Sunday, 2016-12-11

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JustAQuickQuestianyone here with experience in compiling for the nokia n9(50)16:37
JustAQuickQuestior do I need nemomobile-porters for that?16:38
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filippz-JustAQuickQuesti: can I help?18:01
JustAQuickQuestiI may have fixed it, I had some trouble setting up the sdk for compiling the upstreaming project kernel18:02
JustAQuickQuestimeh I may aswell just change name18:03
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jja2000right so18:03
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filippz-I've always just used sb2 -t nemo-n950 make ... to compile kernels18:04
jja2000Problem is that never seemed to work for me18:04
filippz-you do this inside sdk?18:05
jja2000I used some silly workaround and got it to work in the n950rootfs folder with the -R option :^)18:05
jja2000Yes inside MerSDK18:05
filippz--R should be root IIRC18:05
jja2000Yeah I know18:06
jja2000which is why it's silly18:06
filippz-maybe some chown would help - let me check18:07
jja2000Btw is your repo for the kernel adaptation for the n9 more recent than what nemomobile is hosting? I may need to compile that instead then18:07
filippz-nope - that's the one18:08
filippz-I have moved onto working on mainline kernel, but that's not nearly ready18:08
jja2000Oh good18:08
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jja2000I already noticed the dts missed some important stuff like screen18:09
jja2000I was asking because the commit history for your repo is more recent than the one on nemomobile18:09
filippz-if you feel adventorous, I can provide patches for N9 and mainline (form a few months tho)18:09
jja2000Well if I can get some screen output then why the hell not :P18:10
filippz-I'm apparently 14 commits behind  - not ahead :)18:10
jja2000I don't have a serial connection so yeah18:11
filippz-anyways screens should work with mainline - and even PVR18:11
jja2000Mainline as in 4.9rc818:12
filippz-let me reboot to my dev machine, and I'll provide exact version with patches18:12
filippz-version is 4.8-rc218:14
jja2000Is everything broken then or what? I mean, can't imagine it not being patched into mainline already if you've been working on this for a while now18:15
jja2000Wait that doesn't make any sense18:15
jja2000What works and what doesn't? That may be a better question18:15
filippz-I can provide patches but PVR is WIP to update drivers to Graphics SDK_5_01_01_0218:16
filippz-can you read trough ?18:16
jja2000Forgive me for asking, but what is a pvr in this case?18:17
jja2000filippz, yeah sure. What am I supposed to find?18:17
filippz-PVR = Power VR drivers for SGX 530 GPU18:17
jja2000Oh of course18:17
filippz-there are progress updates on mainline stuff18:17
jja2000In the thread itself or any of the main posts?18:18
jja2000The last couple of posts are people bartering about their Nokia N9 64GB that's on sale :^)18:19
filippz-you can read my posts from post # 100 - these should give you an idea what is working18:22
jja2000Okay will do18:23
filippz-and the patches:
filippz-don't apply the last 2 - they are WIP, that'll probably be dropped18:23
filippz-what's is your goal - do you have something specific in mind?18:24
jja2000Well me and a friend of mine kinda like the idea of phones running mainline linux18:25
jja2000Aka phones that never die support wise18:25
jja2000And I just like testing wip stuff18:26
filippz-yup, N900 will never die in that regard :)18:26
jja2000Yeah that's a great example18:26
filippz-sadly, our main issue are those PVR drivers - more or less the same thing with N90018:27
jja2000I mean the Nexus 5 made it in mainline aswell, same for the nexus 7 and some of the N9** phones18:27
filippz-well, we have a big support from Sebastian Reichel - he's working on N950, but won't work on closed source drivers18:28
jja2000Shame there's not a dedicated person like rob clark18:28
jja2000to fix this kind of stuff :^)18:28
filippz-and we really need GPU to reach decent performace...18:28
filippz-funny thing is that SG530 on other TI SOC-s are still supported and come with native support for wayland18:29
jja2000Well if they're still supported that means someone's still working on them18:30
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jja2000Which also means there's probably a way to contact them18:30
jja2000I wish it was that simple :/18:31
filippz-they com from Imagination Technologies that provides SDK to TI, and TI copiles them for their supported SoC18:31
filippz-binaries that supports wayland comes for OMAP5 AFAIK and latter ones18:32
jja2000What I get from this is that the drivers need to be made by a per soc basis instead of per gpu (a bit desktop like)?18:32
filippz-there are different revisions of SGX 530 but also some specific stuff for every SoC18:33
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bencohisn't there a working qt/wayland version of nemo for n9?18:33
jja2000Well crap18:33
jja2000bencoh, afaik that's software rendering18:34
filippz-nope, we have reall HW supprt, but it's slow :)18:34
bencohhow comes?18:34
jja2000well til18:34
filippz-^ this is what gives us problems18:35
filippz-anyways fiddling with fb settings make PVR go wild, and we don't have a clue is it because of wsegl plugin for wayland or drivers or  "link" between  PVR and kernel18:37
bencohmissing interrupts from gpu?18:38
filippz-I don't have enough knowledge to figure what's to blame :/18:39
filippz-That's the primary reason why there is no reasonably usable SFOS port for N918:40
jja2000This is really neat man18:42
jja2000If you have anything you want me to test out just hit me up if I'm in the irc or on Telegram at @jja200018:43
jja2000I'll be up for it most of the time, my n9 is not my main phone anyways18:43
filippz-as you see from 4.8-rc2, I  didn't do much of the workm lately18:44
filippz-these might be nice also:
filippz-you will still need display/PVR patches for N918:45
filippz-and I don't encourage kernel testing with no serial cable :)18:46
jja2000I'm guessing I am supposed to look at the n950 branch then? I can't imagine the n900 branch to work with this :)18:47
filippz-those with n950 in their name - some don't make sense since n9 and n950 don't have the same chips for everything18:49
jja2000Yeah I understand18:50
filippz-My idea is to wait for N950 to be merged into mainline, and then simply extend it to include N9 also - since I find contributing to mainline really complex18:51
jja2000You can also just work in your own git repo until you're done and then try and merge it18:51
jja2000Would give people a way to contribute and you'd be able to do version management18:52
filippz-Sebastian has my patches and I suppose that he'll (re)use them as needed18:52
filippz-anyways it's a bit hard to rebase all the time, and I'm not that good in git18:53
jja2000Well you have your patches18:54
jja2000Isn't its use to be able to apply it to different versions of the kernel then? Or am I not understanding this correctly18:54
filippz-rebase stops on some of the patches if the files being patched end up changed upstream, so it's a bit of work to reapply everything18:56
jja2000Ah I figured that18:56
filippz-bottom line - if we can get PVR to perform, rest of the stuff will attract enough people to solve them once semi/usable Nemo/SFOS become available18:58
filippz-I know that krnyling even tried with libhybris on N9 and hasn't been able to solve all the issues with PVR - so we're running out of ideas...19:00
jja2000Well not even limited to Nemo or SFOS19:00
jja2000Everything should in theory run then when fixed correctly19:00
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filippz-yup, I thing Sebastian is running Debian on his N950, but w/o GPU acceleration19:01
jja2000Like seriously this is really neat19:01
jja2000But if krnyling tried libhybris, what android drivers (right?) did he use then? If nitdroid has hwa then why can't mainline have it19:04
filippz-Closed source = won't be support by mainline, as in never :)19:05
filippz-IIRC LG Sniper used OMAP3630 and did have Android GPU driver binary blobs19:06
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* filippz- hasn't spent any time even trying to figure out how is Android kernel any different than the "regular" one 19:10
jja2000I think it probably has to do with compatibility with bionic and surfaceflinger19:11
jja2000that sort of stuff19:11
jja2000It probably boots differently too19:11
jja2000Linaro has been doing efforts to make android come closer to regular linux which is nice19:12
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filippz-^ ah, I misspelled krnlyng19:15
* jja2000 has no idea why piggz hasn't updated his sfos build for ace yet19:15
jja2000and tbh I'm too afraid to ask since I have done so for a multitude of times :^)19:15
filippz-I have to AFK go for now - I'll be able to help tomorrow afternoon (CET) if needed, but not for the rest of the week until Saturday19:20
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jja2000Sure man19:21
jja2000Thanks for explaining some stuff :)19:21
jja2000The lack of drivers seem to be a problem on ps vita homebrew too19:23
jja2000goddamnit imagination technologies19:23
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jja2000hey uhhh piggz19:47
krnlyngjja2000: this is how far i got:
jja2000piggz, did you make anything happen on the update for the desire hd?19:49
piggzjja2000: well, no, but ive just done an update for the falon, so could look at for the dhd19:49
krnlyng(with nitdroid binary blobs)19:50
jja2000piggz, thanks I've been having trouble installing because of a pesky "No space left on device" error when flashing19:51
jja2000krnlyng, at least it has proven useful as in anims seem to work fairly well19:51
krnlyngjja2000: it doesn't work too bad, but it tears19:51
krnlyngjja2000: and harmattan is 10 times more fluid19:51
jja2000Well if that was just "getting it to work" then I'd say it's fairly decent  no?19:52
krnlyngjja2000: i have tried many combinations of fb settings and tried many hacky things with a custom hwcomposer but it didn't get faster :) the only thing thats kind of good is that everything seems to be properly orientated which wasn't the case with previous ports19:54
jja2000Progress! :^)19:54
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