Tuesday, 2018-09-04

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Leif_EriksonI managed to install the platform sdk on a Linux VM. Unfortunately I have problems with installing the tooling.09:50
malwhat kind of problems?09:51
Leif_EriksonI use sdk-assistant create SailfishOS-latest http://releases.sailfishos.org/sdk/latest/Jolla-latest-Sailfish_SDK_Tooling-i486.tar.bz209:51
Leif_EriksonThe error message is "sudo: tar: command not found"09:51
Leif_EriksonThis is surprising, because tar is installed on the machine, but it seems not available inside of the sdk09:52
Leif_EriksonHAs someone the same issue?09:52
malsudo zypper in tar09:53
malin platform sdk09:54
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T4<neochapay> omagad! 50!!!12:06
T4<minimec> @neochapay [omagad! 50!!!], Oh... I am number 50. What a privilege... ;)12:09
mal@neochapay I fixed nemo:devel:ux OBS project again yesterday, it has some old packages and such12:15
T4<neochapay> yea...i trying fix my version of mer:core....12:15
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