Friday, 2017-12-29

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NeoChapaylocusf: new pr :))) and add tag plz :)12:33
malnot sure if I should nitpick about the example notification text12:38
NeoChapaymal: you can create pr :)))))12:40
malin my opinion it should be proper english "Hello Nemo! You have a notification"12:40
malNeoChapay: you can still change it in that PR if you want12:41
NeoChapaymal: ready12:43
NeoChapaylocusf: and tag :)12:47
locusfda da12:49
mallocusf: would you want give me permissions for nemo:devel:ux so I could fix the builds? it seems many things are broken there13:01
NeoChapaymal: it`s my project of glacier i use it for nexus4 phone :)13:03
malNeoChapay: ok, but it's still good to have the nemo:devel:ux also building properly13:07
locusfmal done13:09
T4<neochapay> Yeap. And we have many broken projects on obs ...13:09
T4<neochapay> mer-core have many broken packages13:11
mallocusf: btw, glacier-home has not been tagged in a long time13:12
-Github[m]- : Proper closing button and black toolbar.13:13
locusf#1 priority13:13
mallocusf: that bug reminds me that I should make pull requests for my wayland update, I have working new wayland and also updated qtwayland, also libsdl13:18
locusfcool :)13:18
malI have been running the new wayland etc on my main fp2 for a while now without issues, except some with sdl but not sure if directly related13:19
mallocusf: could you also tag libglacierapp13:28
malNeoChapay: we should use [something] type tags in the beginning of the commit messages so the changelog is automatically generated13:30
NeoChapaymal: yea every day i forgot about it sorry13:30
malNeoChapay: that just causes issues with nemo:devel:ux which checks those somehow13:31
malexample here
NeoChapaymal: give me five min13:32
malNeoChapay: it will be fixed with a tag so it's quite simple13:32
malNeoChapay: just for future reference a reminder of the [] tags in commit messages13:32
NeoChapaymal: add tag and some [] to last commit13:35
malNeoChapay: no, I mean add a release tag13:35
malNeoChapay: seems it appeared there already13:36
NeoChapaymal: yea i add it13:36
malI'll also copy all of the other packages from you OBS project to ux13:37
malNeoChapay: looks like the same issue is in all of the new glacier apps
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NeoChapaymal: i add tags to all14:07
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malNeoChapay: some are still broken because the tag is not pointing to the latest commit14:09
locusfis there some repo that needs my assistance still?14:11
NeoChapaymal: hmmmm... i don`t understand how to fix this error14:11
malNeoChapay: look here it says "1 commit to master since this tag"14:12
maland because the new commit has incorrect format it fails14:13
malso just do "git tag sometag" and then push to github14:14
malNeoChapay: camera, music and nemo-qml-plugin-settings need that fix, calc needs something else14:16
NeoChapaymal: on camera fix ?14:16
malcamera builds now14:17
NeoChapaymusic and settings fix to14:19
NeoChapayor not...i not understand....14:20
malNeoChapay: looks like you might need to fix the last commit message of calc and settings, it fails because there is no properly formatted commit and retag those14:21
NeoChapaymal: try calc14:23
malNeoChapay: works now14:24
NeoChapaymal: try settings14:26
NeoChapaynow we need qt-5.6 :) and new taglib :)14:27
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mallocusf: also glacier-settings is missing a recent tag19:29
mal41 commits since last tag19:29
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