Wednesday, 2017-12-27

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T4<ilyaishere> @samzn [ …], But wait, aren't proprietary userspace libraries needed for PowerVR?06:15
T4<NotKit> it uses them06:19
T4<NotKit> it's the kernel part which is open source and was modified06:19
T4<ilyaishere> Is the code available yet?06:22
T4<ilyaishere> @NotKit [it uses them], Oh, I thought postmarketOS devs decided to not use blobs06:23
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locusfthey're not08:53
locusfonly filippz is08:53
T4<NotKit> wel, they are used anyway (for example wifi firmware, etc)09:01
bencohwifi firmware runs on wifi chip though09:01
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T4<neochapay> Ok....we have libglacierapp :)14:11
T4<samzn> same functionality as libsailfishapp for app initialization?14:25
T4<neochapay> yeap14:25
T4<eekkelund> Oooh wow! :o14:25
T4<neochapay> with glacierlib14:26
T4<samzn> Fantastic, it was always so weird to hardcode app to go fullscreen in every glacier application14:26
T4<samzn> nice :D14:26
T4<neochapay> without14:26
T4<neochapay> @samzn [Fantastic, it was always so weird to hardcode …],
T4<samzn> nice14:27
T4<neochapay> libglacierapp rpm aviable in my obs14:59
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locusfreally good stuff neochapay!!!!18:07
locusfI just noticed those in my github feed18:07
T4<neochapay> howto migrate
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