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T4<faenil> @samzn [Offtopic: We are almost releasing our game: ht …], congrats man!07:57
Leif_EriksonHello together. One of our motivations to invest in a mobile device with an alternative OS is to protect the user's privacy ...15:24
Leif_Erikson... Sailfish OS is partly closed source. This could be compared with Android ....15:25
Leif_Erikson.... Android is based on open source with AOSP ...15:26
Leif_Erikson... Nobody knows, what Jolla is doing in the closed source components ....15:26
Leif_Erikson... Further more the hardware adaption requres an Sndroid source tree and closed source drivers ...15:27
Leif_Erikson... How do think about this? Is this a critical issue in your opinion?15:28
malLeif_Erikson: getting a completely open device without closed source stuff is very difficult, device manuafactures mostly just care about android and do not make linux drivers15:43
Leif_Eriksonmal: Inderd, companies and foundations should collaborate for an open base system even if they are competitors.15:45
Leif_EriksonWhat do you think about the reliabiliy of the Dailfish stack?15:46
Leif_EriksonNemo Mobile is completely transparent  but not as mature as Sailfish for a successful commercial product.15:47
malwhat do you mean with reliability in this context?15:48
Leif_EriksonThe trust, that the system respects privacy and doesn't contains modules for suveillance.15:56
Leif_EriksonI don't know the law of Finnland, but in some countries like USA and Uk, companies selling electronics like smartphones are forced to offer governemtal organisations a backdoor.15:57
malfinland doesn't do such things16:03
guhlAnd there is no evidence that the USA or UK are doing this16:05
guhlof course everybody would be happier with totally open sources firmware and drivers16:06
Leif_EriksonEven in Germany a polititian of the government coalition suggested this law.16:06
guhlWell suggesting is one thing16:07
guhlI can send you my openmoko phone (still have 2 of them)16:08
Leif_Eriksonguhl: What's about the Sailfish specific layer and apos? Has someone checked the network traffic of Sailfish?16:09
Leif_EriksonGoogle is minitoring users even if they switched of location services, for example.16:10
guhlwell I did not but I am sure someone has16:10
guhli did develop a security and spoofing enabled modifies android framework for 4 year until i gave up16:11
guhlbecause google moved by far to much functionality into the playservices16:11
guhlif you use google services and software you pay a price16:12
guhlso i dont16:12
Leif_Eriksonguhl: Purism is promising, also Necuno.16:12
Leif_EriksonIs it possible to adapt Mer respectively Nemo Mobile or Sailfish on Hardware without Android source tree?16:14
T4<locusf> yes16:14
T4<locusf> I've done it on rpi216:15
Leif_EriksonWe asked our ODM for linux drivers.16:15
Leif_EriksonT4: What did you need for the afaption?16:15
T4<locusf> mesa basically16:16
T4<locusf> erm not mesa on that one16:16
Leif_Eriksonguhl: What do you think about Copperhead?16:16
T4<locusf> rpi2 needed the proprietary libraries16:16
T4<samzn> Sailfish also works fine on the N9 without hybris 🙂16:16
Leif_EriksonT4: You mean the drivers compiled for linux?16:17
T4<locusf> yeah16:17
guhlLeif_Erikson, I don't like copperheads, they are hard to place, and mostly hold your body weight. It's in general very hard to trust them.16:18
guhl(thats the only copperhead I know and have a rack of in my gear cupboard)16:19
T4<Chipiguay> @samzn [Sailfish also works fine on the N9 without hyb …], do you mean last release?16:20
Leif_EriksonT4: Sound good. I will push this to the ODM.16:20
T4<samzn> @Chipiguay [do you mean last release?], Should do with the new kernel16:20
T4<samzn> Throw the Nemo rootfs, configure some stuff and use that kernel and it should just work16:22
T4<Chipiguay> its 4" looked very nice from the distance16:22
Leif_EriksonT4: What was the SoC vendor?16:22
T4<Chipiguay> I never had one on my hands16:23
T4<samzn> TI16:23
T4<locusf> and sgx gpu16:23
T4<samzn> Old OMAP, but hardware was optimized to the last sweat towards it16:23
T4<Chipiguay> I think they no longer build that kind of chips, right?16:23
T4<samzn> Nope, iMX is the way to go for a free HW nowadays16:23
T4<locusf> ti quit mobile socs quite early16:23
T4<samzn> Qualcomm's monopoly fucked them hardly16:23
T4<locusf> and broadcom?16:23
T4<samzn> Mostly Qualcomm, you can't compete on the US market without them16:24
T4<locusf> naturally :)16:24
T4<Chipiguay> rpi cores are from broadcom?16:24
T4<locusf> yes16:24
T4<Chipiguay> I think it's something related to network support, right?16:24
T4<locusf> broadcom makes 95% of wifi/bluetooth chips though16:24
T4<locusf> its the cpu too16:25
T4<Chipiguay> There was something of that in a recent Nokia documentary16:25
Leif_EriksonT4: Indeen, it would be difficult to get linux drivers from Qualcomm. Maybe our ODM can convince them.16:25
Leif_EriksonWho is the manufacurer of iMX?16:27
T4<NotKit> Leif_Erikson, I fear even if they can, that's going to cost fortune. Tizen had (closed-source/blobs) Linux drivers from Qualcomm for exactly one device - Samsung Z2 produced for Russia16:27
T4<samzn> Freescale, i think?16:27
T4<locusf> nxp16:27
T4<Chipiguay> Wow, I'm reading Qualcomm was close to buy NXP16:30
T4<Chipiguay> [Edit] Wow, I'm reading Qualcomm was close to buy NXP back in 201616:30
Leif_EriksonT4: Tizen is Mer based open source isn't it? But I think the drivers are limited for the use of Samsung and not availabe, aren't they?16:31
T4<locusf> its not mer based, in the accurate sense16:31
T4<locusf> I don't even know what tizen is nowadays16:31
T4<samzn> It's a big mess16:32
T4<samzn> But even though it's really messy, it's strategic to samsung16:32
Leif_EriksonT4: I think thr focus is on smart TV.16:32
T4<samzn> They've reinvented the wheel for a lot of components that he dind't nee16:32
T4<samzn> d16:32
T4<samzn> Tizen would be an OS for every market16:33
T4<samzn> They even use it as leverage against google16:33
T4<NotKit> @Leif_Erikson [T4: Tizen is Mer based open source isn't it? B …], it's MeeGo derivative with lots changed, and yes, they are just for Samsung and that specific Soc. Gave that as example that if you're on a scale of Samsung, Linux drivers are possible.17:26
T4<K31j0> @NotKit [it's MeeGo derivative with lots changed, and y …], Spreadtrum or smthin17:27
T4<K31j0> I wonder which kernel is running on them17:27
T4<NotKit> 3.10.x17:28
T4<K31j0> ohshi17:28
T4<K31j0> good luck maintaining that17:28
T4<K31j0> maybe it's why it was forgotten and then some security researcher found some ~100 critical bugs17:28
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