Tuesday, 2017-04-11

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locusfgood morning05:09
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tbrgood moaning06:32
eetuTelegram[m]@neochapay nice PR !:)06:33
SergeyChupliginTi thnik we can serach many bugs :)))06:33
locusfcool :)06:39
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locusfneochapay: btw that select roller page doesn't work06:57
NeoChapaylocusf: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa first bug :)))))07:01
locusfmal: do you happen to have the measurements for fp2?07:11
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mallocusf: which ones?08:24
NeoChapaylocusf: it`s not needed if you don`t use size.mm() function08:26
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mallocusf: https://github.com/mlehtima/droid-config-fp2-sibon/blob/master/sparse/var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf#L508:26
locusfso they're already tehere08:27
mallocusf: although, I think I have seen some errors in logs related to those08:31
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malI think we should have some kind of place where people could easily list what they are working on so other can easily see an overview and do not need to search channel logs10:27
eetuTelegram[m]mal, +110:27
eetuTelegram[m]w00t also had good point on qtquickcontrols-nemo Pull Request10:28
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malyes, that scaling might need some rethinking10:30
locusfcan you see that project?10:32
eetuTelegram[m]Reply to locusf:10:32
eetuTelegram[m]><locusf> can you see that project?10:32
eetuTelegram[m]This could be also updated https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Glacier10:32
mallocusf: nope10:33
locusfhow about? https://github.com/nemomobile-ux/glacier-home/projects/110:35
mallocusf: that works10:35
eetuTelegram[m]locusf, works10:35
locusfmal: you've been made a dev for nemomobile-ux10:36
locusfso you can add cards to the projects at will10:36
mallocusf: thanks10:36
locusfyou too eetu (Telegram)10:37
locusfhttps://github.com/nemomobile/qtquickcontrols-nemo/projects/1 also here10:40
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SamTelegram[m]like this?14:28
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FabioIsgrTelegra@samzn are mockups ... or is something I can try on my amoled power OnePlus X14:39
SamTelegram[m]all functional14:39
FabioIsgrTelegrais builded in obs ?14:40
SamTelegram[m]not yet, finishing some stuff first to better refine to our model14:40
SamTelegram[m]and documenting it14:40
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dr_gogeta86FabioIsgrTelegra, it's me from telegram side14:41
PabloTelegram[m]it's awesome!14:42
malSamTelegram[m]: I think the app card display should have less space between the first and second row so the bottom one doesn't overlap with the statusbar14:42
SamTelegram[m]good point14:42
locusfits scrollable so its ok14:43
SamTelegram[m]I want to try to make it have the same horizontal and vertical padding14:43
locusfits going to overlap anyway14:43
SamTelegram[m]with statusbar on top it respect it's padding14:43
mallocusf: true but I think in default view no overlap would be nice14:43
SamTelegram[m]today I want to refine the statusbar more so it's functional14:43
SamTelegram[m]tap and it expands14:43
SamTelegram[m]right now it lost it's button functionality :(14:44
TopiasTelegram[mhow about14:44
TopiasTelegram[msomething like you put your finger on top and it would make the icons bigger14:45
TopiasTelegram[msort of like lense14:45
SamTelegram[m]Me too, but our spec specifies on bottom14:45
FabioIsgrTelegrapersonally  i prefer the statusbar on top14:45
TopiasTelegram[mif status bar is interactable then it's bad14:45
TopiasTelegram[mif not then top is fine14:45
TopiasTelegram[mfrom UX design standpoint, we should still promote one hand usage14:46
SergeyChupliginTWhile everyone is arguing neochapay write code for personalization of statusbar position....14:47
NeKitTelegram[m]I would surely like to have Sam's design, even if as separate theme if UX guidelines can't be changed14:48
TopiasTelegram[mUI and UX design should go hand in hand14:48
TopiasTelegram[mdesigning something because it looks cool and disregarding UX is bad design14:48
malSergeyChupliginT: that shouldn't be very difficult to do14:49
eetuTelegram[m]Seperate theme is nice idea, Sams design looks nice!:)14:49
SergeyChupliginTmal yeap14:49
qwazixI agree, themes were something we wanted to have from the beginning. I don't know how invasive thems could be howerver.14:55
locusfglacier-patchmanager :p ?14:57
qwazixlocusf, yeah why not?15:07
locusfI wanted to put sarcasm tags :p15:08
locusfbut well, main reason patchmanager exists is due to closed source nature of silica15:09
locusfonly thing we'd have to do in the other hand, is to refactor15:09
coderuswho said patchmanager?15:10
locusfhilight much coderus?15:11
qwazixlocusf, true but the idea of quick and dirty development is nice for minor tweaks. That way you can mix and match options, while themes are rigid.15:12
qwazixwe can call them nemo-theme-addons if it sounds less dirty :P15:13
TopiasTelegram[mwhat is with the dot before these messages15:13
qwazixTopiasTelegram[m, dot?15:18
qwazixmaybe IRC message get a dot before they reach telegram?15:18
qwazixDownloading the mysql backup. Let's hope everything is there.15:19
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SergeyChupliginTReply to Sam (Telegram):15:42
SergeyChupliginTmaybe write nemo ? or hello ?15:42
SamTelegram[m]I can paste a handwritten signature15:42
SamTelegram[m]would be nice actually15:42
SamTelegram[m]but my handwriting sucks15:42
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FabioIsgrTelegraI wanna put the burning platform memo date16:11
FabioIsgrTelegraand then original jolla release16:11
dr_gogeta86locusf, why not ?16:13
locusfnono its a great idea :)16:13
SamTelegram[m]@dr_gogeta86 I like that :)16:14
SamTelegram[m]If someone can write and scan "Burning platform" in beautiful cursive16:14
dr_gogeta86elop ?16:14
locusf11.2.2011 and 30.11.201316:14
SamTelegram[m]if we put date I think people will be confused by the icon16:15
dr_gogeta86I mean date ... and burning platform16:17
SamTelegram[m]This is interesting16:26
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eetuTelegram[m]Reply to Sam (Telegram):16:29
eetuTelegram[m]Very interesting, this in systemd-nspawn container :o16:29
locusfalso morphis worked at canonical16:30
NeKitTelegram[m]does it already work?16:30
SamTelegram[m]Forwarded from Sam (Telegram):16:30
SamTelegram[m]>How does it work?16:30
SamTelegram[m]Forwarded from Simon (Telegram):16:30
SamTelegram[m]>@samzn it's using the freeform feature from Android and then simply maps windows through a custom hwcomposer implementation16:30
SamTelegram[m]Forwarded from Sam (Telegram):16:30
SamTelegram[m]>would it need a specially tailored android rootfs for each device16:30
SamTelegram[m]Forwarded from Simon (Telegram):16:30
SamTelegram[m]Forwarded from Simon (Telegram):16:30
SamTelegram[m]>one per architecture16:30
locusfsounds like sfdroid to me16:30
SamTelegram[m]Seems more malleable than sfdroid16:31
SamTelegram[m]Each app can be it's own window and we only need one android rootfs for the entire arch16:31
NeKitTelegram[m]The Android inside the container has no direct access to any hardware. All hardware access is going through the anbox daemon on the host. We're reusing what Android implemented within the QEMU based emulator for Open GL ES accelerated rendering.16:32
NeKitTelegram[m]not sure how fast this is going be for mobiles16:32
SamTelegram[m]Should be near native16:32
SamTelegram[m]you could imagine this like hybris16:33
NeKitTelegram[m]no, hybris isn't pipelining OpenGL calls16:34
SamTelegram[m]Forwarded from Simon (Telegram):16:35
SamTelegram[m]>it's usable16:35
SamTelegram[m]Forwarded from Simon (Telegram):16:35
SamTelegram[m]>the code is still highly unoptimized but its ok16:35
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dr_gogeta86sorry but anbox = sfdroid ..finished?17:26
TopiasTelegram[mReply to locusf:17:43
TopiasTelegram[m>locusf: apparently17:43
TopiasTelegram[mis this as noisy as before?17:43
toxxipon irc17:44
toxxipI suppose it is17:44
toxxipreply still shows on three lines on irc?17:44
locusfI don't know I'm on matrix17:45
kimmoli20:43 < TopiasTelegram[m> Reply to locusf:17:47
kimmoli20:43 < TopiasTelegram[m> >locusf: apparently17:47
kimmoli20:43 < TopiasTelegram[m> is this as noisy as before?17:47
toxxipyeah, I checked that17:48
toxxipwell, the only way to change that is to change how replies are shown on matrix17:48
SamTelegram[m]yeah maybe just use @ replies for replying on telegram17:49
toxxipsince matrix and irc bridge just pass any message...17:49
TopiasTelegram[m@samzn yeah I guess17:49
kimmoli20:49 < SamTelegram[m]> yeah maybe just use @ replies for replying on telegram17:52
kimmoli20:49 < TopiasTelegram[m> @samzn yeah I guess17:52
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TopiasTelegram[mthe nicks are still huge ass long17:57
TopiasTelegram[mdiscussing about that on the telematrix bridge channel17:58
TopiasTelegram[mone option would be17:58
TopiasTelegram[muse teleirc17:58
TopiasTelegram[mand then unbridge matrix channel from nemomobile17:58
TopiasTelegram[mthat way we have more control over how messages are displayed on each side17:59
SamTelegram[m]is there a telegram channel for asteroid os18:04
locusfthere is18:04
locusfah its matrix18:04
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SamTelegram[m]doesnt matter18:04
locusf > and then unbridge matrix channel from nemomobile18:05
locusfso the whole stuff I did to bring matrix + irc + telegram together, all gone then?18:05
SamTelegram[m]I think matrix works fine18:06
locusfit does18:09
locusfis it really that bad?18:10
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SamTelegram[m]it's perfect for our needs18:11
TopiasTelegram[mmatrix <> telegram works fine18:13
TopiasTelegram[mproblem is irc18:13
TopiasTelegram[msince we have no control over how messages are formatted there18:13
TopiasTelegram[mhaving an irc relaybot on telegram would give us the option to choose formatting how we like18:14
TopiasTelegram[mlocusf: and it wouldn't be all gone, don't worry18:15
malI think we should focus more on the basic usability first, of course we can fix appearance also but many other bugs still left18:19
SamTelegram[m]I'm mostly focusing on keeping an ux consistent18:21
locusfTopias (Telegram): okay18:24
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dr_gogeta86sailorgram is dead19:07
dr_gogeta86even with old version doesn't register anymore19:07
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SamTelegram[m]I noticed it stopped working yesterday  night while I was working on nemo but I thought it was something in my end19:23
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