Saturday, 2018-09-01

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akaWolfhi, guys! which devices are supported?17:40
T4<neochapay> @akaWolf [hi, guys! which devices are supported?], All sailfishos device17:41
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akaWolfbut what is the difference between SOS and Nemo?18:05
T4<samzn> Sailfish and Nemo share the same middleware18:10
r0kk3rznemo has NeoChapay18:10
T4<samzn> It's like Debian and Ubuntu18:11
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Leif_EriksonHello, to test Glacier: is tvis instruction up to date?
Leif_EriksonDoes this installation include the Nemo apps?21:26
Leif_EriksonAccording Lipstick in the Sailfish SDK: I couldn't find a menu item to install this library.21:27
Leif_EriksonI'm using the Sailfish SDK for macOS.21:27

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