Tuesday, 2018-07-17

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T4<neochapay> @eekkelund https://github.com/nemomobile-ux/plugins/pull/312:01
T4<eekkelund> wooooo !!12:04
T4<eekkelund> nice work @neochapay, juiceme! (if he is on this channel!)12:04
T4<eekkelund> I will check that later in the evening today !:)12:04
T4<eekkelund> but yeah we have to consider to change to maliit2 or qtvirtualkeyboard12:06
T4<eekkelund> like rinigus said over TMO(I haven't been active there lately..) :(12:06
T4<neochapay> Yes...but before that we must use someone keyboard12:07
T4<eekkelund> yep agreed !:)12:07
T4<neochapay> http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1546315&postcount=11112:09
riniguseekkelund: do you have preference regarding maliit2 vs qtvirtualkeyboard?14:12
riniguswhich qt are you running, 5.6, 5.9,...?14:13
T4<NotKit> the thing to consider about qtvirtualkeyboad is that it's pretty basic and works as part of Qt apps14:13
T4<eekkelund> rinigus, no preference but as we will move to openembedded base qtvirtualkeyboard would be 'pretty simple' to implement(I hope). With openembedded qt could be always the latest version14:15
bencohwow, so nemo/mer is really moving to OE in the end?14:15
T4<eekkelund> Yeah, I think NemoMobile would be moving there. ping, locusf14:16
riniguseekkelund: ok, have to readup on oe.14:19
rinigusNotKit: in which aspects do you consider it basic? compared to maliit2?14:21
riniguseekkelund: just found our mail exchange at sfos-devel - looks like qtvirtualkeyboard has rather limited support for predictions. do you know whether utouch guys plan to switch from maliit2?14:26
T4<eekkelund> rinigus, ah yeah :D I have no idea if they are planning to do so. Last time I checked LuneOS was also using that ub based maliit2.14:31
T4<NotKit> rinigus, I rechecked documentation, I confused the framework with their reference implementation, which, at least on desktop, worked on per-app basis and didn't provide configuration means14:35
riniguseekkelund: yes, they do when I checked it.14:41
rinigusI don't know much 'bout keyboards, but, as far as I understand, maliit2 should be just replacement for maliit1. qtvirtualkeyboard seems to require on application level linking. at least when I skimmed through the documents few months ago.14:48
T4<eekkelund> it could be replacement but it is not drop in replacement ;D yeah qtvirtualkeyboard should be implemented in  lipstick compositor.qml IMO14:50
riniguseekkelund: what do you mean by non-drop-in replacement?16:32
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