Tuesday, 2018-06-26

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NeoChapaywho can build image for glacier for nexus 5 ?07:52
NeoChapayI try update my phone and it die :)07:53
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NeoChapay_YES !12:24
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NeoChapayI got working nexus5 whith latest packages12:24
T4<eekkelund> @neochapay oooh nice!! wow :)12:25
T4<eekkelund> next step img without Jolla packages :D12:25
T4<neochapay> yes....12:26
NeoChapaylocusf: https://github.com/nemomobile/qtquickcontrols-nemo/pull/67 one more :)13:06
locusfbrilliant, thanks again :)14:36
locusfmerged both14:36
NeoChapaylocusf: thanks now i can continue work on new toolbar and package manager14:38
NeoChapaynemo-theme-glacier updated to14:40
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T4<neochapay> https://pastebin.com/HwfRyfnX aarch64 image without jolla packages turn off17:43
T4<neochapay> but i not understand why17:43
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