr0kk3rz: though you can encrypt the payload11:03
r0kk3rzyou can for sure11:05
r0kk3rzbut mqtt doesnt do that for you, you have to figure out a way to do it yourself11:05
faenilr0kk3rz: fair enough, but that shouldn't be a big issue11:07
taaemand its better to let the service do it so not every dev need to implement it for himself11:07
faeniltaaem: you just have to build it in a client, right?11:07
faenilno need for everyone to reimplement it11:08
taaemfaenil: correct and in the server sending the message11:08
faeniltaaem: yeah, if you care about server messages being encrypted as well11:09
faenilin any case, it's just another client-server implementation that people can reuse11:09
r0kk3rzyeah basically11:10
r0kk3rztaaem: ah they havent open sourced it all yet, so who knows how it really works11:18
r0kk3rzthe design is similar to tbr's mqtt design11:18
taaemr0kk3rz: i like that pub/priv key idea so only the real server can send a message11:21
* faenil has recently moved his mqtt setup (based on tbr's) to use letsencrypt certs11:30
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r0kk3rzfaenil: yeah i need to fix up my scripts to use tls11:51
r0kk3rznot sure how does do though11:51
faenilhow does do?11:52
r0kk3rzhow you do it11:52
faenilI adapted tbr's old script to add tls, though I heard the new versions he committed already have tls support?11:52
faenilif you need help let me know!11:54
r0kk3rzfaenil: i didnt see anything... i only just hacked mine from tbrs recently11:55
faeniltbr: let me know if you still need me to commit my scripts, I'll clean them up and send them over11:56
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faenillocusf: any chance you could create the recipe for an n950 nemo?12:28
r0kk3rzfaenil: did you want to keep using the server or did we want one on nemo infra?12:31
faenilr0kk3rz: you mean for the distribution of images? honestly, I don't we have nemo infra to distribute images?12:32
r0kk3rzfaenil: i mean mqtt notifications12:32
faenilr0kk3rz: ohh, I'm using my own server12:32
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locusffaenil: I'll try, need help from kido on creating a new bsp+layer13:02
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kidolocusf: ask any question you want, I'll answer if I can and when I have time ;)13:07
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locusfkido: ok thanks :)13:17
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faenillocusf: cool13:48
locusffaenil: got started but the amount of non-gitted packages for n950 is just ... boring14:21
locusfand the .spec files are just cp -r buildroot{libdir} stuff14:22
faenillocusf: it shouldn't be more than 1014:22
faenilso does the recipe require git repos?14:22
locusfnope but it would help14:23
locusfI'll commit what I got now14:23
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faenilI have to free some space on my hdd... xD14:30
faeniloohhh...1tb hdd at 16.50£ at Sainsbury's r0kk3rz14:47
faenilI think I'm going to go right now and get a bunch of them before they run out14:47
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faeniltoo late, sold out everywhere...15:18
r0kk3rzthats remarkably cheap15:22
r0kk3rzmaybe i should go for a quick walk to the supermarket15:22
faenilr0kk3rz: it's out of stock everywhere here, they had 3 in one shop 20mins ago :/15:24
faenilr0kk3rz: if you find them buy 4 for me please! I'll pay the shipping :D15:37
faenilI'm not kidding :P15:38
r0kk3rzi expect thats why they're sold out15:40
r0kk3rzbut its 2min up the road, so what do i have to lose15:40
faeniljust go forrest, go!15:41
tbrfaenil: if you have client side scripts that use paho with tls15:52
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faeniltbr: I have the irssi script and the a modified sailfish script that I use on my computer15:54
tbrthe latter could be interesting. the irssi script I committed TLS support15:55
faenilit's your paho py stuff15:55
tbrbtw: if you use it on the desktop, use upstream paho. I only patched it for sailfish IPHB15:55
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faenilsure, I don't think I'm using your paho15:56
tbrI recently rebased my patches on latest paho master15:56
tbrif someone wants to run it on nemo/sailfish15:56
faenilmmm, ok..I never changed the scripts, never updated paho I guess :D15:57
faenilah, I misread, thought you said you updated your scripts15:59
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r0kk3rzfaenil: no such luck mate, i saw zero evidence of any cheap hdds16:09
faenilr0kk3rz: heh, pity...16:09
faenilr0kk3rz: thanks for trying16:09
r0kk3rzfaenil: all good, i got food for tea, so it was somewhat successful16:10
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tbrfaenil: I updated the irssi side script to add TLS and rebased my paho iphb patches. Fixing the notification receiver side to support TLS is still on todo. Does that make more sense now? :)16:52
faeniltbr: sure, yeah I got that, eventually ;)16:52
r0kk3rztbr: ah, thats why i no see ssl stuff in the sailfish script, makes sense16:57
tbrr0kk3rz: feel free to figure it out for me and send patches. please make it configurable. :)16:58
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faeniltbr: patch coming17:04
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faeniluntested, let me know how it goes :)17:26
faenilr0kk3rz: ^17:26
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faenilTLS is not configurable though :P17:30
faenilshould be trivial to add17:31
faenil(I'm busy with real job, sorry :/ )17:31
r0kk3rzfaenil: ready for mwc?17:35
faenilr0kk3rz: nope :D17:38
faenilI'm not going, fwiw17:38
faenilr0kk3rz: you going?17:42
tbrfaenil: tnx, will have a look tomorrow. today I'm done for. 7h of running around as a competition judge.18:01
faenilhah :) sure18:01
r0kk3rzfaenil: maybe, need to sort out work18:02
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