Thursday, 2018-08-09

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T4<neochapay> I create devel branch and create PR into it with actualy Manhattan branch plz review and confirm it07:22
T4<samzn> Taking my flight to br07:45
T4<eekkelund> I can help you Sam with reviewing :)08:02
T4<samzn> Tomorrow I should be finally back to contributing :)08:03
T4<neochapay> tomorrow I'm going on a small vacation i will fly to Saint Petersburg )08:04
T4<samzn> Hope you have a great time there08:05
T4<neochapay> yea08:05
T4<neochapay> i hope to :))08:05
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ilya_bHello! :)11:51
ilya_bIs there a public description of Nemo architecture somewhere? Cannot find it on the wiki...11:52
NeoChapaywhat you mean when say architecture ?11:52
ilya_bWell, for example, what windowing system Nemo uses11:53
ilya_bAnd what window manager / compositor11:53
NeoChapaywayland and compositor is lipstick11:54
ilya_bThank you, used that as a keyword to find more :)11:57
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